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I walked by my daughter’s room only to be startled. Her door was open and I could clearly see her on her knees and elbows in front of a full-length mirror we’d mounted on her wall when she first became concerned with how she looked. That was when she was eleven years old, a period when she discovered her love for fashion and her own attractiveness.

I’m not sure I’d have had her father put that up if I’d foreseen the innumerable shopping trips and the inevitable strain on my credit cards, but the fact is she’s learned a lot about how to look good and she’s really quite pretty. Her brown hair is just beyond shoulder-length and she keeps it straight, parted to her right side. Her brown eyes are expressive, made beautiful by the judicious use of eye makeup. In fact, she’s become quite adept at applying makeup.

I was the nerdy girl who came to it later in life, learning such feminine arts when I was in college, thanks to my roomie, Kitty. We did each other’s nails and experimented with curling irons and various hair color systems, sometimes with humorous results. She and I remain close friends to this day, occasionally meeting for lunch and shopping or a girls’ weekend.

Peeking into her door, I saw she was wearing a really cute light blue dress I like on her. The thing that really caught my attention was her underwear, or rather the lack of it. She was totally commando and I could see everything she had. She seemed oblivious to the fact that her nether anatomy was openly on display. I noted she does a very creditable job of keeping her pussy clean of any hair and I had to admit she has a really cute little pussy. It’s entirely an “innie” and she has that gap thing between her thighs that seems so important to girls these days.

I was glad her father wasn’t there to see it. He’s quite a horn dog. It would have turned him to stone very quickly. Come to think of it, that wouldn’t necessarily be so bad. I haven’t been getting the attention in the bedroom I need. I’ve had to use my modest toy collection more and more as time passes to keep my needs met.

The truth is after walking past my daughter’s display, I found myself in the kitchen with a cup of coffee thinking I needed a little “me” time. I had definitely gotten moist in my panties. My thoughts began to turn to Kitty. It had been a while since we’d had a coffee and even longer since we found some time to fool around together. Kitty was my college girl crush. I learned a lot more than just makeup from her. For a year or so, we thought we were lesbians and really enjoyed playing house together. That changed when we both found serious boyfriends and ended up getting married just before graduation. Naturally, we were each other’s Maid of Honor. To be more accurate, she was my Maid of Honor and I became her Matron of Honor. I got hitched first, but we did the same things for each other, helping with planning, procuring all the various things one gets for a successful wedding, and, naturally, shopping for wedding dresses and shoes and especially lingerie.

Sometimes, one of us needed some time with another girl and we enjoyed that together. It’s helped me maintain my sanity over the years when I suffered my husband’s bouts of TTS, Toxic Testosterone Syndrome. Having a girlfriend to spend a bit of time with was therapeutic. Besides, she was a much better lover than my dear husband who has other redeeming qualities.

I’d decided to give Kitty a call to see when she had a few free hours to share when my eighteen year-old daughter, Katie, flounced into the kitchen. She got a bottle of water out of the fridge and sat down at the table with me. She was still wearing the cute blue dress and she looked quite good in it. Sitting, the skirt covered her thighs about half way down.

“Hi, dear. Please don’t let your father see you as I saw you a few minutes ago. I’m not sure what the result might be, but he wouldn’t be happy to see you on display like that.”

She looked at me quizzically. “Huh?”

I rolled my eyes and explained. “That’s a wonderfully cute dress, dear, but you probably should wear panties underneath. You were in a perfect position to show everything off. I must say you’re nicely groomed down below.”

She reddened slightly and crossed her legs. “I’m sorry, mom. My boyfriend is a jerk.”

I sighed and addressed this one head on. “Most boys seem to learn that from their friends if not their fathers. What did he do this time?”

“Mom, do you really like this dress?”

“Yes, it’s really cute on you and the color is perfect for your complexion. It seems a bit short when you’re on your hands and knees, though.”

“Um, yeah, I guess so. I tripped on something last night and I ended up on my knees like you saw me. Jimmy wouldn’t help me up. He just stared at me and then he tried to get on me doggy style. Right in front of his friends. I was so embarrassed, I broke up with him. He drove me home and I just don’t know what to do.”

I shook my head. “I hope you waited to break up with him until after he drove you home. You can always call me for a ride if you need one, dear. You know that.”

“I’m istanbul escort not that stupid mom, but now I don’t have a date for Prom and I already ordered my dress.”

