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“Whose idea was it to fill this wonderful season full of crap?” Helen wondered as she arrived home from her meeting with the PTO. It had been an extremely a long meeting, covering the many events coming up in the next few months and she was very tired. She was tired from the last two weeks of “holiday” activities, putting in many hours preparing for the school’s “Holiday” program, organizing parties for her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop and fourth grade class, , as well her son’s Cub Scout pack. She was pooped!

She also was feeling very guilty. It was five days until Christmas and she had pretty much ignored her family (especially her husband who has been very helpful, copying, babysitting, hauling bails of hay, etc.). Not one gift was purchased nor one card mailed. Add to that, the house was a mess, her mother was asking for information about the kids, and the weather sucked (cold rain, mixed with sleet, and snow).

She closed the door, hung up her keys, and took off her coat, flinging it onto the hallway chair. As she started up the stairs, something caught her attention. Something was not right. The house was too quiet. It was only 7:00 and there was no noise, no kids, and no husband. Helen looked out the front and noticed Gil’s car was missing. She was just wondering where they could be when she noticed the note on the hall table.

“Helen — Do not bother to look for the me or the kids. You will not find us. Instead, go into the bathroom to find a nice surprise.”

Following the instructions, she went to the bathroom and found a CD player with her favorite Christmas CD set to play, a bottle of bubblebath on the tub, glowing candles, a bottle of wine on ice with a glass already poured, and a book of Penthouse letters. “Damn he’s good,” she said to herself and quickly started to fill the tub and poured a generous portion of the bubbles into the steaming water.

Helen started the CD and as the tub filled she stripped off her clothes(throwing them unceremoniously into a pile in the bedroom), downed the glass of wine and poured herself another.

She loved her bathtub. Gil and Helen had recently had the bathroom renovated and in doing so had the contractor install a huge tub. It was big enough for two. Settling into the tub, she closed her eyes, letting the warm, aromatic water relaxed and soothes her. The water and music released the tired tension of the week and Helen started to feel human again.

After a bit, she took her wine again, and reached for the book. She opened it and started to read.

Gil knew exactly the kinds of stories she liked, raunchy. Don’t get Helen wrong, sappy is OK; but dirty letters are better. The hotter the sex, the more she enjoyed the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri story. She started to read and realized the book was exactly what she wanted.

She read the first letter. It started like all the letters, “I never thought I would be writing a letter …” It was a hot letter about a slutty wife (blond with big tits) being banged on a chartered fishing trip by her husband and three of his buddies. She dove into the second one, this one about a young woman whose tent blew over while in a storm in the woods and was invited in by a young man in the other tent. Helen was so excited by the letters that her free hand moved “south”.

Helen did not notice the bathroom door open. “As I was stand here, two thoughts come to mind,” Gil said from the doorway.

“Damn it Gil! … You startled me,” Helen cried.

“Sorry. As I was saying, two thoughts came to mind. One, where is your other hand and two, is there room for two in that tub?”

“My hand is at the end of my arm being useful,” Helen said. “At least it was a moment ago. As for company, you are almost dressed, or should I say undressed, properly (and giving the proper salute!) you might as well join me.”

Gil climbed into the tub opposite Helen. “So what have you done with our children?” Helen asked

“Kevin is at Matt’s and Jesse is at Michelle’s. Yes, Sue and Connie are part of the conspiracy.”

“Ah! … So is this it or is there more?” Helen said, reaching for her wine glass.

“We are naked in a tub, the kids are not here, the evening is still young, and the morning can be as late as we wish. What do you think?”

“I see your point, actually it is below the surface. OK lover what’s next?”

“Lift your leg,” Gil told his wife. She complied and he gently grasped it, reached behind him for a bottle of oil hidden behind the shampoo and dispensed a generous amount of oil on her foot.

Helen’s idea of heaven was an eternal foot massage and through the years Gil’s hands had learned how to stroke her feet for different effects. Tonight was for relaxation and thanks. Gil sat up and placed Helen’s foot on his chest then proceeded to gently stroke it. Helen leaned her head back, closed her eyes and soaked in Gil’s attentions.

Gil started with Helen’s toes, rubbing the strain and stress of the season from Helen’s muscles. He used his thumb and index finger to gingerly stroke the digits and to not tickle (Helen was EXTREMELY ticklish). “This Little Piggy” was his model, only he reversed the order, starting with the little toe and working up to the large. Helen cooed.

With Helen’s toes properly stress-free, Gil moved to the foot proper. He re-oiled his hands güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and kneaded her arch rather forcefully. However, she liked it forceful (massage and other things). As he worked the arch, he could feel the muscles become putty. Helen’s face showed relaxation and release. Small, almost inaudible moans and sighs emitted from her throat.

