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This is my first attempt at writing something like this… so I hope you like it! Based on a true story.


I didn’t feel the cold December wind, even when my jacket rose up to press my skin against the freezing brick. All I felt was the warmth of his body, pressed hard against mine. His hand on my breast, his breath on my neck…

The sound of footsteps and voices made us jump and pull apart. I tried to pull my oversized jacket down and look innocent. A group of our fellow students turned the corner, saw us, and burst out laughing without ever breaking stride. I knew my face was burning red as I watched them pass, but I couldn’t keep the smile away for long.

“Dammit, isn’t there anywhere private?” I grumbled self-consciously after they’d gone. It was dark, cold as hell, and we were behind a building. Apparently that wasn’t enough.

“Well, we could try the baseball field. I was walking over there the other day… it’s pretty out of the way, and there’s this little hidden spot by the bleachers…”

“The baseball field? But that whole side of the campus is closed after dark… how are we gonna get over there without getting caught?” That was my good girl side. I never did like breaking the rules.

“We’ll just have to go the long way around,” he replied confidently. “Any place private is gonna be closed anyway. And I wanna be alone with you.” His voice turned silky and his lips returned to my neck.

“I dunno…” my breathing sped up and I leaned into him, allowing myself to be persuaded. “Seems risky…”

He persisted, grinding against me, nibbling my ear. I was putty in his hands.

“Well… I guess we could…”

He pulled away, triumphant. We held hands as he led me out of our dark corner and towards the other side of the campus. We went slowly, trying to stay out of the light and behind trees. One time we saw a security cart and he pulled me into the grass behind a hill. My heart raced as I wondered if we would be discovered. Once he had confirmed that they had moved on, we continued towards the field.

The baseball field was well lit, but far enough away from the rest of campus that we didn’t have to worry about being seen anymore. There was also a convenient equipment shed blocking a certain section of bleachers from view. We tried the shed, but it was locked, so he led me behind it to the bleachers.

We snuggled together on the concrete bench, our legs tangled up in each other as we tried to get as close as we could. He kissed me, gently at first, and then more passionately. escort kurtköy bayan The tip of his tongue played with mine, and his hand brushed my cheek. He unzipped my jacket and let his other hand trail down my neck, tracing my collar bone and then falling to my breast. I made a sound of approval, loving the sensation. He pulled my shirt down, exposing my full C cup breasts. This was the first time he had seen them, and I knew he was impressed.

I leaned back, resting on my hands, to give him better access. My breasts were soft and pale, and both perfectly pink nipples were hard. He started kissing my neck, playing with a nipple with each hand. I squirmed under him, my virgin pussy already soaked. It felt so good, being with him out in the open like this.

He let one hand slide down to play with me through my jeans. I groaned at the tease. “Damn tight jeans.” He laughed at me and moved his mouth to one of my hard, pink nipples. His tongue felt amazing flicking over and around the nipple, teasing it, and I gasped in pleasure, rising to meet his mouth. He alternated sucking and licking, all the while still rubbing my clit through my jeans. His other hand was now holding me up at the small of my back. I reached up and ran my hands through his hair, holding him to my breast and moaning softly. I slid one hand down his arm, enjoying the feel of his muscles as he held me up, and then down to feel his hard cock through his jeans.

We teased each other like this until I thought I would explode. We’d never had so long to explore each other like this. He unbuttoned my jeans, looking at me for approval. I nodded, too excited to speak. He slid his hand inside and under my panties. I gasped as his freezing fingers first touched my pussy.

“You’re so wet…” he said softly, sliding his finger up and down my lips. “I bet you would feel amazing…”

I just moaned in reply as his fingers found my clit. His fingers were great. It felt better than any time I had tried to pleasure myself, and better than my ex had ever been at it. I bit his neck, sucking it to keep from making too much noise. He moaned and pressed harder against me, his finger moving faster against my clit. I could feel his bulge as he pressed against me, and it made me want him that much more. I was lost in pleasure, no longer caring if anyone found us, outside and half undressed.

My eyes widened as he slipped a finger inside my tight pussy. He paused as he heard the intake of breath. I was still a virgin, and had barely even fingered escort kurtköy bayanlar myself before. But he continued, gently, and soon I was rising and falling under the movement of his hand.

He stopped after a while, making me protest. “Is it… okay if I taste you?” he asked, his voice halting.

