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Dear Reader,

This story didn’t go where I thought it was going. I don’t know whether this happens to most writers but with me, with this one, the characters decided what they were going to say and do and I just wrote about it.

Please read Chapter 1 first. Some of this won’t make a lot of sense unless you do.

Best Regards,


My brother was killed on Monday. On Monday night my brother’s daughter came to stay with me. Today, Tuesday morning, we’d had sex. Several times. I figured my shot at the Uncle of the Year Award was maybe slipping away from me a little.

Dawn was lying face down on the living room couch and I was lying on top of her, taking her slowly and gently from behind. My hands were cupped around her tits and I was thrusting into her with a nice, easy rhythm and we were soul kissing and she was moaning into my mouth.

“Tell me again, Johnny,” she said.

“Incest,” I said. “California penal code section 285. We could both go to state prison, theoretically.”

“And realistically?”

“The state wouldn’t prosecute,” I said. “I’d lose my job though, most likely. Have to find some other way to make money.”

She adjusted the angle of her ass to maximize her pleasure at my thrusts. “285,” she said. “You have those all memorized?”

“Hell no,” I said. “Just the biggies. Incest, I had to look up.”

She giggled, then tensed. Within the space of a few seconds she did the thing I was beginning to love so much. As I sawed back and forth into her, her breathing became ragged and she began pushing her ass back into me, then she moaned and as her pussy clenched around me she screamed into the pillow. I teased her nipples to prolong her orgasm as her body threatened to dismount me and she yelled obscenities, and my name, into the muffling pillowcase. I stayed inside her but didn’t move.

“Holy crap,” she said when she’d recovered. “That one almost killed me. I’m running out of energy to have them. Are you close?”

“No,” I said.

“Oh God,” she said. “You’re going to kill me, Johnny. But what a way to go.” She moved away and I slipped out of her. She turned around and pushed me onto my back and took my erection into her hand and began to stroke me fast and hard.

“Cum for me Johnny,” she said. “I want to hear you scream again. Come on, baby. Cum for me, lover.”

“I will,” I said. I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair. “I’m getting closer now.”

Her hand sped up and tightened around me.

“I love this, Johnny. I love you and I love doing this with you. I’ve never had a lover that makes me feel as good as you make me feel. Cum for me, I want to see it.”

“Oh God,” I said. “Dawn, I’m going to cum. Ungh…. Right now! Cumming!!”

She quickly wrapped her lips around my cock as I yelled and my back arched and the feeling of incredible pleasure engulfed me again and I came hard into my niece’s mouth. She moaned and swallowed as I held her head and emptied myself into her. She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer as though she couldn’t get enough of me into her mouth, and her other hand stroked up and down my chest and belly as I spurted onto her tongue.

“You taste good, Johnny,” she said when I was finished.

“Oh my fucking God,” I said. I opened my eyes to look at her, and beyond her I saw Mary Beth standing in the kitchen, watching us.

“Hello,” I said.

“That was pretty fucking hot,” she said. Dawn rolled around and looked at her.

“I’m sorry,” Mary Beth said. “I came looking for coffee and I should have left when I saw what was going on, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to watch. You guys are hot.”

“It’s okay, Babe,” I said, and when Dawn looked at me with an indignant expression I said, “Hey, Mary Beth is my best friend. She has free reign here. She has a key to the place and if the door’s unlocked she can come in without knocking. I’ve never had anything to hide from her and I don’t want to start now.”

Dawn considered this for a while, then giggled and said, “Okay. At least I know she’s not going to steal you away from me.” She laid her head back down on my thigh and continued slowly stroking me.

Mary Beth walked over to us and looked at me. “Why are you still hard?” she said.

“Because a gorgeous blonde girl is laying here next to me and playing with me,” I said. I reached down and toyed with Dawn’s nipple, making her shiver. “And a gorgeous brunette is standing there watching us.”

Mary Beth blushed and said, “Thanks Babe. I understand. Gorgeous blonde girls do a number on me, too. Can I bring you guys some coffee?”

I looked at the clock. 10:27 AM. “No,” I said. “I want champagne. Dawn?”

“I’m only 17,” she said. “No, wait… I’m 18, today’s my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!” She sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it for a little while, then looked up and smiled. “I like my present!” she said. “Anyway, I’m not allowed to have alcohol.”

I looked down at her hand wrapped around my cock, then back up at canlı bahis her face, and gave her my best ironic look. She laughed at me.

“Okay,” she giggled, “champagne it is.”

