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This is a story about lesbian older-younger domination/submission. I strongly recommend to all readers to read previous chapters first. This chapter contains acts of watersports/urination, so if that is something you find repulsive, consider skipping it. All characters in the story are fictional and at least 18.

Chapter 5.

“Ah, how I missed this.” Diana thought as she lounged on the sunbed, naked.

Jenny was giving her a full body massage. She has been at it for a while now, and Diana could see the beads of sweat on Jenny’s face as her hands kneaded Diana’s muscles, and rubbed lotion onto her body. Diana took a sip from Jenny’s drink. She has already drank her own, and now she was emptying Jenny’s glass as well. It gave her such strong sense of arousal knowing that Jenny is exercising her hands and sweating profusely on the sun, suffering thirst, while Diana relaxed and drank all she needed, and more. She delved deep into her own mind, trying to analyze herself and their relationship, once again.

“I’ve been so happy this past month. This life, this is what I always wanted. I’ve never felt so worshipped, so mentally satisfied, and so sexually sated as I have been these past several weeks. And I am sure Jenny is happy too, and yes, the fact that she is also happy is incredibly important to me… I love this girl…. I am in love with her, I can say it without a doubt now… All of this, all the attention, worship, queen treatment, wouldn’t feel half as good if it was someone else doing it other than Jenny… Why do I feel these urges then… Why do I always want to push things further… and why doesn’t that contradict with other aspects of our relationship?” Diana mused deep in her thoughts.

Diana kept glancing at Jenny. The girl was pressing on Diana’s thigh muscles, relaxing them. Her tanned body (consequence of spending so much time in the sun, attending Diana) was noticeably sweaty in some spots.

“My pet” Diana said wiggling her feet. “My feet feel a bit dry. Maybe you can help?”

Jenny threw an adoring look at Diana and moved to lick her feet. Diana knew Jenny’s mouth was low on saliva right now, so moisturizing Diana’s dry feet will just increase Jenny’s thirst, but once again, Diana felt a jolt of arousal at that thought.

“Yes… these urges are always there” Diana thought, as she went back into her analysis “So strange. There are aspects of our relationship where we are practically equals, and they are amazing. When we have a conversation, when we chat, argue about our favorite topics, have dinner, discuss plays and movies, go shopping, we do it on equal grounds. Jenny is an intelligent and inquisitive person. She defends her arguments and doesn’t back down, she pushes her tastes in all we do and doesn’t defer to me, and I don’t want her to do it! It is like we are best friends, enjoying our banters. And it works so great. It is because we love each other, but not just that. I respect her so much. She is my submissive servant, yet I respect her the way I respect very few people. She is honest and truly good, selfless and very loyal. She is actually the best person I know. Yet we are in a consensual dom/sub relationship, a relationship I want to push more and more… The duality of this situation is so perplexing….”

Diana drank the last of Jenny’s drink, and feeling her feet sufficiently moisturized, flipped on the sunbed exposing her gorgeous ass.

“My ass could use some love…” Diana said.

“Another dry region…” Diana smirked, then continued her train of thoughts “Can I be happy if the relationship stays like this, indefinitely? There is always this voice in the back of my head that wants more… The girl is already so submissive and devoted to me. Her every waking or even sleeping hour, aside from our ‘equal time’ that takes 2-3 hours of the day max, is basically about working for me, worshipping me, or indulging some of my whims. But I know I will always want more… I will always NEED more… I need her to do more for me… to work hard, to suffer, to be willing to suffer, just to achieve some minimal increase in my own comfort. If anything, Vanessa’s actions have proved Jenny can go there… Am I so different from my daughter then? I detest corporal punishments and pain, and that will never happen in our relationship… I also don’t want to humiliate Jenny for the sake of humiliation… but making her suffer discomfort, making her strain and sweat, work hard till exhaustion, and go out of her way just to indulge some selfish whim of mine…. Yes, I want that with every fiber of my sexual being. Isn’t that just a different flavor of what Vanessa wants…?”

Diana was deep in her thoughts, but starting to feel very aroused as Jenny’s tongue did its magic on her ass.

“I want a cold juice, my pet” Diana said purring and stretching like a spoiled cat.

She deliberately said ‘I want’, rather than ‘bring us’. Let’s see how Jenny interprets it.

