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A few days passed with Bethany and Belle alternating with helping me sleep. We didn’t mention it outside of that. On the inside I felt ashamed that I was relying on them like this. Like I was a baby or something. However, I realized that I was getting some much-needed sleep with their help. Having one of them near me while in bed just told me that the world was alright. That everything was okay and things hadn’t gone to shit. That I hadn’t lost everything.

I forced myself away from those thoughts and looked out the window and at the street. I was expecting Toon to show up soon. I wished she’d hurry up and arrive since it had been so long since I had seen her. Well it had only been a week or so. But she was my best friend. I needed her around. I continued to watch the street for her since I had nothing better to do. And eventually I saw her Corolla crawl slowly through the street. She was probably trying to read each house number. When she reached the right house, she pulled over to the sidewalk and parked. Toon was out of the car seconds later, her short black hair popping up over the top. She looked up at the window – knowing from my texts which room I had – and waved excitedly. I waved back and went downstairs to open the door.

“Toon is here.” I called to Bethany in the living room.

“Alright. I’ll leave you two alone.” Bethany smirked. “Let me know if you want me to run to the store and grab condoms.”

“Gross.” I made a face. On the inside, however, I was not completely opposed to what Bethany was suggesting. Toon’s an incredibly beautiful girl. Black hair that she kept in a pixie cut. Pale skin that would make Snow White envious and green eyes that looked like emeralds. She was also small enough where she could pull off a Tinkerbell cosplay if she dyed her hair blonde. Her breasts were small- big or small, I love them all – as her figure would suggest but her ass more than made up for it. They were just the right amount of jiggly and when she wore yoga pants or leggings I would bless their inventor from the bottom of my heart.

I opened the door. “Hey.”

“Rye!” She hugged me, being as animated as her nickname would suggest. As small as her breasts were, they were still breasts and they pressed pleasantly against me. “How are you?”

“Good! You?”

“Dead inside as always.” She grinned and leaned her head to the side. “Hey Beth!”

“Hey Toon!” Bethany called from the sofa without getting up.

“Let’s head up.” I turned and led Toon to my room. I just knew that Bethany was smirking downstairs.

“Looks like you’re all settled in.” Toon hopped onto my bed and grabbed the pillow. She put it on her lap then rested her elbow on it. “This house is gorgeous by the way.”

I took a seat at my desk. “There’s a pool too.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“Nope.” I chuckled. “There is in fact a pool back there.”

“Ughhh you’re so luckyyyy.” She then realized what she just said and turned red. “I mean. I. Fuck. Rye I didn’t mean…”

“You’re good Toon. I know what you meant.” I smiled to show her that it was alright. “You’re welcome to use it whenever you want.”

“I wish I could. Mom and Dad are driving me insane.” Toon moaned. “And I swear to god if I have to deal with another party of 20 that doesn’t tip, you’ll have to make a trip to the local prison twice a month. I’ll be in there for a robbery followed by a murderous rampage.”

For as tiny as Toon was, she was bloodthirsty. We had first met in kindergarten but didn’t really play together since I liked keeping to myself. Until a giant lump of lard (no kindergartener should be that big) tried to pick on me. Toon had showed up out of nowhere and socked him right in the nose. After she had gotten back from her time-out, I gave her my brownie. We had been best friends since. “Only twice a month?”

“I think that’s all they allow.” She frowned.

“Why do you know this?”

“I looked it up. I was very angry.” She smiled wickedly. Then she wrinkled her face up. “There was a toddler whose personality matched the rotten cunt it had popped out of. Little fucker shat on the floor underneath the table. My Mom had to clean it up.”

“Rotten cunt? Really, Toon?”

“What? The bitch called me the ‘help’.” She growled. “Oh I’ll help her alright. I’ll help her eat the steak that wasn’t “medium-rare” enough by shoving it down her giraffe throat. Seriously. Her neck was loooong.”

I sat quietly and occasionally smiled as Toon launched into a long rant about her various customers this past week. I knew she’d calm down considerably once she got it out of her system. While she did that, I gazed at her. The faces she made. How red she got when she got angry. The way her teeth flashed when she smiled. I knew that I wouldn’t be looking at her like this if I didn’t have a crush on her. But we were best friends and I didn’t want to risk losing that. Besides. She deserved so much better.

“Hey Rye?”

I popped out of my daydreaming. “Hmm?”

