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This is a follow up to my earlier story (‘She and her Dad screw through England and France’) in which my Dad had won a three week all-expense paid trip to Europe and invited me to join him. During the trip he and I, as might have been imagined, got all tangled up with sex that we both loved and then we met up with Nicole, a lovely French girl, with whom we had all kids of sex and then she and I sent Dad home and her and I were going to enjoy touring the Eastern part of Europe together. I forgot to mention that Nicole is filthy rich so the cost of our mini-vacation wasn’t something we needed to concern ourselves.


Niccole followed me so when I dropped my Dad and the rental car we had been using at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris I then hopped in Nicole’s BMW that we would be using for our trip through Europe. I got to thinking about this trip and figured we ought to get something straight between us right up front so I said,

“Nicole, I’m hoping that we really are going to be seeing tons of Eastern Europe together besides having all of the sex either of us can handle. Do you agree?”

“And I am also hoping you are going to teach me all the French I’ll need besides “eat me Judy”

“Oh oui, Judy, I am going to be the perfect tour guide. I’ll show you everything a visitor would like to see and then I am going to eat your pussy till you scream for merci and I am expecting you’ll do the same for mine.” She said with a huge laugh.

She knew her way out of the De Gaulle airport and we headed east into Germany.

“Judy, tomorrow we will be passing close to Munich and the Dachau concentration camp is very close to it. It is kind of sad to tour it but would you like to see it since we are going to be so close?”

“I’d love to but it will be sometime tomorrow when we get there. We can make it to Stuttgart, Germany this afternoon but can we get a hotel this late in the day??”

“Don’t worry about that” she said as she picked up her cell phone and the next thing I knew was hearing her jabber away in French to someone and then ending the call.

“Taken care of.” She said like it wasn’t any kind of problem at all.

“How did you do that with one phone call? You can’t know that much about Stuttgart to know the names of the good hotels.”

“Judy, I guess I didn’t tell you all about my wealth. Besides the money and houses and apartments my uncle left me he also left me a manufacturing company. I don’t have to spend much time at it since the people who have been running it for years do a great job and all I have to do is to keep them happy with raises and bonuses. I simply called my secretary and told her to make the reservations for us.”

“Oh my God, I never realized that I was going to have someone with so much money eating my pussy.” I laughed and she roared.

She followed up with “I think we ought to check into the hotel this afternoon, have a nice dinner, see a little of Stuttgart and then see Munich and Dachau tomorrow. How does that sound?”

“It sounds perfect if it is also going to include you burying your face deep in my pussy.”

“Oh it will do that as long as you are going to do the same for me,” she replied.

That night we did a real slow but sensuous sixty-nine for the first time. Before putting my tongue deep inside of her I folded three figures of my hand into a teepee form and slipped them in to the point where they were just touching her clit and then began to thrust them so it was as if I was finger fucking her. As soon as I felt her responding I removed my fingers and buried my tongue and had it gently caress the sides of her vagina and then as deep as I could get it. It only took a few minutes of that and she was throwing her head from side to side and flipping her hips so high in the air I had a hard time keeping my face buried. The screech she let out with her orgasm could have wakened the dead. Thankfully we had a big suite rather than a simple regular small room. It seemed to take forever for her to come down from her orgasm during which time I was so hot I felt as if I was climbing the walls.

When her breathing came back to somewhat normal I simply said “your turn,” and then pushed her back down on the bed and moved up to the point where I was crouched over her face with my knees on each side of her face and the lips of my pussy just barely touching her mouth.

I lowered myself so the lips of my pussy were being spread by the lips of her mouth and I looked down at her and her eyes were wide open in a somewhat look of amazement as I said, “Go to it honey…eat me”.

As her tongue was doing a great job she let her hands slide up so that each of them was caressing one of my breasts. She had her index fingers rolling around the tip of my nipples as I was almost smashing my pussy hard on her mouth. I would have to be careful I wouldn’t smother her. She really had me going for it only took a few minutes of that and the juices were flowing out of me like a river.

“Oh God Nicole, how did you know to üsküdar escort do that to my tits?”

