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The days passed so slowly without Ronnie. I had no interest in my work, all I wanted was to be beside my lover. I had fallen for him, big time. He also told me he had fallen in love with me. God, that made me feel so warm and cosy.

We met up, at weekends, sometimes my place, sometimes his. Making love was so exquisite. I had never made love like that with anyone before, not even when I was a teenager. I couldn’t get enough of him. And, each night, I would feel Ronnie’s arms around me, holding me tight and slipping his long, slender cock inside me. I still pretended to be asleep. He would slowly fuck me, long slow strokes, stopping and then fucking me again. Then he would come and I would feel his spunk shooting inside me. God, it was nice. I had such a lovely warm feeling inside me as I went to sleep in his arms and his cock deep inside me.

One day, I was at work, I got a text from Mark at the retreat. A week on Saturday, He was hosting a special one night event, “Celebrating the Penis,” he called it. He was trying to get the same group together as his last retreat but was still waiting to see who could manage. Gosh, that sounds fantastic and I immediately phoned Mark and confirmed me and Ronnie. I asked if Colin was going to be there and was disappointed to hear that he hadn’t replied yet.

We were in Ronnie’s flat, lying in each other’s arms. His fingers were gently stroking my nipples as we lay there. We had come to a decision. I was going to move in with Ronnie. I would give up my job, sell my house and with the proceeds left after giving my ex wife her share, there was enough left to open a gay coffee shop in Edinburgh. Somewhere older gay men could meet in a safe supportive environment. Ronnie and I would both work in it and try to make it a success. Gosh, what an announcement that would be when we meet at the retreat next weekend.

I stopped for a moment and the reality dawned on me. I was gay, I had a gorgeous man and we were going to live and work together. Me, of all people had a gay lover. I wondered what my ex wife would say when she finds out, and she will eventually. Maybe it would be better if I told her face to face.

We spent the weekend walking around Edinburgh, looking at different properties that may be suitable for our coffee shop. We made plans, chatted over ideas, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. And when we were in the flat, our clothes came off and we became naturists again. And the sex, God, how I enjoyed the sex. His cock was perfect, simply perfect for me. We made love time and time again, taking ourselves closer and closer to orgasm and then relaxing and then continuing again.

We were excited when I left on the Sunday night, only a few days until we met at the retreat. We were so looking forward to it……….

I picked Ronnie up in Edinburgh and we drove to the retreat. Mark greeted us, once again naked. ‘I don’t think I have actually seen him with anything other than an apron,’ I joked. It was good to see him and Ronnie and I hugged him tightly. ‘Come in,’ he said, ‘you know where you are going. Just strip off and join the rest of us in the kitchen.’

We were in a different room this time and, surprise, we had a double bed. Great, I thought. We also had a different view from the window. I thought of all the things we had done the last time. God, I was wild. Who would have ever guessed. Had it not been for a crazy decision to go to a naturist retreat I would never have met Ronnie. We would simply never have met.

We undressed each other, carefully folding our clothes. Mark had left two hand towels for us, to sit on when we were at the table. I looked at Ronnie’s cock. We had taken the Cialis, the new viagra, before we left Ronie’s flat a couple of hours ago. We were soft and we needed to do something about it. Ronnie led me to the bed and sat over my legs so that our cocks were together. I looked at the head of his cock, what a lovely shape, I thought. He squeezed our cocks and relaxed, we were getting harder and harder. He slowly stroked our cocks, I gripped his thighs, feeling his muscles. Slowly and carefully he wanked us, using his other hand to cup our balls and stroke them. Within minutes, I was moaning and Ronnie stopped before we came. That had done it, we were both rock hard again.

We skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen. It was great to see a few familiar faces from the last time, but there were also some new faces. Ronnie and I stood there, our cocks erect for everyone to see and it was so natural for us to do that. The new faces would soon find out for themselves. Mark said we were all couples, middle aged and all of us gay and interested in “Celebrating the Penis.” We each introduced ourselves to the group in turn, I smiled at Ian and Stephen as they introduced themselves. I was so disappointed that Neil and Colin weren’t with us but there were a number of new people to get to know.

Ronnie passed out the Cialis to everybody as we waited for our supper which Mark was preparing. There was plenty of chat as we got to know each other. Ronnie canlı bahis was enlightening the new faces of the power of the orgasm and how to control it. It was quite simple really. The more times you reach the point of no return and stop, the more intense the orgasm is when you do come. You also produce more spunk which adds to the experience.

