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Chapter 3: The Cake

Thanks for all the votes and feedback on the first parts. Some of you objected that the setup was too improbable. Well, it’s supposed to be a bit silly. 🙂

This is the third and last part. If you haven’t, I’d recommend that you read the other two parts first.

There she was, Katie, Cat, Kitten. Naked, molested, throat fucked and pussy licked by four men. Four men she had met just that day, who had made her an offer that had changed everything she thought she knew. There she was, so open, so vulnerable. And still, for a few more seconds, a virgin. For the incredinble amount of a million dollars, she had given up the rights to stay that way. No, there was no doubt now. Th good gorl had sold that title away. She was their whore for the night, their very own little virgin fuck-toy.

She was once again pulled to the middle of the bed. Gentle but firm hands spread her legs apart, massaged her nipples, a tongue licked her thigh, and another one licked her neck. Then they were all gone, and Dennis was hovering above her, with his cock aiming straight at her virgin hole.

“You know this might hurt a bit, right.”

“I know.” she said. “Just get on with it. And take it easy, ok?”

“I will, kitten. And don’t worry, it will get better pretty soon.”

He sunk his body down over her, and the tip of his cock head nudged in between her pussy lips. A short push, and Katie whimpered in surprise at the sensation of having her opening stretched out like never before. Another thrust, and she felt his cock bury itself until it poked at her hymen. Dennis halted and kissed Katie on the forehead.

“You have no idea just how good your pussy feels, do you? How does it feel for you? Filled up?” he asked. Katie just nodded

“Now it’s up to you. I can do this slow, or I can do it fast, like with a band-aid. What will it be?”

“Just…do it, already.”

Even before she had closed the last syllable, Dennis plunged deep inside of her, shredding her hymen, violently stretching her pussy around the invading meat. Katie screamed out in pain. Something had broken inside of her. She knew that it would, but she hadn’t been prepared foir that sharp sensation. She bit her lip and shut here eyes But the most intense pain quickly subsided. It ached, but wasn’t unbearable. Dennis cock was fully inside of her and the worst, she thought, was now over.

Then Dennis started to move, pull out, and Katie felt the ache ot that hard rod almost pulling her up with him, before he shoved his cock into her again. Was the hurt never going to stop? Then immediately pulling out and slamming in again. Pain shot through the girl’s body with each thrust, and she clung to his shoulder as he slowly pumped in and out, in and out in silence. And slowly, the sensation of his hard, warm member sliding in and out of her tightly hugging cunt began to send more and more mixed messages. The pain subsided, and was gradually replaced by the same stimulation that had driven her to two orgasms already by the hands and tongues of the men around her. No, not the same, this time that wamth spread slower and stronger, but not as local and distinct as before.

She eased her grip around Dennis’ body and began breathing more regularly again. Not ever slowing down, Dennis kissed her on the mouth, and sucked her tongue into his, she responded eagerly, and they slowly fucked and kissed for another minute.

“Felling better now?” he suddenly asked.

“Yes…this is…this is…nice.” she whispered out the air between them.

“Oh, it’s ‘nice’, is it? Well, I think I paid for naughty. So how about this?”

He slammed himself into her with full force, and began fucking her poor girl underneath him faster and harder than ever before, and with an ever increasing energy. Katie didn’t have time to reply. She was too busy trying to remember to breathe. She was being driven harder and harder down into the mattress, and the raw, brutal, burning sexual sensation inside of her was distracting her from any rational thinking at this point. She said nothing, she just closed her eyes, and let herself be ravished.

Dennis’ pace became more and more intense, and suddenly he plunged her cock as far into Katie’s cunt that it felt like their hip bones collided. He held her close this time, and let out a long groan, as he shot a load of thick, white cum into Katie’s no longer virgin cunt. After a few seconds of catching his breath, he pulled out of her and sat himself down between her legs. Warm, white fluids came trickling out of her, and travelled down into her ass-crack. She didn’t care, there was only one thought in her head. That was it. She was not a virgin anymore. She had been so very fucked. And the night was far from over.

“Jesus Christ!” Dennis exclaimed. “You guys have got to try her pussy right now. That was incredible.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Roger said, climbed on to the bed. He gave Katie an inquiring look to see if she was up for more, and when she nodded and bit her lip, escort taksim she promptly pushed the length on his shaft in between her pussy lips.

