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This story is based on a real life experience that happened several years ago…however the memory of it is just as vivid as if it had happened yesterday. Why?…because the experience was so erotic for me that it is burned forever in my memory. It happened like this…

I am a professional and I met this gal while I was on the job as an auditor. She was the accountant for a client of ours and the chemistry between us was what I would describe as sensual and electric. It led to teasing and sexual innuendo followed by us brushing and touching each other while at work. She would touch my thigh and I would press my elbow against her boob as we sat together. I know she was aware of my arousal as she would keep an eye on the level of the bulge in my slacks. I would disappear to the bathroom and remove my boxers so my cock stood at attention against my slacks…with the head visible beneath the thin material. I knew it was driving her crazy with desire. Eventually we got up enough courage to meet at her house while her husband was gone and we got it on in a very hurried fashion. Our relationship continued for many years, seeing each other occasionally as we were both married and neither of us had a lot of opportunity to steal away to be together. Nonetheless, the sexual heat between us remained hot and we looked for every opportunity to be together…if it only meant talking, touching and teasing. That was, until both of us had an overnight trip to the same city some five hours from where we lived. She had a seminar and I was working in the area…so we had a chance for an all-nighter!

We talked about what we would do…and we both agreed that it was safe enough to go on a date without being discovered…but where to go? We decided on a steak house and it was very difficult to have much of an appetite for food…I was hungry for her instead. We went to a very quaint restaurant and ordered a drink and dinner. We had a sectioned off area pretty much to ourselves at first, so we just had to watch out for the waiters passing through. She was dressed in a black evening dress and looked very, very sexy. It was low cut and showed her generous cleavage very well. We were seated in a booth facing one another and very quickly we were reaching each other under the booth and caressing some very vital spots. I recall licking my finger to see how good she tasted and I reached inside her dress to brush her nipples. Her nipples were rigid and her pussy was very well lubricated…both signs of the level of her arousal. It was very erotic to be touching each other in a public place…and the threat of discovery just added to the excitement. Before we got too far into our meal…or into each other, another party was seated in our area, so we had to limit our touching and teasing.

I whispered to her, asking where she would like to go next since we had all night. I knew what I had in mind, but wasn’t sure whether she would be happy with my choice or not. Her response was an “I don’t know…we can always go back to the hotel, I guess.”

“That wasn’t what I was thinking,” I whispered with a sly smile.

“Oh…what were you thinking,” she whispered.

“I was thinking of being really naughty,” I said. “Have you ever been to a strip joint with a guy?”

“Yeah…with my husband a couple of times…is that what you want to do?”

I nodded affirmatively and smiled. Inside my heart was leaping for two reasons…I had enough nerve to bring it up…and it was one of my all-time fantasies. I wasn’t a huge fan of strip clubs, but I had always fantasized about bringing a date there and watching the show together. I was interested in how a gal would react and I thought it would be a very erotic experience…and was I right!

“I know where there is a pretty nice place not too far from here. Let’s go and have a couple drinks…we don’t have to stay too long…and it’s pretty safe that we won’t run into people we know there.” We were in the state capital, and it was a very real possibility that either one of us could run into someone who knew one or both of us.

“Sounds like fun,” she whispered, smiling her sexy smile. My cock leaped in my slacks…and I’m sure a little pre-cum probably dribbled out. The place was in the country on a secluded road. We stopped a couple times on the way, pawing at each other, both of us hungry for the others body. She massaged my cock through my slacks as I drove, but we kept our contact to touching and kissing. As we pulled into the parking lot, we looked at each other, feeling like a couple of school kids, stealing away to a dark corner. We held hands as we walked in and were met at the door by a bouncer.

“That’ll be three bucks cover for you and the lady gets in free,” he growled. I forked over the three dollars and we proceeded into the place looking for a small table out of the way of the action. Most of the guys were crowded around the elevated dance floor intently watching the show. We grabbed a table close to the action, but behind the guys sitting up front. Our waitress was a buxom Rize Escort gal showing lots of cleavage, but not attractive enough to be a dancer. She brought us each a drink. By now, the guys at the stage were beginning to notice our presence. One by one, they would turn and check out my date. I was the proudest guy in the world!