“There is a difference” Diana thought as she watched Jenny’s lovely small body move towards the house. “The choice is the difference… THAT is my rock, that mersin escort is my anchor. As long as Jenny knows she can always speak up and refuse, without consequences. As long as Jenny never feels trapped or forced into anything, as long as she is financially able to move on, if she wants to… Yeah about that… Imagine spending a month working hard like a slave, and then spending all that money on an expensive gift for a person you slaved for. It was such an incredibly sweet and loving, yet deeply submissive gesture. She made my heart tingle so much, but my pussy even more.”

Jenny returned carrying only one glass of juice. Diana could tell the girl was thirsty as hell. She could have just drank water in the kitchen so easily… but somehow, she sensed Diana wanted her thirsty… and she obeyed. Diana took the drink and took a long sip, looking into Jenny’s eyes. She could see the adoration and submissiveness there.

“Thirsty, my pet?” Diana asked raising an eyebrow.

Jenny simply knelt and kissed Diana’s feet in answer.

“Don’t worry, my pet. There are plenty of fluids where your tongue is going next” Diana said and spread her legs. Jenny smiled, then dived in and latched onto her lifeline.

“Ahh… If somehow I get to live a thousand years I would still never get tired of this amazing tongue.” Diana thought, closing her eyes and letting pleasure course through her body.

“So it is decided then. I will take a lesson from my sweet Jenny, and just be brave. I will push her… hard Some things I want to push no matter what… Some things maybe I should try to introduce in some safe environment? Maybe temporary…? Hmmm….. Ohhhh, she is distracting me so much…. Yes, I have an idea, maybe… Something we will both enjoy anyway, something that will allow me to do some things, to test some things safely… I’ll suggest we do role-play! Jenny will love it! So we get to play some fantasy characters and then maybe ‘My character’ and not Diana will push Jenny in a certain direction… Yes… Ohhh”

Aroused by her thoughts and Jenny’s amazing tongue, Diana was climbing almost vertically towards her peak. Jenny was licking her clit with intensity and soon Diana started shaking in the throes of orgasm. She squeezed Jenny’s head between her thighs, arching and bucking her hips, but Jenny was an expert seaman, or seawoman, able to navigate even the roughest seas and storms without difficulty. Soon, Diana settled down mostly and watched Jenny slurp her juices greedily.

“Should I be brave…? Should I push it, right here, right now…?” Diana thought, then finding resolve, and with the slightest of strains released her bladder.

Jenny was slurping Diana juices, and then suddenly, there was a change in her face. A look of surprise, as she ingested Diana’s pee. Diana has released just a little bit, but then, she let go of the flow for just a second or two before she cut it off. Jenny panicked as she drank some of it, but then sputtered, as it came more forcefully.

“Oh my god Jenny, I am sorry!” Diana said seemingly shocked.

“Are you ok? Damn, I must have relaxed too much…”

“Eh, no it’s fine…”

“Really, sweetheart I am sorry. Here have some juice.”

“No, My Lady, I don’t want to ruin your drink.”

“Oh, nonsense Jenny. Have some”

“It is fine, really. It wasn’t so bad”

“Really? I thought it was… How was the taste, did you find it revolting?”

“The taste? It was… watery kinda… a bit salty. It wasn’t bad really… It wasn’t revolting… it came from you, after all” Jenny said with a smile.

“Really? Oh, it makes me so happy to hear you say it. I was worried. So you say it is not so bad?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t so bad, just surprised me…”

“Oh, I see… So Jenny… Maybe you didn’t have a good enough impression… Maybe you should try it one more time to get a proper idea how you feel about it…?” Diana said innocently.

“Eh, ok… why?”

“Well, I’d like to see what you think of it… Call it an experiment.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Great!. Why don’t you come between my legs again… Yes… put your mouth on the opening, yes… here it comes” Diana said and released some pee.

Jenny drank it, kept it in mouth for a second or two for the sake of this tasting ‘experiment’ and swallowed.

“Ok, one more my pet, just to be sure” Diana said, voice almost trembling with arousal. She released some more and Jenny did the same thing again.

“So, tell me, my pet, did you find it ok… How was it?” Diana said with anticipation.

“Umm, I don’t know… Can’t say I like the taste, but it is not terrible… I didn’t mind it that much”

“Really? Interesting… You know, I always found it arousing when you drink my juices and fluids as you lick me… I must say I felt so aroused and pleased when you consumed these fluids as well…” Diana said, a question in her voice.

Jenny hesitated for a few seconds.

“My lady, you know how important your pleasure is to me… If this is something you enjoy so much, then I suppose I will indulge you… always” Jenny said with conviction, looking at Diana mersin escort bayan with adoring eyes.