“Oh, yeah. You are so tight, you horny little thing.” he panted. “That’s right. Take it deep. Be my little whore now. Take my cock you dirty little slut!”

“Roger, dammit!” Dennis barked sharply. “What the hell are you calling her?”

“Take it easy, Dennis. I was just caught up in the moment. Monica loves it when I call her that.”

“Well, this is not Monica. Katie is a good girl, and no-one is going to call her names. Got that?”

She blinked in disbelief. Had he just told Roger to mind his manners? The man was fucking her cunt, just like he had done to her mouth before. Dennis wanted Roger to fuck her into a cum-filled mess, to pump his seed into her and ultimately reduce her to his whore. But he asked him to do it politely!?!

“My apologies, Katie. I shouldn’t have called you that. You are not a slut. I’m sorry.” Roger said, never slowing down.

He apologised. He…apologised??? This was too much for Katie. The world was turned inside out, nothing made sense anymore. Her last grip of reality faded away, as Chris plunged his cock into her mouth. She climaxed for the third time a minute later, as Roger unloaded his cum up into her womb in a series of deep, almost brutal thrusts.

They took turns now. Some resting while one or two others filled her up. She didn’t actively fuck back yet. Instead she closed her eyes, parted her legs and let it all just…happen. And she kept on cumming like a clockwork. An hour and six of her orgasms later, all five of them collapsed on the bed in a naked, sweaty, sex-reeking pile. They all just lay there, breathing heavily, for about five minutes.

As the men slowly got up, she finally managed to put words together into full sentences for the first time in quite a while.

“Ok…woah. ” she said in a sleepy voice. “Are you…are we done now?”

Dennis looked down at her, bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Not by a long shot, baby. We’re just taking a little break. Don’t you worry, we’ll be back soon.”

She had expected as much, let out a sigh and curled herself up where she lay.


The four men left the room, exchanging whispered remarks and knowing smiles, as they went out into the kitchen, closing the door. Katie lay there on the side, motionless. Her hair was a mess, her legs were shaking, her jaws ached and her cunt felt beat up.

Monica came over with a glass of champagne and a generous piece of the cake. She sat down beside Katie on the edge of the bed and gently brushed some strands of hair that had stuck to her cum-stained face. She spoke to Katie in a voice that was quite unlike her. She had seemed like a party-all-week girl, loud, bubbly and playful. Now she spoke with a soft, cuddly, almost purring voice.

“Girl, you’re doing great. You’re being really brave, you know, just letting them fuck you like that without losing it. They had to go much slower on me. I kept freaking out all the time at first. And I wasn’t even a virgin.” she said with a distant smile as if replaying a fond memory. Katie looked up at her, a little startled, but nothing really surprised her at this point.

“What? Did…did you, and they…”

“Those guys, and Joel and Billy too. They are brothers, the most gorgeous men you could ever imagine. They couldn’t come on this trip though. Poor them.”

The dark haired, slender woman looked down at the girl lying beside her. She slowly, almost absently, let her fingers wander from Katie’s feet, up to her thighs, hips, the side of her breast and up to her neck, cheek and let it rest in her sweaty hair. She spoke, almost to herself.

“Do you even know how amazing you look? I could kill for a body like yours. You look so…healthy. You look strong, you’ve got muscles. Not too much though, just…right. Compared to you, I’m a stick with tits.”

She stroke her hair in silence for a minute. Then she laughed, showing more of the feisty, bubbly girl from an hour ago.

“Wow, that was some show you put on. I wish they’d done me when I was a virgin. It must be so incredibly overwhelming.” She nudged her and said, more directly, “Come on, Katie, you’ve got to eat. You’ll need the energy.”

Katie shook her head. “Thanks, but I’m not hungry.” she murmured.

“Yes you are.” said Monica. “You haven’t had anything except for a shitload of work-out and, what, five loads of cum?”


“Counted did we? Ok, seven then, but it just isn’t a meal, you know. Come on girl, you need some fast energy. You need something sweet.”

