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Many thanks to McSmoothie for his editing skills and feedback!


Another charity golf tournament. So far this one was about as exciting as the last ten I’d attended. Forced fun with customers and clients. I didn’t really play golf so I didn’t even have that to look forward to. At least this year I was able to snag a hotel room so I didn’t have to worry about driving home after the opening cocktail hour, which always somehow managed to turn into a 5 hour ordeal. With some folks drinking too much and getting a little too frisky, but it was never the cute ones, usually the smarmy old sales reps!

I worked my way across the room, chatting, making small talk and avoiding the more handsy fellows. Finally my boss dragged me over to meet one of my new clients, Nathan, in person, at last. He was pretty handsome, definitely better to look at than most of my clients if I were being honest. We had talked a lot on the phone the past few months about our business and I was already comfortable with him. He noticed I had an empty glass and offered to get me another drink. I hesitated but then remembered I didn’t have to drive later. What the hell I thought, everyone was getting drunk, I might as well too! Forced fun after all.

He returned with a delicious glass of white wine, definitely not the cheap house crap I’d been drinking earlier.

“Thanks,” I said, “This is amazing!”

“Well I figured we should toast our first in person meeting with something fabulous so I sprung for the good stuff,” he chuckled.

“Agreed! Here’s to a great working relationship and a fun golf event,” I replied. Thinking, ‘for once’, in my head.

We continued to chat, getting to know each other on a more personal level. I found out he was a big golfer and had won this event several years in a row. I was impressed as it was a huge event played over a few days. The night wore on, but it was more fun than usual due to the great time I was having with Nathan. Other folks came over and chatted, more good wine was consumed and soon the cocktail area was getting empty. I couldn’t believe how fast the evening went or how late I stayed or how much I drank. None of that was the norm for me!

The bar was shutting down for the night and last call was made. I thought about ordering one more but then Nathan leaned in and said in a low tone, “How about a glass of wine back in my room. I have a nice Malbec there.”

Before I could even properly think, I said yes. I shocked myself. I have a rule: don’t shit where you eat, don’t mix business with pleasure. I’ve always laughed at my colleagues who ended in bed with a client or another colleague. It happens all the time, but not me.

Nathan lead the way over to the elevators and I followed. Like a lemming to the cliff, I followed. I guess I’d had just enough to drink to let all my rational thoughts go. I looked around and fortunately no one I knew was still there so maybe, just maybe I could get to his room with no one seeing.

And no one did. We arrived to his room unnoticed and I was thankful to see that it was in the same wing of the resort as my room only one floor up. I could possibly make a quick escape back to my room when the time came, whenever that was. I could just have a quick drink and leave with my dignity intact. But when we entered his room, Nathan turned to me and with the sexiest voice I think I’ve ever heard, ask me when we were going to get it over with and just kiss already.

There was just bahis şirketleri something in his look, all sex and pure man, that made me give in and cross that never before crossed line. I fell into his arms and we kissed. It was passionate. It was heated. It took my breath away. In that one moment I didn’t care about what happened to my career. I didn’t care that I was no better than the thousands that came before me and crossed that professional/personal line. That kiss was everything!

We broke apart briefly, stared deeply into each other’s eyes. Both questioning what we should do next. Call it a night – chalk this one amazing kiss up to too much alcohol and go our separate ways, business relationship mostly intact? Or say fuck it and jump off that cliff into what was promising to be a damn good night.

“You good at keeping secrets?” he asked.

“The best. If anyone asks this NEVER happened. I went straight to my room after that long ass cocktail hour, alone, and went right to sleep,” I answered.

“Good. Me too.”

And with that out of the way, we crashed back into each other. Finding each other’s mouths again, with as much passion as before. Hands roamed bodies, he found my ass, squeezing with just the right pressure. I found his growing cock, stroking him through his pants.

“Take off your dress,” he ordered. Domineering but not too forceful. How he knew to strike that balance, I’ll never know, but I love to be dominated without being completely controlled. I was done for. My legs turned to jell-O and my panties soaked.

Without missing a beat, I stripped down to my underwear. Since I never in a million years thought anything like this would happen tonight, I didn’t have on my sexiest panties or bra, but being a thong wearer on a daily basis was coming in handy, at least I looked like a was trying. I did a full 360° for him pausing slightly when my back was turned so he could get a good view of my naked ass cheeks. He nodded with an approval I don’t know I was looking for until I got it.

“You seem to have too many clothes on,” I said, once I’d completed my full turn.

“Then you should do something about it,” he said, huskily.

I stepped close to him and reached out to his shirt buttons, undoing them one by one, followed by small kisses until I reached the bottom. I slid his shirt off revealing a taut but not overly muscled chest. I leaned in and gave each nipple a slight nip with my teeth. He sucked in his breath and let out a slow hiss. “Damn girl, you get right to the point”

“In all things,” I replied, “both in business and in pleasure.”

“I’m only half undressed, so you’d better finish,” he pointed out.

I grinned and dropped down to my knees, now eye level with his belly button. I leaned in and with my teeth undid his belt, pants button and zipper. He wiggled his hips once, twice and his pants fell away leaving him in just his boxers, tenting outward with what promised to be a nice cock. Yes, I know size doesn’t really matter as long as the owner knows how to work it, but it doesn’t hurt either, well, not usually.

“Is this all for me?” I asked as I coyly looked up into his face.

“Yes,” he growled, “all yours for the taking.”

I reached out again, this time with my hands and released him from his boxers, grabbing hold of his beautiful eight inch cock, one hand not quite fitting all the way around it. I sighed, it was beautiful, perfect and just right. I leaned in and give it a bahis firmaları kiss, opening my lips to take in the uncut head.

