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Big Tits

It’s a warm, breezy night, and we’re at the club for its annual summer dance. No kids, just adults. You step out on the back deck, overlooking the course. You’re alone; people just don’t smoke like they used to. I step out as well, and quietly watch you enjoying your cigarette in the shadows. It’s a full moon tonight, but the large shade trees surrounding the clubhouse provide a rich, velvety darkness, contrasting with the muted green of the moonlit grounds.

Timing it just right, I step up behind you as you finish your cigarette. My hands move under your arms, around your waist, and enclose your breasts. You gasp, not out of fear, but knowing it’s me, and your arms reach up over your head to grasp mine, and draw me over your shoulder, into a sensual kiss. My hands move to your hips, and draw you tightly to me. You can feel me hardening, and spin around in my arms, so our lips can come more fully together, and allow our tongues to entwine.

We separate briefly, look around, and share a smile. “Come with me,” I implore, and head off the patio, pausing to grasp your hand in mine, leading you into the kurtköy escort shadows. We stop briefly under the tree to make out some more, enjoying the closeness of the night’s shadows and the warm wind. “Come on,” I say, and lead you still further to a distant green, where the moon is bright and the grass is cool to the touch.

Kneeling before each other, I lift your little black dress off over your shoulders. You unbutton my shirt. I pull you towards me, and on top, as I lay back on the green. We shed our clothes quickly, hurried by the moonlit clouds rushing overhead. I push you to a sitting position, and your bra falls to my fingers. You reach behind, and grab my hardened cock like hammer, bringing it to the waiting, moistened lips of your pussy. Pushing back you cause me to groan, lodging my shaft halfway in your tight cunt. Once, twice, three times you rock, and I’m buried in there, feeling strong and connected with you.

Slowly you build up momentum, and our bodies are moving as one. I reach down and place my thumb on your clit, adding pressure. Your response kartal escort is to quicken your pace, and call out with pleasure. My cock swells and you feel it too; I’m getting too close to climax, too soon.

I draw you up onto my chest, and you cry out in frustrated anguish. But not for long, for I push you further forward and bring my mouth to your pussy, and hold you to me, my mouth engulfing all of you, my tongue driving hard against your clit. You let out a moan; this is something you haven’t had in years, and you’ve missed it: a man who possesses experience and desire to pleasure you this way. You cry out to wake the birds, and collapse forward as your climax outpaces your strength.

I climb out from beneath you, leaving you to lay there on your stomach.

But I am not done, have not yet sated my hunger for you. I climb up behind you, and take a bite of your ass. A small little nibble, at first, but a more insistent one follows. You arch your back, rising up, offering me your ass and your pussy. I dive in, kissing and sucking and tonguing. This is heaven for me, kurtköy bayan escort and I can’t get enough of you.

But “No!” you say, grabbing my hair. “I want you inside me. Now.” I know another when I hear one, and I pull back to my knees, gripping your ass with both hands. Keeping your legs as flat as you can, you arch your back still further, and rise onto your elbows, so the short grass grazes your nipples.

I line my cock up with your entrance, and push, just the tip of my cock–the full helmeted head–into your pussy. I hold, savoring the grip, the caress, of your lips. Impatiently, you shove back, impaling yourself upon me. Oh! This feeling of joy, this feeling of togetherness, makes us both cry out. This is nature. This is sex. This is it’s done right. I pull all the way out and plunge again and again into you. With each thrust, I am treated to a yelp, a cry, a moan. I move my grip to under your hips, and pull you to me, holding you there for just a moment, before I move again. You’re gasping; the pleasure-pain of me taking you drives you to come again. And this time I join you, howling in the full moonlight as I release shot after stream after jet of hot come deep inside you.

We collapse, fully satisfied and exhausted, and share a kiss so soft, there is no thought of the passion and ecstatic violence that preceded it. All that remains is now, the love and tenderness we share.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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