He progressed from the arch to the ankle. He gently massaged the joint and Helen’s heal. He tenderly rotated her ankle, gently twisting it to the right then the left, stretching the muscles and releasing more strain. More “OOOOOs” and AHHHHHs” emerged from Helen.

Finishing the first foot, Gil turned to Helen’s other and repeated the process. Helen was lost in ecstasy and did not notice Gil had moved his foot between her legs.

“How was that?” Gil asked.

“MMMMMMMM”, Helen said and slid further in the water, pushing her self against his foot which rested in just the right spot.

Her eyes opened. With a sexy smile, Helen asked, “Do you remember the time we watched that ‘How To’ sex tape and we got extremely hot and bothered and ended up fucking in the living room twice, before the video ended?”

“Yes, actually it is one of my favorite memories to masturbate to. Why do you ask?”

“Wasn’t your foot is a similar position and I cannot believe you still masturbate?” Helen said with her voice dripping of sarcasm

“No, it was my other foot and don’t you?” Gil asked in mock surprise.

“Oh, that IS different and NEVER”, Helen laughed.

“If the location of my foot is bothering you why don’t you come over here and lean against me. I can assure you that my FOOT will not bother you and by the way, what WAS you hand doing when I arrived?”

Helen moved and leaned her back against Gil’s chest. He reached back for the bath oil and dribbled some liberally onto her chest. He started to massage Helen’s breast. “It was being helpful, as I said. What else to you think of when you masturbate?” Helen asked.

“You and us mostly. Sometimes celebrities, and on a very rare occasion some nice young thing from work”, he said as he worked the lotion in to Helen’s breast.

“No Way!! Really?”

“Way! It is typically on those weeks you are away or when I go to Atlanta,” he replied as while lightly pinching her nipples.

“Ooooo … nice … Anyone I know?”

“No. Never anyone from my department. Typically some young, nubile, nymphette, with a tight ass and big tits. They seem to be bigger on girls now then when we were dating”, Gil tease while he rolled Helen’s nipples between his fingers.

“Now that was something I had not noticed; must be improvements in nutrition. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Ohhh that’s good!” she purred and he gently pinched her nipples.

“So, do you like your surprise?”

“I love it. I love it more in the ‘Chaise Lounge of Love.’ When you masturbate, do you ever picture me masturbating?”

Frequently. In fact, watching you make yourself cum is one of my top five visions.

“Really, then maybe I should treat you. I certainly am relaxed enough. You just keep up what you are doing and I will take care of the rest.” With that Helen’s hands moved south once again, knowing this time she would not be interrupted.

Helen’s fingers work frantically as Gil continued to pinch her oily nipples. She had started almost halfway to an orgasm and it was not going to take very long to make herself cum, especially if Gil’s continues to work her nipples. She raised her feet and placed them on the rim of the tub so that she spread her legs wide. Her fingers twirled around her clit in quick circles.

Gil whispered into Helen’s ear “I love watching you. I can see how excited you are. You want to cum. I am imagining how your fingers are making pleasure circles around your clit. Can you feel my cock getting hard? My cock wants to be inside you. Imagine I am entering you from behind.”

“Yesssssss! Oh Yes! I can image your cock in my pussy. It’s so hard and deep,” Helen hissed.

“Now imagine I am fucking you. Slowly … teasing … at first. Slowly in … then slowly out. Then back in, slowly, deeply all the way in. Then slowly, very slowly out, almost not moving. Slowly I thrust back in, deeper … deeper … deeper so that I go all the way in again … pushing hard against you. Then back out again.” Gil whispered into Helen’s ear.

“Yes, I feel it. You are so deep, so deep. That feels so good. I am so close to cuming.” She buzzed. Her fingers were working up a storm. One hand spreading her lips that so that her other hand had clear access.

“Now imagine that I thrust hard and deep into your pussy but withdraw very slowly. Then I plunge again deep and hard and slowly with draw.”

“Yes I feel it. Fuck me baby, I need it hard and fast,” Helen begged.

“I fuck you hard … In and out. Imagine now that I stick a finger in your ass while I fuck you hard.

“Oh Baby, that’s what I want … a hard ass fucking … Yes FUCK IT. Yes … YES!”

It was too much and at that moment Helen exploded with a large and intense orgasm. “YESSSSSS. OH BABY YESSS!! I’m CUMING!!!!!!!!” She screamed, lifting her hips from the water as she shook and shuttered.

Relaxing, she returned to the water. “Oh Wow!” Helen gasped

“Nice was it? ” Gil asked.

“Very!” After catching her breath, Helen purred “The water is getting cold I think we should dry off and retire to our bed. I think I want to watch on of our special movies tonight. We could curl up and screw … uh … cuddle while I suck … oops … I mean watch the movie.” Helen said with a sly look.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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