Diana was incredibly aroused and in a dominating trance… She wanted nothing more than to grab Jenny’s head and just relieve her bladder in her mouth and then ride those lips and tongue for hours. She opted for a more sensible approach.

“Let’s go have a shower together, my pet”

Few minutes later they were both in the shower, naked. Diana let the mild water of the shower drench them, to set the mood.

“Ok Jenny. I would like to try to finish what we started… I’d like to pee in your mouth and for you to drink it all… and I would like to practice here, so hopefully you can learn to do it without spilling a drop… It will be a very useful skill sometimes. This is something that excites me so much… Once again my pet, if you don’t feel like doing this, it is completely fine. I won’t be angry, disappointed or anything, we will just drop it ” Diana said and smiled her most seductive smile.

After a moment that felt longer than eternity to Diana, Jenny finally nodded.

“Ok, My lady, I’ll do it. I mean I am not sure I will succeed in doing everything you mentioned, but I will try”

“Oh Jenny, that makes me so happy, my pet” Diana said with affection. She knew trying and succeeding were almost the same thing with Jenny. The girl was always so fanatical in these things.

“Let’s begin then…”

Jenny knelt in the shower and placed her mouth on Diana’s urethra opening.

“Ok, my pet. I’ll try to release just small amounts at first and you try to drink it all. It is important not to let any drop be spilled.”

Diana peed a bit, and Jenny managed to pick it all up and swallow. She could see Jenny struggled with it, not because the flow was strong or because she peed a lot, it was because Jenny was unused to the taste and because her mind still fought with the idea of what she was ingesting. But Jenny did it. One, two, three small mouthfuls, all done good. Diana was out of her mind with arousal. It took a lot of her strength of will not to go wild right there and then.

“Ok sweetheart, you did that wonderfully. Now, it’s really hard for me to pee like that, so we need to practice with me peeing in a flow. Try to drink it all down.”

Diana started peeing continuously, but made her flow mild. Jenny was trying to swallow continuously, but Diana could see she was struggling noticeably. Her mind was still warring with the idea of drinking pee. It will be better with more practice. Jenny finally started to choke, sputtering urine that now went everywhere on her face. Her hair, her eyes, some even in her nose. Through all that, the girl was still fighting to ingest all she could. Diana slowed down for a couple of seconds to let Jenny get her breath, but then continued without stopping till the end. She simply couldn’t stop anymore. The scene, the idea, the image of Jenny suffering to drink her pee was just too much for Diana. She was mad with arousal.

When Diana finally emptied herself, Jenny’s face and hair were completely drenched, but Jenny did manage to drink plenty as well. Diana watched her from above, a lovely girl on her knees, completely soiled by her pee.

“Oh Jenny, that was so amazing… but we will need to practice so much more… Oh, I need your tongue right now…”

Diana pulled Jenny’s face into her pussy and Jenny started her favorite activity with mindless aggression. Diana’s mind was already so excited with everything, and the visual image of Jenny on her knees drenched in Diana’s pee, her eyes slightly red from the pee that went astray, was just overkill for Diana’s arousal. She started coming in seconds, Jenny staying with her all the way, and soon, Diana was having multiple orgasms. Diana screamed and moaned, as she was holding onto Jenny’s hair, grinding her hips hard on Jenny’s mouth forward-backward in a fucking motion. She came hard, her juices flowing so generously that Jenny had plenty to quench her thirst. As she started coming down from her peak, Diana released Jenny’s hair and grabbed handholds on shower sides, as she wasn’t sure she could stand. When she regained her breath and some of her strength, she let the shower flow again, spraying their bodies with soothing water. She pulled Jenny up and started soaping her face and hair carefully, caressing her gently. Then she soaped her body, her perky breasts, ass, pussy and legs, then she let Jenny do the same to her. They caressed each other for a while enjoying the shower. Finally, Diana turned the shower off and looked into Jenny’s eyes.

“You have no idea how much pleasure you have given me, my pet…”

“Oh I have some idea…” Jenny said, prompting a shared laugh.

“Please, Jenny. Tell me how it was for you really. Was it bad? Was it terrible? I don’t want you to lie to make me feel good. Be honest, my pet”

“Well, it is a mixed bag to be completely honest with you. It is hard drinking your pee, my body fights it kinda… maybe with more practice… On the other hand it is incredibly intimate… I don’t think there is anything we do that feels more escort mersin intimate… and you enjoy it so much, which is always a big turn on for me. So no, I haven’t changed my mind, My Lady. I am willing to do this anytime you need me.”

