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Big Tits

It was all due to Barry. Barry my guardian angel of sorts. The guy who really showed me the way ahead.

The guy who patiently showed me how I should deal with my sexual leaning and really come out of myself.. In fact just come out and declare my sexuality without being ashamed because of the result of my strictly puritan upbringing that it was a sin to be anything but what was considered normal.

But thanks primarily to the internet for introducing me to a guy named Barry Hopkins – even if he was old enough (just) to be my father – that being if he had sired me at the age of sixteen..

Well he told me he had been married once but it came to a sticky end because of his turning to homosexuality which he had not realised until later.

Online we talked about just coming out with it, all the time I saying how difficult it was for me to do that with the sound of my Victorian type mother taking me across her knee and soundly span baking me after catching me with a screwdriver handle in my bum.

“That’s what made me feel so abnormal” I told Barry. But I was simply discovering myself – discovering ways to gratify my secret sexual aspirations which made me feel good. But my mother put that all to asunder and it was not until I bought a computer and browsed the internet that I found someone like Barry who would put me to rights.

“We shall meet and get to know each other, then if you like you will be welcome to share a weekend at my place okay with you Pete?”

It was fine, Barry had a very posh place with a lovely garden and I felt very comfortable there, sitting in the veranda and enjoying the sun, both of us in our shorts and me feeling aroused by Barry wearing the slickest of white shorts displaying a very manly chest.

We got to talking a lot about our uttermost secrets.

“But they have no need to be secrets anymore with us, Pete Huh?”

And gently he gave me the confidence to tell him in great details what I use to do in the quest to find some sort of gratification, like inserting implements into myself – discovering just how deep I could go and how it gave me wonderful feelings twisting and bending it to stretch me inside.

“I guess we share alike” Barry said

“You mean you have done that?”

“Sure have, I did it with some flexible rubber piping which was a delightful experience, then placing a mirror along the side of my bed sop I could lay on the floor, twist and watch myself inserting a length into my ass.”

“That’s why I did. Not with a pipe but in front of a mirror” I said openly gaining confidence eryaman escort all the time as we shared a pot of coffee.

Barry laughed and talked about the things we do to get a climax when all the time. All we need is to find the rig guy to share with, to enjoy the real thing.

“I have dreamed of that frequently” I told Barry.

“Me too but my aspirations and my preferences turned out to be giving rather than taking”

I held my breath, was everything I had anticipated with our meeting about to disappoint.

“How do you mean Barry” I asked.

“Well I just prefer to take the masculine part as a guy does with a woman, I am bisexual you see, is that okay?”

I thought about it, But happily I knew I was simp0ly a taker, having yearned many times to feel a cock inside me.

What it was I don’t know but it was as if Barry was reading my mind, “shall we give it a go then, Pete I would like that if you are game?”

I felt so excited I dropped my coffee cup, spilling some fluid over my jeans which gave Barry the perfect excuse to say; “Off with them, I’ll shove them into the washing machine, they will be dry by tomorrow.”

So I removed them and stood there in my red and black boxers shorts and feeling not embarrassed as once I would have done given the consequences but instead, feeling good and comfortable about myself, even to the point that seeing the approving downward look of Barry I felt very wanting of what Barry had to offer.

He went to the kitchen and returned inviting me to chill a bit and relax on the big leather bound settee.

It did not feel at all strange when he sidled to me and for the first time ever I felt the touch of a hand slide up the inside of my thigh and enjoying it, I held my breath as it finger walked higher and higher into the place of my sexuality.

“Nice Pete?” Barry asked with a wonderful smile, those blue eyes of his appealing and inquisitive.

I returned that it was very nice and so I came to enjoy the wonderful series of teasing and touching.

He grasped the waist of my boxer shorts and gently pulled then down, urging me to twist and turn on my side. It was heaven feeling him do that, and then when they were completely off and my polo shirt too.

“See how this feels Pete” Barry whispered starting to touch me with his finger tips under the crease alongside my balls.

I held my breath again, it was so very erotic and exciting, something I could never imagined as feeling do wonderful and tight.

“Let sincan escort me suck you off” he said squeezing my balls wonderfully.

