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Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoy New Beginning. As with most of my work, it is part true, part fantasy. I enjoy your letters and feedback. Thanks, Hope you cum.


I glanced at her in the mirror while tying my tie. She was across the room and standing at a three quarter profile to me, adjusting the back of an earring. She was in her bra and panties, and stood with her legs slightly parted concentrating on her effort. I smiled a small smile to myself. It had been four years since “I’ve seen her like this. We live together, sleep together, but we never let each other see one another. Let me explain. Several years ago, she began to gain weight. She hated if I mentioned it, so I didn’t. I wanted to avoid fights. We had stopped having sex six months earlier. I refused to continue asking and waiting for it. I had no interest in fooling around outside our marriage, it just wasn’t worth the pain and anguish. Her weight gain thereafter only insured that I would not come looking for intimacy. The more she gained, the farther apart we grew. We never spoke of it, we just grew to understand. If I needed relief a few times a month, no matter, I was no stranger to my own hand. Sometimes my orgasms by myself were more intense than with her anyway. Now, four years and who knows how many jerk offs later, she has realized what we have done, and she knew it was about the weight. She decided to reverse the trend, and for four months now has been on strict regimen of vegetables and protein. She has transformed her obese self about seventy five percent back to where she was five years ago. I have gained a few pounds also in the last year, but only by ten percent, not like her fifty percent weight gain. She has not stood in the same room with me for several years in this state of undress, she obviously feels proud of her accomplishment, and wants to show me the result so far. I’ll admit, I get a little aroused now when I see her. She has been going to the gym also in an attempt to tighten the skin up as well. I can tell that she has gone back to good grooming of her hair and nails, her pubis also seems to be neater beneath her panties.

“How late are you working today?” I ask.

” Only until six, do you want to eat out?”

“No, I’ll just have the chicken left over.”

We talk small talk, then she puts on her uniform, kisses me goodbye and runs out the door.

Several weeks and several pounds later, on a Friday night, she calls me to the bedroom.

“Hey, sit down.” I sit on the bed.

” What are you doing later?” She asks. I know that she is trying to win me back.

“What did you have in mind?”

“How about we meet here at ten and see what happens.”

” Sounds like fun.” I say.

“I miss you,” she says

“I know. I’ve missed you too,”

“Have you?”

“Sure why would you think otherwise?”

“You rus escort never said so, it’s been years.”

“You know why. Why pretend you don’t know?”

“I know, I’m trying.”

“I know you are, and you’re doing wonderfully.”

“What else do I need to do?”

“Nothing, you’re doing it. But I’ll tell you this; “I won’t be a giver to a taker. I will only give what I get in return. I spent too many years giving love to you and being frustrated. It wasn’t worth it to me anymore. That’s why I quit. I will only give back what I get. The more you give, the more I will return.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you have to be an active partner with me, not passive.”

“Ok, I’ll try.”

“I know you will. Will you want some wine at ten?”

“Yes, wine will be nice.”

“Ok, I’m going to finish my chapter.” I’m trying to write a short story.

At nine thirty, I hear the shower in out bathroom. I have used a separate bathroom for

Nearly five years.

I go to mine, and shower also. I have brought in a pair of boxer shorts and a robe.

At ten I went downstairs for the wine, then returned to our bedroom and closed the door. She had lit two candles in the bedroom. There was no other light on. She was lying across the bed in a shiny satin gown.


“Mmm thanks.”

I poured. she sat up. Her breasts swayed under the satin. Her nipples were hard and were poking through.

“Looks like you’re glad to see me,” she laughed a little. “Yes my nipples feel so sensitive.”

“Are they aching to be sucked?”

“Yes. “

“Are you nervous?”

“I’m shaking. It’s a good shaking. “

“Yeah, it’s good.”

“Mr. Poky is here,” she looked through my shorts opening, my erection was poking through. “I want to do everything you want. I won’t hold back.”


” Yes.”

“What does that mean, anything?”

” I will suck your cock, I will lick your balls.”

“Yes, you will.”

“I will. I will be different.”

“Yes I know. What do you want?”

“I want everything. I want you to suck my pussy, eat me and fuck me everywhere.”

“I will give what I get, no less.”

“If your mouth is on my pussy, my mouth will be on your cock.”

I sipped my wine, and kissed her. It was the first time in years, she reached out to touch my face, then stroke my erection.

My pre cum began to drip. She spread it around my cocknead and brought a drop to her lips. She licked it, and then spread a drop on my lips. We kissed, both tasting my pre cum. Her tongue slid into my mouth as her hand stroked my turgid cock. My hands slid up her sides and stroked her now hardened nipples. She moaned into my mouth with pleasure. I pulled at her nipples and scraped my nail across her breasts istanbul bayan eskort with my nails.

” I want you to see me,” she said. I lifted the nightie over her head and her breasts swung free. Her nipples were long and hard. Her eyes were half lidded with lust. She wore a thong with black lace over her pussy.

