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Authors Notes: It’s been a while since I have had a chance to write, but I am finally back to Val, Jaime and Brad’s story of incest. A few of you had asked what motivated Jaime to allow this to happen, and this pulled me away from current story of them to this prequel. It turned out this story went in a lot of directions before settling on what you read here. I think this changes the tone of the story arch a little to Jaime’s sexual adventures, and sets up several future opportunities, I hope you like it. For those of you new to this series, check out the three additional stories in this series.

Logistically, I did not know where to put this, so I settled on the Incest category as there is incest in it and it sets up my future incest stories. However, infidelity of Jaime takes a central role in this story. It is all under the direction and approval of Brad, but I know that many readers out there get seriously offended by such ideas. My only suggestion to you, if you are one that is very upset by such ideas, is not to read it. Leaving very negative comments about me, my wife, my life, etc, is not really needed here, as this is a fantasy story. If you feel obligated to insult me, I will only delete those comments. It’s a fun story, so I hope you treat it as such.

I have several ideas for the future of this series, but as always, I appreciate comments and suggestions. I find that when I write this, things change on the fly as I try to go where the characters want to go. In this series, I am writing my wife as particularly naughty, which is a lot of fun. Apologies in advance for any typos I might have missed.


The Setup

Jaime put the final few items in her overnight-bag before turning back to her husband Brad. “That should be the last of it,” she smiled broadly, giving Brad a warm embrace. The sun had finally risen above the houses to the east and the fresh light flooded into the bedroom brightly. Jaime was wreathed in the soft shine of the morning, giving her a particularly radiant glow.

Jaime is a hot Latina with large, round breasts that are proportional to her soft, curvy hips giving her a perfect hourglass shape accentuated by her skinny waste. Her long brown hair runs down past her shoulders to the top of her breasts and her infectious smile lights up her smoldering brown eyes. Simply gorgeous.

“Girl’s night already?” Brad asked already knowing full well it was indeed Girl’s Night Out. Brad’s sister Val works in travel and often has spare points left over at many of the major hotel chains. When the points are available, Val will organize a Girl’s Night to get a few of her family and friends together for a free night or two in New York.

“Who is on the guest list this time?” Brad asked.

“It’s just your cousin Julie and Jody again. The same four as last time. My sister can’t make it again,” Jaime added.

“That’s too many “J” names in one place, you’re probably breaking some obscure law,” Brad retorted, trying to be funny.

“I don’t make the guest list, I only get to enjoy your sister’s generosity. I think she just likes to have some time away from Gary. I love you to death, but I am not sure I could stand working with you all day like they do, every day. No offense,” she tried to deflect any slight in the tone. Val and her husband Gary work together in their business, and they spend 24/7 with each other normally.

“None taken. I totally get it. New and exciting is, well, new and exciting. Speaking of, isn’t this place your going to the same place where you hooked up with that guy?” Brad asked with a bit of excitement in his voice.

“Maybe,” Jaime answered with a mischievous smile.

“Ah, I see. So, is that why I saw a couple of your more suggestive outfits going in the bag? I thought they were a little more risqué than the typical Girl’s Night fare,” Brad observed.

Brad and Jaime made an agreement recently that gave Jaime some “freedom” on her night’s out, should she want it. After fifteen years of marriage, great sex and complete trust, Brad revealed to Jaime that he often fantasizes about her with other men. Not in an emotional sense, just a raw, naughty, sexual encounter. While Jaime was initially a bit surprised by the revelation, she did admit to loving the attention she gets during their nights out and that a few times she thought about taking them a bit further. Women are much more emotional when it comes to sex but being able to act on some of those impulses made Jaime very excited. At the last Girl’s Night, Jaime ended up in a dark corner for a heavy make-out session with what she described as a tall, dark and handsome guy.

When Jaime described the hookup to Brad the next day, he practically came in his pants. Brad made her go through everything in minute detail, describing every look, feel and touch. What followed was a very quick, but passionate love making session ending in a powerful orgasm as Brad simply could not restrain himself and the over-excitement got the better of him. It was the first sarıyer escort time the hall-pass was used, and it was a success overall, as both Brad and Jaime seemed inspired by the events and felt even closer to each other, if that is possible. Time will tell if the risk was worth the reward.

