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The temperature was 35 degrees in the shade. I had a meeting with my supervisor, for which I was 15 minutes late already. You can blame it on the burning heat if you want, but honestly, it was not that. It was the burning heat deep inside that distracted me for hours.

Anyway, back to my meeting. I managed to reach the building where the office was and chill for few moments before knocking on his door. My heart was beating so hard, I was sure he heard it across the room when I stepped in shyly. Wearing a nice dark blue suit, top button undone, he was sitting behind his desk, piles of papers in front of him. I avoided looking into his blue eyes, as they always made me feel as if I was naked in front of him. Sometimes I think he could see deep within my eyes and know how I always felt about him. Sometimes I feel I have known him for a long time. In fact, it all started one year ago.

Emerging out of an abusive relationship, I was left behind with tons of emotions to deal with and overcome. Sooner or later, my sexual desires started growing, making it more difficult with just jerking off and watching cheap porn movies. My cock was hard almost always, and I was shooting buckets of white viscous cum. And what was more burning, was my demetevler escort hungry hole. No penetration for months, I couldn’t believe it myself! I needed to do something about it. It was time for some real action, time to find some horny top daddy online and give him my ass to pound without mercy. A pounding that I have been dreaming of for months.

After some chats, and awkward dates, I managed to find the sexiest top ever. His name was Ryan. He was reluctant to have something sexual, as he was 10 years older, and not really attracted to otters. It took me few naughty pictures, and I got him to crave my hole. We decided to meet at his place on Friday night, after my classes. I went home quickly, showered, cleaned up, and put my blue jockstrap on.

“Hope you had a nice day at uni today, fancy a beer? A boy like you could definitely do with some cold beer”, Ryan complimented me just minutes after I arrived.

“You know what a cold beer does to boys like me, don’t you?” I replied with a wink. He popped two bottles open, and handed one to me.

We sat on the balcony, and we talked about random stuff. Slowly, I started sliding close to him. He looked very sexy, otele gelen escort wearing loose shorts, most of his thighs exposed, and a plain white t-shirt giving grace to his hard-on nipples. I couldn’t wait to rip it open and bite them.

He stood still, smiling sharply. I caressed his thigh, and went up to his balls. I remembered they were bulky from the pictures he sent me before. Slowly, I slipped his cock out, and what a cock. White, long, and uncut. A cock to die for. Within a second, my tongue was already teasing his foreskin, licking gently and carefully. He moaned and breathed heavily, as my tongue rotated around his cock. After some licks, he took my head with his hands, moved it up and looked me sharp in the eyes. Then forced me to suck his dick, this time more hard. Soon it became face fucking, me gagging every time it was deep in my throat.

As i stood up, he took my clothes off, and started kissing me gently on my neck and shoulders. He turned me around, pulled my hands to the back, and grabbed my face with his hand. “I will fuck your brains out, you horny little bitch!”

We ended on his bed, where I was on my back and him rimming my hole. He was balgat escort very good with his tongue, teasing my hungry hole. Never been so desperate to feel a cock inside. He entered gently, I think the smoothest penetration I’ve ever had. It felt overwhelming. Quickly, the pace got faster, and I could feel him hitting my P-Spot. Slaps came down my face, as he fucked me harder and harder. “Deeper, fuck me deeper please”, I begged.

In a fraction of a second, he turned me around, while his cock was still inside. On my knees, he pounded me doggy. I felt his cock will burst out of my tummy from the other side. The whole building must have heard my moans. He spit on my ass, slapped my buttcheeks until they turned dark red. The pounding was so tense, I was coming without even touching my cock!

With no signs of him slowing down, and me being his servant toy boy for the night, we tried all the possible positions. In the end, he shot his load on my face. I made sure he took pictures and movies of all the fun we had, for me to keep it as a nice memory.

I was a bad bitch that night. Maybe to compensate all the sexual depression I had in the last couple of months. But I was proud of letting loose. That night, as I laid down for my bubble bath, and I felt my hole burning, I discovered what I have missed in the last few years. I invested so much energy in a relationship that never worked. However, the hard pounding I got awakened another side of me. A side that will witness unbelievable sexual and emotional experiences. And of course, more hard pounding and fucking.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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