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“Mornin dude.” I said to my buddy, Rich, as he came out of the spare bedroom. I was sitting on the couch in the living room playing Battlefield 4 on my Xbox.

“Sup man” Rich replied as he went into the bathroom for his morning piss.

Rich and I have been best friends since middle school so when he and his ex-wife split up it was only natural to let him crash in the spare bedroom of mine and my wife’s house.

Nicole, my wife, had already left for work and it was my day off so I figured I’d get up when she did and play some games before I started my day and went to the gym.

Rich came into the living room and sat on the other end of the L shaped sectional sofa wearing only a pair of basketball shorts.

“Well, how’d the date go last night? I didn’t hear you come in so I’m assuming it was late and went well?” I asked him.

“Fuck no! She was a fucking bitch!” he replied angrily. “She was nothing like I’d expected from text conversations we’ve had. Stuck up, rude and not really all that hot!” he explained.

“What did you expect from a hot or not app?!” I asked with a laugh.

“I don’t know man, I just want to break this slump I’ve been in. It’s been six months since I’ve even gotten head. Jacking off gets boring and it doesn’t even seem to take the edge off anymore.” he said, almost whining.

I knew he’d been in a drought for a while and had even contemplated offering Nicole to help him out, but shit, we hadn’t even had sex regularly in the passed couple of months and I had needs too.

“I’d kill just to feel a warm, wet mouth around my dick right now.” he said has he massaged himself through his shorts.

I chuckled “Sorry bro, can’t help you there. It’s been a while since I felt one of those myself.” I admitted.

Continuing to massage himself he asked “What if we helped each other out with that?”

Somewhat dumbfounded I asked “What do you mean?” knowing full well what he meant. When we were younger we’d “experimented” a couple times, before we fully found woman. Just some kissing and touching, jacking off with each other but never anything more than that. Now it seemed he was wanting to suck each others dicks!

“You know what I mean bro. We’re not gay, but we both need a good release. I’m game if you are.” he said looking at me longingly, still rubbing his hardening cock through the thin mesh of his shorts. I could see it’s outline and shockingly my mouth began to water. I had secretly always wondered what it’d be like to suck a dick and I could feel my own getting hard at the thought of it.

“I have always wanted to get head while I played Xbox” I admitted.

“Dude! Let me do it!” he exclaimed almost jumping off of the couch.

Before I could react Rich was already sitting on the floor in front of me, pulling at the bottom of my lounging shorts. “Fuck it” I said as I picked my butt up allowing the shorts to be pulled down, my my semi erect member springing forward.

“Holy shit man, it’s bigger than I remember” he gawked as my 9 and a half inch dick began filling with blood, swelling in front of him. “It’s weird, but I’ve actually thought about this a lot” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, I love women and pussy and tits and ass, but I’ve always had an inch in the back of my mind for your cock.”

I laughed a little and told him “Well, nows your chance to have it, and honestly, I’ve always wondered about sucking cock myself. So, get to sucking. I’ve got a game to play.”

Rich didn’t need any other coaxing than that. He pulled my shorts the rest of the way off, leaving me sitting nude on the couch playing Xbox as he reached forward and grabbed the keçiören escort base of my dick, squeezing it causing the head to swell and turn purple.

“Fuck man, this thing is impressive. How are you and Nicole not banging every day?” he asked as he ran his hand up my shaft.

“I don’t know man, she’s been pretty distant lately.” I replied.

“Oh well, her loss dude.” he said as he moved his hand back to the base and squeezed again. This time as my head swelled Rich leaned forward and took it into his mouth, pressing his tongue up against my sensitive frenulum. He pumped his hand up and down my shaft as he held his mouth there, swirling his tongue around my head allowing saliva to ooze down my shaft.

I sat back into the couch and continued my game as I enjoyed the sensation of my straight guy best friend sucking my cock.

He worked his fist up and down my dick coating it with his saliva until it was good and slick. Once it was he began moving his head up and down taking in more and more of my lubed prick while he pressed down on the base making my skin taught. I leaned back and moaned as he took all of my 9 inch plus length down his throat. That was a feat my wife had yet to accomplish and it felt fan-fucking-tastic!