“Thank you, my lovely pet” Diana said and kissed Jenny.

“That means that we will need to practice often, in the shower for now… Maybe a couple of times per day.”


And so they did practice. A couple of times per day, they would go into the shower and Diana would pee in Jenny’s mouth. Diana soon realized that peeing from any distance resulted in splashing, so Jenny would just clamp her mouth around Diana’s pussy and Diana would pee directly into her mouth. So that is how they named it. Diana would say ‘clamp’ and it would signal Jenny she was to envelop Diana’s urethra opening and be ready for imminent flow. On their second day, Diana noticed an improvement. No doubt, Jenny researched chugging beer or something like that. So Jenny could now keep up with the flow, it was just the presence of mental barrier that still created mishaps. To remove that barrier it would take time and practice, and they practiced plenty. Diana made sure she stayed well hydrated so her urine was watery and mild. She was so excited by the prospect of relieving herself into Jenny’s mouth without the need of shower, of doing it in some exhibitionist situations… Every time she peed in Jenny’s mouth she was so aroused that she needed Jenny’s skillful tongue right after. Combined with other sources of her arousal, Jenny’s submission, Jenny’s chastity, prolonged oral worships, it made Diana’s libido skyrocket. She needed so much oral worship, and Jenny was always eager to oblige, even if it put some strain on her other chores.

That day, they were at the pool and Jenny has just delivered a mind blowing orgasm to Diana, and was now nursing on Diana’s juices.

“My pet, I have a certain idea, and I think you will like it.”

“My Lady?”

“What do you think about you and me doing some role-play sometimes?

Jenny’s eyes lit up instantly.

“Really? That is an awesome idea!”

“I knew you would love it.”

“So, what did you have in mind My Lady?

“Well, you know how I like things to surprise me. I hate scripts and predictability… So,” Diana looked at Jenny and pointed her finger.

“I want you to be completely in charge of it”


“Yes. I want you to think of the roles we would play, maybe acquire items we might need for it and so on. We will just set some day for it, and you will tell me your idea for roles right then and there.”

“Wow! But…” Jenny said, and then raised an eyebrow at Diana.

“What if I decide, for example, that I am to be… let’s say an elite mercenary assassin in a powerful army, and you are to be a scullery maid in a town or castle my army is about to conquer?” Jenny said with a smirk.

“Then, those are the roles we will play. It is all up to you” Diana said smiling.

It was so amazing how fast Jenny could transform from her total subservience and adoration into being an equal, whenever they started discussing the subjects they both loved. Diana loved those dynamics of their relationship so much. It demonstrated that this was not a mindless dom/sub relationship, but a consensual relationship of two intelligent women, one of them being a dominant and the other a submissive, and what is more important, the depth of that submission didn’t seem to impact their ‘equal’ moments at all.

“Oh, we are such compatible souls…” Diana thought as she watched Jenny with affection. No doubt Jenny was already busy with creating some sly roles for them.

“Ok my pet, there is no rush. You think of all, and just let me know when it’s all ready and we will do it. But I want you to know my pet, I don’t intend for us to just put on some costumes and then do some goofy stuff. I want us to be serious in those roles. Obviously, it might not flow perfectly as there is no script, just a general idea, but still it would be exciting to be in the role, fully.”

“Oh, My Lady, I wouldn’t want it any other way” Jenny said with a knowing smile, rubbing her palms together.

Following days, weeks, things went as usual. Every day Diana and Jenny would ‘practice’ in the shower and day after day it was a bit better. Jenny was slowly getting used to the idea of drinking Diana’s pee as if it was tea or juice. One day, finally, Jenny managed to drink Diana’s pee without wasting a drop. Diana was still careful not to release full strength of the flow, but she was actually able to pee comfortably now, and Jenny managed to catch it all. They repeated the attempt three more times that day, and every time Jenny managed to take it all down, without a crisis. She was finally there after weeks of practice. Diana was so excited that she needed extra worship that day to deal with her arousal and excitement. The possibilities, the ideas, aroused her so much. Her pet was finally able to drink down all her pee, without problems, without even making any noticeable sound. Even Jenny’s swallowing was relatively noiseless. There was no sputtering anymore, no fighting the repulsiveness of it all. Her Lady’s pee was something that felt natural to consume. It was a big step that excited Diana so much, a whole new level of devotion and submissiveness from Jenny.

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