“I just did what I knew would drive me crazy and hoped it would do that for you too.”

“Well, you were right. It certainly drove me over the top.”

We slept with her spooned to me with her hand clasping my breast. It felt great.

The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel dining room and when she signaled the Maître de that we were through she asked him to arrange to have her car brought around. It was there by the time we hit the main entrance of the hotel.

Damn, it must be nice to have the money she has that everyone falls over themselves trying to please her.

We were going to go directly to Munich but after a few blocks I saw a sign on one of the shops indicating it was a pharmacy and just a few doors down there was a shop that looked as if it sold pornographic paraphernalia. I told her to let me out and go around the block while I went into the pharmacy to get some make-up stuff. I really wanted to go into the porn store to get a surprise for her.

I managed to get just what I wanted and was waiting in front of the pharmacy as she pulled up. She saw the plain bag and just assumed it contained what I had bought in the pharmacy.

We had lunch in a small café on the outskirts of Munich before heading out to the short ride over to Dachau.

After an hour touring the remains of what was the Dachau concentration camp I was ready to leave. It is a hell of a sad piece of real estate. All of the original barracks have been torn down with only a couple that were built after the war so visitors could see what they were like. The gassing room is still intact as well as the crematorium with its ovens. All in all a very depressing place. We left there around two and headed for Vienna that was a couple of hundred miles to the East.

The Autobahn is a terrific highway. In some spots there isn’t a speed limit and the wide road curves ever so gently but it is the road surface that impressed me. It is sort of blacktop but it is ever so smooth.

We arrived in Vienna at 5 PM and she had made another one of her magic phone calls and had a hotel suite waiting for us.

Neither of us were very hungry and decided not to have dinner until later in the evening but that was fine—-I had a surprise waiting for her.

After getting into the suite it didn’t take us long to strip and hit the sack. I had positioned the surprise bag under my side of the king size bed and as she was getting into the bed I reached down and brought out the surprise. It was a pair of strap on dildos. One was a seven incher and the other almost eleven inches. I strapped on the seven incher first and when I rolled over she squealed almost as loudly as she does when she is coming.

“I got this one since it is the same size as my Dad’s and I knew how much we both loved that one. I’ll save the other one and only use it on you if you are very very nice.” I said with a huge laugh.

“Oh hell, we both know what a seven incher feels like. Let’s go straight to the big one. I’m first.”

The big one wasn’t just long it was thick as well. I think it was safe to say that neither of us ever had been fucked but such a huge cock.

“Nicole, I got a tube of jelly and I think I ought to put some on this thing to make it go in without hurting too much.”

“OK stud” she said with a huge smirk.

I put some of the jelly in her pussy and then wiped a light coating on the head and shaft of the dildo.

As she lay on the bed with her legs spread as wide as I had ever seen them I first used my mouth on her nipples and then positioned the head of it so it was just separating the lips of her vagina. I pushed ever so gently and I was soon in her a solid four inches and she had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily.

“Are you OK Nicole?”

“Oui, keep going.” Another gentle push and I was in about eight inches and when I looked down I couldn’t believe how far open it had spread the lips of her vagina. I thought I might just start thrusting it in and out of her before going in all of the way.

As I began the thrusting she threw her legs up around my back and was pulling me in harder and harder so that after a few minutes she had the entire eleven inches buried deep inside of her.

“Oh my God Judy, just go easy. It feels terrific but you are in me so far. It also feels like it is going to be coming out of my mouth.”

I kept up a steady thrusting and it wasn’t long before she reached up behind my neck and pulled my face to hers and planted a huge kiss on my mouth. We had never kissed up until then but I knew that with as aroused as she was it was the right thing to do.

I slowed my thrusting down but she clamped her heels in the middle of my back and whispered, “Judy, fuck me slow and deep.”

So that’s exactly what I did. I thought she was going to explode a couple times but she slowed me down to protract the tuzla escort feeling she was enjoying until she couldn’t take it anymore and screamed, “Fuck me hard I’m coming.”

