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When Greg dropped me off after our picnic he gave me another toe curling kiss before I got out of the car. I didn’t invite him in because after our conversation I figured that wasn’t on the cards just yet. We’d been out for hours though and it was probably one of the best days I had ever spent, even though all I got was holding hands and a couple of passionate kisses. Oh, and asked out by the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

I might not be getting any in the immediate future, but I couldn’t stop grinning when I realised I had a boyfriend. And I could only hope a lover at some point soon. I’d wanted to ask how long he wanted to wait, but it seemed too demanding. I liked the idea of dating him for a bit first, although the reaction my body had to kissing him suggested I was still going to have to get a lot of wanking done to keep me under control.

It didn’t surprise me that Mark and Charlie turned up at my door not more than five minutes after I got home. So much for sorting myself out now. They’d been teasing me last night on our way home, very proud of their contribution to getting Greg and I together, and now they seemed to think that they deserved a progress report, although they also seemed rather worried that I had been dropped off and he hadn’t come in. It was almost as though they were ready to ply me with platitudes about there being plenty more fish in the sea while they fed me ice cream. The smile I couldn’t wipe off my face let them know they didn’t need to.

Mark was first to the obvious question. ‘So how did it go? Where did Greg take you?’

‘Greg?’ I feigned confusion as if I didn’t know the name. ‘Oh, you mean my boyfriend Greg,’ I continued, grinning at the thought. They smiled too, clearly pleased and excited at the news, as I knew they would be.

‘So why isn’t he in here and you two at it like bunnies?’

Trust Mark to bring things down to base level. ‘He wants to date for a bit first. I kind of like the idea actually. Not that it isn’t going to be frustrating, but I’m sure I can keep myself in check now I know the important stuff like he’s gay and wants to be with me.’ I still couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. That was probably going to last for a fair while yet.

I could see Mark was struggling with what to say to that. Thankfully Charlie piped up. ‘That’s sweet. And don’t let Mark let you think otherwise. I made him wait, and it was well worth it.’ They shared a look that was clearly remembering their first night together, and the intensity of their gaze made me uncomfortable for a moment. It also made me wonder what my first time with Greg would be like, and the thought of that made me want them gone right now so I could let my imagination run riot, and without guilt now because I wouldn’t be lusting over someone I could never have.

I was grateful when they made their excuses and left, even though it was quite obvious they were going off for a re-creation of the night they had been recalling. I laughed at them as they headed out the door, not embarrassed in the slightest when they realised I knew they were off for rampant sex.

I headed straight to my bedroom and stripped off my clothes fast. I wasn’t going to need any of my porn to help tonight, just the memories of being with Greg today would be enough. I was hard and aching just remembering our kisses. How he could kiss me into such a state I had no idea, except for the fact there was clearly a lot of sexual attraction and heat flowing between us. How long we could keep that under control I had no idea either, but the anticipation might be fun. Only so long as I could relieve myself like this I guessed, and I just hoped that Greg did not want to wait too long.

I stroked my hands down my body slowly, not finding it difficult to imagine it was Greg’s hands on me. In my mind I recalled the kiss this afternoon. It had been amazing, and I was glad I had been sat down at the time because every time he touched me I went weak at the knees. In fact there was very little he could do to me that didn’t, even looking at me made me tremble.

Right now though, I thought about being lost in that kiss and took my hard cock in my hand. Greg’s tongue explored my mouth and played with me as his hand stroked through my hair. My hand moved faster and faster as I thought about my hands on Greg’s body, his hard muscles under my palms and his broad chest against mine. I groaned as I recalled us dancing together last night, bodies pressed together and hard cocks pressed between us. It was enough then, thinking about how hard he had been against me and that soon I would get my hands on it for real. I shot hard and fast, gasping for breath and crying out Greg’s name as I did it.

As I recovered I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. Greg had just given me the best orgasm I had had in years, and he wasn’t even here. The fact was, I felt more for him than I ever had for Ken, and that was after only two weeks, and less than 24 hours of knowing that I stood any chance of being with him. It was a little bit scary, and but for the fact that Greg seemed nervous canlı bahis too I might be more concerned about that. We could only see where things would take us.

