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Big Tits

AN: Apologies for short length, just testing the waters so feedback would be greatly appreciated. All characters in this story are of legal age.


It was always the same for me. He was always around and despite his childish tendencies, his presence had me swooning.

I had desired him for years but never done anything about it. He had been taken for most of the time recently anyway, so I was chained, watching him from the side.

However that relationship had come to an end. So I could fantasize again as a only a girl can. Everyone judged him as an odd individual but to me he was a god.

Thick bouncy black hair that I would have loved to grab to pull him between my legs. The glasses just made him look sophisticated.

I could find no flaws. The smallest bit of contact with him had my juices running.

I loved when he brushed against me. Compared to me he was so tall as well but I love a tall guy because but that leaves me the perfect height to kneel down and take him into my mouth.

I had planned that moment over and over in my mind and it was closer to reality than ever. We had been talking more often than usual recently so my mind had gone off on its own tangent.

I didn’t mind. It helped fuel the late night masturbation sessions that gave me my only release.

Maths coursework. Normally I enjoyed maths, but the exploration we had to do was not going to be enjoyable. Until suddenly I realized. It was paired work. There was only one person left without a partner. It was him!


I felt my panties dampen at the thought. We got no work done in the lesson. He was smart but he was so god damn frustrating sometimes. Lazy, too easily distracted and unwilling to work until last minute. However the upside to this was we were going to work after class.

Alone together at my house! I was so excited. I spent half the night furiously bringing myself to orgasm imagining kolej escort various scenarios in my mind. We had made plans for work at 12 o’clock. It was now eleven so I decided I had time for a shower.

I undressed casually and stepped under the warm water. The warmth of the shower combined with my anticipation and anxiety about today had me slowly squeezing my nipples from excitement and nerves.

I felt the tingle between my legs start to grow as I began to rub at my clit. I moaned aloud softly. After teasing myself for long enough, just caressing my soft folds and teasing my nipples with pinches and gentle twists, I slowly spread my lips open and began to push a finger straight into my moist opening, which was yet to be inhabited by another, slowly stretching myself, but before I could enter fully…

I heard the door.

Oh come on I thought. How freaking early did he want to be? It was only half past now. Knowing he would not want to have to wait on the doorstep, I quickly wrapped myself and my hair in different towels and threw a dressing gown over the top racing down to let him in. What must he think of me greeting him like this?

I knew I was going to be early, but that’s just the way I am. I didn’t think I would be interrupting anything important, so imagine my surprise to be greeted by a dripping wet naked girl, fresh out of the shower.

With just a hint of nipple tantalising almost revealed at the edge of her towel. I felt a stirring in my loins I hadn’t felt for a long time.

I gave an apology brushing off her state we were friends and despite our flirtatious behaviour towards each other nothing, had ever happened. In reality nothing extremely exciting had happened to me with any girl for a long time.

A long relationship recently ended, had lost its spark in the days approaching the end. We had fun in the early days but over time we just wanted kurtuluş escort different things.

So with an almost naked girl talking to me I was sneaking small looks here and there which again was just my nature really. However I also knew she wouldn’t mind me watching as I had an inkling she was into me but I knew she hadn’t planned the shower stunt.

That was my own fault for being unreasonably early.

It was clear she held some feelings for me from the way we spoke to each other, but once she began changing and drying whilst I was in the room, supposedly getting out the work to do, I knew she wanted me.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue some action but as I watched in the conveniently placed mirror on her desk my mischievous side took over.

After watching flashes of flesh fly behind me for a while, I quietly moved toward her and pushed her to the bed as she was trying to towel off.

She landed softly and safely as I am not an evil person but she was revealed from the waist up the towel having landed covering her dignity.

Her breasts were a great sight, round and fairly large hanging free from the confines of any clothing. With a cheeky smile I attached my mouth to her body, kissing her all over beginning on her cheek before moving to the nape of her neck.

A soft moan fell from her mouth making me flush with pride. I was easily pleased. Her skin was delectable and so soft I took her fleshy neck into my mouth and sucked gently, a cascade of moans followed and I felt her move a hand to one of her nipples.

The other found a place on my back, nails digging into me which I loved. I snaked my tongue lower on her body tracing a path down to her belly button slithering over her nipples gently as I passed them.

She continued moaning and an evil smile made its way to my face. I drew a heart shape over her body with my tongue just missing the maltepe escort side of her nipples and finishing just above her clitoris. Her moans were ceaseless even as frustration crept in.

Hence her attempts to push my head lower between her legs. I allowed her to force me lower, but simply circled around her pussy.

I simply let my tongue cover the area surrounding her genitalia as well as her thighs. However I started to feel mean and with a hand slowly twisting each of her nipples which brought forth yet more moans making me smile as I moved my head in closer for a taste of her juices which I could see trickling out of her moist slit.

I started with a quick flick over the outside of her labia. A sharp gasp rewarded my efforts. I changed to circle her nipples gently teasing her as she pushed my head closer into her damp depths. I finally relented and used my tongue to slowly savour every drop of the liquid dripping from her.

Gently applying pressure to her clit as I moved higher I felt her hands push me further against her. I changed to rapid circles around her clit with my tongue and removed one hand from her nipples.

Instead using it to coax her opening wider by gently pushing against her hole and pulling back before I entered it.

Having decided I had teased her enough I pressed my finger against her opening and let it suck me inside with a loud moan proclaiming I had made the right move.

I continued my oral assault upon her clit as my digit worked her insides slowly. I noticed her hands squeezing rapidly at her own breasts and nipples.

Her breaths were coming quicker now, I realised with pride she was loving what I was doing to her. I added a second finger to her pussy feeling her walls stretch to accommodate the extra invader.

I felt her clamping her vagina tighter around my fingers as I quickened the movement on her clitoris, using the flat of my tongue to cover every inch I could possibly taste.

This continued a while until after an especially tight clamp of her vaginal walls on my fingers, I heard her cry out my name as she writhed in orgasmic pleasure beneath my ministrations.

Score one to me I thought.

Now it was my turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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