With that she went a little crazy. She was tossing her head from side to side and her hips high in the air and was beating my back with her heels and finally pulling our mouths together for a huge kiss and then let go with a humongous orgasm. I never knew one could be so strong.

She was breathing so hard I got a little worried that she was going to be all right. She’s just a little bit of a woman but her breaths were so deep and strong that it really had me worried for a few minutes. She finally opened her eyes and stared at me with a huge smile and simply said, “Wow! I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with a cock any smaller than that one”

I laughed as I slipped all eleven inches out of her and wiped it off with a towel I had brought in from the bathroom earlier. “Sure you will Nicole. The smaller cock will be attached to some guy you really like.”

“Yeah, I guess you are right.” She said with a huge smile

She strapped the dildo on and put some of the jelly on it and then positioned herself over me. I was looking forward to feeling that monster in me but to tell the truth I was more than just a little bit scared.

I felt it part the lips of my vagina and then slip in me a few inches and so far everything was just fine. She looked down at me with her cute smile and then pushed a lot harder and was then in me six or seven cinches. I could feel myself breathing a lot faster and harder when she gave one huge push and I could feel that she was in me all the way.

“Oh God. Just stop right there for a minute Nicole.”

She did and after a minute or two I was the one who began some thrusting and she caught right on and began some serious thrusting of her own. She did something that I didn’t do to her. She pulled the dildo almost all the way out and then slipped it back in me. I could feel every inch going deep inside of me and the feeling was almost overwhelming. God it felt fantastic.

I don’t think I ever had an orgasm anything like this one. It wasn’t just huge; it seemed to go on forever. It was as if my pussy was pulsing and with every pulse I let some more of my juices out of me. It was unbelievable and I know I’m not doing a very good job describing how it felt. All I can say it was unforgettable.

We lay there for twenty minutes or so with me coming off my orgasmic high and Nicole just running her smooth little hands all over my body. Damn, she is something else again.

“Hey sweet lady. I’m hungry, how about if we go someplace for dinner. I don’t know much about this town but I’ll bet if I give my secretary a call she will be able to suggest a good place to eat.”

“Go right ahead but right now I’m going in for a shower.”

“Wait just a minute and I’ll join you.”

Sure enough, one phone call later and we were going to be dining at a five star restaurant in Vienna.

The dinner was superb and for what it cost is should have been. We had one bottle of a medium priced wine ($125) and the bill, with tip, was almost $500 US. After dinner we went for a brief walk and almost stumbled across what turned out to be one of the hottest spots in town. In we went.

It was after nine and the place wasn’t crowded at all so we had no trouble getting a decent table located right next to the small dance floor. There was a small three piece band and they were doing very well. By the second number Nicole asked if I would like to dance and I took her up on it. It was the first time I ever danced with a woman.

We did quite well and actually have a small round of applause from the patrons around the dance floor. We took a gracious bow and returned to our table.

The crowd was getting bigger by the minute and it wasn’t long before a decent looking guy who introduced himself as Frank and was about our age came over to our table asking if he could buy us a drink and maybe we’d honor him with a dance. We looked at each and she said “Why not?”

The waitresses were having a tougher time keeping up with the increased crowd so he offered to go to the bar and get our drinks himself. When he was gone Nicole looked at me with a devilish glint in her eyes and said, “how about we invite him back to our room and give him a night he won’t easily forget?”

“Sure, let’s wait until we have another drink or two. We don’t want him thinking we’re too easy.”

It only took another half hour before we were ready to give Frank his night to remember.

Nicole started it with him saying something that the dancing had got her all hot and bothered and she was ready for some serious action. Frank followed right on with that and invited us up his room at a nearby hotel. Nicole countered that by refusing to go to his place but welcomed him to ours. When he heard the name of our hotel he jumped at the chance as ours is one of the grandest pendik escort in all of Vienna.

We were no sooner in our suite that Frank started to get a little rough. Nicole had stripped rather fast and helped him off with his clothes. He reached out and grabbed me and started to actually tear my clothes off of me.

“Slow down big boy. I’ll be ready for some action in a few minutes.” I said quietly.