I was so proud of Ronnie as he spoke to the group. He had answers for everything. Before long, everyone was making the commitment to try it. Over supper, Mark told us his plans. When it gets dark, we were going to the wood, beside the grassy clearing by the large pool. He had a bonfire ready to light and also a surprise, which he was going to let us find out for ourselves later. I was intrigued. This was going to be a firelight celebration.

As the evening went on, everyone was talking about their hard cocks. No inhibitions at all. The shy were soon joining in with the others. We stood up and showed off our cocks. One guy across from me, Steve, was wanking his partner quite casually. Others were also rubbing themselves, feeling the hardest erection they could remember in years. I knew how they felt, I’d never had erections like the first viagra gave me. Everyone was excited. I thought of this very table, watching nine guys wank over me. God, I still get hot when I think of it. And Mark, our host, fucking me against the kitchen sink, and the olive oil….. I just knew the newcomers would have the time of their life.

Eventually, it was dark and Mark left us to prepare the fire in the wood. I watched the others as they stroked each other’s cock. Things were warming up and I thought Ronnie and I could put on a show for the others. Ronnie took my hand and led me over the kitchen. He got down on his knees and stroked me. I closed my eyes. I felt his tongue teasing the head of my cock, squeezing and relaxing, slipping it slowly into his mouth. He wanked me, pulling my foreskin back, stretching my cock. I felt myself getting too close. Ronnie knew I was close. I let myself get nearer and nearer my orgasm and then…Ronnie stopped just in time. I was getting better, that was real close. ‘That’s how you do it,’ Ronnie advised, with a smile on his face.

Mark came back and said he was ready. He passed out a few torches and we followed him down the garden and over the fence into the wood. It was a warm night and I didn’t feel at all cold, in fact I was shivering with excitement. Ronnie slipped his hand into mine as we walked. It didn’t take us long to get to the clearing and the fire was burning in the centre. And then we saw the surprise. Mark had a huge carved wooden cock, about three feet tall at least. It was in front of the fire and it looked majestic, lit up with the light from the bonfire.

We all held hands in a circle around the huge wooden penis. And then we danced around it, each of us with a huge erection. Mark beat a rhythm on a huge wooden drum as we danced. Round and round the penis we danced. It was so sensual. There were twelve of us, six couples, and we danced with complete abandon. It was almost trance like.

Mark stopped drumming and walked up to the circle we had made and joined us. He walked up to the wooden penis and hugged it. Each of us in turn walked up and hugged it while the rest continued to dance around it.

I could still smell the pine scent of the wood the penis was made from. I wrapped my arms around it, thrusting my cock against it and I thanked the God of “Good Fortune” for bringing Ronnie and all these wonderful experiences into my life. I rubbed the wooden penis with my hands, I ran my fingers over and under the head. I traced the veins that had been carved onto it and I hugged it again. I stood there for ages, feeling the power of the penis.

I took my place in the circle and danced. Each of us, in turn, walked up to the wooden penis and paid our respects. Each of us had our own thoughts, not for sharing with everybody else. I was almost in a frenzy with the dancing and the beat of Mark’s drum. On and on we went until we had all worshiped the wooden penis.

The beating of the drum stopped and we stopped dancing. Mark went up and whispered to Ronnie and then went back to his drum, beating it loudly. The sound of the drum reverberated round the clearing. I could feel it in my body. The dancing started and we danced round the penis again. Then Ronnie took my hand and led me to the penis. God, what was he planning. There was a bottle of lube on the ground and Ronnie used it to loosen me in readiness. I watched the others dancing around us.

I stood against the wooden penis and hugged it. Ronnie spread my legs and stood behind me. God, I felt the head against my ass. I pushed backwards, meeting his gentle thrust. Slowly….until he was there. I gripped his cock with my ass muscles, feeling him stiffen even more. And then he fucked me, faster and faster in time to the drum. I gripped the wooden penis, feeling its power as Ronnie fucked me. I could never tire of this, I thought. As his orgasm started to build up, he stopped and withdrew. I stood bahis siteleri there, still gripping the penis. God, I really wanted his spunk in me, I needed him to come, and share his orgasm with him. I relaxed. I knew there would be plenty of spunk in me later.

