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This is my first submission and I’m not sure where this is going. It’s loosely based upon my earlier life whilst at university, both John and Sarah exist in true life and if I remember correctly a rather sensual and mind blowing threesome did take place on our first trip to Cornwall; as for the rest I’ll leave that for you to decide. Any comments good or bad would be wonderful to hear.

At last the final days of Summer Term had come upon us. It had been unusually hot for this time of year and being stuck in an ancient University studying for our finals had almost been unbearable so John and I just couldn’t wait to get away camping. John and I first got to know each other at kindergarten and over the years we had become very close friends, most people took us to be brothers but we were a lot closer than that if you get my drift; for this trip however we were to be accompanied by John’s new found girlfriend, Sarah; who was about 5’2 with long blonde hair, and only two words could describe her, uncomplicated and shaggable.

Sarah was slightly overweight but had this fabulous, bubbly personality. Her face was round with chubby rosy cheeks, her lips full and pouty and her teeth pearl white. Her skin tone was a natural olive but her best feature were those green eyes, the deepest emerald eyes I had ever seen, which sparkled when she looked at you. She loved to giggle and fool around and when flirting, her eyes with those long lashes made you just melt inside. Her breasts, a bit too large for her small stature bounced in a controlled manner as she walked and her hips and tummy showed signs of too many late nights at the student bar.

“Got your suntan lotion ready for the beach?” I uttered jokingly, throwing the gear into the back of the camper.

“Fuck off,” muttered John as he busily stowed away Sarah’s multitude of plastic bags.

“Mike; is this site any good?” she asked stepping up into the camper.

“It’s in a small private cove my parents got to know about and we’ve got permission to stay there for as long as we like. Dad tells me it’s great and there’s even a small run-down boathouse if things get a bit bad” I replied.

Sarah went to move something and as her hand brushed against my arm it immediately sent shivers through my body; ‘Oh fuck, how was I going to survive these next few days,’ I thought to myself.

A few minutes later we were ready to begin our five-hour trip. Whilst we really enjoy what Cornwall has to offer, the journey there is a nightmare especially once you’ve left the motorway at Exeter. After a couple of hours driving and a few comfort stops we finally reach the end of the easy part of our journey; looking back at Sarah she was sleeping, her head was resting against one of the sleeping bags and her seat belt was pulled tight against her chest, separating her breasts. John as usual was stoically withering on about the long drive and was it really worth it just for 4 days.

“Wait and see the beach?” I uttered, for by now John was really getting through to me. “If father’s description is true, we’ll be stopping for more than a couple of days, it’s so isolated you’ll think you’re on a desert island.”

After another hour we were almost there; Dad’s instructions were, ‘once past a small group of cottages, lookout for a small wood then just past an entrance to an estate was a track leading to the beach.’ Turning onto the heavily pot-holed track we slowly weaved our way towards the sea; with my eyes distracted by the clear blue water before us I hit a pot-hole, not a deep one, just enough to jolt Sarah from her seat making her squeal. This immediately set John and I laughing as she struggled to straighten herself.

“I suppose you two think that’s fucking funny,” she shouted struggling to pull the seatbelt away from her body before rubbing her tits.

After several minutes of gentle jostling we drove onto the beach, just in time to catch the sun go down over the horizon; fearing the soft sand may bog us down I parked the camper on a small hard standing where, like a rat up a drainpipe John quickly stripped down to his underpants then set about unloaded the gear. A small grassy area, about 100 metres away from the camper was firm enough for us to pitch the tents, so with Sarah being a novice at camping we quickly sent her away to collect as much driftwood as she could, whilst John and I got stuck into pitching the tents; John and Sarah would share our two-man whilst I would sleep in the slightly larger one which we normally used as a kitchen come dining, come storage tent. As it was getting late, whilst they continued to empty the camper of chairs, loungers etc; to make our camp life a little more comfortable, I using the camper stove rustled us up a quick supper from hotdogs and spaghetti. Seeing the way Sarah hoover up her food, for there’s no other way to describe it, should have alerted me of things to come.