She was looking istanbul escort at me with a lot of hesitation and concern. Her previous rage was completely gone. After curling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them, she spoke up. “Are you okay?”

I stiffened. Why does everyone keep asking me that? Of course I’m okay. If I wasn’t okay would I be sitting here talking like this? Would I be daydreaming about how gorgeous Toon was? Would I have fantasized about my sisters? “I’m fine, Toon.”

She continued to stare at me, looking deep into my eyes. I was blushing from the intensity of her gaze but she didn’t seem to notice. “Alright. You’re fine.”

“Yes. I’m fine.” I smiled.

She got up abruptly. “Gotta pee.”

“My bathroom isn’t fixed yet. Use the one downstairs. Bethany will show ya.”



Toon returned to the living room after using the restroom and sat on the couch on the other end from where Bethany was sitting. “Rye lied right to my face. He’s never done that before. Not for anything important.”

“What?” Bethany put her book to the side. “What’d he lie about?”

“He said he’s fine. He looked me right in the eye and said he’s fine.” Toon’s eyebrows were furrowed with worry. “He even smiled at me while saying it.”

“Yea.” Bethany nodded. “We’ve been having the same problem. He refuses to talk about it. But we were thinking that you’d be able to get it out of him.”

“Why would you think that? You guys are his family.” Toon said. “He talks about you and Belle constantly. Bethany does this… Belle can draw that… One time they did this… On and on and on.” She smiled. “He adores you two. You guys will have more luck than me.”

Bethany just shrugged while thinking to herself that it was funny that Toon hadn’t noticed at all how Rye felt about her. “You’d be surprised, Toon. At least try okay?”

“Of course I will.” Toon smiled. “How about you two? Are you and Belle okay?”

“More than Rye, that’s for sure. We talked about it and cried and we still talk about it and cry. But we’re doing okay.”

“That’s good.” Toon thought about it for a bit. Then scooted over to Bethany and gave her a hug. “I’m so sorry for what happened Beth.”

Bethany didn’t say anything. Just hugged the small girl back.

Toon got up after a few seconds. “I should head back upstairs. He thinks I’m peeing.”

“Alright.” Bethany laughed. “Thank you by the way. For spending time with him today. He won’t say it, but he really missed you this week.”

At that moment Toon was tempted to call her parents and inform them that she would not be helping at their restaurant for the rest of the summer. But she knew Rye would be extremely suspicious if she pulled something like that. Instead she just returned to her friend. They hung out for the rest of the day, doing nothing more than talk. The whole time Toon tried to find a good way to get Rye to talk about his Mom but an opportunity never came. She left in the evening, promising that she’d drop by in a few days. On her drive home she decided she’d do whatever it took to get Ryan back to normal.


That night at dinner, Belle was wearing a loose tank top and didn’t have a bra underneath. Her breasts swung freely with every small movement and her nipples were very obvious. I did my best to not look at her although I did allow myself occasional peaks when none of the women were looking at me. This didn’t happen very often since it felt like all of them were glued to my face.

“Do I have something gross on my face?” I chuckled.

“Yea. Your face.” Belle said immediately.

I allowed her the satisfaction of getting me to scowl but I didn’t take the bait beyond that. She had been very nice to me the past few days, especially when she came in to help me sleep. I was still not sure how I felt about that. On the one hand… it felt amazing. I fell asleep quickly and I was catching up on all the rest I desperately needed. And I felt like I was getting closer to Belle than I was before. On the other hand, I was getting hard when they did it. And the next day I’d get hard anytime I thought about it and I’d start fantasizing about them (like right now). Considering the two of them were doing this for me and were pretending to not notice my erections, I was betraying them.

After dinner ended we all watched a movie together. April took over the lay-z-boy, leaving me sitting in the middle of the sofa with Bethany to my left and Belle to my right, all of us covered by a huge blanket. Belle was lying down, her legs lying across my lap and Bethany’s. Seeing as it was a horror movie, Bethany was scrunched up to me and resting her head on my shoulder. I was used to her doing this. But nowadays I was extremely aware of just how good looking Bethany was. And I guess Belle too since they were identical. Long brown hair and blue eyes. Cute, avcılar escort round faces and small ears that stuck out just a bit. Slender bodies with modestly sized breasts and asses that were perfectly round and firm. I loved how her breasts felt against my arm and I wished the movie would hurry up and end so we could go up and cuddle. I needed to feel her warmth around me.