She was huddled close to me, watching the show intently…her hand on my thigh…and sometimes directly rubbing my cock…especially when one of the guys looked around. She wasn’t hiding anything and I could tell how horny she was becoming, squirming and grasping at my cock as she watched the show, rubbing with more vigor all the time. I was stroking her left breast with my left hand as she pressed against me and I had my right hand on her thigh, rubbing up and down her inner thigh, bringing her dress higher and higher, exposing more leg as she rubbed my cock more firmly. It was obvious to everyone in the place that we were going to fuck each other’s brains out at the first chance.

I leaned into her and kissed her very passionately. About that time, the dance ended and the next stripper was announced over the PA system. We both clapped for the stripper who had just finished and she came strutting toward us, her clothes over her shoulder, her tits bouncing, the dollar bills sticking out all over her G string.

“Buy a lady a drink?” she asked seductively, as she sat next to me.

The waitress was there immediately with her drink already poured. I forked over the five bucks for the drink and introduced myself and my date. She introduced herself as Mandy.

We made some small talk for a few moments and then she popped the question…”Can I interest you in a lap dance?”

“Ah…no thanks…I’m being taken very well care of tonight already.” I touched Laurie’s thigh as I responded, brushing her inner thigh, raising her dress, briefly exposing her panties as I boldly stroked her. Her dress fell around my hand, covering her, but I lightly brushed my fingers over her sweet lips, covered only by her sheer panties. Even from the light touch, I could tell she was very wet and she squirmed delightfully as she felt my light touch in her most delicate of spots. It was very erotic to be touching her intimately in front of another woman. The tip of my cock was on fire as it leaped inside my slacks.

Mandy quickly excused herself and began to give her attention to the boys in the front row. The music was going again and the next stripper was on stage, the clothes coming off rapidly as she twirled and spun for the audience. Mandy was across the other side of the stage, with her ass in a guy’s face and then turned and washed his face with her tits to the cheering of the rest of the guys. I slid closer to the table and soon Laurie had both hands on me…one holding my slacks and the other unzipping them. Our biggest advantage was the table cloths dangling over the tables. My cock sprang free and Laurie was giving me a hand job to the pounding of the music. She was moving cautiously, knowing exactly how to completely arouse and tease me without getting me too riled up. It was exquisite as some of the guys would look over, probably knowing exactly what was going on…all of them wishing they were me…or better yet, that the beautiful woman playing with my cock would be their date and not mine. She made me feel like the king.

We stayed for a few more dances and then headed for the car. As soon as we cleared the door, we were on each other like two hungry wolves…kissing and sucking tongue, our bodies pressed against one another. We walked to the car, falling on each other.

“Come here,” she beckoned. “Sit down.” She led me to the driver’s side and opened the door, pushing me into the seat, my legs still outside the car. She grabbed my belt and unfastened it. In no time, my cock was exposed to the cool night air and Laurie was squatting beside me sucking on my cock with a genuine hunger. I leaned back in the seat and just enjoyed the moment. A couple cars and a few customers came and went as the two of us were oblivious to them…after all, it was a strip joint…so what did they expect to see. I was getting a blow job right there in plain sight and I really didn’t give a damn if anyone saw it…in fact I was proud cause I figured the other guys were jealous…I know I would have been! She brought me to the brink time and again…but as soon as I bucked too hard, she would slow down and not let me get too excited. She moaned as she sucked and told me what a great cock I had and how good it tasted. She drives me crazy when she does that…especially when she tells me how good I taste and what a nice cock I have…guess all guys would love that.

