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Female Ejaculation

Married friends, helping each other in times of need.

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Jeff had a problem. It was an unusual problem, not one you’d hear anyone complain about normally. Jeff liked to eat pussy, but his wife didn’t care for that. As a matter of fact, she didn’t care much for anything to do with sex, and for that reason, he was extremely frustrated.

Jeff had his own business in his small town, and at age 48, had a number of employees working for him. One was a woman actually a couple of years older than he was, but they got along very well, and had lots of time to talk sometimes. Mary was married also, and her husband was a little older than she was.

They were comfortable with each other, and could joke about things without having to worry about what they said. Off color, or dirty jokes were fine with both of them, and nobody worried about offending the other’s feelings. One of the salespeople had told a story about a blowjob, and spitting out cum, but Mary spoke up, and said, “What’s the sense of doing it if you aren’t going to swallow?”

Later on when they were the only two there, Jeff couldn’t help himself, and had to ask, “So does that mean you swallow?”

“Oh, absolutely, as a matter of fact, I really enjoy the taste of a man’s cum,” she said. “Something about it just turns me on so much, I can almost get off just from the taste of it, without any other stimulation. The problem for me,” she said, “is that with the medicine my husband is on, he can’t help me out with my love for it anymore.”

The thought of her sucking a cock and swallowing cum just sent shivers down his spine thinking about it, and again, he couldn’t help from speaking up. “Anytime you get a craving, don’t be afraid to call me. I’m in the same boat as you, I absolutely love giving and receiving oral sex, but my wife has never liked it that much, and anymore, it’s totally non-existent. She has so many health issues anymore also, that even regular sex hasn’t happened in a few years. She always had a very low sex drive, while mine was off the charts, and still is, with no “relief” in sight.” “Like you, I also enjoy performing oral sex. I love the feeling of a slick set of pussy lips under my tongue. The flavor, the smell, the feeling of a pussy just makes my dick hard thinking about it, but there doesn’t seem there will be any chance of that at home anymore.”

Mary smiled coyly at Jeff, and just said, “We’ll have to see. I’m not saying yes or no at this time, but we’ll play things by ear. I will have to give it some thought. You’re very important to me, and I do love you in many ways. You’ve meant a lot to me since we’ve gotten to know each other, and are certainly the best boss I’ve ever had, and deserve more than what you’re getting!” “I know how frustrated you can get with your job, and think having some “stress relief” would be good, for both of us as a matter of fact.”

Jeff and Mary went about their jobs for the day, and kept busy. You know how things are; they didn’t say anything else, but you knew it was at the back of each of their minds as the day went on. Nothing more was said for another week or better, until one day Jeff just couldn’t hold back anymore.

“So have you had the opportunity to SWALLOW anything rich and creamy lately” he asked? “I’m still available if you need.”

“Just how and when do you think we could make that work, Jeff?” she said. “It’s not like we can just go back to your office and shut the door for me to suck you off while everybody else is here?”

“Well,” Jeff said,” I think I might have a big special order placed for Thursday, bahis siteleri and I think I’m going to need you to come into work early that day “to help”. How does that sound,” he asked?

Mary smiled to herself, and it got a little bigger the longer she thought about it, until she finally said, “I think you probably will need extra help on that order; I think I should come in to “Help you out!” she said.

Just the thought of it almost had Jeff cumming in his pants then. His hard cock was definitely showing through his jeans, and he rubbed it a few times while grinning from ear to ear. Mary reached over and gave it a couple of rubs herself, and told him to just hold on until then, she would definitely give him something to smile about.

Wednesday was torture for both of them. Every time one would look at the other, a big grin would come to their face, and Jeff spoke up when Mary was getting ready to leave for the day. “See you bright and early tomorrow.” Once again, Mary’s comments got to him. “I’ll be here with bells on in the morning; I just hope I didn’t bite off more than I can SWALLOW!”

Jeff’s smile went from ear to ear, and he responded, “We’ll have to see. I will do my best to give you what you’re looking for.”

Mary smiled back at that, and said “I think we’ll both have something to smile about, sleep tight!”