“I was born in the UK,” he said as way of explanation. It was only my second uncut cock ever and my excitement grew. I gently peeled back his foreskin with my fingers and sucked his sensitive glans hard. I heard another hiss and he grabbed my head as if to steady himself. I grinned on the inside and got to work on him, licking, sucking and kissing my way up and down his shaft. I got most of him in my mouth and into my throat.

I felt a tug on my hair and looked up.

“You’d better stop or I won’t be able last,” he panted, barely able to speak.

I stood up and we embraced again, kissing and grinding against each other. He walked me backwards to the bed and pushed me down onto my back, standing over me, lust filling his eyes.

“If you like those panties, take them off before I ripped them off myself,” he said, his voice thick with desire.

Quickly I lifted my hips and shed my thong, then I reached behind my back, unclasped my bra and shrugged it off. I was now splayed before him in all my naked glory, my pussy dripping wet with need. I don’t think I’d ever gotten this hot, this fast before in my life. There was just something about Nathan’s animalistic nature that got to me.

He leaned over and slid his hands up my thighs, crawling up in between my legs, never breaking eye contact with me. I was panting with anticipation for what was next. We kissed again as he lay his body on top of mine, naked flesh against naked flesh. Suddenly he rolled us both over and I lay astride him, feeling his hard cock beneath me. I’m sure he could feel how wet I was, how wet he made me.

We kissed again, continuing to feel and tease each other with our hands, me grinding into him sporadically. We broke apart and he said, “I want to taste you. Now.”

He pulled me up onto his face. I clutched at the headboard while he began to explore me with his tongue, licking my folds but avoiding my clit. I groaned. It felt so amazing. There was something about sitting on a guy’s face that was so much more intense than being eaten out when on your back. Up and down he licked, swirling his tongue here and there, dipping it into to my canal, feasting on my juices, all the while avoiding my one extra special spot. I was writhing, moaning, whining, ugh, it felt so good but he was just teasing me.

“Please, please, please,” I begged.

“Please, what?” he asked, innocently.

I looked down at him. He stopped momentarily to look up at me, “Tell me what you want. What you need.”

“My clit,” I panted. “Please, I need you to kiss my clit, you’re just teasing me senseless,” I practically cried.

I could see from the look in his eyes he loved me begging. He went back to licking me getting closer and closer but still not getting there.

“Please, my clit, I’m begging you, I’m about to explode, I’m so close,” I pleaded.

That did it, he dove back in with a fervor I’ve never felt before. Kissing, sucking and lapping at my button. It pushed me over the edge into pure heavenly orgasmic bliss. I shook and shuttered, my whole body tense as the orgasm broke over me starting at my core and spreading out to the top of my head, down to the tips of my fingers and toes. I fell over onto the bed unable to think or speak coherently for a moment, reveling in the after glow of one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Once I was kaçak bahis siteleri able, I looked over at Nathan, my juices coating his face, which was also covered in a giant triumphant smile. “Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked full of confidence, knowing the answer full well. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, thinking it was rude after such a spectacular gift he’d just given me.

“When I get myself back together, I’m going to pay you back for that,” I said, looking down at his still hard cock now dripping with pre-cum. Clearly, he enjoyed that clit licking adventure almost as much I as did.

He chuckled and said, “Take your time, you’re going to need your energy for round two.” He got up and brought us both some much needed water.

We both stared at each other grinning over the evening’s activities so far.

“Have you ever done something like this before?” he asked.

“Mess around with a co-worker or colleague?” I replied. “No. Never. What about you?”

“Nope,” he said. “But there was just something about you I couldn’t resist.” The lust returning to his eyes.

“Ditto,” I said and I leaned up and grabbed his face and kissed him again. I was shocked by how much intensity and passion was still in those kisses as if my out of this world orgasm hadn’t occurred and drained me of my strength.

He pulled me under him, continue with kiss my lips, then my face, then my neck and down to my breasts, taking in one fat nipple in his mouth, then the other, nipping and teasing with his teeth. This got me going again. When he felt me grinding against him, he looked up at me and could see I was ready for Round Two, as he put it earlier. He propped himself up on his hands and nudged my legs further apart with his knees, lining his cock up to enter me. I guided him there and he pushed himself in. Slowly he went, one inch at a time. He was big. He was hard. He was perfect. I accepted him in, hugging his shaft as he went.

“Oh god, you’re tight, amazing but, tight. It feels so fucking good,” He moaned and pushed himself all the way in. We stayed that way for a minute, both enjoying the sensation of filling and being filled. Then we began to move. He thrusting in and out, me tipping my hips up to meet him. Slowly at first, then faster and faster until we were slamming into each other at an animalistic pace. We both had a sheen of sweat, both grunting and groaning, each loving the feeling of our dance.

Then he stopped and pulled out. I felt empty, lost. But, he wasn’t done. He flipped me over and pulled me up on all fours and slammed back into me. It happened so fast my feelings of emptiness only lasted a second or two. He continued to fuck me. That’s what this really was, a good old fashioned fucking. And it was good.

He reached around and started to play with my clit, whispering in me ear “I’m close and I want to you cum with me. Are you close? Can you do that?”

I grunted in reply, pushing back into him with as much force and energy as I could muster. I was getting close again, ready for another orgasm, his fingers helping me get there.

Soon he yelled, “Now, cum now.” Then he pushed once, twice more and emptied himself into me. I came too, with almost as much intensity as before. My whole body tingling and pulsing. We collapsed into a heap on the bed. He slid out of me, his cum oozing out mixed with my juices making a mess on the sheets.

“Who gets the wet spot?” I giggled. He glanced over and laughed then pulled me in close and kissed the top of my head.

“Thanks for an extraordinarily fun evening,” he said. “Way more fun than it normally is.” I agreed.

“Maybe you’ll be my good luck charm tomorrow out on the course.” And I was. He won.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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