I put my hand on her thighs, and she leaned back, opening her legs for me. My hand continued under her to her asshole. She was smooth as silk there. She widened her legs to give me access, and moaned again. I stroked the area around her ass hole. Her breasts rolled around as she swayed from side to side.

My fingers traced her lower lips until I felt wetness there. I stood and slid my shorts off; my cock was waving left to right. Another drop of pre cum had formed and was dripping down.

Her eyes watched me and were narrow slits. I kneeled in front of her again and continued to stroke her vulva through the material of her thong. I took the drop of pre cum and spread it on her nipples. They were hot and hard. She gasped. I leaned forward and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked her breast into my mouth. She still gave my fingers complete access to her cunt and her ass as she threw her head back and I sucked her whole tit.

‘Uunnnggghhh…suck them’ she moaned, then; “untie my thong…oh please…” I pulled the bows at the sides and it fell away revealing her shaved cunt.

‘ You shaved your pussy.”

‘Yes.’ she answered.


‘Why what?’

‘Why did you shave your pussy… tell me.’

‘I knew you would like it.’

‘What else, tell me, say all the words.’

‘It felt good.’

‘What else?”

“Do I have to say?”

“Yes, you have to.”

“I wanted to feel your mouth on my naked pussy.”

“What about cunt, can you say cunt?”

“Yes cunt.”

“Do you what me to do something to you? Say it.”

Her lips were parted and dripping. I slipped my fingers into her vulva and stroked her clitoris with her wetness. My other fingers still stroked her smooth ass hole. I wet my finger with my pre cum and inserted it there and had fingers up her ass and in her cunt.

“Say it” I said,” say how dirty you want it, say the words.”

“O god oh god, fuck my holes…make me cum… eat my cum.” She had never spoken this way to me before.

“Are you asking me to eat your girl cum from your pussy and lick your ass?”

” Yes… oh my god yes.”

I lay down and crawled under her now spread legs and licked her open cunt from her ass to her clit and back again. She began to quiver and opened her legs wider. She began to slide her cunt up and back over my tongue and wiggled her ass onto my face. I opened my mouth and engulfed her ass. She screwed her asshole onto my tongue and groaned as I slipped my tongue inside her.

“Is ukraynalı escort this what you want baby, is this what you dreamt about, my mouth on your ass and your cunt?”

” Yes… oh god yes, lick my holes.”…

” Say it… keep saying it as dirty as you want it.”

” Lick my holes lick my ass hole… fuck my ass with your tongue, eat my cum.”

“Cum in my mouth baby” I said “squirt your girl cum in my mouth.”

She quaked and lay down across me engulfing my cock down her throat as she slid her cunt over my nose and chin. I began to squirt streams of cum in her mouth she sucked and gagged and swallowed as I probed her ass. Her cunt convulsed and gushed liquid hot lava.

“I’m eating your cum, I’ m sucking your cum baby.” I said.

I continued ejaculating streaming squirts of cum in her mouth she gagged and sucked; my tongue licked her ass hole as I squirted.

We were both soaked in cum. I rolled her over and slipped my cock into her asshole. It slid in without any resistance, she whimpered “oh god yes fuck my asshole cum in my ass.”

I stoked with my still throbbing cock. My fingers fucked her cunt as I stoked into her ass. My cock began to wither and I slipper a finger into her asshole and continued fucking her. She started to cum from my fingers in both holes.

” Don’t stop, I’m cumming oh my god don’t stop fucking meeeeee.”

Later after we collapsed and slept for a while. Hours later I woke to her fingers stroking my cock. She smiled at me and slid down the bed. She lifted my cock and licked my balls.

“Mmmm I love your hot balls. I want to suck your balls baby.” My cock began to react. “Mmm and your hot cock. You’re not going to sleep tonight; I’m going to make up for a lot of lost time.”

She licked my balls then licked up the shaft of my now hard cock.

“Just relax” she said. I raised one leg and bent it at the knee. She reached around and stroked my ass. Soon her finger had found my asshole and as she licked my cock she stroked me.

” Unghh…” I moaned.

“What baby, what do you want? Do you like my finger here?” She said as she stroked me.

“Yess… oh yess.” I panted. My cock grew harder. She spit on her finger then rubbed her spit on my ass hole. In a moment she slid her finger into my ass as she licked my cock. Soon she was finger fucking my ass as she sucked.. I began thrusting into her mouth and impaling my ass deeper onto her finger.

“I’m going to suck you and fuck your ass until you cum in my mouth.” she panted. Just then, I did. I began to squirt cum into her mouth as her finger went deeper into my ass. After three or four jets, I collapsed into a sexual coma.

The next morning I woke to her straddled across my face. Her pussy was stroking my nose. I watched for a moment smiling, then extended my tongue for her to stroke her clit on. She giggled as she used my face to fuck herself with. We fucked for the entire morning, stopping for bagels and a shower. Finally we collapsed and slept through the day and into the next morning.

All I could think of at the time was; it was worth the wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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