Mary Beth went to the refrigerator to open a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly.

“What time were you born?” I said.


“California Penal Code 261.5,” I said. “Unlawful sexual intercourse. If I had sex with you while you were still 17 I’d be charged with a misdemeanor offense, possibly a felony offense if they were really pissed at me. Incest plus statutory rape… yeah, I’m thinking state prison for sure.”

“Oh my God, Johnny,” Dawn said as she crawled up my body. She centered herself over my erection and I groaned as she settled down on me, impaling herself on my cock. She began to move on me slowly, lifting herself until I was almost out of her and then gliding back down until I was fully seated within her.

“Oh my God, Johnny” she said again. “I might still be 17. Who knows? You could be raping your little niece. Heavens, what will people think?”

I grabbed her hips and stopped her. “Dawn, don’t,” I said. “Please. It’s bad enough that I can’t resist you. Don’t tell me that you’re under age. I’m supposed to protect you, and I never even thought to ask your age. I’m the worst fucking uncle ever.”

Dawn leaned down and hugged me. “I’m sorry Johnny, I’m so sorry. I was just teasing you. I love you, Baby. You do protect me. You’re the best fucking uncle ever.” She started to giggle, and started moving again, riding my hard cock. “Best fucking,” she said, giggling again.

“They go by dates,” Mary Beth said as she sat our champagne down on the coffee table. “Doesn’t matter what time she was born. Today, she’s 18.” She sat down on the loveseat and sipped her champagne and watched Dawn ride my cock.

Dawn leaned down and whispered in my ear, “That’s true, they go by dates, but… 9:30 PM,” she said. “Just so you know. I may be legal, but you’re fucking a 17 year old. How does it feel?”

I looked at her and put my hand on her face and caressed her cheek. “Fucking incredible,” I said. “Worth the jail time.” An errant tear ran down my face as I said, “I love you, Dawn.”

She stopped moving on me. She moved her hand to my face and wiped the tear away and then pressed her lips to mine.

“Oh God, Johnny, I love you so much. You’ve always been there for me and I’ve wanted you for so long. I never thought I would have you. This is so wonderful. Thank you. Thank you for my birthday present, Baby.”

“You’re welcome, Sweetie,” I said. “I’ve always loved you, and given the beautiful and sexy woman you’ve become I’ve had improper thoughts about you for some time now. So this is a pretty sweet present for me, too.” I sucked a nipple into my mouth. She gasped, then moaned as Mary Beth appeared next to us and sucked Dawn’s other nipple into her mouth. I glanced sideways at her. She had shucked her clothes and was gloriously naked, just like us. Her body was beautiful.

“Oh my God,” Dawn said. She looked down at the two of us, watching us suck her breasts, and started riding me harder.

Mary Beth licked her way down Dawn’s flat little tummy and began tonguing her clit. Dawn groaned and grabbed Mary Beth’s head. Mary Beth put her hand on my abs for support. Because Dawn was moving on me, Mary Beth’s tongue alternated between licking Dawn and licking my cock. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever felt.

Dawn stopped moving then slowly lifted off me. Mary Beth followed, lapping at her cunt and simultaneously licking away at my cock. Dawn pulled all the way off me and rolled onto the couch next to me, watching. Mary Beth’s tongue was still all over my cock. She stopped and looked at us, seeming to suddenly realize what she was doing. Dawn giggled. Mary Beth grinned sheepishly.

“Hey,” she said, “I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like. Dawn, you were right, you know, you don’t have to worry about me. I love Johnny but I’m not going to steal him away from you. I just want to see what he tastes like. I’ve just always wanted to try this on a guy.” And with that she sucked my cock into her mouth. Dawn and I both groaned, and Dawn leaned into me and kissed me hard.

“Your lesbian girlfriend really is your girlfriend now, Johnny,” she said. “And I don’t mind sharing.”

Mary Beth may be a lesbian but she was sucking my cock like she’d done it all her life. Her tongue had a dexterity and strength that would make a porn star jealous. She sucked me hard while her tongue worked magic on the sensitive underside of my cock. She cupped my balls and bobbed up and down with furious intent. I knew she would make me cum soon and I wanted that, to cum hard in her mouth, to turn our friendship into something forever much closer, but I also wanted something else even more. I grabbed Mary Beth’s head and stopped her and pulled her up and slid down the sofa until I could kiss her, a passionate tongue-battling kiss. She pulled away, breathing heavily.