Jeff didn’t sleep well that night. It isn’t easy to sleep when your erection won’t go down, because of your thoughts of what’s to come. He woke early, and got up and ready for work. He rushed out the door, and hurried through his morning paperwork that he had to do every day before opening, trying to make sure everything was done, and he wouldn’t be feeling pressured for time later when he was trying to enjoy himself.

Mary got to work the next morning about 45 minutes earlier than normal, and they were the only ones there. The store wouldn’t open until later, and they had plenty of time. “So what’s this special job you had for me,” she said with a big smile. “I don’t think it will be difficult, but I do hope it’s HARD!”

Jeff looked lustfully at her, and said, “It’s been hard ever since you agreed that you could help me with my PROBLEM. I couldn’t sleep last night because you can’t roll over when your dick is sticking straight out like mine has been.”

“Well we can’t take care of that with your pants on now, can we,” Mary said, in a voice that just tightened his hard cock a little more. “Let me help you out of them, and we’ll get the show on the road.”

“What are the chances of you taking your top off while you’re doing it,” he asked hopefully? “I’ve always loved the way that your tits have looked in your tops, and I really think that might help me CUM up with a little extra breakfast to start your morning off right.”

Mary thought about it a second, and said “Well if we’re going to do this, we may as well give it our best SHOT!”

She slipped her blouse off over her shoulders, and reached behind her to undo the clasps on her bra, but stopped. “Let’s get your clothing taken care of first,” she said, “then we’ll see about mine, I think.” She slipped to her knees in front of Jeff, and popped the fastener on his jeans, then sloooowly unzipped them. She grasped the sides, and wiggled them down a bit, taking note of the bulge in his shorts in front of her. “It looks like you’ve been working on my breakfast for a while,” she said. She pulled the jeans down the rest of the way, and he stepped out of them. She took her hand, and rubbed her palm over his erection, and said, “That looks good enough to eat!”

From her knees, Mary looked up into Jeff’s eyes, and just smiled with a glimmer in her eye, while she could feel canlı bahis siteleri the fabric of his shorts bouncing off of her cheek. His erection just wouldn’t seem to hold still, throbbing and moving on its own. Mary then slid his shorts down over his hard dick, causing it to bend down before snapping back up.

“Okay, that’s your clothing, now we’ll see about a little more visual stimulation,” she said, reaching back and releasing the 3 hooks holding up her overflowing bra.

Jeff’s eyes widened, as did his smile as she pulled the lacy bra down her arms, and uncovered her large breasts. She had pale, wide aureoles, with nipples sticking out far enough that they couldn’t be missed. Once again, his dick bounced in front of her face as his excitement deepened even more. “I’ve dreamed of what those would look like,” he said breathlessly, “but they’re even better than what I imagined. I think if you get to use your tongue and lips on me, then turn-about is fair play.”

Mary smiled and said, “I’ll give you a few seconds, but this morning is about me making that big dick of yours fill my mouth with what I’ve been missing; we’ll see about some other things another time, MAYBE!”

Jeff couldn’t argue with that, and didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, or a gift mouth, oh, never mind. His wife hadn’t performed any oral sex on him in over 4 months, and had never gone about it long enough to get him to finish anywhere, let alone in her mouth.

Jeff went down to his knees with Mary, and bent down to take her tits in his hands, and held one hard nipple up to his lips. He ran his tongue over it slowly, wetting it before using his thumb to brush it lightly. He bent the other direction, and did the same with the other one, while Mary shuddered at his touch. “Okay, that’s enough of that for today,” she said. “Let’s get to the business at hand,” she said, as she stroked his penis gently.

Mary rubbed his dick on her cheeks lovingly, then licked the bottom side of it just below the head. “How does that feel,” she asked with a smile?

“Better than anything I’ve felt in a LONG time,” he said. “Take it slowly, please. I’m so excited watching you, that I doubt it would take long to reach a climax, and I don’t want it to end too quickly! We’ve just started, and I don’t want to cum as quickly as I did when I got my first blowjob, but I feel almost as out of control as I did back then, decades ago!”

Mary slipped her lips down his shaft, and tongued the underside again, and said, “I won’t let that happen, I plan on enjoying myself, too! While I am looking forward to a mouthful of cum, I also enjoy the thrill of the performance, and want to savor this for a while.”

