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I had been making love to Amelia for most of the afternoon. Her pussy was now so open and so wet, that her juices were oozing down her thighs and saturating my balls. So much relentless fucking had made her cunt very slippery, and as my cock kept sliding out I switched to fucking her in the arse. This was much tighter and by reaching round and gasping her tiny tits I was able to steady myself and maintain a constant rhythm.

It seemed strange that the beautiful, firm rounded arse that I was fucking had been sat primly on a seat in the English Department’s lecture hall only a few hours ago. It wasn’t as though Amelia was even my girlfriend, we were rather two people willingly swept up in the Prof’s and his gorgeous wife Sophie’s sexual adventures.

I liked Amelia a lot – she was prim, proper and posh, but she also had a quirky sense of humour. She could also be surprisingly shy, one moment looking bashful and the next fingering my arse and sucking my cock as if there was no tomorrow. Next year she would graduate from the University; no doubt taking that divine arse back home to London, no doubt marrying her dull boyfriend Simon. The boyfriend who had never fucked her in the arse, but who was coming to stay with her for a weekend visit.

Amelia began to rotate her firm little rear faster and faster, and any thoughts of anything else quickly left me as the sensations in my cock increased in intensity. A few more turns and I would cum. Suddenly her phone buzzed. I hardly heard it, but Amelia did. She stopped moving and leaned forward to reach it. As she did so her contracted buttocks ejected my cock. She quickly sat up.

“It’s a text from Simon,” Amelia said.

She paused for a moment, staring at the phone. The nipples on her small breasts stood out pink against her pale skin. She looked puzzled.

“It must be urgent.”

I was frustrated by this interruption and I tried to slide my hands between Amelia’s legs to renew our action. I needed to get my cock back into her body. The sperm churning impatiently in my balls was agony and it needed release; but Amelia shrugged me off.

“Simon is coming up on Wednesday. Oh my God that’s tomorrow!”

I realised the problem. “We are meant to be seeing the prof and Sophie tomorrow night.”

Amelia nodded her head in agreement “Yes! They won’t like a postponement as one of the Prof’s friends is coming.”

She was becoming increasingly agitated and now sex with me was firmly off the agenda. She sighed deeply, sank back on the bed and pulled a pillow over her face. I knew when it was best to leave her alone, and that was now.

After what seemed like an age she threw the pillow off and stared at the ceiling, then said “You could go on your own? I have to see Simon; I couldn’t possibly let him down.”

“They wouldn’t want me on my own, can’t you put him off?” The full implications of Simon’s early arrival began to hit me. “You know the Prof will go mad – and who knows where that will end?”

“No, it’s impossible,” she said creasing her brow.

“Nothing’s impossible.”

“This is.”

Amelia sat up and carried on talking while she looked at the wall.

“You could go as Jane.”

“That’s a joke right?” I replied.

“No, you could. The Prof would love it, it’s probably the only thing that could get me off going.”

“Look, I’ve told you before – being Jane is off the agenda.”

Basically, being Jane was me istanbul escort putting on women’s clothing, looking like a slut and having sex with all three of them. The Prof in particular was most keen on the idea, it seemed to drive him wild. Always in search of new pleasures the two females had both put pressure on me to comply.

At the time it was first suggested, Amelia had said “Well Michael I wear women’s clothes every day and it hasn’t done me any harm,” and with that she had raised her short skirt to reveal a pair of divine black panties. Sophie had pointed out that the Prof had already fucked me up the arse, which in her view certainly took more effort on my part than dressing up as a teenage slut. But at that time, it didn’t feel right. I hadn’t done it before and anyway I hadn’t wanted to be pushed around by those two.

Amelia turned towards me and fixed me with her beautiful doe eyes. She tilted her head slightly as she looked at me, she was trying to hypnotise me with her sexual power. She spoke very slowly and very softly, almost in a whisper.

“Michael, I am asking you to do this for me as a very special favour.” Amelia sighed deeply. “It is very important to me,” she paused then slightly raising her voice she repeated “It is very important to me.”