Feed and with drinks to hand we all sat silently back and watched the last of the sun go down. bahis firmaları The lapping of the waves and the occasional mewing of gulls in the distance was soothing, a far cry from the busy environment we had just left. We all sat in utter silence, in the distance we could just make out the twinkle of fishing boats but it did little to blur the stars above us.

John, dressed now in his tracksuit helped Sarah build a fire and soon we had a cheery blaze going, which was sad in a way, for not only did it advertise our presence but also sent embers into the night sky making it look as if we were being invaded by fire-flies. I handed round a couple more beers as Sarah sat on the warm ground in front of us poking at the fire with a stick whilst we leaned back in our chairs looking up at the colours of the darkening sky; I love camping out around the summer solstice, the days seem never ending and the nights are hardly ever dark.

“Well, what do you think?” I asked.

“It’s fantastic,” John said taking a gulp from his can. “Your Dad certainly comes up trumps; I wonder how he came to know of this place?”

“Don’t ask, he’s got contacts everywhere.”

“Yeah, thanks for inviting me.” Sarah said wistfully as she leaned back against John’s legs, craning her head back to look first at him, then at me.

The thought of those two sleeping together in such close proximity drove me into a fantasy of my own. God knows where I was when Sarah come over and plopped herself onto me. For a second she gave me a funny look then that big grin of hers. I groaned internally as my hard-on pressed against her arse. I fully expected some verbal teasing, but instead she leant forward and set her beer on the ground. Perched as she was this only served to press her arse harder against me, leaning back she then curled up in my lap, put an arm around my neck then began playing with my t-shirt as she lounged against my chest. I was very uncomfortable with her being so close, all I could do was breathe deep and relax as best I could praying that I quickly lost my erection.

“Do guys always get horny when a girl cuddles up to them?” she said smugly, wriggling her arse deeper into my crotch.

John glanced at us then shrugged his shoulders. After a few minutes of teasing Sarah gave me a peck on the cheek then started to get up. Her hand brushed lightly along my thigh very close to my crotch. It could have been a mistake but she really hammed it up with jibes about being pissed and not able to hold her balance before she disappeared into the undergrowth only to reappeared a couple minutes later with a handful of beers.

“I hope you washed your hands,” I muttered as she dropped one into my crotch with a knowing smile.

“Wouldn’t that be telling!” she replied. In her absence she too had put on her tracksuit and in her urgency to get back to us she had pulled the bottoms up too far causing the gusset to become wedged in her pussy. She flopped down in front of John and stretched out.

“I wonder if we’ll see anyone else tomorrow?” she said.

“Why? Are you also planning to join John and run about naked as a jay bird?” I asked. She just glanced up at John and giggled.

“I do not!” snapped John.

“Oh No; tell me the last time we’ve camped out in some desolate spot and you’ve remained clothed?” I replied.

John knew I was on a winner here so he yawned really loud, stretched his arms over his head then uttered “I think its time to hit the sack folks,” followed almost immediately by “Jesus is this beer weak or what?” jumping up and sprinting into the shadows.

As Sarah and I sat there staring into the sky, the fire gave an almighty crackle immediately followed by a shower of red-hot embers, “Did you see that?” I said, trying to sound excited, whilst all I really wanted was for her to be either downwind or in bed, for her sweet, sickly female scent was really driving me to distraction.

John came stumbling back, “Well folks that’s it for me,” he muttered moving towards the tent, soon we heard the sound of the zippers as he bumbled his way inside, followed almost immediately by the outline of his body as he searched through his stuff before stripping off and getting into his sleeping bag.

“Good night” muttered Sarah as she came over to give me a hug. I kissed her neck as usual but this hug lasted just a little longer than usual, I ventured a kiss on her cheek, she immediately returned one on my lips, just a soft butterfly of a kiss but it was more than I was expecting. “Good night, sweet dreams,” she said again softly as she moved through the twilight towards the tent. Moments later I heard the zippers again, followed shortly by some mumbled conversation.

I moved my chair a little closer to the fire and lay back on the lounger with the last of my beer. The larger stars were just visible in the night sky and it really reminded me of some of the best times of my life. Before I knew it I was asleep. Feeling something brushing my arm kaçak iddaa I awoke with a start. I went to brush it away thinking it was an insect or something but was surprised to find it was Sarah shaking me gently.