Mary continued to gently suck and lick his tool, then took it into her hand while she moved downward a little further, and took his balls into her mouth. She lovingly sucked them gently, adding a little tongue again, and asked how that felt.

“Oh my God,” he said. “Nobody has ever done that for me before!”

Mary smiled at him, and said, “Just part of the service sir! We aim to please.”

Jeff could tell that she was enjoying this almost as much as he was. The difference between what he was used to with his wife, and just the first couple of minutes with Mary were like night and day! His wife would hurriedly bob up and down on his dick for a few minutes, then take her mouth off of him, and rest her jaw for 30 seconds or so. Unfortunately, every time it started to feel good seemed to be when she felt like stopping and resting. She knew that she couldn’t satisfy him anymore with her dry pussy, and looked at this as a chore that she had to do occasionally, but it sure wasn’t canlı bahis something she had her heart in at all. The feeling that it was a chore came through in her effort also, and the effort was always seeming lackluster.

Mary on the other hand, honestly enjoyed giving pleasure with her mouth, and enjoyed sex in almost any form. While her husband couldn’t get an erection these days, it didn’t mean that she didn’t have desires, needs, and wants. Mary understood that pleasure could also be received by giving pleasure and enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock between her lips, as well as between her legs.

Mary again took his iron-hard rod between her lips, and ran her tongue over the ridge of his helmet. She sucked lightly at just the tip, then plunged it deeper into her mouth. Jeff’s dick was only average sized, but after not having any hard dick to enjoy for so long meant that she was more than happy with it. It also meant that she could take him all the way down, and she could feel his pubic hair on her lips without causing her to gag. She could feel him enter her throat a little ways, and was fine with that. She stuck her tongue out and licked his balls again, while trying to smile around the hard dick in her mouth.

Jeff groaned as she did that, and she could feel him throbbing more, and getting harder. It felt to her as if he might be ready to come, but she didn’t want that yet, so she squeezed him hard with her hand for a few seconds and slowed him down. She took him out of her mouth, and stroked him a few times while looking up. “Next time you feel ready, I’ll let you come in my mouth,” she said with a throaty purr.

Once again, Mary dropped her lips down over his dick, and slowly moved up and down, sucking with a little more intensity than before. Jeff’s heart was racing, and his body was sweating more than he had at work in quite a while. He wasn’t a young stud anymore, but he could remember the feelings that Mary was giving him now, even though it had been quite a while for him. His balls were tightening and pulling upward, ready to start blasting his cum into her mouth.

“I’m going to come,” he said loudly! “Oh, please, don’t stop!” His eyes closed, and his breath came in ragged gasps, as he pumped his hips and thrust his dick deep into her molten mouth. Once, twice, three times, he pumped big spurts, as she swallowed deeply once, then lovingly held his dick with her hand and lips. She allowed his come to continue to flow into her mouth, and pool on her tongue. She opened wide to show him the pearly puddle she had held in her mouth, then brought her hand up as a little ran over her lips as she smiled up at him. She pushed it back into her open maw, and contentedly hummed and smiled towards him.

“Did that get the job accomplished the way you were hoping for” she asked? “I sincerely hope so, because I know I sure enjoyed that. Just the feeling of your warm cum going down my throat made my pussy wet, and I feel like I’m almost dripping right now.” “My tummy feels warm right now after your load, but between my legs is even hotter!”

“Mary, this is the best I’ve felt in I don’t know how long! I honestly hope that you’ll allow me to return the favor very soon; I’ve told you before that I love giving oral as much as receiving, and I have a LOT to thank you for!”

“Jeff, this was very special for me also,” Mary said, “and I think that we’ll definitely have to do this again. I think I enjoyed it almost as much as you, and as I’ve said, as special as you are to me, I want to put a big smile on your face when I can. As for you putting a smile on MY face, we’ll just have to see, but I don’t think this will be the last time we can help one another.”

Jeff gave Mary a big hug and a long, slow kiss, and said, “I will be here, ready and waiting patiently, and hope that you’ll give me a chance to allow my tongue to give you the pleasure that yours gave me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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