“Do you think he will be there? And if so, you think it will go further this time?” Brad asked, almost hopefully.

“I don’t know babe, with everyone there, I am not sure how that would work out. I am not even sure he would even be there anyway, it was a couple of months ago,” she added as she scooped up her keys from the counter.

“Wasn’t he from New York?” Brad asked.

“He was from Croatia, I think, but he has been living in New York for the past few years, so he was local. He might be there, if that is his hang out. We really didn’t go into too many details last time,” Jaime admitted with a smile.

“Does my sister know about this whole arrangement?” Brad asked.

“Your sister knows that I hooked up with him, and she probably told your cousin Julie, she tells her everything. But Jody doesn’t know, I am sure of that,” Jaime continued.

“No, I definitely do not want her to know. She would tell her husband and that guy is already creeping on you as it is. If he knew he would think he has a shot and be impossible to be around. He thinks every woman just wants to drop to their knees before him. I don’t want someone like that to touch you. I mean, I know I am weird for thinking the way I do as it is, but I do have standards,” Brad added with a shrug and a smile.

Jaime leaned up and kissed Brad softly on the lips.

“Are you thinking about the possibility?” Brad asked her, breaking the kiss.

Jaime looked at Brad with a smoldering passion.

“Do you want me to?” Jaime asked with a low, husky voice, once again kissing Brad on the lips.

“Yes,” Brad whispered in response.

“Then maybe I will. I will have to see how it goes. If he is there, I still need to figure out how to make it happen. Besides, this is Girl’s Night anyway, so this is not the reason I am going. It is just a side-effect, we might not even go out. No promises babe.,” Jaime added as she prepared to leave. She picked up her purse and gave her husband a peck on the cheek.

“You could always end up in a lesbian four-way,” Brad chided as she turned to leave.

“Your impossible. I will let you know if anything exciting happens,” Jaime smiled and out the door she went.

The Pre-Game

It was mid-afternoon by the time Jaime arrived at Val’s place. The plan was to have the girls gather there and then head into The City with a car service. Jaime took the afternoon off to avoid traffic and arrived first.

“Hey Val,” Jaime said when Val opened the door. They gave each other a sisterly hug and Jaime walked in with her bag and took a seat on the couch.

Val is slightly taller than Jaime, with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. While not as shapely, Val maintains a fit, athletic form. Her most prominent feature is her large, full breasts that she often constrains into her quite conservative attire. This time, she had them hidden behind a feminine button-down shirt matched with a pair of light, khaki pants.

“Am I first?” Jaime asked, the answer seemingly obvious.

“Yep, Julie should be here soon. I think Jody will be another hour, she texted that she got caught up with something at work. You want a glass of wine?” Val asked, in answer.

“Sure,” Jaime responded. “Are we taking a car in again?” She asked, wondering if anyone would be responsible for getting them there, and thus not drink.

“Yes,” Val answered bringing in a filled glass for Jaime, and one for herself. “I don’t want to have to worry about getting in and out,” Val finished the thought.

“That’s good,” Jaime responded, taking a sip.

“What’s the plan?” Jaime continued, taking another gulp of the cold wine.

“I figure the same as last time?” Val answered, almost in the form of a question. “I have scheduled some time at the spa and then I figure we hang out in the suite, it’s a gorgeous view. Then we can do some pre-going out drinking while we get ready and hit the hotel club later. If I recall, the last time the club worked out well for you,” Val added that last part with a wink and a grin.

Jaime smiled and took a sip of wine before responding, “I suppose. That guy was hot, and he couldn’t keep his hands off me. “

“I am still shocked that Brad lets you play like that. How did he take it when you told him?” Val asked, referring to the heavy make-out session Jaime snuck off too last time.

“I didn’t tell you?” Jaime replied. “He got instantly hard, and practically tore my clothes off as I was going through every detail. He wanted to know everything. I must admit, it was hot telling him and seeing his reaction got me very excited. I think we had sex every day for a week after that,” esenyurt escort Jaime finished, a satisfied look on her face as if remembering the moment.

Val had a slightly lost look on her face when she finally responded, “I don’t think I could do that. Too many crazy people out there.”