With the new sensation of being deep throated I had no intentions of playing my game anymore so I turned it off through the controller and tossed it to the side on the couch. With my focus uninterrupted and my hands free I ran them through his short dark brown hair as I watched him continue to work my swollen member with his mouth.

On his next down bob he held me deep in his throat as I heard him hold his breath and gag slightly, maxing out his limit on my entire length. After a few seconds he came back up and drew a breath as thick ropes of saliva sagged between my meat and his lips. His eyes were red and beginning to water from the throat fucking he was preforming. He wiped the spit away and used it to jack my cock as he said “Fuck man, I never thought I’d be this into giving head. My dicks about to rip through my shorts and I can feel it leaking already.”

My head was spinning from what was going on and in the preorgasmic thrill of things I lost myself. “Let me see.” I told him. Stand up and take your shorts off.”

Not having to be told twice he eagerly got to his feet, pulling his shorts down and kicking them off at the same time.

As he stood there in front of me, naked, I took in the site of his own impressive endowment. We were both in our late twenties and fairly fit, both working out regularly. He had slightly less body fat than me so his abs were more visible through his smoothly shaven skin. We both took “manscaping” pretty seriously and had shaven chest and dicks, but he went all out, completely smooth everywhere. Having his smooth, 8 and half inch member bobbing in front of me made my mouth water. He was shorter than me but wider by about an inch. I saw a clear glob of precum oozing from his pee slit, which I quickly took on the tip of my tongue. Tasting his sweet nectar sent electricity through my body. It was new and naughty and I loved it.

I cupped his heavy balls in my right hand as I pressed into his cock base with my left. I gave his sack a slight squeeze as I took his thick mushroom tip into my mouth, stretching it in an attempt to get as much of his manhood as I could down my throat. I got about half way and started gagging, unable to take anymore. I moved my left hand onto his shaft and wrapped my fingers in front of my lips, making my stoping point while my right hand continued to caress and fondle his nut sack. I lifted them kızılay escort in my hand and could feel the weight he had from not having a proper release in a long time. As I withdrew back a bit my cock jumped at the thought of feeling that much needed release coating my mouth and throat.

I had tasted my own spunk a couple times, eating Nicole out after I had went inside of her on a few occasions and twice before when I had thrown my legs over my head while I was masturbating, shooting my wad into my mouth and onto my face. Now my tongue begged to taste the man juice of my best friend.

I massaged Rich’s neglected balls in my hand as I matched bobbing and stroking on his big veiny meat, keeping my hand in front of my lips and I moved my head back and forth quickly, not wanting to delay his orgasm any longer than necessary.

I guessed he was getting close when he put his hands behind my head and started moving his hips to meet my pace. Every time I moved in he would push the back of my head and thrust his hips forward. I gagged slightly a few times when he started getting into it which only helped with some extra thick saliva coating his wide shaft.

“This is too much” he moaned breathlessly. “I’m gonna cum, man. Do you want it in your mouth? I can pull out.” he told me.

“Mm hmm” was all I could get out as I looked up at him and nodded my head as I continued to suck him.

“Oh fuck dude, there’s gonna be a lot. I hope you’re ready for it! UGGGHHHH!! Here it comes!! SHIIIIITTT!” he moaned as I felt his nuts retract and his cock swell.

Knowing how I liked my dick sucked when I’m cumming I pulled back until just the head remained in my mouth and ran my tongue across the sensitive underside, giving his balls a good squeeze at the same time. With another grunt came his first shot of cum. I felt it rocket out and hit the back of my throat. Not wanting to chock on his load I immediately swallowed, just in time to receive his second and third blast filling my cheeks. His body quivered with his orgasm and his breaths were quick and short. “Holy” “Shit” he said between gasp.

I swallowed the mouthful I had from his second and third squirts and took him further into my mouth. Applying more pressure and suction as I pulled back, milking a smaller fourth and fifth rope from him. I pulled back, off of his deflating tool and swirled his semen around in my mouth with my tongue. It tasted a little salty and slightly metallic, but not bad. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out a bit, showing him the cloudy white liquid before I swallowed it, returning my lips to his semi soft dick licking the final glob of semen from his reddened tip.

