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Dave gently awakes to the rays of the morning light shining through his window. While slowly becoming aware of his current surroundings, he realizes that he remained in the position he fell asleep in; curled up very closely to Kate’s body, one of his arms buried beneath the pillow that her head is currently resting on. Tucked neatly between the covered cheeks of Kate’s ass, his morning wood continues to grow. At this moment, Dave’s thoughts wander to how odd it was that Kate came to bed wearing a slinky pair of string bikini panties when they typically sleep nude together. Thinking nothing more of it, he concludes that they were both simply very exhausted last night as his eyes wander to the clock upon their bedside table. Taking notice of the current time, Dave comes to the realization that it could be hours from now before Kate awakes on her own.

While plotting his route for escaping the warm bed without awaking Kate, Dave smiles as he recalls a discussion they had a few weeks ago of how Kate fantasizes about being waken up to sex — not to be woken up wanting sex, but slowly coming to as she is being penetrated by the nice firm cock of her partner. The thought turns Dave on and causes an exciting warmth to rise up within him, he decides that this morning will be the day that he tried to make this particular fantasy of Kate’s a reality for her.

Dave begins by gently running his soft hands along her warm body, slowly caressing her voluptuous hips as he works upwards. While doing so, Dave ensures that his touch is firm enough for her to recognize his caresses, but at the same time, not firm enough to awake her just yet. As he approaches her shoulder, he rubs down the length of her arm down to her elbow before working his way up again, permitting his hand to ever so softly graze Kate’s breast that rhythmically rises up and down with every breath that she takes. Dave continues these motions while becoming bolder in each touch he makes as he continues to become closer to one of Kate’s semi-erect nipples. Finally, he takes one of her breasts in his hands and gently squeezes it after what seems like hours of rubbing her heavenly body. In response to his actions, Kate lets a soft moan escape and Dave freezes, afraid of awaking her and being unable to continue with fulfilling her fantasy. Dave watches Kate, anticipating her to wake up, but she simply nuzzles into her pillow and remains deep in her state of slumber.

Continuing rubbing Kate again, he moves his hands down her body to her barely-there panties. Dave knows for sure that Kate is turned on because of her heavy, rhythmic breathing and the heat that is radiating from her crotch when his hand is in proximity. Dave moves his hands all the way around her body, following the sheer material of her panties around to her ass before giving it a nice firm squeeze.

His hands move back around to the front of her body, over her smooth thighs and up her soft stomach to her breasts. He glides one of his thumbs against her already-stiff nipples to add to the sensation as he squeezes her breast in the same hand. His hand moves again to her ass and gives it a firm squeeze as she moans in her state of sleep. Gently placing his hand on the back of Kate’s thigh, he pushes it out. This gives Dave full access to her warm, moist pussy whenever he likes while Kate rests on the pushed out knee unknowingly.

Moving his gaze from Kate’s lower body to her shoulders, Dave rubs his hands over her shoulders and down her arms to her ass, squeezing it before moving his hands back up to her beautiful breasts. Because of the way that she is positioned, he is unable to reach her erect nipples but rubs everything else that he has complete access to. When his hand reaches her gorgeous ass once again, he slides his hands between her legs, giving him even more access. The warm, wet material of her panties raises a further twinge of excitement in Dave. Taking the sheer fabric between his fingers, his own anticipation continues to build up as he moves his hands up to her firm breasts and back down to her heat emitting, panty-covered pussy. Each trip that Dave makes with his hands of exploring Kate’s body, he slowly moves his fingers further beneath the fabric until they are fully covered by the fabric. Sliding a finger teasingly along the separation of the moist lips, he caresses until he has exposure to her swollen clit.

After giving Kate’s body one last caress all over, Dave gives his undivided attention to her clit, teasing it with her fingers. In response to his fingers brushing over her clit, Kate begins to rock her hips back and forth and moan while asleep. While continuing to stimulate her, Dave becomes extremely curious as to what her dreams are at this very moment. Making the choice to continue on with her sleep sex fantasy, Dave stops touching Kate’s body in attempt to withdraw his arm that is still beneath the pillow that Kate’s head rests on. He eve gelen escort does so ever so slowly and balances himself with his other hand as to not awake her. The moment he frees himself, he kneels beside Kate and starts caressing her hips. His left hand runs along her back, her side, and her legs while his right hand eventually finds its way back to her panties.