The other couples took their turn fucking against the penis, one couple after another as we danced around them. Nobody came and with so many people together, you could feel the energy we were building up. The last couple paid homage and then rejoined the circle. The drumming stopped. I had a ringing in my ears and it felt the drumming was still going on. Gosh, I was tingling all over.

Next, Ronnie pulled me back to the centre and I leant against the penis. He went down on his knees and took my hard cock in his mouth. The drumming and the dancing started again. The partner of the couple who had been fucked were now going to get their cock sucked against the wooden penis. I closed my eyes as Ronnie teased my head with his tongue. He was squeezing and teasing and I was getting stiffer and stiffer. I thrust my hips towards his lips, moaning as he took my cock deep into his mouth. He knew me intimately by now and he could tell I was close. He took long strokes with his mouth and I was trembling with excitement. God, I’m going to come, ‘stop, please stop.’ Ronnie pulled me out of his mouth and squeezed my shaft tightly. God, he was too late and I felt my cock twitch, I was going to come, I was too late. Ronnie thrust his finger in my ass and squeezed my cock tighter and tighter, trying to stop me coming. It worked, God, it worked. I was still trembling. I reached for his cock and held it as we walked back to the circle and another couple took their place with the penis.

Each of us had now pleasured our partner to the point of no return. We held hands again and closed our eyes standing around the penis. Each of us had managed it, some for the first time. Mark joined us and then started rubbing his hard cock. Each of us started to wank ourselves. I could see all the cocks as I looked from one guy to another. God this was so horny. There was nobody with a cock as big as Colin’s but there were still an array of beautiful cocks around me. All of them, different sizes and shapes. The one thing we had in common was that we were all wanking. I looked at the wooden penis. It was so realistic, really well carved. I imagined the power of the penis and felt connected to it. Others were stopping now, having gone to the brink. All of us needed to come. Mark passed around wipes so we could clean ourselves in preparation for the final ceremony. We were going to come now…….

Each of the couples lay down on the grass, together. This wasn’t going to be group sex, this was between couples. I wasn’t too disappointed, this meant that I had Ronnie all to myself. I lay on my back with Ronnie on top of me. I had my arms around him and wrapped my legs around his legs, holding him tightly. He thrust his cock against my cock and slowly he crept up my body until his cock was pushing against my lips. I slowly opened my mouth as he pushed against the resistance of my lips. He kept slowly pushing further and further, my lips opened wide as I took his head. My tonge teasing under his tip. He kept pushing and I slowly took his shaft, until it touched the back of my throat. I had taken every inch of my lover. He stopped and turned to face my cock. God, I was so excited. We lay on our sides, sucking each other. My eyes were closed and I was a million miles away. I felt so turned on, I was more turned on than ever before. It was ecstasy, sheer ecstasy. Still we sucked each other, stopping just in time and building up more than more.

Ronnie groaned and I felt his cock contract. God, I could feel his balls moving. He was going to come. I relaxed and let Ronnie work his magic with his tongue. Closer……closer…..’God,’ I shouted. I held Ronnie really tightly towards me as I felt my spunk begin to travel its journey up my shaft and into Ronnie’s mouth. I felt Ronnie come, I wanked him faster and faster as he thrust and then……God, he shot spurt after spurt into my mouth. I felt it hit the back of my throat. I pumped my hips as I started my orgasm and Ronnie responded.

I felt so much spunk exploding out of me, Ronnie was struggling to take it all. Much of it spilled out of his mouth and dribbled down his chin. I swallowed quickly, milking his cock with my hands. Oh, my God, we were still coming. It went on and on and on. I had never had an orgasm like it. Ronnie was moaning as he still filled my mouth. There was so much spunk. I could still hear the drumming in my ears. The firelight was flickering over the writhing bodies around the wooden penis. Each of us having so much excitement. And still, I was ejaculating. It wasn’t going to stop. One spasm after another. Ronnie had swallowed as much as he could but it was all over his face. I had his cock under control and still swallowed with each spurt of spunk. We were both moaning loudly. I was shaking with the power of the wooden penis and all I could think about bahis şirketleri was Ronnie and I, spurting spunk into each other.