“Why did you stop me, Johnny?” she said. “I want to bahis siteleri make you cum. I want to see what it tastes like.”

I groaned at the thought of that, but said, “I want that too, Babe, but first things first, you have to finish what you started,” and pushed Mary Beth’s head down into Dawn’s crotch. Being a good lesbian girlfriend, Mary Beth went right for Dawn’s clit.

Dawn’s eyes opened wide and she looked at me and started to say something but then she lay back down on the couch and moaned and her hands buried themselves in Mary Beth’s hair and pulled her head into her pussy. All the while, her eyes were open wide and locked on mine.

“But…” Dawn said. “But…”

“I know you’re not gay,” Mary Beth said as she slipped a finger into Dawn’s wet pussy. “But I am, and I was just sucking your uncle’s cock and loving it. All bets are off, so just settle back and enjoy the ride. We’re all just friends and lovers today. Besides, I’m really good at this.” She licked the length of Dawn’s slit and moved to suck her clit and Dawn groaned and thrashed on the couch and wrapped her arms around Mary Beth’s head.

Mary Beth’s ass was on display in front of me, high in the air as she knelt on the couch driving Dawn into the first of a series of orgasms. I’m not gay either, I thought, and a guy can only take so much. I thought about asking permission first but I didn’t, hoping our friendship and the heat of the moment would make it okay. I grabbed Mary Beth’s hips and waited a moment to see if she would resist, and when I saw that she was simply continuing her good work on Dawn I guided the head of my cock to her opening and drove myself fully into her.

Mary Beth lifted off Dawn and screamed and I stopped moving, buried deeply in her, afraid that my judgment was horribly wrong. But then her head whipped around and she looked at me with a wild-eyed expression and said, “Yes, Johnny!” and I cupped her breasts and began to slam into her.

Dawn’s eyes were wide open, watching me fuck Mary Beth. I suddenly realized that in this convoluted new game of friendship and love and incest, I might be hurting someone I dearly loved. I stopped moving again and said, “Dawn?”

She just smiled at me and said, “It’s about time for you two. Gay or straight, you’re made for each other.” Then her gaze lost focus and her head whipped back and she screamed out another climax. I started moving again inside Mary Beth and she raised her head off of Dawn and put her hands on the sofa and pushed back against me and I hammered into her and she started a slow, keening wail and then came hard, her pussy clamping down on my cock. She yelled my name over and over and moaned as her juices coated my cock.

“Going to cum,” I panted as I slammed her fast and hard.

“In me,” she moaned.

“Fuck, fuck, oh FUCK!” I yelled and pulled her tightly against me and spurted my cum deep inside my lesbian girlfriend. Or maybe bisexual girlfriend. Just girlfriend, I decided as the waves of pleasure took me and weakened my knees, and I collapsed on top of Mary Beth and she in turn fell onto Dawn.

I held Mary Beth against me and gently rubbed her breasts and kissed her back. “Thank you,” I said. “You are a fucking awesome lover. I love you, Mary Beth.”

She shuddered in my embrace and it took me a few moments to realize that she was crying. Oh no, I thought. What had I done? And what in the world could I possibly do to make it right?

But then she turned around and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, her tongue darting into my mouth and wrestling with mine.

“Johnny, I’ve wanted this for so long,” she said. “I fought against it and would have never initiated it, and I’d started to think that you never would either.”

I looked down at her and wiped the tears from her cheeks. She held me tight.

“I’m still a lesbian,” she said. “Or at least I think I am. I’m not attracted to men. But I am attracted to you.” She kissed me. “I want to be yours but I’m still going to want women. Is that going to be okay?”

“I think I have a solution,” Dawn said. Mary Beth squealed in my arms as Dawn moved between her legs and began to lick and suck my cum from her pussy. My overworked cock instantly became rigid again.

“Fuck me, that’s a pretty good solution,” I said. “We should take this solution to the bedroom.”

We walked upstairs and into my bedroom and laid down on my king sized bed, Dawn on one side of me and Mary Beth on the other. I suddenly realized that this was the first time the three of us were going to intentionally initiate sex as a threesome and I had no real idea how to start. I loved them both and didn’t want to hurt either of them. If I started with Mary Beth, how would Dawn feel? And vice-versa.

I was just about to voice my concerns when the girls solved it, at least for this time. Dawn rolled onto her side and kissed me, and Mary Beth moved down my body and engulfed my hard cock into her warm, wet mouth. I put one hand lightly on the back of Mary Beth’s head and my other hand found bahis şirketleri Dawn’s breasts and played with her nipples as our tongues did battle.