“Sorry” she whispered.

“It’s Ok, I must have just fallen asleep whilst watching the clouds pass by the moon.”

“Move over a bit so I can join you, his lordship is fast asleep and snoring like a pig” she said trying to join me on the lounger.

“Oh, fuck there’s that smell again” I said to myself as my hormones began to race. With a little effort we eventually spooned ourselves together. The bright moonlight shone off her hair and I was reminded of earlier. What if I had a repeat? It was quickly out of my hands as she pressed her arse against my groin, her head pointing up as she watched the night sky.

Not quite knowing what to do with my free arm I laid this across her hips, staying away from any dangerous territory and tried not to concentrate on the warmth and feel of her body as it lay against me.

“That’s better,” she whispered. Better for whom I thought.

Sarah and I didn’t speak; we just lay there watching the occasional satellite go over or the last dying embers from the fire shoot into the sky. Sometimes she would absently run a finger along my arm, I’m not even sure she knew she was doing it. It raised the flesh on my arms and made me a shiver once or twice.

“Your cold?” she whispered.

“Not a bit, just gave me a shiver is all.”

“I’ll stop.”

“No it’s okay, it feels nice.”

She didn’t say anything as she pulled my hand so it was resting against her breast. At this point natural instincts took over; my fingers began to gently circle her slightly raised nipple. She wriggled her body closer to mine; her head snuggled neatly under my chin as she gave out a contented sigh.

By this time I was fully aroused and I didn’t care if she felt it. It wasn’t as if I was trying anything, we were just enjoying each others company. After a little while it seemed she had fallen asleep because her breathing became deep and regular. I didn’t want to wake her so I just lay there, listening to her. Sometime she gave out the quietest of snorts, which finally caused me to snigger, regretfully waking her.

“What’s so funny?” she said sleepily.

“You snort,” I whispered into her hair which smelt heavenly.

“I don’t,” she whined as she turned to lay supine on the lounger, with nowhere to go her one hand flopped between my crotch and her body. I ran a finger across her breasts just as a lark; nothing was said so I did it a couple more times as she just lay there. I don’t have a clue what I was thinking but I slowly moved my hand down to her crotch and just lightly stroked it. She replied by gently stroking my now obvious erection.

“That’s nice,” I said. She just responded with a soft contented noise.

My hand played lazily on her midriff, occasionally toying dangerously with the hem to her tracksuit top. Her hand had begun to run slowly up and down my leg; each time she returned to my crotch I heard an intake of breath. Fearing nothing I began a gentle exploration of her body and as my hand dipped beneath her waistband she caught my wrist. Lifting her head slightly she kissed me on my chin and then again on my neck. Turning to look down at her I let my lips meet hers then we kissed a real kiss. It was as if a gate had opened for things began to happen very quickly.

I turned slightly towards her and she turned towards me so our lips could meet more fervently. Opening my mouth slightly I probed her lips with my tongue and this prompted hers to meet mine. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues slid passionately together. Her kiss was firm and not sloppy; she was an extremely good kisser. Her one hand came up from my leg to join the other behind my neck, pulling me into her before kissing me more ardently.

My hand now free continued its journey towards the juncture of her thighs; soon I felt downy gossamer then her heat as I approached her crotch, finding the cleft I pressed gently against her clitoris. She immediately spread her legs to allow me access.

She moaned louder into my mouth and broke the kiss to bury her head in my neck, panting. Her legs were spread so invitingly that I couldn’t resist pressing my fingers against her most intimate parts, rubbing gently at the lips, luxuriating in the wetness that I had caused. Or at least hoped I had.

“You’re bad,” she said gruffly into my neck, kissing me and licking with her tongue before pulling my head back down by the hair to hers for a deep kiss.

“No, I have been told I’m very good,” I murmured before biting her lips slightly before gently putting my tongue back on hers. God I wish I had both hands free as I worked one hand between her legs for I could feel the hard nipple of her breast trying to poke through the material of her top.

Encouraged I now slid two fingers into the wet opening of her pussy, kaçak bahis feeling no resistance I pressed them gently into her. She bit the side of my neck and groaned as they entered her.