Toying with Kate’s clit from the outside of her panties, her hips continue their rocking motion as his hand slides down to the strings of her panties. Permitting his fingers easier access, he pulls the crotch of the panties to the side. His fingers immediately find her clit to give it a gentle rub and then work their way towards the entrance of her hot, wet pussy. It blows Dave’s mind just how soaked Kate’s pussy is while she is asleep. He slowly pushes a finger in and eventually adds a second, working them in and out. In doing so, he spreads the wetness to her lips and slowly lets her pussy open up so that she will be able to take the full width of his shaft when that time comes.

Heart beating excitedly and with a rock hard cock to boot, Dave removes his fingers from her pussy and straddles Kate’s legs, rubbing her wetness over the head of his rigid cock before lining the head of his cock up with her crotch. Pulling her panties aside and pushing forward, he watches his lengthy shaft vanish within her body. Once completely inside of her, Dave realizes that she will not be able to be fully penetrated from this position because the angle is rather peculiar. Dave plunges as far as he can inside of her before he pauses, admiring how very wet she is and that she remains asleep. Kate lets a small moan escape as she feels Dave slowly begin to withdraw from inside of her. Instead of pulling completely out, he leaves the head of his cock inside of her pussy before pushing back in again slightly faster. As he does this, Dave takes notice that Kate’s hips move in chorus with him, granting him the ability to penetrate her more deeply. Continuing to move his cock in and out of her wet pussy, he wonders just how long he can keep this up before Kate awakes.

Getting caught up in the moment, Dave pushes in too far and fast, having his stomach pressed tightly up against her ass. Kate awakes with a loud gasp as Dave freezes and watches her eyes open quickly while feeling the walls of her pussy tighten around his engulfed cock. This very moment aroused a sense of nervousness in Dave — would Kate be upset by his actions or would she be happy that he was fulfilling her fantasy?

Kate wiggles her hips and moans rather sleepily into her pillow, “Mmm… you stopped.”

Shaking off her sleepy state, it begins to be immediately replaced by an overwhelming sense of lust. Slowly, she works her way up to her knees as Dave attempts to move with her while remaining deep inside of her. Somehow managing to switch positions with the head of Dave’s cock inside of her pussy, they assume the position for doggy style. She impales herself on his very hard cock by pushing herself back and moans, very satisfied with feeling his full length inside of her. Dave lets out a small whimper as Kate rocks her body back and forth slowly, for he has not been to this point of extreme excitement before. Feeling her body begin to quake, Kate starts to move her body back and forth at a somewhat faster pace. Dave doesn’t move and lets her do as she pleases with his body for her own pleasure. Kate cums hard while her body bucks and thrashes, her pussy tightening around his cock.. Dave takes this opportunity to begin his own thrusting again. He begins going harder and faster, only slowing down for a moment to move her panties to the side. Kate’s moans slowly drift to whimpers of pleasure while Dave slows down and moves to curl himself around her bent form.

Dave places one of his knees on the outside of her legs, causing her knees to press closer together as he leans. They gently tip over so that they are spooning very similar to the way they were when Dave started their morning romp. His hard shaft throbs within her body, expressing its eagerness to resume the full and intense lovemaking from earlier.

“Wow! That was amazing,” Kate finally says after a few minutes of cuddling.

“I’m glad that you liked it. I was kind of worried that you’d wake up mad at me,” Dave tells her.

Kate replies as she pulls away and rolls over to face Dave, “Well, I’m certainly glad that you followed through with it. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be able to do this…”

Rolling Dave onto his back, she quickly positions herself atop him. Straddling his chest, she begins to thrust her hips as if she were riding his cock while her soaked panties brush over his chest. She giggles as she begins to tease him, hooking her thumbs into the stringed sides of her panties and lowering them a bit, gently swaying her hips from side to istanbul eskort bayan side at the same time. Kate decides to switch it up a bit and lowers the front of her panties a bit. Dave’s eyes dart back and forth between the naughty smile on Kate’s face and her swaying hips. Little by little, she exposes her smooth and bare pubic area to a very excited and attentive Dave. His mouth slightly gapes open as she lowers the fabric just above where the lips of her pussy come together. Kate pulls the panties far enough away from her body to shield everything from view, but teasingly moves them side to side after a moment to give him a quick flash of her pussy.