It was all going so smoothly and for the first time in my life I was sharing those once very private moments with another, It was no longer me touching and masturbating and doping all the things I did to myself but it was another.

I realised just what I had been missing and all because of my upbringing, Now I could really let go and with a guy like Barry it felt the right and perfect thing to do.

His head went down and I felt the warmth of his mouth encompass my half mast cock, soon to swell inside his mouth as I felt that wonderful feeling of being enjoyed and wanted in such a way for the first time and it was so good.

His fingers worked my balls and stretched my foreskin right back as I felt his tongue begin to explore me and soon he stretched my ass cheeks apart and he was there between, I was feeling the tease of his tongue rim my very private hole and was in my absolute element.

He came up for air. Me still l laying on my side stretching to see what he was doing to make me feel so good.

“Come up to the bedroom” he said realising my desire ” I have a full length mirror beside the bed and we can both really let go huh?”

I followed him up the stairs, he had the most beautiful looking room, he stripped for me showing me for the first time his wonderful bulge standing out as if needing urgent attention.

“Well there it is Pete. Your turn?”

And I knew he wanted me to suck it. My heart beat one to the dozen, this was it, at last all those fantasies were coming true.

He planted himself lengthwise on the bed, showing me how we could watch each other in the mirror.

Oh! And unlike you I am cut” he said.

I looked and realised he had no foreskin and asked if he minded because I did. He laughed and said it made no difference, that it was like a parcel waiting to be opened and enjoyed. And he had certainly done that.

I emulated the way he had touched me earlier. His cock was radiant. A good seven inches of wonderful thick and stiff flexible cock that already I was imagining the feel of it inside me, proving to me that I was quite normal being gay and wanting the feel of hard cock in my ass,

“That’s delicious” Barry said as I teased his balls with just the gentlest of touches with my finger nails.

“That is a real come on, now keep doing that as you suck my cock huh?”

I began to realise etlik escort Barry was happy to instruct me and I was fine to go along with that, he being the older guy and all that, all sorts of wonderful feelings were running through my thoughts and maybe what he would like to do with me. But one thing at a time, for now I was about to experience the taste and feel of cock for the first time and not what seemed repulsive to me now, the taste of a screwdriver handle which had just come out of my ass!

I rubbed him up with firm stretching motions, the scent was similar to mine, I wanted to rub my fingers over my nostrils to get the thrill of it.

He jerked it for me, urging me to suck him and then it happened, the feel of it wedged deep into my mouth as he grasped the back of my neck and forced his cock into my throat.

I felt it enter my throat, felt it throb too. I stayed calm at first thinking it would choke me. But he was persistent, I was realising his demands now and wanted to go along with that.

He came away a bit, apologised as I caught my breath. But I said it was okay, but said this time let me take my time to get the art of it, to let me enjoy gradually the feel of mouth fucking and he happily went along with that.

He rubbed me up again and I felt a finger rim my hole with lubrication , then enter me as we lay alongside of each other.

“You have a very suckable ass just waiting for hard prick” he said and I was starting to discover his sexual language whilst being in a full stare of sexual arousal. My cock beating like a drum.

“Sit on my face and let me suck that fucking asshole” he yelled being very demanding again

He did stretching my cheeks so wide and slapping them quite hard too, But I was enjoying it and when he asked me if I would like for him to spank me before he fucked me I was all for it, being bent full stride across his knee on the edge of the bed and being strapped with his belt made me yelp and yes it was painful, but his fuck would make up for it, and the deep firm massage of coconut oil afterwards! that was after we explored each other to the full, each of us enjoying the licking and tasting of cock and balls in out face and then his hot dream spurting like mount Etna into my ass.

He wanted mine into his face and lavished it, I sprayed it over his chest too and after a brief rest I was there sucking that cock again, having gotten a real zest for the feel and taste of it in my throat. And then he bent me over the edge of the bed, placing a couple of pillows beneath to raise my ass to the right height, he pressed that great prick inside me and I felt the thrust stretch and pain me a little at first as he worked it into me, then he stopped awhile and I felt the throb of it inside.

Soon the final thrust and we were there.

It was the start of something very special and I was so glad that Barry had brought me out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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