I got up and had a quick shower to clean myself off. There was cum everywhere and I knew that the next job would be putting my sheets in the wash. After that was done I settled down with a microwave meal. Despite going for that picnic we hadn’t actually eaten a lot, and I’d done a load of walking. It was a great first date though, giving us time to chat and get comfortable with each other. I knew I was still smiling. I put some music on and started reading a book, curling up on the sofa and happy in my thoughts for the first time since I’d seen that photo of Greg which had unnerved me in the first place.

I was caught up in the story when the phone rang, but when I answered it I was pleased to hear Greg’s voice at the end. I missed him a little already.

‘Hello gorgeous,’ he began, and made me smile. ‘I was just thinking about you. What are you doing tomorrow?’

‘I’m cooking Sunday lunch for Mark and Charlie. You’re welcome to join us.’

‘That would be your neighbours who practically threw you at me last night?’ He was amused as he asked the question, but it made me blush.

‘That’s them. They didn’t do it terribly subtly then.’

I heard him laugh. ‘Not at all. Mind you, I think they did a better job of getting us together than Carl did, and he’s trying to claim the credit anyway.’

It was my turn to laugh. ‘You probably shouldn’t tell him that he was too subtle then. I didn’t exactly get that you might like me from what he said.’

‘Maybe not, but he did pretty much blackmail me into talking to you because he knew I was scared to. I didn’t want to find out you didn’t fancy me.’

‘Me neither. I guess Mark and Charlie do deserve the credit.’

‘Perhaps. But pushing you into my arms didn’t really prove I stood a chance. I only knew that when…’

He went silent, and I wondered what he was talking about. ‘When what Greg?’

I heard him clear his throat before he answered, and the tone of his voice was thick with lust when he did. ‘When I felt your hard dick pressing into me.’

Even though he couldn’t see me I flushed red again. ‘That worked for me too, feeling you hard against me.’ I was getting erect again thinking about it. It didn’t help that I had shot my load remembering it earlier on either.

I heard his voice again but it sounded tight and distant. ‘I shouldn’t have thought about that.’

‘Why not?’

I could almost hear the embarrassment in his voice as he spoke quietly. ‘It’s making me hard again.’

I chucked. ‘Me too. Don’t worry about it.’

I heard a groan from him before he spoke again. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow babe. I think I should go now.’

‘Need to go jack off?’ I asked, still amused.

There was another groan from Greg in reply. ‘Seriously, I need to go before I start begging you for phone sex. I really do want to be good.’

‘Okay. I’m not sure I’d be any good at that anyway. I’ll see you about 12 tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about you.’

He didn’t even say goodbye, and all I heard was a final moan from him. Phone sex actually sounded fun. Another thing for another day. I was still hard, but I’d taken the edge off earlier and wasn’t as affected as Greg was. That was until I had the thought that he was probably beating off right now thinking about me. I groaned as my dick went to full staff, and headed back to my bedroom, aroused and amused at the same time. One thing I didn’t need to worry about; he might want to be good, but I couldn’t see it lasting long.

* * * * * * *

By late morning I had all the food well on the way to cooking and was ready for my guests. I’d dressed up a bit more than usual as well, because I wanted to look really good for my boyfriend. Not that I thought it would take much to get him staring at me with lust in his eyes. I’d only had to take a bite of a sausage yesterday and before long he’d been pressed against me kissing all the air from my lungs. Mark and Charlie might be a good distraction, although since Mark mostly talked about sex it could end up being more frustrating than anything else. Cheekily though, I had asked Greg to be here half an hour before the others were due to arrive. I hoped he wouldn’t mind. I didn’t intend doing anything too bad, but I seriously wanted more kisses.

When the doorbell rang he was even earlier than I had suggested and I grinned when I saw him on my doorstep, a bottle of wine in his hand. I took him by surprise and dragged him over the threshold with a handful of his shirt, bringing my lips to his the second I had him inside and before I’d even closed the door. This time I backed him into a wall, and kissed him with every ounce of passion I could find, and that was a lot. He just surrendered to me and kissed me back with increasing excitement. It was too intense to last long and I drew back from him, leaning my head against his chest while I got my breath back again.

After a few moments I felt him chuckling bahis siteleri and looked up to see what was so funny.

