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The two walked over to the parking curb and there was his bike, a Harley bicycle. “If you don’t have a car you can ride here and if you have one you can follow me.”

“I don’t have a car,” she replied wringing her hands in a girlish way.

“Okay hop in, it’ll take only a few minutes.”

Alfie didn’t just get an eyeful of her smooth sun-kissed thighs and a whiff of her subtle hair fragrance as she perched her bottom on the thick top tube of his bike but the greatest feeling was that he felt as if their hearts became entwined. The bike sped off threading the streets in a fast clip until they were on the road shaded by clasping leafy trees on both sides. Gina was exhilarated.

“Expansive windows, nice curtains, I’m impressed,” she said as they were finally inside the already furnished 1930 apartment bungalow. She checked everything from balcony with access doors to the two bedrooms, from living room to kitchen, and the bathroom with bathtub.

“This is a little farther away from my work but as long as I can take a bus from here…”

“Yeah there’s buses passing here going to town. Takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Ah where do you work?”

“Ah I work part time at a call center in the morning and I go to school, fashion school in the afternoon till evening next month.”

“Ah how much will be my share for the rent?”

“Three fifty.”

“Three fifty for this? Thrifty. No kidding? I’ll take it. I’ll take it. I can move here in a few days!” She was enthusiastic.


“Oh thanks Alfie,” she said wanting to hug him but resisted. “Funny if not for those two butterflies I wouldn’t have gotten to know you and this beautiful house.”

“Ah what do you do Alfie?”

“I raise egg plants, different colors and sizes and lately tomatoes. I’m a self supporting farm guy.”

“Eggplants and tomatoes?”


“What a combination!”

“But you don’t look like a farmer,” she mused out loud.

“What do I look like to you?”

“I don’t exactly know but I see a dreamer in you, a gypsy streak or an artist.” She smiled, showing nice teeth, pink, shiny sensual lips.

“I dropped out of school when I was 16 and run into various jobs like driving double Decker-cattle rigs and then I became a bouncer in a road house. It was a troublesome job. No matter istanbul escort how careful you were you made enemies. But it was also the source where I met good friends and one of them were Mr. Irving Sturges who owns this land. He made me his property custodian and later on shared profits with me when we ventured into business selling vegetables and flowers and ornamental plants. I studied gardening and landscaping and now I have a number of clients and this is my own business.”

“Some resume, huh?” she said casting her eyes down studying the dark old shiny floor tiles that reflected the shortened long limbs of her 5’4″ height, less the wedge sandals in her feet.

“Say why don’t you stay for dinner? I can whip up some egg plant sandwiches.

“Oh, you want me to taste the eggplant you’re raising? Do you put ketchup, Mayo, cheese, mustard and garnishes too on that like on hotdogs?

He laughed. “Somewhat like that. I grilled the eggplants and basically put tomato, cheese and some herbs. But I have kosher Jumbo Cheese dogs if you like but no hot dog buns. What I have are multi-grained bread and..ah Laura Scudder’s old fashioned PB…”

“What’s PB?” she cut in.

“Peanut Butter.”

“Oh I loove that.”

“And I have fruits like kiwi and grapes. And for our drinks well if you like Bloody Mary.”

“You seem to be a health nut. I’ll stay and eat whatever you prepare as long as you bring me home later.”

“Sure, I can even help you pack your things if you want.”

“I only have a few things to pack. Let’s see when we get there,” she said. Pack and fuck. Silly me why am I thinking like a dickhead?

“Are we gonna ride your bike again?”

“I can use Mr. Irving’s Thunderbird convertible which I restored.”

“Thunderbird! Oh, Alfie you’re a man of surprise. That’s cool. Alfie, you don’t know how happy I am today. This feels like I’m watching an old rerun movie and I am in it. Alfie, what can I do without you?”

“Get naked.”

“Ah..ow…you serious? Suppose I do that now, huh?” she said pulling down one of the straps of her dress off her shoulder. Then she arched her back and projected a sultry, seductive look on her face. If looks could kill he was a dead man on the spot.

“No, no, no avcılar escort I’m sorry…I’m just kidding,” he said holding up his hands. She returned the strap and laughed.