This question caught me off guard. “Are you sure? I’ve… I’ve never done that before.” I looked away, embarrased at my lack of experience.

He looked surprised. “Really? Your ex never…?”

“No. I went down on him several times.. but all he ever did was touch me.”

“Well, I’d love to be your first, if you’d let me.”

“Ok.” I tried to sound more confident than I felt. We made a sort of blanket out of our jackets for me to lay on. He pulled my jeans and soaked panties down, admiring this first glimpse of me. I could feel his warm breath on my pussy, and shuddered in anticipation.

He didn’t start right away, as I’d expected. Instead he kissed and nibbled at the hollow of my hip, then licked and kissed everywhere BUT my pussy. He teased, kissing my thigh and then blowing, very gently, across my moist clit. I moaned, wanting him more than I had ever wanted anything.

When his tongue first caressed my soft pink lips, it was heaven. I had never felt anything like it. All my imagined scenarios were nothing compared to the real thing. He licked up and down my lips, and then around my clit. When I moaned in pleasure, he sat up for a moment to look at me with a smile.

“I… I don’t taste bad, do I?” I asked, doubt and worry coming back in spite of the pleasure.

“No, you taste great!” he assured me. “It’s sweet.”

“Sweet?” I asked, not believing him.

“Yeah… kind of like sour skittles.”

I laughed, not really believing him, but then his mouth was at my clit again and I didn’t care anymore.

He started nibbling it, and I moaned and thrusted upward. My hands were dug in his short dark hair, pressing him to me. He slipped a finger back inside me as he sucked at my clit.

I moaned, wimpered, and purred under his touch. He kept going until I couldn’t take it anymore. I started jerking under his touch, the sensation too much for me. I pulled him up to my mouth and kissed him, tasting myself on his lips. “I.. I can’t handle anymore,” I panted. He smiled and reached down to touch me again, but I bucked under his touch. “Too much.” I pressed against him, still kissing him all over. “Besides,” I said after a moment, pulling away. “Now it’s your turn.”

“You gebze escort don’t have to, just cause I did you,” he started to protest.

“I WANT to.” I said, interrupting him. “I want to make you feel as amazing as you made me.”

I moved so he could take my spot on our makeshift bed. After fighting with his belt for a moment, my fingers fumbling in the cold, I eagerly pulled his pants and boxers away. His 6 inch cock was hard and thick — thicker than I was used to. Just looking at it turned me on, as I imagined how it might feel to have it inside me…

I knelt in front of him, remembering how he had teased me. I started at his left thigh, kissing and nibbling my way up until I was next to his balls. Then I did the same to the other side. I kissed his pelvis above his dick, rubbing my hands along his thighs and his firm ass. Then I started licking his balls, still not touching his cock, which was quivering with anticipation.

I licked and sucked, and his cock twitching every time I came near it. Finally I couldn’t wait anymore. I licked the very tip of his head, and he moaned in pleasure. I swirled my tongue along his head, and it felt smooth and soft. Then I took him by surprise when I took him all the way in my mouth, moving hard and fast all the way from the tip to the base and back again. I held his balls in one hand, kneading and massaging. My other hand was at the base of his dick, moving up and down in rhythym where my lips could not reach.

“Holy shit you’re good at that,” he moaned, holding my hair back and watching me as I sucked him. “Are you SURE you’re a virigin?”

I looked up at laughed. “Pretty sure. But I used to do this for my ex a lot…” I moved back to sucking his dick, and he leaned back to enjoy it.

His cock was warm in my mouth, and tasted amazing. I truly loved sucking dick… the very thought of it got me wet. I loved making him moan, and feeling him squirm under my touch…

He tried to push me away. I looked up, confused. “What’s wrong?”

“If you don’t stop soon I’m gonna cum,” he explained.

I grinned. “Well that’s kind of the idea isn’t it?” He looked shocked, and I just pushed him back down and continued sucking him. I licked the underside of his shaft while I sucked him, and used both hands to move up and down on him. Before long I felt him twitching. I could feel his cum starting to build inside him, and started moving faster.

“I’m… I’m gonna cum..” he mumbled a few seconds after I had already realized it. I kept going as he started cumming, and felt his hot cum explode in my mouth. He held me still as he finished, and I swallowed every drop. He panted, looking at me with love, admiration, and surprise. I crawled up so I was level with him, giving him my best sultry smile. I kissed him and snuggled against his chest, both of us still half dressed, and completely satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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