I flinched as Belle adjusted her legs and accidentally ran her thigh over my boner. It had been pressed down by her thigh until then. I was wearing basketball shorts so it was super obvious to her. I glanced at her and I saw her smirking at me. It was amazing that the face that looked like an angel on Bethany, could look like a demon when on Belle.

“Perv.” She mouthed. But she didn’t move her thighs away.

The whole movie passed with Belle moving her thighs every now and then, purposely rubbing them against my straining erection. She didn’t do it too much so Bethany wouldn’t get annoyed by her moving constantly. But just enough to keep me teased and hard. What the hell was she doing? I kept trying to make eye contact with her again but she never looked at me for the rest of the night. Maybe she didn’t realize that she was teasing me? No. She wasn’t that dense. Maybe she was trying to punish me for being a pervert. She always did find pleasure in torturing me.

Finally, the movie ended. I feigned laziness to have a reason for not getting up immediately from the sofa. Belle just smirked at me then left the room, yawning a good night to us. April was close behind her in leaving, heading straight for her bedroom.

“Ready to get up yet, lazy bum?” Bethany had her hands on her hips and was smiling at me. Her hair was in a ponytail and I thought she looked extremely cute.

“Yea. I guess.” I was finally soft enough to hide my cock but it was still partially erect. I got up and stretched. I saw Bethany stifle a yawn. “You can go sleep. I’ll be fine tonight.”

“Nope.” Bethany shot me down immediately then gestured up the stairs. “Up you go mister.”

I sighed and obeyed. It was pointless to argue with Bethany. I took my shirt off as usual and laid down on my bed. Bethany followed immediately and assumed the usual position of having my face buried in her chest. Considering the night of torture with Belle, I wondered if Bethany did this on purpose as well. Not that I was complaining. Her scent did a great job of keeping me calm and entice me to sleep.

“Thanks Beth.” I murmured.

“You don’t need to thank me.” Bethany stroked my hair. “I hope you can actually sleep tonight after what Belle was doing.”

I stiffened. “You noticed?”

“Well yea. She was moving so much. I’d have to be blind to not notice that she was purposely rubbing her thighs on you.”


Bethany was quiet for awhile. Then, softly, she asked “Did you like it?”

“Uhm.” I stiffened again. “N-no.”

“Liar.” She laughed. “Tell me the truth.”

“I didn’t! I really didn’t.”

She pushed my face farther into her cleavage. This was so close that it was much harder to breathe. “Rye…Don’t lie to me.”

Oh god. Was Bethany just as much of a demon as Belle? “I liked it.”

She eased up on her grip and I moved my face back a bit more so I could breathe. But I didn’t move so far that I was away from her cleavage. “Good boy.”

My cock lurched when she said that. Dammit. What was Bethany up to?

“Want me to help you?”

I moved away and looked at her. Her blues met my brown ones and she saw how stunned and confused I looked. “Beth?”

“You heard me.” She was smiling. “I’ll help you.” Her hand began rubbing at the spot just below my below button, her fingers grazing the waistband of my shorts. “You’ve had a hard on every night for the past few nights. And whenever you look at Aunt April.”

I gulped visibly. “You saw that?”

“I’d have to be blind.” She repeated. “I’m sure she has noticed too.”

“Fuck.” My face flushed and I started going soft with fear and worry.

“Oh don’t worry about it. Women are used to guys looking. Even guys that shouldn’t be.” She was smiling playfully when she said that. Her fingers were now pulling at my waistband. “Answer my question, Rye.”

“I. I d-don’t. Beth it’s…” How was I supposed to talk properly when my older sister was looking me in the eye and offering to help me with my boner?

“Rye. Look me in the eye and answer me like a man.” She said, sounding just a little stern.

I gulped. Then nodded. “Yes.” Fuck! Why’d I say yes? Clearly my dick had taken over my thinking.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, please.”

“Good boy.” She smiled again. “Never forget your manners.”


She raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, ma’am.”

She broke out into a soft laugh. “I’m just kidding. You don’t have to say ma’am. But definitely say please.”


“Okay.” Bethany sat up and pushed the covers off us. She then pulled şirinevler escort my shorts down along with my boxers. The head of my cock got caught on the waistband for a second before it got free and slapped back onto my belly. She raised her eyebrows and her eyes widened. “That’s a good-looking dick.”

