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I live happily in Queensland, Australia with my little puppy dog. My partner lives in New Zealand and will be coming to live with me in the near future. I recently disclosed my bi-sexual tendencies to him and he encouraged me to explore them, so I created a profile and advertised on the Internet for a female lover. A few days later I received a lovely email from a woman… It’s been fun ever since.

* * * * *

I was lying by the pool thinking how great it is having time off this time of year. Xmas in Queensland is always so hot and steamy, but that sort of weather has always suited me.

I’d decided by mid morning that I would go to the beach today just to do something different, but first I would have a quick dip in the pool. I slipped off my sari and slowly slid into the cool water, just feeling the water run over my breasts made my nipples go hard, and as I slid deeper into the water slightly opening my legs to let the cool water in between my hot pussy lips really turned me on.

Relaxing in the pool, I realized how long it had been since I had last made love. God this feels wonderful I thought to myself as I ran my hand down over my erect nipples and giving them a pinch, then down along my stomach to my hot wet pussy, opening my pussy lips to allow my fingers to play with my clit, just the feeling of the cool water rushing past my clit was enough to send delicious shivers up my spine. I was lost in a world of my own, hanging onto the edge of the pool as I slid two fingers into my pussy and rubbing my clit with my thumb. Somewhere, off in the distance, I heard my name being called, “Maggie, Maggie” I looked up and there was my friend Mary standing at the gate.

Slightly embarrassed and annoyed at being interrupted, as I was so close to Cumming, I looked up at her and, sheepishly grinning, I said “Sprung I suppose Üsküdar Escort huh?” Mary just laughed at me and said “Don’t worry I was enjoying the show”. “I am so damn horny it has been ages since I’ve had a good root” I said, Mary looked at me and asked, “Have you ever been with another woman?” ” Well now that you’ve asked, yes, twice before and I must admit I do love the taste of another woman”. As she approached the pool she slowly stripped off her tight little halter top and I noticed she was wearing the shortest shorts I have ever seen, shit she had a way of looking so bloody sexy.

Mary had short curly hair with a reddish tinge which just glowed in the sun, the deepest blue eyes and a sexy grin, once her halter top was removed she displayed the most beautiful pair of full breasts I have ever seen, with large erect nipples. I just leaned back in the pool eagerly waiting for the shorts to be removed, but Mary took her time in removing them, we just had eye contact and nobody said a word as, ever so slowly, she undid the top button and slowly pulled down the zipper, revealing her clean shaven pussy with a small mound of hair at the top of her pussy slit.

I stayed by the pool edge as Mary slid into the water; we still had not said another word to each other, knowing the eye contact we had, said it all. As she approached me I could feel my nipples getting harder and the butterflies in my stomach seemed to travel down to my pussy, at that moment I was sure I understood what a man goes through as I would swear my clit was throbbing through sheer anticipation and excitement.

Still without saying a word Mary very slowly brushed her lips against mine, I parted my eager lips wanting more, we kissed again and I flicked my tongue into her mouth as we locked into an embrace of sheer pleasure. Mary lowered her Üsküdar Escort Bayan head down to my very hard and erect nipples, sucking and flicking with her tongue and somehow without me even being aware of it, her hand had gone down to my pussy with which she started to rub my very swollen clit. I hung onto her for dear life, as I was so lost in the pleasure I was receiving, I could feel my legs giving way. I pushed my breast harder up against her mouth and said “Suck them harder” and as she did so, I could feel my whole world spinning “Oh Fuck, I am Cumming” I almost screamed in her ear, Mary rubbed my clit harder and rammed two fingers into my now burning pussy as hard as she could. All I could do was hang on to her, as my body was wracked with sheer pleasure, not wanting it to stop.

Mary lifted her head and gently kissed me, boy you really needed that she said, all I could do was grin and mutter uh huh. Now it was Mary’s turn and I knew we had to get out of the pool, as I wanted to taste her sweet juices, “Come with me” I said. I took her by the hand and we waded to the steps of the pool and made our way out. She looked so sexy and seductive standing there totally naked with the water dripping off her body and the sun seemed to be setting her hair on fire.

As we entered my cool house, all I could think about was burying my head and tongue deep between her thighs. We lay on the bed and I placed a pillow under her hips, as I wanted my tongue to be able to reach into all of her sweet hidden places. I straddled her body and gently placed soft kisses on her lips and face, slowly working my way down to her neck, kissing and licking as I took my time savouring her sweet scent. I played with her breasts, lifting and gently squeezing them, running my thumbs over her hard nipples, and then I took one into Escort Üsküdar my mouth and flicked my tongue over and around it. Mary let a moan escape so I knew not to stop. I took it in turn with each breast, sucking a little harder till I could feel her starting to move her hips, knowing she was wanting more and more.

Still taking my time I kissed and licked my way down her stomach, spending a little time on her belly button, licking and then blowing. I could feel how wet I was and it still amazed me how turned on I get, by the sight of a very aroused naked woman. By the time I had slid down to the bottom of the bed, Mary already had parted her legs. I could smell and see her sweet love juices, my tongue starting to lick them up from inside her thighs as I parted her pussy lips to discover her hard erect clit. I ran my tongue just over and around it, down to the opening of her pussy and thrusting my tongue inside as deep as it would go, in and out, in and out, while my thumb rubbed Mary’s hard little bud not wanting to miss a drop.

I was so turned on again by now, I could feel my own juices running down the inside of my legs and just the very thought of Mary’s tongue nearly sent me over the edge again. I moved my body around and Mary caught onto the idea real quick, I threw my leg over her and placed my now very wet and screaming pussy over her mouth. At this stage all I knew was I wanted to cum again and, as I could feel Mary getting close to Cumming also, I sucked harder on her clit. Mary followed my lead as she took my clit in her mouth and worked her magic tongue on me, both riding each other’s face very hard now. I could feel my orgasm coming to a head and as I feverishly sucked on her clit and fucked her pussy with my fingers. I released a deep throaty moan that was almost like a growl as my orgasm hit me hard, Mary’s hips was thrusting up to my mouth wanting more and more till her body shook with the sheer pleasure of her orgasm.

We laid still for what seemed like ages, side by said and just held each other, she softly kissed me and said “I came around to see if you wanted to go to the beach with me today”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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