As I got very close and the pre-cum was oozing out, Laurie switched to licking my balls and gripping the base of my cock. I thought it was time for me to return the favor. I suggested she get in the car and as she did, I pushed her dress up and pulled her panties to her ankles. She accommodated me by leaning back in the seat Rize Escort Bayan with her feet out the door and her perfectly shaved pussy staring me straight in the face…what a beautiful lady she was…her legs nicely tanned and long, her pussy completely naked…I love a naked pussy…no hair anywhere! I quickly kneeled before her and kissed her inner thighs. I could hear her breathing quicken and soft encouraging moans began to spring forth from her lips. I already knew how much she loved tongue and I was always able to drive her wild when I ate her sweet pussy. I always started softly, licking her outer lips and gently opening her labia with my tongue, splitting her from bottom to top. She was already slick with juices of arousal and the scent of her arousal was sweet and intoxicating. As my tongue touched her clit, a soft moan escaped her lips and she clenched my head between her legs…it was all it took to make her cum the first time. She pressed her pelvis into my face and her soft moans nearly became wails as her body spasms spelled sweet release. It was the first of several orgasms as my tongue pounded her clit and I alternated between tongue fucking her and sucking her clit between my teeth pounding my tongue against it, biting her gently. My face was being bathed in her juices and the seat was wet with her arousal. As I looked up at her, she was holding her head in her hands, fighting for control of her body…”Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck me now! Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Oh, let’s go back…let’s go back now! Oh fuck I want your big prick in me now!”

I slowed my attack on her clit and she began to regain control. As I teased her with my tongue, she pushed me back and held my head keeping my tongue at bay. “C’mon, let’s go back to the hotel where I can fuck your brains out,” she whimpered.

I licked her inner thighs as if I were finishing a fine meal. I loved to tease her and loved to make her want to fuck me so badly that she nearly begged for it. I think every man wants a woman to worship his cock and Laurie made me feel like a triumphant man at that instant, just knowing how badly she wanted my cock inside her. I slipped her panties off her ankle and stuffed them in my pocket. I wanted her pussy completely bare and exposed to me for the ride to the hotel.

I moved around to the driver’s side of the car, and as I got ready to slide in, I unfastened my belt and slid my slacks to my ankles. My cock stood straight in the air as I sat down on the seat. I adjusted the seat as far back as possible and raised the steering wheel to maximum height. Laurie knew what I was planning to enjoy on the way to the hotel. She played with my cock as I drove and alternated between stroking me and sucking me. When she rested, I reached between her legs and slipped my finger inside her slick, wet pussy. Her clit was totally erect and oh so sensitive. Every stroke across it elicited a shiver of her body and she squeezed my hand between her thighs. She was ultra sensitive and she had another three or four orgasms as we motored back to our hotel.

When we reached the parking lot, I was quick to get my pants back up and rushed to her side of the car. As I opened the door, I offered her my hand. We walked arm in arm, our bodies pressed together through the hotel lobby. I don’t recall a time when I was ever in a more aroused state. I didn’t care that my erection was poking my slacks into a tent as we waited for the elevator. Laurie didn’t care who noticed as she rubbed the material of my slacks where my cock was protruding. A constant state of horniness is a wonderful thing…and public display is a complete turn on for me…and I think Laurie sensed it because she made me feel like the king of the world. When we reached our floor, we sauntered around the balcony of the open-center hotel toward our room. When we reached the area in front of our room, I stopped and pulled Laurie to the railing to watch the waterfall across the atrium. I slipped behind her, grasping her hips, slipping my hands beneath her skirt, pressing my pelvis against her lovely ass at the same time. I kissed her neck and ran my hands up and down her pelvis. She turned to me, kissing me. “C’mon, let’s get in the room before I fuck you right here in front of everyone!”

“So what’s wrong with that?” I teased.

“You’re crazy,” she whispered hoarsely. “I want you all to myself. I want that stiff prick inside me now!”

She grabbed my erection and led me to the door. Once inside the door, she was all over me…kissing me hard and pressing her body to mine. Our clothes were flying in all directions as we could not get naked fast enough. I observed her nice body as the clothes came off and I turned her in the direction of the large mirror at the foot of our bed. I pressed my cock against her from behind and massaged her ample breasts as we swayed back and forth in front of the mirror, my other hand playing with her swollen clit. I kissed the back of her neck as the both of us looked at the scene in the mirror. “You have a beautiful Escort Rize body…mmmmm…love that tan and that naked pussy of yours!”

She turned toward me and as I bent my knees to slip my cock between her legs. We kissed long and hard as I moved up and down slightly positioning my cock against her pussy lips. She squeezed her legs together and reached for my cock, rubbing it up and down against her lips. “Oh, fuck, that feels so good,” she murmured.

“Wanna dance like this all night?” I asked teasingly.