The panties snap back and cover everything again as she removes her thumbs from the sides. Kate’s naughty smile changes to a seductive gaze as she slips one of her hands through the side of her panties. Dave can see her fingers slowly make their way to her wet pussy, allowing him to hear just how slick she is as she plays with herself. Yearning to slide her fingers in and out of her soaked and hidden pussy, she slides her hand further down inside of her panties. Only seeing her knuckles move against the fabric, Dave watches as Kate moans and fingers herself. Her head falling backward with her eyes closed, he watches her let out another moan and a second knuckle pushes against the fabric before plunging deep inside of her soaked pussy.

Placing one hand on Dave’s chest, she steadies herself as she moves backwards. Upon stopping moving in a backwards direction, her crotch now rests upon his rock hard cock. Her damp panties and the heat radiating from her pussy arouse an involuntary thrust from his hips. Kate pushes downward and grinds against his rigid cock with her hands still upon his chest, continuing to finger herself at the same time. She removes her fingers from her pussy and places the tips on Dave’s lips, causing him to lean forward and take her offered fingers into his mouth. He gently moans and runs his tongue all over her juicy fingers, taking great delight in sucking them clean. Satisfied that nothing remain on any of her fingers, Kate hops off of Dave and heads toward the edge of the bed.

“Come on, it’s time for breakfast. Now where did I put my pyjama pants,” Kate says as she leans over the edge of the bed to scan the floor, her ass pointing in the air.

Not wanting to wait any longer for his own satisfaction, Dave springs into action and grabs the stringy sides of her panties and pulls them down over her hips. In a mere second, Kate’s bare ass is exposed as he continues to pull the panties down as far as her knees. From this angle, the moist lips of her pussy can be seen poking out from between her thighs.

“Hey!” Kate cries out in surprise at Dave’s actions, almost causing her to fall forward off of the bed.

In an effort to maintain her balance, she grips the edge of the bed. Dave takes notice of her tight grip with her knees and elbows pressed together, propping her ass higher up into the air. Not wasting any more time, Dave positions himself behind her and runs his cock up and down her smooth wet lips. Kate begins to moan and shake from the new stimulation of Dave finding her clit and rubbing it from side to side with the head of his cock. He is fully aware that she wants him to continue, but their current state of balance is enough that pushing back is impossible. Knowing for sure that any thought of breakfast no longer occupies Kate’s mind, he points his cock toward the entrance of her pussy and slowly pushes forward. Kate’s pussy feels so much tighter because of her panties holding her legs so close together. Dave takes several luxuriously long strokes into her from this position before withdrawing himself. Taking hold of her thighs, he pulls Kate further onto the bed and flips her onto her back in mid-pull. Her legs are still bent and pressed to her chest when he stops moving her body. Panties now down to her knees, Dave takes hold of them and pulls them up her legs with the help of Kate straightening her legs up towards the ceiling.

Tossing the panties to the side, Kate’s legs slowly begin to open and fall back towards the bed. Dave begins to plant gentle kisses on one of her calves before it is out of reach. He slowly moves between her spread legs and places kisses on the outside of her hip, moving upwards and in toward the center of her body. Kate allows a small anticipatory moan to escape as she senses his hips moving along her thighs. Dave’s mouth seeks out her tits, placing tongue-filled kisses all over them. She moans with excitement and wraps her legs around his waist, locking her ankles together. Unable to move any higher because of being held so tight, Dave continues to lick and kiss the luscious breasts that are before him, teasing her nipples after every few kisses. Finally satisfied with the attention paid to her tits, Kate loosens her grip and allows Dave to rezidans escort slide further up her body. Feeling his cock press up against the soaking wet entrance of her pussy, she presses her heels into his ass, causing the head of his cock to slip inside of her.