‘Where would you like the wine? I should put it down before I drop it.’

I took the bottle he was still holding and put it on the table before turning back to him. He grinned and grabbed at me, this time wrapping his arms around me. ‘Now, where were we?’ he murmured, before pressing his lips back to mine. He kept this kiss soft and slow, but it did just as much to my body as any other we had had. This was the first time we’d kissed totally in private, but I couldn’t take advantage of the privacy because we had agreed not to and Mark & Charlie would be around at any moment. I could expect some ribbing from them anyway, but if I had to come to the door half naked and horny I wouldn’t live it down for a while. However, horny was looking increasingly likely since my cock was appreciating the kisses a lot. I reluctantly pulled away.

‘I need to check the food. We don’t want dinner to be cremated. Do you want a glass to start on the wine?’

‘No thanks. Have you got something soft?’

My first thought was no, and then I realised he was asking about drinks.

‘Apple juice, coke, and tea or coffee.’

He asked for coke and I got him a glass, making sure while I was in the kitchen that there was nothing had burned and relieved to note that the only thing on fire was me, or at least I was every time Greg got close. I sat down next to him, but not too close to avoid too much temptation. He moved over towards me though and pressed his side to mine.

‘You can’t get away that easily,’ he said in a quiet but intense voice that made me quiver, and I know he felt it. ‘I’m going to have to try and get my fill of closeness over the weekend, because we won’t be able to do this in the office.’ He drew me into another kiss at that point and the brief thought I had about work fled from my mind along with everything else. He traced around my lips slowly with the tip of his tongue before fully claiming my mouth. I wanted to spin and sit in his lap but it seemed like a bad plan, and we both settled for turning as far as we could towards each other, so much so that I was almost on my side pressed against him. His hands in my hair again made me groan and I hoped he was getting how much that turned me on, for when he’d really need that information.

I reluctantly pulled away from him when the oven timer started going off. As I stood I looked back at him and saw the intensity in his eyes. It made me gasp to see how turned on he was, how ruffled his clothes and hair were, and how red and damp his lips were. I could also get a good idea of how hard he was, probably as much as me, because my cock was protesting not being able to get out and be played with. We really didn’t have time to do much more anyway because Mark and Charlie would be around any minute. I couldn’t believe how quickly over half an hour had passed with our kisses.

When the doorbell rang and I opened the door I saw Mark’s eyebrow raise at the sight of me. I guessed that even after a few minutes to calm down while I had been checking the food I didn’t look much different to Greg when I had left him. I raised a silent prayer to whoever might be listening, and gave Mark a severe look in the hope it would get him to keep his mouth shut. He seemed to understand, and resisted making any smart comments when I properly introduced him and Charlie to Greg.

There was a bit of gentle banter over dinner, but mainly Mark teasing the pair of us for both being stupid and him having to push us together.

Eventually I decided to put him in his place. ‘Okay, we get it, and thank you for giving that little push. But seriously, we are not going to be undyingly grateful to you. We’d have worked it out sooner or later, I’m sure. You don’t get to take the credit forever!’

‘So you won’t need another little push towards the bedroom then!’ he replied. I went red, Greg almost choked on his dinner, and Charlie jabbed him in the ribs.

‘You so did not need to say that. Leave them alone Mark. Do you want to tell them how long it took you to get into my bed?’

Mark had the decency to apologise, and look a little embarrassed as well. He looked straight at me then though. ‘Charlie didn’t believe I was serious about him. I can see you two both are, but I’m sorry for joking about it. I had to send him flowers every day for weeks before he even let me kiss him properly. I guess I just don’t understand waiting when there’s nothing to prove.’

I glanced at Greg then and he was already looking at me. I’m not sure either one of us knew what to say at that moment. Thankfully Charlie poked Mark in the ribs again and he shut up, chastened. Charlie then changed the subject.

‘So, what are you going to do for your next date?’

I looked at Greg again. He shrugged. ‘I don’t have any bright ideas for the moment. What would you like to do?’

I thought about it for a moment, and realised that I had the perfect option at my disposal. ‘How about dinner at Cafe Rene in the week? bahis şirketleri That would be really nice.’ I looked at Mark as I said it and he nodded.