Alfie was happy and definitely on the roll. After dinner, they strolled in the garden like old buddies.

“I don’t wanna live in that Catholic dorm again, it’s like a prison with God knows what kind of germs and freaks are lurking all around there,” she said. “Here, it’s peaceful, lovely and with you I feel like I’m protected like a bug in a rug.”

Gina jumped up to one of the tree branches and swung like a child let loose in the monkey bar. Her sun dress pulled up and exposed her long, beautiful legs to good effect. Alfie caught the view and felt a quick tightening in his jeans, a feeling he had long ago had learned to control. Golly Miss Molly, this girl was really something –she was getting to him in no uncertain way.

“Alfie!” she yelled. “Stop staring. Come and join me. This is fun, yeah!” she called and swung to another branch. Alfie jumped up to the branch opposite her and did some gymnastic maneuvers but shortly feigned a slip down but in a swift motion suspended himself upside down affording him now with a dog’s eye view of her nether region. For a while her heart lurched at the slip but a quick flash of thought told her that it was a mischievous trick to ogle at her.

“Gina…Beautiful, beautiful Gina,” he said goggling at her legs with admiration as he hung upside down

“You are a naughty boy,” she said giggling but not without a trick of her own to show off she stretched out her legs sideward like Nadia Komenechi. Her yellow laced panties with a little less coverage on the crotch showed the great promises beneath. This time Alfie really fell and tumbled to the ground rolling down to a slope like he had fallen from a running horse.

“Alfie!” she screamed seeing him twisting like in agony. She jumped down quickly.

“Oh Alfie, I’m sorry. Alfie, Are you hurt? Sorry Alfie, c’mon Alfie are you alright?” He was wincing. “Alfie, oh Alfie,” she called, her tone bordering on hysterical as she knelt next to him and holding his shoulders. Her face was marked with utmost concern that she wanted to run in the house and call 911.

“Yes, I’m alright.” He smiled. Naggy, naggy şirinevler escort nag.

“You bastard. Next time you do that I’m gonna kick your ass from here to Cuba.”

“This garden is full of game just there for the taking. It’s really fun playing with a feisty girl like you.”

Then they both laughed, she collapsing on her ass and showing more of what’s between her legs.

He rose his upper body and his lips almost brushed with hers. Another greatest feeling. Life would never be the same again for Alfie.

Later as they were seated on the grass under the leafy tree, Gina laid her head on his lap. Her fingers reached for his sideburn and brushed off a bit of a fallen dried leaf on his head. Alfie in turn placed his hand on the side of her narrow waist and she put hers on top of his. Then she brought his hand over her ample breast so he could feel and squeeze it to his heart’s delight. Maybe check also her pale chocolate nipples that were so soo chewable. But she didn’t do that. She was merely toying the idea in her mind.

“Alfie I want to be your friend,” she said. Gazing down at her extravagantly beautiful face she reminded him of Grace Kelly lying her head on Bing Crosby’s lap in one movie he’d seen on reruns when he was just a kid. But he was not like the singing, gentle Crosby. He was Alfie with a raging hard on pushing against his jeans and he feared that his Grace Kelly version here might graze his erection with her head.

Gina read his uneasiness and so she didn’t linger long and rose up pretending not to notice. She knew her effect on men but she couldn’t help feeling romantic and irresistibly drawn to him. Gina was romantic at heart and she noticed a hunger from Alfie that reflected her own. On the other hand, Alfie was absorbing the purity of romance and he was careful not to adulterate it with lust at all cost. Although he knew he would experience blue balls after this.

Gina hugged her arms about her knees to her body and smiled knowingly. She was glad that Alfie was a good guy. If he was bad something could really happen and she wouldn’t want a bad, clumsy sex like the last time. Though she was ready for anything, she felt happy that Alfie behaved and didn’t fall totally to her entrapment and he just rode along with her flirty behavior with jest.

“Maybe I should go now. We have curfew at that prison dorm.

“So, ah when do you move in?”

She faced him looking hot and flushed. Gazing into her eyes, they’d only been a heartbeat away from a kiss.

“I’ll call you within this week.”

With a resigned sigh, he realized that the golden moment could not be forced, but was bound to come again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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