Eventually it wore off and we stopped coming. I turned onto my back and pulled Ronnie up on top of me. Our hearts were thumping in our chests. I had tears in my eyes. I kissed Ronnie, licking my come off his face. I was so happy and contented with my Ronnie. I kissed his neck, hugging him tightly and then we went into that drowsy place that follows an orgasm. I had never felt like this. Of all the orgasms I’ve had in the past few weeks, nothing could top the one I had just experienced with Ronnie.

We lay like that, six couples lying together in the glow of the fire. What an experience that was. The drumming, the fire and the orgasm, God, it was so powerful.

It was late and the fire was dying down. I was lying in Ronnie’s arms looking at the wooden penis. My hand gripped his cock and my cock was pushed against his leg. I casually stroked his nipple with my tongue as we chatted quietly to each other.

The evening was over and it was time to go to bed. We followed Mark back to the retreat. Some of the group stayed for a cup of tea but others went to bed. Ronnie and I had a quick shower together before we went to bed. We still had a huge erection. They say this type of viagra lasts for thirty six hours. Ronnie and I held each others cock, unsure if we had the energy to go again or drop off to sleep. We fell asleep tightly hugging each other.

Again, in the middle of the night, I felt Ronnie thrust his cock against my asshole. I pretended to sleep. I was on my side and he was behind me, one arm over my shoulder and the other hand guiding his cock into me. I could feel the warm lube squish against my ass. Suddenly, his gorgeous purple head was inside me. It felt so good. I still lay there, pretending to sleep as he pushed deeper and deeper until I had the full length of his cock inside me. I couldn’t stop moaning as I felt it deep inside. Then he started thrusting. Long slow strokes. His head almost popping out and then slowly deep inside me again. It didn’t take long. God, I shared his orgasm with him. He kept spunking inside me and I stayed still, letting him come. He thrust several times, each time pumping more spunk into me. I fell asleep again, warm in his arms with the feeling of his come inside me.

The next morning, the kitchen was busy as the naturists helped themselves to coffee and toast. Mark, once again with an erection poking against his apron, was making bacon and eggs. It was amusing to see everyone had a rock hard erection. Ronnie reminded everyone that it lasts thirty six hours. Couples fondled each other as we ate breakfast. I couldn’t look at the table without remembering what had happened to me. God, that was so sexy.

Ronnie made the announcement that we were moving in together and that our new coffee shop would soon be open and that everyone was welcome. Mark came over to congratulate us. It was Mark we had to thank. If he hadn’t been running the naturist retreat we would never have met.

Couples were making their way to the garden and were sitting getting intimate with each other on the grass. Some were getting intimate with other couples too.

Everyone was at it except Mark, Ronnie and me. We just stood watching. Sure, we were getting hot watching it but did I actually want to join in? Did Ronnie want to join in? He put his arms around me and stood behind me as we watched. I put my hand over his and put it against my heart. ‘Let’s go back to the wooden penis and fuck me,’ I whispered in Ronnie’s ear.

As we walked to the wood, we walked by the groups of people sucking and fucking each other. I knew exactly how exciting group sex is. God, I remembered Colin’s huge beautiful cock and the fun we had with it. Now, it just didn’t feel the same. I wanted Ronnie, nobody else.

I knelt in front of the wooden penis, my knees spread out ready to take Ronnie. The lube was still beside the penis and Ronnie rubbed it over his cock and between my legs. I knelt there, the wooden penis in front of us. I looked up at the head, thinking what a nice shape Ronnie has. I was still thinking lovely thoughts when I felt my lover push inside me. I immediately relaxed and took him. I was so used to this that it became second nature. I thrust my ass in the air to meet his thrust. Within seconds he was right inside me. I tensed my asshole, tightening around his cock. And then he took me. Slowly and building quicker and quicker, he fucked me. I was so relaxed but still tight for him. It went on for ages, a long satisfying fuck and with a wonderful ending. I felt him stiffen and I reached for his balls. They were moving in my hand. I gripped the base of his cock and squeezed, breathing heavily.

Then I felt the lovely sensation of his cock twitching and filling me. I kissed the wooden penis and hugged it tight as Ronnie thrust inside me. I tingle every time Ronnie comes. It’s like I feel it with him. As he spurted reams of his hot spunk in me I felt the warm glow smother me, I could feel every spurt and I could feel the warmth spreading inside me. He collapsed on top of me, spent. He held me tight as I still gripped the wooden penis. I kissed it and thanked it and then Ronnie turned onto his knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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