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This is a story from when I was 26. Still very much a party animal in those days. Confused, not caring what I did a lot of time. In a steady job but when it came to the weekends anything could happen and usually did.

This weekend I was bored, no one was out and I was stuck inside on my own. Being horny and frustrated and no current play partners was not good for the soul or mind. Add to that my tendency to plunge my mind into doing something stupid or hedonistic. It led my mind to working overtime on a few fantasies especially when browsing online.

It was through this browsing certain hook up websites that I got chatting to a few people that day. A lot of hot fantasies being mentioned and shared but most people too far away. Apart from one that was only 40 miles or so away from me. Older than me by about 20 years, his photo wasn’t much to look at but he mentioned he had a watersports fetish which sparked my interest in him over about 10 other messages from people just wanting to fuck me that night. It turned out he had a fantasy to watch a woman piss in front of him. Ever the fantasy opportunist I said to him I would be up for that if it meant him wanking in front of me. A few messages later we had agreed on a meeting in two hours down a small back Lane I knew well.

From then on it was a quick shower, hair done and make up. All the time thinking what am I doing meeting a stranger to watch me piss. Then the thought of all bahis şirketleri the other stranger hook ups over the years plus this time I was driving so would not be influenced by anything! Deciding what to wear I threw on a bra and white top. Deciding it was more of a thrill I forego any undies and pulled a pair of black lace top hold up stockings out and pulled them on. If I’m going to give a show I’m putting some effort in! A short ish black skirt and some sensible shoes I was done. Stopping just at my room door I grabbed some very high heels just in case and put them in my bag, no way could I have driven in them. Sneaking past my housemate I made my out to the car excited, horny but nervous.

Ten minutes later I was parked up in a spot I have to admit I knew well sipping on my second bottle of water in less than an hour. I quickly changed my shoes into the high black heels I bought. Nervously looking around I saw the lights of a car slowly approach in the distance of the light evening. Slowly it pulled up alongside and the window opened. He said hi in a very nervous voice and smiled at me. He was cuter than in his photos. He parked up and got out of his car and walked up to mine.

“Are you ready for this? ” I asked him.

“Yes are you? ” he replied.

“Yes I’m desperate to pee.”

I opened my car door and swung my legs round to the side planting the heels down on the ground with my legs slightly apart showing off bahis firmaları the lace of my stocking tops a little. He looked taken aback bless him but regained his composure and smiled.

I hitched my skirt up past the stocking tops and around my waist. Spreading my legs wider I perched on the edge of the seat with my pussy wide open for him to see.

“Like what you see?”

“Yes” he nervously mumbled.

“Let’s see what you have got then!”

With that he fumbled with his jeans and got his already hard cock out. Not the biggest I had seen but still enough for the sight of to make me even hornier. I smiled at him, ran a finger up my leg to my pussy, teasing my finger over my pussy I opened it up a little and said “come on then start wanking for me “.

He started stroking his cock staring straight up at me.

“Start pissing for me then ” he said.

I edged forward off the seat a little half squatting half standing. One hand for support on the side of the car I fully opened up my pussy with the other, smiled at him and started to piss. The first gush came out making a large splash right in front of him. He groaned pulling on his cock harder. I stopped mid flow teasing him.

“Want me to continue?! “

“Yes please piss for me “

I moaned a little, closed my eyes and started to pee again. Opening my eyes I looked straight at him wanking his cock furiously in front of me as my piss flowed out onto kaçak bahis siteleri the floor. I felt a tremble of excitement as my flow receded down the a small trickle.

I could tell he was getting close to cumming so as I stopped peeing I slightly opened my pussy lips with two fingers and slipped them in.

“Cum for me baby” I moaned.

Pulling my fingers out I seductively put them in my mouth and licked them pushing him over the edge. He moaned and started to cum. I stared straight at him as his cum spurted out in front of me, one huge spurt landing on my my shoes.

As he finally finished cumming I started to rub my clit, the puddle of my piss on the floor near my feet now mixed with his cum.

“Do you need to pee yourself?” I asked him.

“Would you like me to?”

“Yes please”, I said breathlessly my own orgasm building inside me.

With that he stood in front my holding his now limp cock and aimed onto the floor where my puddle of piss was. With me furiously stroking my clit he began to pee on the floor. Slowly at first his stream soon built up into a powerful piss. His piss flowing straight into my puddle and splashing a few splashes of hot piss against my stocking covered legs. The feeling of the few hot, damps spots of piss splashing against me was too much for my senses and I started to orgasm. Bucking my hips on the car seat I moaned out loud as he finished peeing my orgasm reaching it’s peak.

With that he was putting his cock and smiling shyly at me. Smiling back at him I said thank you as I swung my legs into the car. With that we were both away and me left feeling on a buzz on the drive home after a hot orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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