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Big Tits

I sit in a local bar, waiting for my blind date, all I know is her name is Karen, she’s a short, Raven haired woman. After a few minutes, I spot her, she’s wearing a red floral print dress, knee high boots, thick rimmed glasses and she has the biggest tits I’ve ever seen.

I get up and make my way toward her.

“Please tell me you’re Steve!” She says with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m Steve, are you Karen?” I say, unable to stop staring at her breasts.

“Steve? First off, stop staring at my girls, for your information, they’re double D’s and yes, they’re real. If you’re going to keep staring, I’ll leave.” She says, sounding angry.

“I can’t help it, they’re so…big!” I say, again staring.

“I’ll tell you what, keep it in your pants, show me a good time, and look in my eyes when we talk, if you do all of that, I’ll take you to the ladies room and let you touch my tits. Sound fair?” She says.

“Yeah, that sounds fair.” I say, looking in her eyes.

Amazingly enough, we have a great time, and as promised, after dinner, she leads me to a stall in the ladies room, she raises her dress over her head, showing me her white satin bra and panty set, then her unhooks her bra and let’s her breasts pop free, but before I can touch them, she covers up.

“Steve, be gentle, softly touch them, no groping, and no pinching my nipples, understand?” She sternly says.

I nod my head, and she moves her hands away, and I reach out and gently cup her breasts. They’re so soft and warm, I love how they feel.

After a minute of this, she pushes my hands away.

“That’s enough! Take me back to your place and be as rough as you want to my titties.”

I take her by the hand and leading her out of the restaurant and into a taxi.

I can’t help myself, after I tell the cab driver where we’re going, I just start mauling her breasts, pinching her nipples through her bra.

“Easy, tiger! There will be enough time for that. What I want, is your hard cock between my extra large titties. You do want to titty fuck me, right?” She says, pushing my hands away.

I nod my head as I lean in and roughly kiss her, making sure to suck on her bottom lip.

A few minutes later, we arrive at my apartment, I spank her ass as we go racing up the steps.

We get inside my apartment and I pin her against almanbahis the door, kissing and roughly squeezing her tits.

“Take that dress off, whore!” I order.

“Yes, Sir!” She says, lifting her dress over her head. She stands before me in her white satin bra and panties.

I reach out to grab her bra when she stops me.

“Steve? Don’t destroy my lingerie, this bra alone was $50. So, pull the straps down, don’t break them, please.” She says.

I do as she requests, I pull her bra straps down, exposing her extra large breasts. I lean down and begin sucking and biting her nipples.

“Not too hard, please!” She moans out.

I pick her up in my arms and carry her into my bedroom and I gently lay her on the bed.

“Take your panties off, Karen!” I order

“Yes, Sir!” She says, hooking her thumbs in the waist, pulling them down and exposing her smooth, hairless pussy.

“Do you like my bald pussy?” She says, giggling.

I push her on to her back, and instantly push my tongue inside her, licking every inch of her pussy from her clit all the to the sensitive space between her pussy and ass.

“You don’t waste time, do you?” She says, sounding shocked.

I push a finger deep in her ass as I continue to lick her pussy.

“Oh! Your finger is in my ass! That feels weird.” Karen moans out.

I start moving the finger in her ass in and out as I continue to lick her sweet pussy, stopping at her clit and softly sucking on it.

“Wow! You know what you’re doing, don’t you?” Karen giggles out, as she gets more and more turned on.

As a surprise, I take the finger from her ass and bring it to her mouth, to my surprise, she willingly begins to suck on it.

“I like that…now let me taste my pussy…” She moans out, as I move up her body and begin kissing her, pushing my tongue in her mouth.

She begins playing with herself the longer we kiss.

She blushes a deep red once the kiss is broken.

“Wow! I taste pretty good, don’t I?” She says with a giggle.

I move back down her body and start licking around her belly button, pushing my tongue inside it.

“Oh! That’s pretty hot!” Karen giggles out.

After a minute of that, I move further down and push my tongue back inside her warm, wet pussy.

“Oh my God! Steve! You’re…you’re amazing!” almanbahis giriş she moans out.