Finally succumbing to what they both want, Dave slides his body upward and his entire shaft is engulfed by Kate’s pussy. Both moan and their lips lock as their union becomes complete, the kiss becoming more passionate as they lie there enjoying the total ecstasy that accompanies full penetration. The kiss evolves and their tongues begin to flick over the others tongue and lips as their hips slowly begin to rock against one another. Craving more than a gentle rocking motion, Dave pushes himself up on his hands while Kate tried to follow his lips at the same time. Pulling nearly all the way out, he causes her legs to unwrap from around his waist. In preparation for the return thrust, she bends her knees and plants her feet on the bed to keep her legs up and gently brushing his sides. Dave pushes his cock back inside of her until their hips meet before withdrawing once again. Every stroke that he takes, he picks up speed on the way in and out of her body. Before much more time passes, Dave is pounding away at Kate’s pussy, their bodies making a wet slap at the end of each inward stroke. In pure ecstasy, Kate’s head rolls from side to side, moaning with her eyes tightly closed.

Wanting each of Dave’s thrust to go even deeper, she draws her legs upwards. It isn’t until her shins come in contact with his shoulders that he realizes just what it is that she wants. Moving back so that he is sitting on his knees, his long shaft pops free of her body which is quickly followed by the both of them groaning as they are no longer connected. Drawing her legs up far enough to rest her ankles on Dave’s shoulders, he leans forward and guides his cock back inside of her.

“Mmm.. so deep and… soooo good,” Kate moans after he has entered her pussy as far as he can go.

“You like it when I’m this deep, don’t you,” Dave coaxes while taking notice of how deep he is inside of her pussy because of their position.

Kate responds by grabbing his hips to hold him still while he is still deep inside of her, working her hips in circular motions at the same time. She releases him and he continues to make long deep strokes while looking deeply into her eyes as they continue their lengthy and very enjoyably morning sex session. Dave simply loves the fiery, passionate look in Kate’s eyes that tells him that she is completely absorbed in the moment.

After many minutes with her legs on Dave’s shoulders and being unable to do anything but watch her tits sway from the force of each thrust, Kate opts for a change in positions. Catapulting Dave off and nearly to the other side of the bed, she quickly moves on top of him and mounts his very hard cock. Holding his long shaft with one hand and a leg on either side of him, she slides slowly down onto him to fill her wet pussy again.

Dave’s hands flow up her sides to cup her breasts while Kate’s own hands seem to have two different targets in mind. One of her hands ends up on her clit like the last time when she was on top while her other hand makes its way to Dave’s ever so sensitive nipples.

“Cum for me,” Kate requests in a voice dripping with lust.

Beginning an amazing session of multitasking, Kate starts to ride Dave’s rigid cock while rubbing her clit with one hand, the other hand moving to Dave’s nipples and switching back and forth between rubbing the two of them. In an attempt to meet her riding motions, he raises his hips off of the bed to meet each of her thrusts.

Flicking his thumbs over her nipples and letting a moan escape, Dave replies, “You first.”

Riding his cock harder and rubbing her clit more furiously, they try to time their orgasms to be as close to one another’s as possible. Dave feels Kate’s thighs begin to shake while her riding motions become more sporadic as she nears the end. Dave attempts to keep the rhythm but is unable to focus because of the way her fingers roll over his nipples and just how amazing Kate’s wet pussy feels as it slides up and down the full length of his hard cock. Feeding off of one another’s excitement, their moans grow louder together.

Kate puts pressure on Dave’s left pectoral muscle as she grips his chest and stop riding mid-stroke. The hand over her clit freezes as she begins to shudder and moan loudly while Dave rises up one last time, burying himself within her before reaching his own release. Dave’s cock pulsates inside of her pussy as it tightens and contracts around his shaft; their involuntary motions sending the other’s pleasure to new heights. The pleasure is over all too quickly and they are left clinging to one another and content with the moment that they had just shared.

Finally catching his breath, Dave asks, “Ready for that breakfast that you were so intent on?”

Nuzzling into Dave’s shoulder, Kate responds sleepily, “Not quite yet.”

Closing his eyes, he joins Kate in rest casually rubbing her bare back while wondering what to cook when they finally make it out of the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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