He shivered as his orgasm subsided and said breathlessly “Shit man, that was fucking insane! Seriously one of the greatest blow jobs I’ve ever gotten.”

“I can’t lie, man, I really liked that. Now” I said nodding down to my erection “this shit is throbbing and starting to hurt. Do I need to beat it or are you still down to finish sucking it?”

“Seriously? You know I can’t let you out do me! I’m gonna suck the fuck out of that monster and make you cum like crazy.” he replied matter of factly as he dropped back to his knees in front of me. “Scoot towards the edge of the cushion more.” I did as he instructed and was thrilled when he leaned down and sucked one of my nuts into his mouth as he took my throbbing member into his right hand and started stroking me.

Rich moved from one ball to the other, running his tongue all over my sack as he continued jacking me off. After a few minutes of this he dropped my ball from his mouth and looked up kocatepe escort at me. “This might be a little different, but I think you’ll like it. I know I do.” without another word he pushed my leg back with his left hand and lifted my sack with his right, then dipping his head I felt his tongue teasing the area between my scrotum and anus. It definitely was different, and I definitely liked it!

“Oh shit, that feels really good” I moaned.

“That’s just beginning. Hold your legs back” he told me.

Wondering what he had in store I grabbed my legs behind my knees and pulled them back, exposing my asshole to him. “Now comes the fun part” he said with a smile as he went back to my taint, this time running his tongue down lower to my tightly picked hole. The wet tip of his tongue traced circles around my sphincter, sending shivers up my spine. I could feel him start to gently probe the center of my opening with his stiffened tongue as my rectum spasmed and began to loosen. Every pass of his tongue made me looser and looser, until I could feel half of his tongue spreading me open. He held his tongue there slowly rimming my ass as he reached up with both hands and went back to stroking my dick and massaging my balls.

The sensations were incredible to say the least, but I craved the feeling of his warm mouth engulfing my throbbing wood. “That shit feels amazing Rich, but my cock is about to bust open. Suck me. Finish me off!”

He looked up as I lowered my legs “No problem bud” he said as he swiftly gobbled my cock down his throat. Before I knew it his saliva was dripping off of my balls as he bobbed up and down on my Johnson. He squeezed my sack tightly as he forcefully took my entirety down his gullet, allowing me to fuck his throat with abandon. I grabbed his head and held him in place as I fucked his face, pulling out entirely before jamming my monster back passed his tonsils. After five good strokes of this I was ready to nut. “Fuck Rich, I’m gonna cum so hard! Ugh! Open that throat and get ready!” I grunted as I shoved my swollen prick balls deep into him.

I felt his throat flex as I shot off my first rope and he swallowed. Impressively he remained stationary as squirts two and three followed. He swallowed again, contracting his throat around my spitting cock. Knowing I had a couple squirts left in me I pulled out of his throat. “Keep your mouth open” I told him as I squeezed my shaft and shot two more substantial ropes across his lips and into his mouth. He held right where he was until I shook the final drop of my seed from my slit and watched it fall onto his tongue. “Swirl it around. I wanna watch you taste it.”

He did what I said and began moving my jizz around in his open mouth with his tongue. The white viscous liquid coated his tongue and roll off of his teeth. “Mmm, now swallow it.” I told him. He shut his mouth and I watched him swallow, taking the last of my cum into his belly before opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue. “So fucking hot. I can’t believe we did that.” I told him. “Fuck…I need a nap now” I laughed.

“No shit” Rich agreed. “That was pretty damn amazing bro. Not that I’d want to take it up the ass or anything, but I could definitely be okay with this whenever we need a nut.”

“I definitely have to agree, although I gotta admit…when you were rimming my ass, I wouldn’t have minded it being a little fuller.” I said.

“Oh yeah? We’ll just have to see how it goes next time.” he chuckled back, standing up and pulling on his shorts, his fat cock flopping into them. “Now it’s time to chill. Shouldn’t be too hard now that my nuts are empty. Thanks homie.”

“Yeah, no problem man. Glad I could help” I chuckled back as I threw on my shorts and grabbed my controller, now satisfied and ready to get back to gaming.

I don’t know if it will ever happen again or if I’ll say anything to Nicole about it, but I’m not gonna be turning it down that’s for damn sure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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