I had recently cum and so I figured Mary Beth would be down there for some time but it didn’t work out that way. Her mouth felt so good on my cock that after only a few minutes my body betrayed me and I felt the first tingles of an orgasm. I started bucking my hips up off the bed, face fucking her, and she must have realized that meant I was close because she increased her suction level to ‘Incredible’ and matched my thrusts.

I’ve watched some porn in my life and know that some of the guys groan when they cum, and some can actually talk through their orgasms. Me? I yell. It’s involuntary. So when I exploded onto Mary Beth’s tongue I yelled right into Dawn’s mouth. She pulled away and looked down at me as my back arched and my head whipped back and forth and I rode the rushing wave of pleasure that a great orgasm is.

“It’s fun to watch you cum, Johnny,” she said, and kissed me passionately again.

Mary Beth finished sucking me dry and let my cock pop out of her mouth. She moved back up my body and put her hand on the back of Dawn’s head. When Dawn looked up, Mary Beth drew her into a kiss. Watching them it became clear to me that Mary Beth had saved my cum in her mouth and that they were now busily swapping it back and forth between them. Improbably, my cock began to show signs of life. How many times had I already cum today? I felt like I was 18 again.

They both swallowed and finished their kiss.

“Thanks Babe, that was delish,” said Dawn.

“Yeah, it was,” Mary Beth said. “You know, I’ve sucked on fake cocks and been fucked with strap-ons, but it turns out that nothing feels like a real live cock that’s attached to a man you love. And none of my toys can do what Johnny’s cock just did.”

“It’s going to do it again pretty soon,” I said. Both girls looked down and back up at me and laughed.

“You’re insatiable,” Dawn said. “I like that in a man.

We laughed with each other and played with each other and loved each other until at last, exhausted, we fell asleep.


I quickly came wide awake and sat up in bed. I listened hard and heard the distant tinkling of glass that indicated someone was clearing sharp remnants before reaching through a shattered window pane. On the kitchen door, I assumed.

I roused my women and told them what was happening. I reached over Dawn and opened the nightstand drawer and grabbed the Glock and thumbed the safety and handed it to her.

“I’m going downstairs. Shoot anyone that tries to come up. Got it?” She gave me a wide eyed nod.

I handed the phone to Mary Beth. “Call 911,” I said. “Tell them the address and my name and that an LAPD Pacific Division officer needs assistance. ‘Officer needs assistance.’ Those words exactly, okay?” Mary Beth nodded and dialed.

I moved to jump out of the bed but Dawn grabbed me.

“No Johnny, wait here, let’s fight them here!”

I pulled my arm away and held her face and forced her to look at me and growled, “I’m not going to let them get here. They’re not getting anywhere near you two.” I pulled out of her grasp and ran for the stairs. My bare feet made no noise as I descended. I heard muttered cursing from the direction of the kitchen and I smiled. Whoever the perp was, he’d just discovered that the kitchen door was locked by a deadbolt that required a key on the inside, and there was no key there.

I thought about grabbing a knife from the kitchen but I didn’t want to make myself a target or even let them know that I was awake and downstairs. I looked around the darkened living room for something, anything that I could use as a weapon. I settled on a copy of The Economist magazine. I rolled it as tightly as I could and held the middle of it in my right hand. A rolled up magazine can actually be a pretty formidable weapon, especially in the hands of someone who knows how to fight, but it wouldn’t be much use if my attackers had guns. I vowed that if I survived this night I would buy the shotgun I’d been considering.

I figured the guys outside were scratching their heads and trying to decide their next move. If they battered down the kitchen door or broke the sliding glass patio door they’d make enough noise to wake everyone inside and lose the element of surprise they thought they had. Same with the living room door which was also dead bolted but, unlike the kitchen door, had no small window panes to knock out. I decided that they’d either come in through the kitchen window over the sink or through one of the living room windows, and thought about where I should position myself to be ready for either approach.

As my enemies and I considered what to do next I heard the faint wail of a police siren, quickly joined by a second. I smiled as they rapidly got louder. The cavalry, right on time. If my attackers had any functioning brain cells they would have bugged out at the first hint of a siren. As the police cars pulled up outside I tossed the magazine on the coffee table and turned on the living room lights. I unlocked and opened the kitchen door, yelled for Dawn and Mary Beth to come down without the gun, and opened the front door.

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