“That’s what I say too,” Jaime agreed. “You never know. He seemed safe enough though, very gentleman-like, not too pushy. I think he was looking for more action, not a girlfriend I hope, so that was fine with me,” she mused.

“What if he is there tonight?” Val asked.

Jaime finished off her wine as she answered, “I know this is Girl’s Night, but I am hoping that he is, a little bit.”

“Really?” Val answered, surprised.

“Well, he was a good dancer and a great kisser,” Jaime tried to sound diplomatic, less excited. “Look. I am not a whore or anything, it’s not like I do this like, ever. But Brad has been pushing it a little and seeing him excited about it just gets me so wet. I know it isn’t usual, so I am just going to go with it and see what happens,” Jaime finished, as if trying to convince herself.

“You don’t have to defend yourself to me. You guys are adults, if you both agree on what’s going on, I am just surprised about Brad more than anything. If you were doing it behind his back, that’s cheating, and I would let him know,” Val admitted, getting up to refill their glasses.

Once her glass was filled, Jaime added, “I would never cheat on him. And, you have no idea what goes on in his mind. Someday, if I drink enough, I will tell you some of his fantasies. You’re even in some of them,” she added that last part a bit reluctantly.

“WHAT?” Val responded incredulously.

“Like I said, he has a very active imagination, but let’s not get in to that now, it’s girl’s night,” Jaime deflected and raised her glass in toast.

Val laughed, “Sure, you may get laid tonight and my brother has sexual fantasies about me, I’ll drink to that,” she raised her glass though her voice was more sarcastic than agreeable.

“Does Julie know about what happened with me last time?” Jaime asked after she took a long sip.

“Yes, she’s pissed!” Val added flatly.

“At me?” Jaime responded defensively.

“No, she’s pissed that she doesn’t have a hall pass,” Val laughed and took a drink. “We’re not all as lucky as you,” laughing as she said that.

Jaime just gave a sarcastic smile. “Look, it’s just something that gets us going, it makes me hot and drives him crazy. I am not going to worry about it tonight, I am here for you guys.”

“But,” Jaime continued,” I hope we don’t have to listen to Julie and Jody complaining about their husbands again. That was hard enough last time. I am not even sure if Julie even likes her husband anymore.”

Valerie just sighed, “I don’t know, she doesn’t seem happy that’s for sure. Half of it is her own fault, but don’t try telling her that. Jody and Mark, who knows. If you look at Facebook, they are totally in love. You put a few glasses of wine in her, and her life sucks.”

“Yeah, let’s try to stay positive tonight,” Jaime encouraged.

“Right, we wouldn’t want to get in the way of you getting fucked!” Val smiled.

“Hey! Be nice. No one said anything about that,” Val mocked being hurt.

“But your thinking about it?” Val pushed.

“Maybe,” Jaime smiled as she took a sip of wine.

“Bitch! I am so jealous!” Val added playfully. “Well, if the time comes Girl, I have your back. ”

Jaime got up to use the bathroom and by the time she was done, Julie had arrived and was chatting away with Val in the kitchen. Jaime gave Julie a hug and was soon swept up into a more mundane conversation.

While Julie has a similar shape to her cousin Val, she is more filled out. In contrast to both Val and Jaime, Julie tends to go very natural with little makeup and hair that at times does what it wants. She dresses more Bo-Ho and care-free, less concerned about fashion sense, and more focused on comfort. What she has over the other two however, is even larger breasts. Julie used to be just all breast, whatever shirt she wore would just be bursting at the seams. She often found herself wearing very bulky or heavy clothing to hide her abundance. Five years ago, she went through a breast reduction surgery to try and get some semblance of normalcy in her life and the results were incredible. While she still has a very ample bosom, they fit her frame more naturally. Because of the surgery her breasts hang lower on her chest, but with the right bra, she can get them front and center. On this day, she seemed to be putting them more on display as her shirt hung a little tighter on her body, and you could see the full roundness and weight of them.

Val asked Julie about her husband and Jaime winced out of Julie’s line of sight behind her, giving Val a ‘Really?” look as she expected what was to come. For the next 15 minutes Julie recounted the past few months that her husband avrupa yakası escort doesn’t listen to her, doesn’t respect her, is hardly home as he is off hunting, etc.

Jaime, having heard all this the last time, jumped in, “Does he have a nice dick, or at least go down on you every day?”