“I’m sure you can find a date for Prom, love. You’re the cutest girl in the school.”

She patted my hand and smiled. “Thanks, mom. A couple of other guys already asked me, but not anybody I want to go with. They’re such nerds.”

“If I was a boy, I’d do anything for a date with a girl like you. You’ll find somebody.”

She looked at me oddly. “You would? You’d date a girl like me?”

I grinned at her. “Pure hypothetical, dear. I’m not a boy and I’m way older than you are.”

She grinned back. “You’re certainly not a boy, mom. You’re a very pretty woman and you’re only twenty years older than me.”

“Twenty-two years and that’s a long time when measured in Katie years.”

She was getting that gleam in her eyes that usually presaged one of her wild ideas. “Well, I have some gay friends who are going as couples. The LGBTQ club was talking about doing an alternative Prom, but it was going to be too expensive for them. Most of them wanted to see their friends at Prom anyway, so I’m sure we’ll see other same-sex couples there. Most of them are nice kids, really.

“Why don’t you go as my date to Prom? I know a girl who’s taking her father and she’s really happy about it. She said he’s the only male who’d treat her nicely and he’s a great dancer.”

I was stunned by the idea for a second. “Prom? That’s one of the Rite of Passage things. You get to learn how to present yourself in a more formal setting and it’s the first chance you get to see who’s going to be the class alcoholics and druggies.” She giggled. “I already know who the alkies and druggies are. Also the sex addicts and Future Convicts of America. One of the boys who asked me always gets drunk. At the last dance, he threw up all over his date’s dress and they had a miserable time. She called her dad to pick her up and take her home. No thanks. I’d be happier staying home and playing Scrabble with you.”

I chuckled. “What a romantic scenario. Scrabble with the family and popcorn and lemonade, then early to bed.”

“Nope, I want to dance with my friends and make fun of the other girls’ dresses and see who does what stupid things. I plan to take lots of pictures.”

“Well, isn’t the idea to have a date to dance with and such? My date took me to a nice place for dinner and we danced and then afterwards we went to a hotel to change and continue the party.”

“Oooh, did mom get laid on Prom night?”

I sniffed. “None of your business, Lois Lane. It’s not for the gossip column anyway. What happens on Prom night…”

“Stays on Prom night. I know, but I hope you had fun. I was planning on being naughty after Prom, maybe during Prom, too. I want a Prom to remember.”

“So, how would dragging your old mother along make that a memorable night? I’d imagine my presence would be inhibiting, not conducive to debauchery.”

“Well, you’re a cooler mom than most of the girls have. I can talk to you about anything and you never get upset about it.”

“I never saw any value in lying to you or withholding the truth, for that matter. I’ll always tell you the truth, no matter how painful.”

She kissed me on my cheek, earning a smile from me. “I know, mom. I love you and I think that’s the coolest part about you. I hope I treat my kids the same way when I have them. Would it upset you if I managed to get laid on Prom night?”

I almost choked on the sip of my coffee I’d just taken. After wiping up my mess, I began to laugh. “Firstly, I know you’ve been having sex ever since I took you to the doctor to get the shots to keep you from getting pregnant. I’ve made sure you have a goodly supply of condoms for protection and it looks like you’ve been using them, too. I seem to have to refill them now and then.

“Secondly, getting laid is a grand tradition on Prom night, observed through the decades by horny young couples in hotel rooms rented for the purpose. No, I wouldn’t be upset if you find a partner for the evening. I pretty much admitted to you that I did on the night of my Senior Prom. I still have to wonder whether I’d be some sort of anti-sex force field if I came with you to Prom. I’d have been aghast if my mom had chaperoned me to mine. I’d never have had a date even try to get into my panties.”

She giggled. “Maybe you shouldn’t have worn panties under your dress, then.”

I guffawed. “Oh, so that’s why you’re going commando today? Thinking to hook up with somebody special?”

She blushed more redly. “No, I’ve heard it’s healthier for a girl to go without panties, so I thought I’d see how it feels.”

“I’ve read Cosmo, too, dear. If you’re going to go out commando, then I’ll give you a quarter.”

“A quarter? Why pay me to go without my panties?”

“It’s not payment, it’s to keep between your knees so you don’t give a show to everybody at school.”

“Very funny, mom. I put on a pair before avcılar escort I came downstairs. Wanna see?”

She raised her skirt, showing me the white thong she was now wearing.

I shook my head. “Cute, dear. Well, it probably won’t keep you from catching a cold, but It is a nod toward decency.”