“Mmmmmmm! Dancing this way could be lots of fun…only I can’t stand the teasing any longer.” She grasped my cock, pulling me to the bed. She pushed me over onto the bed, my cock at full mast. She knelt before me, kissing my cock ever so softly and gently, then standing, never releasing her grasp on me as she squatted over me, guiding my cock to her honey hole. She brushed the tip against her swollen lips and then lowered herself gently onto me. I pressed my hips upward as she absorbed me inch by inch.

“Oh yessssss! This is what I have wanted. Oh! It feels so fucking good! Oh God, fuck me with it! I love it! I love your cock! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!”

Her hips squirmed as she took my full shaft inside her. I watched her eyes as her head fell back and a look of satisfaction was clearly written all over her face. She smiled softly as her eyes opened and met mine.

“Do you like my cock, Sweetie? A question that I think every guy has to ask, even if they already know the answer.

“Mmmmmmm! I love it! It feels so good inside there. I want it there always…forever and ever.”

Her velvety pussy lining felt exquisite on the tip of my cock. I grasped her hips and rocked back raising her pelvis allowing me to bring the tip of my cock almost outside her. She plunged back down as my cockhead slid along her inner walls.

“Oh, fuck Baby! That’s wonderful! Your pussy feels just like fucking velvet around the tip of my cock. Oh fuck yessss!”

“Don’t cum this way, Sweetie,” she warned. “I want you on top of me. I want to feel your cum shooting deep inside me…I want every drop of it deep inside me.”

“You are one hell of a lover…one hell of a woman. Oh God I love to fuck you!” the speed of my thrusts increasing.

She sensed my readiness as I lifted my pelvis higher and higher meeting her every thrust. “Not this way,” she warned. “Not yet.”

I grabbed her arms and pulled her to me, completing a rollover move with my cock still inside her. Now she was beneath me and I had total control. I leaned on the bed, my arms on either side of her. I pulled my cock back to the tip and held it there teasingly. “What do you want, Baby? Huh?”

“Oh, fuck me…just fuck me deep and hard!” Just as she finished I slammed into her, my balls slapping against her bare ass.

“Like that, Baby?”

“Yesssss! Just like that…oh c’mon. Fuck me deep and hard! Fuck me!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. There comes a time when total desire takes over. I couldn’t have stopped for anything as I pounded my cock into her, our bodies slamming together, raising to the tip of my cock only to plunge fully inside her again and again and again…faster and faster…deeper and deeper…harder and harder. I shall remember always, the slapping of our skin as our bodies smacked together. I looked into her eyes as the molten lava began to boil deep within my balls. It was a burning sensation as it built and built. Her pussy was stoking my fire to an unquenchable point. I felt it beginning to flow from deep within me, like a volcano erupting. Her eyes were locked on mine and she was begging for my release, encouraging me to give everything I had to her, thrusting her hips into mine meeting my every thrust.

“Are you ready for some cum?” I growled. “Oh fuck…here it comes…here it comes! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck!”

As I shot my hot cum deep inside her, her body was wracked with spasm after spasm, her thrusting continuing as all I could do was press my cock deep into her and hold on, shooting spurt after spurt deep into her womanhood. She bucked beneath me, my weight pressed against her. I felt her pussy milking every last drop from me as her walls spasmed and clenched onto the tip of my shrinking cock. She went on and on, bucking incessantly cumming and cumming again and again. I watched intently, pressed deep within her as her eyes rolled back and I witnessed the most intense, violent, long lasting orgasm that I had ever witnessed.

A smile pursed my lips as I suspected that I had satisfied her totally and completely. Slowly, ever so slowly, her bucking subsided and she began to mew like a kitten, telling me how wonderful that had felt, her hips grinding slowly now, her pelvis pressed against mine.

“Don’t ever take it out, Sweetie. I want your cock in there forever. Just leave it in there forever.”

And I wanted to. I wanted to keep her soft pussy lips wrapped around my cock forever. I kissed her softly and she squirmed once again, teasing my cock with her womanhood. We rolled to our sides and looked into each other’s eyes. Neither of us spoke for what seemed like forever, totally comfortable in our nakedness, enjoying the exquisiteness of the moment. Eventually she turned her body into mine and we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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