She continued to hold my gaze when I didn’t reply.

“There will be a reward.”

I still didn’t say anything.

“A very nice reward of your own choosing.”

Amelia waited a while and when I didn’t reply she continued, “Maybe you would like to join the lovely Clemmie and me? She’s not really into men, but I am sure she would make an exception for you if I asked her nicely.”

The ‘lovely Clemmie’ was indeed lovely. She looked about eighteen, but she was actually twenty-three. She was in many ways a brunette version of Amelia herself; small tits, long legs and a beautiful face. They had met a year or so ago and quickly developed their lesbian love. Amelia used to describe sex with Clemmie to get me excited, but Clemmie had so far not been drawn into our relationship with the Prof and Sophie. Amelia had told me that she wanted to keep Clemmie as her private friend. She didn’t want anyone else sharing in Clemmie’s corruption. It was a tempting offer and I began to weaken.

Amelia had been licking and sucking her finger provocatively. Suddenly she withdrew it from her mouth, slipped her hand between my legs and slid it up my arse. I jolted a bit in surprise but she kept it there. When I had relaxed a bit, she started to massage my prostate with a slow, circular motion. This sent exquisite deep sensations up to my cock and down to my balls.

“Look Michael, you don’t have to decide on your reward now, you can let your imagination guide you. You can tell me later – only say now whether you will become Jane and do me a favour.”

Amelia began to rotate her finger faster. I had a rock-hard erection and I could feel my sperm churning in my balls. Then she leant forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth. After a few sucks I was ready to shoot; but Amelia instinctively moved back and freed my cock from her mouth, at the same time removing her finger from my rear.

“You will do it for me then?”

I nodded assent.

“And that’s a promise?”


She fixed me with her gaze. “Say it!”

“I promise.”

Amelia exhaled a avcılar escort “Good” which trailed off into the atmosphere as she slumped back on the bed. The next minute she had her legs open and was rubbing her clit. She turned her head towards me and said “All this fuss over Simon has stressed me out. I need to cum quickly. Talk dirty to me.”

I began to mutter obscenities into her ear. She rubbed faster, then turned onto her stomach and rubbed even harder, raising her arse in the air as she did so. Amelia began to pant and moved her hand faster and faster until she seemed about to climax but instead collapsed forward onto the bed.

She turned towards me with a sorry look on her face. “It’s no good,” she said. “It’s just not working.” Then she leaned back on the bed and slowly began to rub herself again.

“Tell me the dirtiest thing you have ever done.”

I began to think, there had been so many ‘dirty things’ I’d done over the past few months. Then I decided to tell Amelia about my experiences at the glory hole. Up until now I hadn’t mentioned anything about it, even though it was the incident which was the very start of the adventures which had brought me to this very spot.

As I whispered my story into Amelia’s perfect ear, she began to pant louder and louder and rub herself faster and faster. By the time I’d described the first time I’d been anonymously sucked off at the gloryhole she had cum; by the time I was describing the variety of cocks I’d sucked off there she had cum once more. The last time she came she shook as though she was having an electric shock , let out an animal like grunt and collapsed onto the bed face down. I knew Amelia was multi-orgasmic but this was something of a record even by her standards.

Only the very slight rise and fall of her body showed she was still breathing. After a while she let out a deep sigh and began to move. Without waiting for her to fully recover I grabbed her around the waist, bent her over and stuck my cock deep into her arse. She shrieked as the last inch went in but I knew she liked it. I then gave her an arse fucking she wouldn’t forget in a long time.

After five minutes Amelia was shaking with another orgasm. After ten more minutes of hard arse pounding she slowly slumped forward as I ground her further into the bed. Eventually she went limp like a puppet doll which had had its strings cut.

She mumbled “Michael stop I can’t take anymore.” She squeezed her arse cheeks hard together and ejected my cock straight out, then she turned over and reached for my quivering hard on.