Katie just rolled her eyes and smoothed her skirt down.

“Really, think about it, mom. I’ve been thinking about it and we don’t have too many mother-daughter things to do together before I go away to college. Please be my date for Prom?”

“I’ll think about it, dear. I’ll probably have to go buy a new dress.”

“Of course you will and you’ll take along your favorite fashion consultant to help you pick one out. Maybe even buy her a dress to wear herself or something in payment.”

I laughed again. “You better get ready for school, dear. Your ride will be here in five minutes.”

She stuck her tongue out and picked up her water bottle and carried it out of the kitchen.

– – – – –

Once I heard my daughter close the front door after her and saw her bestie drive her little car away, I grabbed my cell phone to call Kitty, my bestie forever. She answered on the third ring.

“Hi, Magpie! How are things?”

“Hi, Kitty Cat! Interesting things happening here. What are you up to today? I need a Kitty fix.”

“I could use some of your delicious Maggie Pie, too, but I can’t get together today. Too much going on at the office. Too bad, because I’m a needy girl, too.”

“Can’t slip away for an hour?”

“No, darling. Damn, but I wish I could. You’re getting me juicy and I’d so love to do you. It’s been too long, you know. If you don’t get your pussy licked properly, it can dry up on you.”

I laughed. “No danger of that, darling, but I need some girl time really bad. My naughty girl, Katie, was giving me a flash of the prettiest little pussy in the world this morning. I don’t know if she did it on purpose or if it was just a happy accident, but I want to taste her and make her happy. I wish I could figure out a way to lure her into my bed and give her what we both need. She broke up with her boyfriend, so I’m sure she’s getting needy, too.”

“Oh, yeah. She’s a real hottie. Do you know if she’s into girls at all? I thought she was cock crazy.”

“I don’t know, darling. She was wearing the cutest little dress with no panties underneath when I saw her this morning. I really want to ask her what she wants and give it to her, if I can.”

“You know I’ve always thought about being totally nasty and inappropriate with her. Do you want me to see if she’s interested in me?”

“Wait until after Prom. You’ll never guess who she asked to go to her Senior Prom with her.”

“Is he bigger than a bread box?

I laughed at that, too. “He ain’t a ‘he’. She asked me if I’d go to her Prom with her as her date. She also told me she plans to get laid that night. Talk about sexy and ambiguous. I’d love to be her date and to make out with her. She’s legal now and the idea of committing incest with my own daughter is so hot, it sizzles.”

“OMG, Maggie. Really? Do you have a dress?”

“Kitty, you’re two steps ahead of me. The idea of being her actual date has me dripping here. Now you know why I’m so needy today. I wish I could lick your sweet pussy for a while, just for practice, you understand.”

“Oh, honey, me too. Now you got me going. I’m going to have to go to the ladies’ room for some relief before my meeting. I want you so bad, when do you have free?”

“I don’t know, Kitty Cat. I need you, but I’m going to be so busy. I need to buy dresses for two and all the trimmings. Want to go shopping with me this weekend?”

“I wish I could. I’d fuck you in the dressing room like we did last summer.”

“Honey, call me when you have an hour for me or more. I need you so bad.”

“Now I need you, too. It’s been way too long, dearest. I love you so much!”

“I love you more! We need to do a girls’ weekend.”

“Oh, I gotta go. The boss is looking at me. Talk later, Maggie! Bye!”

Wishing I had a couple more girlfriends I could call on in an emergency, I went to my bedroom and started up my computer. While it fired up, I took my clothes off and put a towel on my chair and got my rabbit vibe out of my toy drawer and checked it had good batteries.

I went into Literotica to find some of my favorite mother-daughter stories. Jasmine’s stories always do it for me. I’m not a sub like she is, but the idea of her moms having great sex with their daughters always turns me on. Sometimes, I want to be the mom and sometimes I want to be the daughter.

I cupped my breasts as I read, gently touching my nipples and areolae, pinching and rolling them to make them harder. Moaning, I brought one of my tits to my mouth. I can just barely lick my nipple when it’s erect and that adds to my excitement.

I managed to find some of Jasmine’s stories with Rebecca’s illustrations to add to the fun. Looking at the cute girl with her legs spread widely and her dress hiked up to show şirinevler escort all, I circled my own clit and pushed two fingers into my vagina with the other hand, fucking myself and rubbing until I had a delicious orgasm.