She took up the plate and gently but promptly began to spoon-feed the sweaty, naked and exhausted girl, as if she was an infant. Katie finally gave in to her own hunger, opened up and began to eat. The strawberry and cream cake took away most of the thick semen taste, and it kept her preoccupied. A few mouthfuls of champagne beşiktaş escort cleared away even the faintest trace of cum from her mouth, and as Monica cleaned her face up with a wet towel, the most of the smell also faded away. Slowly, Katie’s body began to relax. Instead she felt an odd calmness like she had never felt before. Though her thoughts were still in turmoil, her body seemed to had surrender to the fact that she was not in control over it.

And while she lay there, hearing the dampened voices of the men in the other room, feeling Monica stroking her hair and rubbing her belly, Katie’s messed up mind slowly began to put a few pieces together. She knew now that she was safe here. The men who had pumped themselves into her body, filing her mouth and pussy with hot seed might cause her humiliation and physical pain. But they would not harm her.

A blown out candle lay on the now empty plate. Monica picked it up and rolled it thoughtfully between her thumb and index finger.

“What did you wish for?” she asked.


“When you blew out the candle and made a wish, you seemed to have something special on your mind.”

“Oh, nothing.”

“No, tell me. Come on.”

“I wished…” Katie began, then stopped. “…I wished my life wouldn’t be boring….”

“Well, I guess that one just came true, eh?” Monica said with impish smile.

“I didn’t quite mean it this way.” Katie replied with a soft giggle.

She paused, the voices from the kitchen had fallen into silence.

“I think it’s time for the second round,” Monica said.

Katie, who had almost forgot that this was just a temporary respite, began to breathe fast and tense up again, as the butterflies in the stomach returned.

“Hey, try to relax, Kitty. They are going to have their way with you all night, and there is really nothing you can do about it. Backing out now would leave with nothing but a gang bang to remember. So just let them have their fun, and try to enjoy it, ok.”

Katie’s reply was a faint whisper. “…I’m trying…”

Chris came out from the lounge room and sat beside the girls. He patted Katie playfully on the butt cheek and asked in a merry voice;

“Ready for part two?”

Katie nodded where she lay. “Sure. I mean, it’s not like it’s gonna get any worse…better…more. Oh, you know what I mean.”

“Perfectly. But you’re wrong. There is still a virgin in you that we need to rid you off.”

“What are you saying…oh. Oh god. Oh…jesus. There too?”

“You agreed to the full treatment, and the full treatment can’t really be considered full unless we have filled you up in every way, now can it?”

They were going to take her in the ass. Before today, guys hadn’t even touched her tits. And now she was going to get ass-fucked by four guys in a hotel room. Ass-fucked for money, like the whore they had made of her. She had already gone too far to back out now. She shook her head to Chris’ question.

“Great! The others will be out shortly. I just went ahead to prepare you.”

He began to slowly caress her pussy, slipping a finger inside of her. Just relax, sweetie…was it Kitten people called you?” ha asked. Katie nodded. “I like that. It’s cool…very sexy. Mind if I call you Kitten?”

“No…sure, I don’t mind. Go right ah…aaa!” Katie suddenly gasped out in surprise as Chris inserted his cum coated index finger into her ass to the second knuckle in one resolute push. It didn’t really hurt, she was just so unused to the sensation. A sensation that intensified when Chris began to wriggle the finger around a bit, before pulling it out and shoving it in again.

As he did this, he continued working on her pussy with the other hand, and she sensed the familiar feeling blow back into life again, this time piqued by the nastiness of the ass fingering. She threw her head back and bit her lip, panting absently.

“You like it?” Monica asked.


“I thought you would. Chris is a master at this.”

“Why, thank you, baby.” Chris said with a grin aimed at the brunette.

And as she, by the expert hands of Chris, had another shattering orgasm, the three other men walked in. Without another word, they gathered around her on the bed. put her up on all fours and made her spread her legs open. Her puckering, lubed up asshole were their for the taking. Suddenly, she felt a probing know at her opening. She looked back and saw Dennis smiling back at her.

She held on to Roger, who had sat down in front of her, she clung to his torso and bit down on his shoulder in pain as Dennis’ cock head stubbornly gained more and more entrance as he pushed on and finally stretched her virgin ass open enough to continue in. Chris was still rubbing her clit, and those surging sensations helped ease the pain a bit.

“So…goddamn…tight!” Dennis exclaimed behind her back. “You’re incredible baby.”