I take my thumb and start to rub it over the space between her pussy and ass, making her giggle loudly.

I move my mouth on to her clit and she begins moaning loudly.

“Steve? I’m going to cum…OH GOD!” Karen screams as she has an incredible orgasm. She lays there trying to catch her breath.

“Your turn, lay on the bed. I’m going to suck you off, and I have a special surprise for you!” She says, winking at me.

I take my pants, and boxers off, and lay on the bed.

“Now, Steve, you made me bring my knees up so you could play with ass. Bring your knees up so I can give you the same pleasure.” She says, bending my legs.

“Now, let’s look at that brown puckered hole of yours!” She says, putting her tongue right on it, I jump because it feels so weird.

Then she moves up and takes all 10 inches of my cock in her mouth as she pushes a finger deep in my ass, finding my prostate and gently rubbing on it.

“What are you doing, Karen?”

She says nothing as she continues to suck my cock and finger my ass, gently rubbing my prostate, pretty soon I’m ready to cum.

“Do you want to swallow my load or do you want it on your face?” I ask.

Karen stops sucking for a moment and just looks at me.

“I want to swallow your load, baby, hold my head in place and make me swallow it!” She says, devouring my cock again. I place my hand on the back of her head, firmly holding her there just as my cock jerks, shooting my load to the back of her throat.

She struggles to swallow my enormous load, but once she does, I release her head.

“Oh my God! That was hot, baby!” She says, wiping my cum off her chin.

I lean down and begin kissing her, tasting myself on her lips.

“Steve? Keep that cock hard, you still have to fuck me twice, and either wipe your cock in my hair or get two more blow jobs.”


“Yeah, twice. First you’ll fuck my cunt, then I’ll either blow you or you can wipe my pussy juice off in my hair, then you can fuck my shit hole, and degrade me further by either taking me ass to mouth or again wipe my shit in my hair. The choice is yours lover.” Karen says, smiling softly at me.

“You forgot two more steps.”

“Two steps?” She asks.

“You almanbahis yeni giriş forgot the part where I eat your pretty pussy until you practically cream.”

“Shut up and fuck me already.” She says, laying back and spreading her legs.

I get up and get between her legs, I place the head of my cock right at her opening and slowly begin to enter her.

“Oh my God! That feels incredible!” Karen moans out.

I put my hand over her mouth and slowly begin fucking her, taking her legs and wrapping them around me.

“Steve! Steve, I love your cock!” Karen moans out.

I start fucking her, harder, faster, making her large breasts bounce.

“Holy shit, I’m going to cum…cum with me Steve!” She says, as we both explode at the same time.

I collapse on top of her, exhausted, we struggle to catch our breath.

“Steve…I love you! You can either eat my pussy with all your creamy cum inside me, you can fuck my ass, wipe your cock off in my ass, or let me blow you. Choose one, we’ll do the rest later.” Karen says, with an evil grin.

“Let’s start with this…” I say, grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking her toward me and I wipe my cock off in her hair. I shove her down to the bed.

“My cock needs a little break, I’m going to eat your pussy again. Do you like how that sounds, Karen?”

“I love how that sounds.” She says, again spreading her legs.

I get between her legs, my cum is literally dripping from her pussy, and I just dive Right into her pussy, shoving my tongue in as fast as it’ll go, reaching up and roughly pinching her clit.

“Ooh! That’s it, be rough!” She moans out.

I push a finger in her asshole, making her giggle a little.

“You love my ass, don’t you?” Karen giggles out.

I look up at her and wink as I begin to wiggle my face in her pussy.

“You taste really good, Karen…want to taste yourself?” I ask, slowly moving up her body.

“Hell yeah I want to taste myself!” She says with a big smile.

I begin kissing her, deeply, passionately, sliding two fingers deep inside her.

“How do you know just what to do?” She whispers in my ear.

After we finish kissing, I move back down her body, and get between her legs again and begin licking her sweet pussy again.

“Steve! You’re gonna make me cum again.” She says, gripping the back of my head.

After a few minutes of this, Karen cums and squirts all over the bed.

“Let’s go to bed, sweetie.” She says, quickly falling asleep.

I soon join her, dreaming of tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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