I was drooling juice from my pussy onto my towel and I knew I had at least another good orgasm inside me, so I kept going, this time admiring some photos I’ve found on the ‘net of moms and daughters together. I found one that looked a lot like my little girl, lying on her back, her knees bent and spread, an older woman who looked related between her thighs, going down on her.

I imagined it was a photo of Katie and me after Prom, in our hotel room, making love together. I began to wonder if I should plan to go to her Prom commando under my dress. Both of us baring our cunts under formal dresses should be simply amazingly hot.

After I came, I sent that photo to Kitty for her to enjoy and I shut down my computer after erasing my tracks. I still felt like I could have gone on for more, but I had to do some things around the house and I had to air out our bedroom so it didn’t smell so much like sex.

– – – – –

That Saturday, Katie and I piled into my car to go do some shopping. Before she settled down into her seat and safety belt, she leaned over to give me a hug and a kiss. On my lips, actually.

“Mom, I’m so happy you’re going to go to Prom with me. The more I thought about it, the better I liked my genius-inspired idea. Did you know your oldest daughter is a genius? Anyway, I love you and we’re going to have a lot of fun. I promise you.”

“Yes, dearest Katie, we will. I’ll remember this all my life as one of the best nights ever.”

“I will, too, mom. We just have to get you the perfect dress. Let’s start at Rodolfo’s in the mall. They have some really pretty dresses.”

I remembered that Rodolfo’s is on the east end of the mall, so I parked there and we browsed for a while. I found a pretty sheath dripping with sequins, but Katie didn’t like it. She found a skater dress that was really pretty, but it just was too informal. I thought about buying it anyway as it seemed to turn her on when I tried it on for her.

We tried other shops and we must have tried on a dozen dresses, at least. Nothing was perfect, though, until we came to one of the big box stores that anchor the mall. They often have some nice things, but the prices were pretty nice, too. I often shopped the clearance racks, though. They sold some good stuff.

The selection seemed to be disappointingly slim. I was about to give it up when Katie held up a very pretty black dress from the size 0-2 section of the rack. I haven’t worn a 2 since I was in high school but she grinned and pointed to the tag. It was a size 8 and it was really pretty. The label was a big name brand. The bodice was stretchy and looked like it would show off my figure. It had a jewel neckline and long sleeves. The skirt was pouty tulle in multiple layers, making it very full, with a generous polyester lining. The tulle fabric had little glittery things in it that reflected the light, making the dress sparkle. It had silver buttons on the cuffs and at the neckline in the back.

“You’ve got to try it on, mom. I think it’s going to be amazing on you.”

The clerk smiled and pointed to the changing room and Katie and I took it in with us. I took off my top and jeans and pulled on the dress. It fit me perfectly and, by the look in my daughter’s eyes, it was perfect. The skirt actually hit just below the knees, but not quite tea length, so it was suitable for a formal occasion.

Katie opened the door for me to look at it in the mirror. She fussed with the skirt for a moment and made sure everything was straight and then she let me turn to see it in the triple mirror they have so you can see yourself from every angle. I liked it as much as Katie did.

“Mom, this is awesome. Wear your short pearl necklace and studs with it and you need black stockings and we have to find shoes for it. You have to buy it, mom! It’s perfect for you!”

I looked at the price tag. It had started at $998 and price cuts were taken to bring it down to $59. It was the bargain of the month, clearly. I changed back into regular clothes and we took it to the cashier to get it wrapped up. She looked at the dress and saw what it was marked down to.

“This is the best bargain I’ve seen today. Another woman was looking at it and I think she was going to come back. She’ll be disappointed.”

Katie grinned at her. “Finders, keepers… I love this. It looks so good on my mom.”

The clerk took my credit card and had me sign the little gadget and then she put it into one of those plastic bags, tying the bottom to protect it. “You girls have fun!”

We went to the shoe department and our bargain luck wasn’t so good there. Oh, we found a great pair of shoes in my size that were perfect with the dress, but they were marked $495 and no discounts were marked. Katie tried to get a better deal with the department manager, but to no avail. She was disappointed. You’d have thought she was buying them for herself, but I made one of my famous wild-ass decisions. I bought the shoes. I paid retail. I managed to rationalize it by thinking of the price tag on my new dress. Hell, I’d managed to get a $1500 outfit for only a third of that, but I was going to have to scrimp on some other things to be able to afford a pair of shoes. Shit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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