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Mom and my brother went to our aunt Phyllis for a visit, but knowing my aunt this visit could last for at least five hours, if not longer. Aunt Phyllis liked to talk for hours on end.

Dad and I were left at home as I had work to catch up on. I went to my bedroom, changed into my nightwear, which consisted of one of Kevin’s shirts, and I still wear a pair of panties to bed, an inbred habit, which I am still trying to break out of, sat at my desk and got down to the work at hand using my P.C.

The front door bell rang, and as dad sitting and watching T.V. nearby he answered it. After about an hour dad called me down from my room, in order to make some coffee. Still thinking more of my work than anything else I entered the lounge finding dad, and our next-door neighbour, Joe, talking about the ball game that had just finished on T.V. Dad asked whether I could make some coffee for them. Joe started to look me up and down, and only then did I realise how extremely scantily dressed, I was. I went into the kitchen that was just off the lounge and I heard Joe give my father the usual stories about having to get his shotgun ready, as he would soon be fighting the boys off.

I had only the top two buttons of the shirt open, and so I decided to open another, thus giving Joe a perfect view of my tits. I really wanted to tease him, I even wanted to go so far as to pull my panties up so high that if I bent down he would be able to see the crack in my ass. Due to the fact that I would soon leave the room, I left the kitchen with the top three buttons undone, only and leaving my panties as they were. I brought the two cups of coffee, to the lounge, bent right over Joe to give him a full view of my tits, which were now fully exposed. Joe almost missed picking up the coffee mug, as he was so busy looking down my shirt. I looked down at his crotch and sure enough there was the telltale signs of Joe beginning to get an erection. Joe in the meantime was only interested in my tits and was oblivious to me looking at his cock, which was definitely now beginning to outgrow his pants. I turned around and gave dad his coffee.

Joe and his tenting pants were getting me all worked up, I told dad that I would also be taking a break canlı bahis from my work. Joe immediately nodded in agreement, and so I set off to make myself a mug of coffee. This time I was really going to tease Joe, by pulling my g-string panties as high as they would go. This was not very high, but they served the purpose of displaying my ass when I sat down, and if I opened my legs like an innocent naïve girl, Joe would be able to see everything. I sat on the floor, in front of Joe and adjacent from dad, so Joe had a perfect view of everything namely my tits when I bent down to drink my coffee, and also when I sat up, my shirt came away from under me as planned thus leaving everything in plain sight, and open for Joe’s eyes. Joe was definitely getting worked up, and his cock was at this stage almost bursting out of his pants. Joe tried to hide his hard-on by placing his coffee mug, over the crotch of his pants. He became aware that I was staring at his swelling that was growing by the minute.

After I finished my coffee, I asked dad and Joe whether I could take their cups back to the kitchen and thus return to my work. Dad replied that he was finished and Joe just stammered that he hadn’t yet finished but that he didn’t want anymore. After taking the mugs to the kitchen I heard Joe tell my dad that I was a teaser, and that dad should teach me a lesson, by showing her what trouble, teasers can get into.

When I returned to the lounge, I was asked whether I would like to participate in a game of gin rummy. Only knowing the basics of the game, I agreed, and I fetched the cards, but there were no chips, so I asked where they were. Dad said that our clothing would be the ante. We in other words would be playing strip gin. I agreed, and so we began to play. Joe lost the first game, and removed his shirt. I lost the second game and removed my shirt. Both Joe and dad stopped playing, and they both admired my nipples and tits. This made we extra horny and I felt as if I had just pissed in my pants. I won the following two hands, as both dad and Joe were no longer concentrating on the card game, but rather on me. Joe had removed his pants and his hard-on could be clearly seen through the opening of his boxer shorts. Dad in the meantime had bahis siteleri removed his shirt. The third game I lost so I removed my panties. Joe and dad both sat there for a few minutes just looking at my luscious blonde mound of my pussy. Eventually after this dad, and Joe just lost interest in the game, and threw the cards into the centre, of the floor.

Both Joe and dad removed the remaining pieces of clothing, and so they too were naked. I immediately saw that Joe although he had a fair sized cock, it was not as long as dad’s or for that matter as thick either. This did deter neither dad nor Joe, as they were both beginning to ooze pre-cum, so I began to give both dad and Joe a blowjob, at once by jerking the one off, whilst the other was in my mouth being sucked, for all that it was worth. I loved to just tickle the tips of their engorged cock’s and putting them both in a state of absolute agony, as they wanted to fuck, and not be teased. Naturally I asked dad to eat me whilst I gave him a blowjob. Joe on the other hand was now busy, massaging my tits, and kissing me and my nipples and tits simultaneously. Joe with his magical hands was driving me berserk, even more so than dad, eating my mound away. Dad had reached my clitoris and I had one almighty orgasm, and Joe helped me on the way as well by tweaking my nipples.

Eventually dad turned round and screwed, me slowly at first, but gathering momentum as he was on the point of cumming. In one great torrent of cum, which dad released into my waiting hot pussy, it seemed as if he would be cumming for all eternity.

Joe told dad that he wanted to be next, so he mounted me, and started to finger the lips, of my labia, and eventually two fingers went into my scalding pussy, touching my clitoris, this sent me into a spasm of an orgasm, wherein I began to scream in ecstasy. At this point Joe had still not entered me with his cock.

Joe then pulled himself up, and placed his cock, into my waiting pussy that was waiting in anticipation. Joe kept to a slow rhythm, which brought me to further orgasms. This rhythm began to quicken and eventually, once again Joe began to cum, and I had my last very fulfilling orgasm, which lasted five minutes. After Joe had cum, I licked bahis şirketleri both dad and Joe’s cocks clean.

I was exhausted by cumming so many times that I just lay there on the lounge carpet, and I heard both Joe and dad saying that I would awaken in about an hour, and we could return to the action.

After hearing this I made it my business to start a second round with the men. This time Joe and I had a sixty-niner, on our side, thus leaving room for dad to try and open my ass, by sliding his hand into my ass crack. This was extremely painful, after a few minutes dad’s first finger managed to slip into my ass crack, this although painful was a new experience so I just decided to go with the flow.

I started to lubricate myself and dad managed to slip his finger in deeper, this time I definitely felt a tingling sensation. Although the pain which I endured, reaped a reward later as I felt almost the same feelings that Joe had given me a few minutes ago.

Eventually I came with Joe fingering my clitoris, and then Joe suddenly turned over and started to enter my pussy, but this time Joe never used the slow rhythm, but instead used a very, fast quick action, which he ploughed his whole cock into my pussy. This felt fantastic, and could feel Joe beginning to cum, and just then I had an orgasm, due to both dad and Joe fingering my ass, and fucking my pussy, mercilessly, respectively.

Dad pulled me over onto my stomach, which by now he had placed three fingers up my ass, and I felt pain, but the overwhelming sense of erotic pleasure drowned out everything resembling anything except pleasure, and to feed this insatiable appetite. Dad then drove his cock into my ass, but there was no pain only pleasure, and an urgency as I could feel myself cumming. I once again could not help myself but yell in absolute pleasure. I was sure that the neighbours would soon be banging on the door enquiring as to who was being murdered. Dad filled my ass with his cum, which immediately came out of my ass.

Both men were totally exhausted, and began to dress, and then Joe left to go home to his wife and family.

I then returned to my bedroom, and had a shower, then sat down in front of my P.C. and completed my work. Mom returned home about an hour after all this action was over, but I am sure that she saw the stains on the carpet, and would understand just what had occurred.

Too bad mom had missed out on the action.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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