Greg looked a bit surprised. ‘I went there once. The food was great, but I don’t think you can get tables without booking a month in advance. We might have to come up with some other ideas in the meantime.’

I grinned. ‘I reckon seeing as the owner has been rather cheeky today he owes us a table.’

Greg looked at Mark surprised, and Mark agreed. ‘I suppose that’s fair. Come Tuesday or Wednesday and I’ll even be your waiter. And Charlie can cook for you too.’

I grinned. ‘Sounds good.’

Greg glanced at me. ‘That still means we need an idea for tomorrow.’

Mark spoke up. ‘How about…’ I interrupted him with a glare. He looked miffed and continued. ‘I was going to suggest you head into town and go look at the ruins and museum and stuff. Plus you can do some shopping if you want and go for lunch. More of you getting to know the area Simon, there’s lots here. The Cathedral is really impressive too.’

Greg looked excited at the idea, and it sounded good to me too. I liked the idea of doing the touristy stuff with my own personal stud for a tour guide. Not that I wouldn’t be looking at him just as much, if not more, than the things he showed me.

The rest of the meal passed peacefully. I loved having everyone there and that we all got on, although I was most glad that Greg was there and how well he and I got on. Once Mark and Charlie left, he stayed and helped me tidy up, even drying up what I washed. It was a nice hint at the idea of coupledom with him — having lunch with friends then doing the housework together. I kept looking across at him and grinning, and he returned them.

Once the last things were done and I had put everything away Greg turned to me. He looked a little disappointed. ‘I should go now. But first…’ He stopped talking and wrapped his arms around me as he kissed me softly. I practically dragged him towards me so we were pressed tight together and deepened the kiss. I wanted as many of these as I could get. He pulled away eventually, breathing heavily again. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow babe. Thanks for lunch, it was great.’

I guess my face showed my disappointment at him leaving, but yet again I knew if he stayed I would have a lot of trouble containing myself. He just laughed gently. ‘I know, but it’s not time yet.’ I desperately wanted to ask him when it would be, but bit my tongue to stop myself. The last thing I wanted to do was come across as needy and desperate, even if I did need him badly and was desperate to touch him properly.

* * * * * * *


I had the best weekend I had had in years, and needed to keep pinching myself to make sure I was really awake and this was happening. Every time I checked and saw Simon beside me I couldn’t help smiling, and more often than not he returned them. And those kisses, my god, he could practically make me shoot while we were kissing, and he had done afterwards when I was on my own and thinking about them.

I turned up for work so happy and desperate to see Simon again, even if nothing could happen in the office, that I’m sure I unnerved a few people with my cheery hellos as I saw people I knew. I made sure to catch up with the rest of my team before I headed into the project office. I was early, but Simon had been even earlier. I smiled at him, and he returned a broad and knowing grin that made my stomach flip. It had been devastating being in such close quarters with him when I’d not thought I stood a chance, but now we were together and any time we wanted to move that to the next level it would. Obviously not in the office though.

Professionalism did win out during the days, but we spent a lot more time just looking at each other, finally free of the need to hide that we were checking each other out. I loved the fact that his eyes kept coming to me and he would give me a small smile that said a lot. We still got lots of work done, but there were a few moments when we were close together when one of us would react to the closeness and we would look into each other’s eyes and be caught there for a moment, before by mutual agreement we ended the intense look and got back to work.

Every evening we were together. Mark was good to his word and we had a table on Tuesday, and he waited on us with great amusement on our part as he tried to stay professional and we teased him for once. He even gave us the meal for free and stopped us leaving a tip. It was a really nice thing for him to do. I couldn’t help thinking about his comment about the bedroom and how Simon and I had just looked at each other afterwards. It wasn’t that I didn’t think about it, but I still wanted to wait.

Simon was really special and I didn’t want to rush things. Not that I thought us sleeping together would ruin anything because although it had been a long time I was pretty good in bed, or at least I used to be. I was fairly sure I could remember how to please a man, I just needed to make sure Simon would want a lot more, but I doubted that would be an issue. His reactions to me touching or kissing him suggested he would be a fantastic responsive lover. And I needed to stop thinking about that if I actually wanted to get some work done.

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