Julie shrugged, un-swayed by the directness of the question, “He used to be good in bed, though we haven’t had sex for a while. He rarely goes down on me though.” The last sentence added with a bit of sadness. “Don’t tell me your so lucky?” Julie asked Jaime.

“Well, not trying to mean, but, your cousin has a really nice cock and he is always putting his head between my legs,” Jaime answered taking a sip of wine.

“Not fair!” Julie lamented.

“And, the bitch has a fucking hall-pass!” Val threw in with a big smile on her face.

“What’s a hall pass?” Julie asked.

“She can fool around with another guy if she wants, because Brad get’s off on it,” Val added and filled up the girl’s glasses of wine.

“Really? What the fuck! Who knew my cousin was so progressive,” Julie replied, taking a deep drink.

“He’s a keeper. But, I am not out looking for it, honest. If I end up in a situation where that can happen, then…we’ll see,” Jaime explained.

“Don’t listen to her, there might be a guy there tonight she’s interested in. She made-out with him last time,” Val continued.

“You did? Where was I?” Julie asked.

“He pulled me off to the corner, we weren’t that obvious,” Jaime answered, not wanting to sound too excited about it.

“Did you tell Brad about it?” Julie asked.

“Yep, he was pretty excited,” Val answered smiling.

“You fucking bitch, I want a guy like that!” Julie added, clinking glasses in congratulations with Jaime.

“Don’t tell Jody when she gets here, I don’t want her telling her husband. The last thing I need is his creepy hands all over me thinking he has a shot,” Jaime added after finishing another swallow of wine.

“No kidding, every time he is around he puts his arm around me like he owns me. No worries, I won’t say anything,” Julie agreed.

The conversation turned back to more mundane topics while they waited for Jody and the car service to arrive. It turned out that both arrived around the same time and as soon as Jody went to the bathroom, they all got their things together and were off to NYC.


Unfortunately, the ride into the city wasn’t a quick one. An accident near the tunnel backed up the already heavy traffic heading in to New York for the weekend. Not that the girls minded too much, as the bar in the car was well stocked and they were already working on a pretty good buzz. Jaime switched to water mid-way through the ride in to try and maintain some semblance of control, being a bit of a light-weight when it comes to alcohol. The extra drive time had unfortunately caused them to miss the scheduled spa treatments Val had setup, arriving at the hotel two hours later than expected. When they got to the hotel, they grabbed their bags, found a very attentive bellhop who was more than happy to help four gorgeous women and were quickly up in their room on the 28th floor.

The suite was the same as the last girl’s night, two bedrooms off a well-appointed open living room. The living room had a slider that led out to a balcony, affording a nice view of downtown New York. The living room also had two full couches and a side chair, arranged to take advantage of the view. There was a wet-bar off to the side of the room, a couple of bottles of champagne already chilled, compliments of the house. Travelling often had certainly had its perks, Val would often say.

The sleeping arrangements remained the same as well, with Jaime and Jody in one room and cousins Valerie and Julie in the other. They had each dropped their respective bags in the rooms when a distinctive ‘pop’ of a champagne bottle drew them back to the living room. Val was in the process of filling four glasses when they returned. Each taking a glass, Val raised hers in toast, “To us!” The others echoed her toast and drank deeply from their glasses.

It was clear that the alcohol-filled ride in to the city was affecting Jody as she was getting deep into her cups, and her language turned very salty as she continued her discussion from the car, complaining about her job, her difficult life, pressure to be a good mom. While she didn’t want to admit it, Jaime started to realize that these girl’s nights often turned into man-bashing sessions, led by Jody and Julie. Whether true, or not, Jaime just didn’t understand why someone would keep themselves in a situation that apparently made them very unhappy. She supposed that much of the talk was aimed at gaining some sympathy, but even then, Jaime did not like to live that way. If anything, her life and love with Brad had become more fulfilling and complete over time. They talked about everything and even during their times when arguments ultimately bubbled up, they always remained totally open with each other and worked through it. Perhaps Julie was right, she was just a lucky bitch.

“I am going to take a quick shower and get ready,” Jaime declared, wanting to remove herself from the current discussion.

“OK, I am not taking a shower before we head out, so it’s all yours,” Val answered.

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