“Thanks?” My ego began swelling. I had gotten that comment before from a girl that had given me my first (and until now only) hand job. But I hadn’t really believed it. But if Bethany said so…

She smiled, still staring at my cock. She then lied back down and had me cuddle her like before. She grabbed my cock without hesitation and began stroking it. “There you go, Rye. Just like you asked.” She purred. She placed kisses on my head. “Just cum when you want okay? I don’t care if I get messy.”


“And you can kiss my boobs.” She said huskily. “I know you want to.”

I began kissing them immediately. My lips planted kiss up on kiss and my tongue occasionally snaked out to lick at them. Bethany eventually pushed her shirt up and her bra down so I could have better access. I immediately took her nipple into my mouth and began sucking on it. I gently nibbled on it too, making her moan.

“Oh! Rye…” She was doing her best to keep her moans quiet. “Careful…they’re sensitive.”

I eased up as she asked but my attention still got her to moan softly. She didn’t let that stop her from giving my cock attention. Sometimes she rubbed at the head with her palm. And other times she jerked the shaft and let the foreskin glide back and forth over the head. Her free hand moved away from stroking my hair to gently squeeze my balls. “Beth…that feels good…” That was all I could manage at that moment. Right then I wasn’t thinking about how inappropriate all this was. How the past few days had been. I just wanted to cum. It had been so long. And now I was lucky enough to have my loving sister help me. She wanted to help me.

“Go ahead baby. Cum for me. Keep saying my name and cum for me.”

“Hngg… Beth… Beth…” I obeyed her command for me to say her name. And moments later I came as she asked. Rope after rope of thick cum shot out of my cock as she continued to jerk it. My whole body shuddered after I finally had my first orgasm in weeks. I breathed heavily and latched onto Bethany’s breast as she milked my cock.

“Good boy…” She murmured when I finished cumming. All of it had squirted onto her belly. “You like that?”



“Thank you.”

“Of course, sweetie.” Bethany let me play with her breasts until I finally drifted off to sleep.


After Ryan fell asleep, Bethany hurried out of the room. The guilt and shame had slammed into her almost immediately. She had just taken advantage of her little brother. He needed her to comfort him. But not like this. This all was way too similar to a night 8 years ago. She was about to rush down the hall to the bathroom to wash the cum off her belly when Belle stepped out of their room.

“Hey is he aslee-” Belle’s eyes widened as she saw white liquid on her sister’s belly. She immediately knew what it was. “Is that?!”

“Shhhhh!” Bethany dragged Belle into their room and shut the door behind her.

“Oh my god Beth what the fuck were you thinking?!”

“I don’t know!” Bethany let her shirt drop, no longer caring that she’d get cum on it. “I don’t know, Belle! I just…”

“Did you have sex with him?!” Belle was doing her best to not absolutely freak out and hit her sister. This is just like 8 years ago.

“No!” Bethany said quickly. “I jerked him off.”

“Beth!” That’s all that Belle could manage.

“I saw you tease him all night. And then when he got hard again while we were cuddling… I don’t know. I don’t know Belle. Something came over me and I couldn’t stop. And when he said he wanted it I-” Bethany slumped onto her bed, head in her hands.

“Tease him? Excuse me?” Belle glared at Bethany. What the fuck was she talking about?

“You were rubbing your thighs on him during the movie. Did you think I didn’t notice?”

“I…” Belle trailed off. Now that she heard Bethany say it… what the hell was she thinking? Why had she done that? “I don’t know why I did that.”


Belle sat down next to Bethany. She was no longer angry at Bethany for preying on Ryan like that. She’d have to be a hypocrite to do that when she herself had done the same during the movie.

“We’re two fucked up bitches aren’t we?” Bethany said quietly.


“You think he’s going to hate us?”

“I don’t know.”

Bethany teared up. “We’re the only family he has and we go and do this.” She turned to Belle. “What are we going to do if he leaves us?”

“He’s not going to do that!” Belle said quickly. Mostly to convince herself.

“How do you know that?”

“I don’t. I just know Rye. We can talk to him tomorrow. Sort this all out.”

Bethany just laid down on her bed. She didn’t care about the cum that was now drying on her belly and gluing her shirt to it. Belle sat for a very long time at the edge of the bed, staring at the door. She kept wondering if Ryan was going to come barreling through and yell at them for teasing him and playing with him like that. The thought of Ryan leaving them like Bethany feared made tears fall freely from her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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