I studied her for a moment before leaning over to kiss her and that’s when it happened, our combined weight tipped the lounger on its side and sent us sprawling onto the ground, with my hand trapped inside her track suit there was only one thing to do and that was to put my other arm around her to support her, clutch her tight and roll with the fall, eventually we came to a rest with Sarah lying on top of me.

“Well, that’s different,” she said trying hard to control her giggling, reaching up I clutch her face between my hands, pulled her down and started to kiss her. Breaking our kiss I pushed her back from me slightly so I could look into her face, stray hairs were draped across her face and she had a slightly wild look in her eyes and I am sure my own matched it’s intensity.

“Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it so there’s no misunderstanding.” I mumbled, looking intently at her.

“I want you to fuck me….” she uttered.

“But what about his lordship,” I asked.

“Oh him… his all for it…his fed up seeing you drooling over me when we’re together and too be truthful I’ve wanted you to screw me for months” she replied.

I pushed her to one side then stood up; turning my attention quickly to her I pulled Sarah to her feet and began to kiss her deeply. Not breaking our kiss I pushed down her track suit bottoms as far as I could with my hands where she took over and eventually stepped out of them. The same routine was performed on me. This left us with just our tops and these were quickly discarded.

We now stood completely naked before each other; her beauty highlighted only by the moonlight. Scooping her up in my arms, she put her arms around me as I rushed the 20 metres or so and plunged into the sea, where like most men my once proud erection immediately shrank to that of a pickled walnut whilst Sarah’s shrieks were loud enough to be heard by all those far out to sea.

In the chest deep water we slowly washed each others bodies, occasionally a wave swamped us and we would spit and spluttered at each other, finally with every nook and cranny cleaned we made our way back to my tent. Under the full moon and following a really good rub-down our glowing bodies, took on an eerie bluish-greyish colour as we eased ourselves down onto the opened sleeping bag.

“This is all wrong,” I groaned as her hands gently massaged my groin, slowly bringing my flaccid cock into life, the more it grew the more she pulled back on my foreskin, causing me to flitch as it past over my glans.

“I’m going to do more than just touch you, I’ve waited a long time for this” said Sarah licking her lips.

My cock twitched and jumped with anticipation as I watched Sarah’s mouth get closer and closer to her goal, precum now oozed continuously from the end of my cock. She flicked out her tongue and caught one of these pearls savouring its taste and texture; she then continued to lick the oozing precum from my cock, round and round she went, stopping occasionally to prise open my piss hole and seek more. At last, she pursed her lips. Tilting her head down farther, she pressed her lips down around the rounded tip of my cock, easing her full lips down until they were encircling its flared edge. With only the head of my cock between her lips, she began to suck and run her tongue up and down over it as more precum oozed out of it.

Unable to control myself, I gently thrust my hips forward, trying to bury more of my cock inside Sarah’s hot mouth. But, she denied me, keeping her lips locked down around the glans of my aching cock. Leaning back, she released her lips from my cock. Smiling, she cupped my now recovered scrotum and gave it a gentle squeeze. With perverse anticipation, I watched her open her lips this time, easing them down over the bulging head of my cock and onto its smooth, thick, deeply-veined shaft.

“Oh…fuck!” I groaned out as her hot lips closed tightly around my twitching shaft.

I then felt the suction as she began to pull at my cock with her delicate lips. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on me. Lifting my heavy, dangling balls in the palm of her hand, she juggled on them as if she was urging me to empty their contents into her mouth.

“Fucking Hell!” I muttered as she began to hum, the gentle vibrations stimulating my cock. I swore again as I felt a finger slide along my raphe before it began prodding at my anus.

Still groaning I reached down, gently grasped her head between my hands and held it still. Working my hips back and forth, I eased my cock in and out of her sucking mouth. Soon I felt her finger probe deep into my arse; she gently pistoned this in time with the determined slowness of her mouth.

My heart was pounding; every sinew in my body was tightening. It wouldn’t be long now, I dizzily thought, feeling the rasp of her tongue along the underside of my cock. I was like a grenade primed to go off and now I was quickly rushing towards that moment; that glorious moment when my whole body would of erupt.

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