“Yeah but I’m ready for it now.” He growled and threw me to the bed and backhanded me across the face as I was falling.

Nicole said she needed to use the toilet and excused herself. She was back with us in a couple of minutes with a huge smile plastered all over her face. It wasn’t twenty minutes later that there was a light knock at the door to the suite and Nicole said she would see who it was but had that same smile all over her face.

She opened the door and two burly guys came in.

Nicole, still with the huge smile said something to the effect of,

“Hey guys, here’s the big time lover boy that likes to treat ladies on the rough side. Can you quieten him down a bit?”

Without a word they each grabbed one of his arms and lifted him over to the huge king-size bed.

By that time Frankie Boy was in full panic mode and put a big fake smile all over his face saying, “C’mon Nicole, you know I was only kidding.”

Nicole came right back with, “So are we Frankie. Guys how about pulling Frankie’s pants down so we can see what he’s got?”

That took all of a minute and lo and behold Frankie’s tool had shriveled up to that of a young boy. He was scared shitless and had every reason to be.

Nicole continued on with “Frank, if you had played nice we would have had a great sex party but you had to be the big shot and show us how big and strong you are. You will soon see that you aren’t the only one who can play that game.”

She went over to her luggage and dug out the eleven inch dildo and strapped it on.

“Frank, now you are going to feel what it’s like to have a dick in you that wasn’t invited. Guys, get him up on his hands and knees with his ass facing me.”

The guys didn’t seem to know what was coming next but they soon found out as she moved behind Frank and placed the head of the dildo up against the ruby red lips of his asshole.

She gave one little push and he let out a scream that the guys quickly muffled with a pillow and she continued pushing the dildo in him until all eleven inches were buried.

Nicole acted as if she was a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco and the two burly guys were laughing their asses off.

“C’mon Judy, why don’t you strap on the smaller dildo and give him a ride with it? He’ll appreciate the reduction in size.”

I did and she pulled the eleven incher out of him and I quickly replaced it with the seven incher. The only difference for Frank was that I didn’t fuck him nice and slow like Nicole had been doing. I rammed it into him and smacked him on the ass to encourage some action on his part.

“C’mon Frank. Let the big guys see how much you like to get your ass fucked.”

By this time Frankie Boy was crying like a baby and I pulled out of him and told him to get dressed. Our sex party with him was over. He pulled on his clothes but as he started to sit on the side of the bed to pull on his socks he screeched as his ass hit the bed. Apparently something had gotten into him and roughed his ass up a bit!!!

“Guys, we are going to get ready to leave too so hang in there and we can all leave together.”

I jumped in with,

“Nicole, how about we give our protectors some fun while Frankie Boy watches.”

“Great idea! Hey guys, do you think you are up to giving us a good time? C’mon, I’m the boss lady so you can’t get in any trouble doing it.”

As she was saying this she went over to the nearest guy and wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her bare pussy against the front of his jeans. He was hard in a minute.

“Let’s go. Drop your pants and let’s enjoy ourselves for a few hours.” I suggested.

It didn’t take the two of them more than a minute to get naked. I guided one over to the bed and Nicole dropped to her knees in front of the other one and soon had his cock buried deep in her mouth. I pulled the other one down on top of me and got one of the condoms Nicole had in her purse and let him roll it on before he rammed his rock hard cock deep inside of me. While this was going on Frankie Boy was watching and eating his heart out over what he was missing.

“Go ahead Frankie, jerk yourself off. That’s all the satisfaction you are going to get in this room tonight.” I shouted at him.

Both of our burly muscle men had their orgasms about the same time and we all lay around just chatting. Frankie was still pounding away at his cock but it looked as if he was getting soft with all of us watching him.

After an hour or so I started to fondle the cock of the guy Nicole had just given a blow job and it started to rise with my encouragement. She did the same to my previous lover and it wasn’t long before she and I had cocks buried deep inside of us. I pushed my guy down on his back and then climbed on him so that I was kneeling over him with his cock inside of me and I was riding him like a horse. He didn’t last a few minutes before he was exploding.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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