Then he started pushing on again, ever so slowly rocking back and forward, working his cock into şişli escort Katie ass, in perfect sync with the girl’s groans of discomfort. When his manhood was finally buried inside of her, he immediately started pulling out again, also ever so slow. It felt like being turned inside out, and Katie screamed out loud.

“Oh, god! I can’t take it! Make it stop! That fucking hurts!”

“Never said it wouldn’t, baby.” Dennis panted. “But if we stop now, you walk with nothing, that was the deal. All or nothing.”

It hurt every time they filled her, it hurt every time they pulled out. But the fingers, and after a short while also cocks, in her pussy and the grip on her nipples and clit still fed her with extreme pleasure. She balanced there, with different intense sensations radiating from every hole, in the grey zone between pain and pleasure. An occasional cock in the mouth would complete the picture, but most of the time, the men were all concentrated on the rhythmic, methodic pounding and overall abuse of her cunt and ass. Again, she was barely aware of where she was or even why, but that was of less importance. Every brain cell was filled with the fucking of her holes and the inevitable buildup towards the next orgasm.

By now she was meeting every thrust with one of her own, both in ass and cunt, racing as fast as she could to another orgasm, even the pained stretch of the anus sending tingling jolts through her body by now. And then, suddenly, as if on an unspoken command, they all pulled out, and took a step back. On the bed, on all fours, naked, shiny from sweat and cum smeared all over her body, and shaking with exhaustion and an impending climax, she frantically looked over her shoulder at the smirking quartet now standing by the bed.

“What…that are you doing?!”

“Have our little kitten made up her mind now? She moves like the wants it. She looks like she wants it. Does the say that she want it too?”

“P-please, just…nnngh…come on…please…”

“You can do better than that, baby. You know what I want to hear. Say you want it.”

“Just…do it…”

“Say it.”

“…please Dennis, pleeeease…put it in me…”

“SAY IT!” he roared.

That did it. Her final defense broke down. After hours of accepting, it was her time to need, to crave, to demand. She filled her lungs and shouted like possessed.

“Yes! I want it! I want you damn it! I want all of you takemenowpleasefuckme! Come ooon!”

They bore down on her like a pack of hungry wolves, and she eagerly took them on, milking, fucking, sucking whatever she was fed, in whatever way she could.

And so it went, as night turned into midnight, and midnight turned into early morning. She was driven deep into depravity by pounding hard members, she was floating on the rapture of orgasm after orgasm until she faded away, motionless and breathless from exhaustion. And then the brutal fucking cocks was replaced by the gentle angel with the birthday cake. She talked to her, held her, stroke her hair and fed her until she was strong enough to continue.

The edges of the world blurred and faded away. She found no words to think with, she couldn’t remember where she was, she found herself forgetting who she was. She was all cunt in a world of cock. She was a little girl in a world of cake.

And finally, she was neither. She was nothing. She stared up into Chris’ face and he shot the last of countless gushes of semen into her eager body. She smiled up at him, and he smiled back. With that everything faded away as the long, exhausting hours finally took possession of her. She slept and slept and slept.


She felt the sun in her face minutes before she actually woke up. Somehow, it felt a lot different than the morning before. In her slumber she realised that it wasn’t only because she was an entirely different person now. No, the light was warmer, heavier than other mornings. She opened her eyes to the light and saw that it shone from a different direction. She was still in the hotel room, tucked in between the sheets.

Katie felt like breakfast. She felt like a lot of things. Most of all she felt profoundly changed.

She looked over her shoulder, and into the sleeping face of the man who had made her a whore for the night. He lay beside her on top of the sheets, and he was fully dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. In this morning light, he didn’t look so smart, powerful and intimidating. It was just a…guy. She lay there and looked at his peaceful face for a minute before her craving for breakfast got the better of her.

She sat up in the bed, and realised with some surprise that she was dressed for sleep. She wore a big white t-shirt with the caption Built by Beer in big red letters and a pair of plain cotton panties, she was clean, dry, and her hair smelled of shampoo. Strange, how did that happen? She had expected to wake up a naked, sweaty and sticky mess. Now the only thing that hinted of the extreme night she’d had was the feeling between her legs. But what a feeling. She felt swollen, beat up and kind of hollow. Like she was so stretched out down there that only another hard one inside of her could counter it.

Dennis stirred, opened his eyes and looked up at her. “Hey, baby.”

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