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Double Penetration

This story is true but happened to be a fantasy beforehand.

Hope you enjoy!


Around a decade ago, I held a job in the head office of a very successful company. I worked in the HR department and shared an office with three ladies.

The first two women are of no consequence in this tale as they have no participation in the story I’m going to share.

The third woman (who we will call Leah to protect her identity) is relevant.

There are two main things to know about Leah. Firstly, as a person, I didn’t like her at the time. She was a stuck up, pretentious bitch. I also know she didn’t particularly like me either.

Secondly, I always found her incredibly sexy. I know, an annoying conflict to have.

I was about 19 at the time and she had 3-4 years on me. She was very pretty had a lovely slim yet curvy figure, with straight long dirty blonde hair and usually dressed in clothes that made her look gorgeous.

Anyway one Friday at work quitting time fast approaches. I realise that the vital paperwork that really needs to be ready for Monday just isn’t going to happen before punch out time.

Annoyed as I hate staying late on a Friday, I go for a last smoke before settling in to finish up.

On my way back to the office, I realise Leah is in there, typing away at her desk still. I think “damn”, staying late and so is she. Its almost tempting to say screw the work, take the heat for it sarıyer escort being late Monday.

I calm myself and think no, she’s busy too. Just get finished and I’m outta here. I walk into the office, offer a polite but hollow “hey, working late too?” to which she sarcastically replies “yep” and sit at my desk.

About an hour passes. Almost finished with my work. I can almost taste the cold beer I should’ve already been sipping back by now.

Then Leah suddenly asks me, “can you go down to filing and get me the records for last week’s meetings?”

I’m not impressed. I’m clearly busy and I’m pretty sure she’s texting her friends. But, I’m a gentleman and she is kinda senior to me so I do it.

Eventually I return, carrying a filing box that was way more annoying to find than she initially told me. I put it on the desk opposite her and she says or does nothing.

I ignore the obvious lack of gratitude, return to my chair and sit.

Then I think fuck it. Its just us and I’m sick of this pointless atmosphere. I just sit up and say “hey Leah?” She replies “what?” without even looking.

I say “we may not get along, or even like one another, but it would be nice to get the same respect I at least show you.”

She is clearly struck by this. The icy ‘I don’t care’ demeanour slips for a moment as she spins round in her chair and overly dramatically esenyurt escort declares “excuse me?!”

I hold my ground, suddenly noticing again she looks hot when she’s rattled “well, I just did you a favour. I’m clearly busy myself and you couldn’t even muster a thank you. Or a please for that matter”.

She slaps her knees with her palms which directs my eyes to the tight, pinstripe half length skirt she’s wearing, plus the obvious stockings and not tights underneath.

She says “well I am sorry, I didnt realise my approval was so important to you”. The bitchiness in her is now back, full force and annoyingly its turning me on.

The discussion descends into an argument. Not violent or frightening, but a lot of insults and “what annoys me about you” crap is thrown back and forth.

The entire time I’m mesmerised by her, the fire in her voice, the way her eyes are focused with passion and the incredibly sexy view of her cleavage poking through her slightly unbuttoned blouse.

“You are unbelievable!” I suddenly hear her say. Before I have chance to say anything she drops an oh shit moment on me. She says “your looking at my breasts!”

While I’m still grasping for anything to say, she stands up and walks over to me.

Just as I’m getting ready for a mouthful or even a slap, she begins unbuttoning her blouse. Her perfect breasts spill out in a black and pink lacy bra.

She avrupa yakası escort crouches down in front of my chair and just starts undoing my belt and trousers. She says in a super slutty way “here’s your fucking thank you” and deep throats my raging hard dick in one go.

I immediately gasp “oh fuck Leah”. I hate her sure, but I so badly want her I just don’t have the willpower to stop her.

She is sucking me furiously. I notice she starts to masturbate too. This is really happening, the woman who annoys me most in the world is also fulfilling my secret desire toward her.

I’m about to start down the road of no return, when she stops, takes me over to her desk, hikes up her skirt to reveal they were indeed stockings with suspenders matching her bra and she mounts my throbbing cock there and then on the desk.

We spend the next 10 minutes intensely fucking. There’s no kissing or over touching, we just fuck really hard whilst looking into each others eyes the entire time.

We cum at the same time. I basically bellow her name while she screams the office down. Then and only then does she kiss me, full on and for quite some time.

She follows this up by slapping my face and jokingly says “that’s for making me cum” like she holds a grudge on that now.

Anyway, after this encounter our working relationship improved a lot. We realised that we actually do like one another she even admits to fantasising about me frequently, we just oddly needed to have a spontaneous moment like this to realise it.

We don’t date, but we stay fuck buddies. Over a few months, we defile almost every room on the floor at some point, we even almost got caught screwing on the board room table once.

Needless to say, working late was never a chore again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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