“You can cum in my mouth.”

I had no intention of letting that happen, instead I parted her legs and slid my cock up her sodden cunt. Then I was off again – in out, in out, in out. Amelia started mumbling again but I couldn’t make out her words. In out, in out… and so I went on and fucked her as hard as I had ever done before, or probably since. Suddenly I felt a churning in my balls as my cum bubbled ready to spurt. With one final hard thrust I shot a load so huge it filled Amelia so full that it flooded out of her cunt and squished down over my balls.

I rolled off her limp, soft body onto my back.

Amelia had stopped panting and began to breathe normally. She opened her eyes and gazed at the ceiling. She exhaled a “Wow”, then closed her eyes again.

I lay on my back and considered the bigger picture.

“Do şirinevler escort you ever wonder where we are going with all this?” I wasn’t sure Amelia had heard me, so I repeated my statement.

Amelia opened her eyes and raised herself slightly. She fixed me with a quizzical gaze and said “What do you mean by ‘all this’?”

“I mean all this sex with me and the Prof, but hardly any with your boyfriend.”

She sighed as if to say what a silly question, then continued, “I love intense sex with people I know but with no strings attached. I find it very exciting.”

“You didn’t know me when I first had sex with you.”

“No, but Sophie said you had a big cock and were insatiable.” Amelia began to smile as she spoke. Then she sat up and reached for my limp, exhausted cock and began playing with it. Gradually it began to swell.

I moved slightly and opened my legs so that she could easily access my balls if she wanted to.

“You know our whole relationship has been in reverse order,” I said.

Amelia let go my cock and said “What on earth do you mean by that?”

Before I replied I reached for her hand and replaced it on my cock, which was now rock hard. She began to wank it as I spoke.

“Well, when we first met we started with arse fucking, then after that pussy fucking, followed by blowjobs and only recently kissing.”

“Kissing is a bit intimate,” she replied. “I needed to know you well before we did that, I had to feel something for you.”

“Well, you felt my cock up your arse.” As I said this I thought I saw a slight blush on Amelia’s cheeks. She was a strange girl but divine. She started to wank me harder, probably to distract me and shut me up; but I sat up and she stopped.

“But you love Simon and not me.”

“Of course, I love Simon I am going to marry him.” Amelia sounded slightly exasperated.

“But you don’t have much sex with him.”

“No, because I have enough with you, the prof and Sophie. Oh and of course Clemmie.” She paused slightly and then continued “I don’t want to get married and have a husband who sticks his cock in my arse all the time – I’ll leave that to you. I will have other things to do being a wife all day and living a proper life.”

“Have you sucked him off yet? You’ve been going out for three years.”

“Please, that’s embarrassing.” As Amelia spoke she did actually blush, no mistake this time.

“Embarrassing, goodness I’ve fucked you everywhere. Go on tell me.”

“Well, yes I have.” Amelia looked away as she spoke. “On his birthday actually.”

Then she giggled in that silly little way she had, before reaching out to wank my cock again.

As in all matters sexual Amelia was an instinctive expert. Her technique was only matched by Sophie, who had probably trained her. She wanked me hard for about twenty strokes before slowing it down to deliver ten of the slowest. This repeated pattern had me on the edge in no time. Amelia knew exactly when to switch movements and teased me in this way for what seemed an age. She was obviously punishing me for my personal questions. Eventually she grabbed my balls and wanked me ferociously. I felt my sperm surging. I tried to hold back but it was impossible, my cock quivered and I shot huge jets of cum all over Amelia’s small perky breasts.

After a few moments of tranquillity Amelia slipped off the bed, wiped her breasts with a fine white handkerchief and started to dress. As she was fastening her black lace bra she said, “I’ve got to rush, I’ve got a pottery class at six.”

I sat up. “Just one thing before you go.”

“What’s that?”

“I know what I want for my reward.” I deliberately paused. Amelia stopped what she was doing and looked at me.

“You can service the glory hole.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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