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I am a very lucky man. My wife is willing, for the most part, to try anything sexual. She has made it clear that she will never, ever have sex with another woman, but other than that is open to most things. One day soon, however, I do think I will get to see her with another man- or at least have sex with me while others watch and possibly masturbate.

She has tried anal sex, and enjoys it. In fact, most of the time we have sex she wants me to put my tongue, fingers, or cock in her ass while she is playing with her favorite vibe. It makes her cum hard. She has let me take XXX pics and videos of her, and the other night- she went out of the house in a skirt and no panties while we had a “date night”. Yes, I am indeed a lucky man. Lucky in more ways than even her willingness to be sexually expressive. My wife is what you would call the “Hot Soccer Mom”, or “MILF” or “Girl next door”. She is not Barbie, nor am I Ken, but she is a beautiful, sexy woman that I know attracts they eyes of men when we are out and about.

So, as you can tell, I have a few fetishes: Two women, watching my wife with other men, and anal. Oh- and I have another fetish as well that my loving wife helps me with. I love to watch her pee. I have come to find that the appropriate fetish term for this is “Golden Showers”. I do not know why I like this so much- and realize it is certainly not for everyone. I think it is because it is kind of like a woman squirting or cumming. Or, perhaps its just because its taboo and kinky. Whatever the reason I love it, and she helps me with it.

It started out by me stating once that I would like to see her pee, to which she obliged. It has progressed since then to her actually peeing on me from time to time. Although I loved it when she did this for kaçak iddaa me, and came hard always, I always had the feeling that she was not really into it, and that she did it to please me more than as a turn on for her as well. However, the other night she did something that completely blew me away.

It started out like most other nights. The kids were in bed, and she had just got home from jogging and was in the shower. A few minutes after the shower ended, she called me into the bedroom. There was my beautiful wife, topless, on the bed in what had to be a new pair of bright orange panties. They were not thongs- which I love- but they covered her crotch and ass well. I noticed she had taken the sheets off the bed, and had placed plastic over the mattress.

She told me there were a few rules for the night. First, I was only to touch her when she said to- if I touched her before she wanted to- she would stop. Second, I was to strip down and put on a pair of silk thong underwear. And third, I was to get the digital camera, set it up for on the tripod, and get the remote. She asked if these these rules were acceptable, and of course they were. Who was I to argue knowing I was about to get to film what I anticipated to be a great time?

After getting into the pair of thongs, and getting the camera, she instructed me to aim the camera at her ass and crotch- another easy decision for me. She was sitting on the bed, arms behind her propping her up, with her legs spread wide. She told me to come close but not to get in the way of the camera. Then, without warning I started to see a wet patch on the panties.

“Are you peeing?” I asked.

“What do you think?”, she said, “Don’t talk, just watch”.

The dark spot continued to grow for the next 20 seconds. kaçak bahis My cock was hard in an instant and the cam was flashing away.

“I’ve been drinking for a while now- and I have ore to pee” she said. She then instructed me to lay down on the bed. I laid down, and felt the warmth and wetness of the pee on my back. She got into a “69” position above me, still wearing her panties, and ass to the camera. I now had the most incredible site of her wet panties. You could see the outline of her beautiful pink pussy through the wet panties which were clinging tightly to her body. The wetness went from her crotch back to her ass. It was an amazing site. I snapped another picture.

It was at this point I started to try and touch her crotch.

“No- you cant touch me unless I tell you to, remember?” she scolded me. “But that does not mean you can not touch yourself”.

She moved her body so that her crotch and ass were now over my chest. Then she started to rub her crotch over her panties getting her fingers wet. She moved her fingers over my chest, making my chest wet. I was transfixed at this sight. I had always wondered if this was something for just me, and here she was enjoying it too and masturbating through her soaked panties. She then put her hand inside her panties, and although I could not see it, she was obviously fingering her tight slit. This went on for a few minutes of pure bliss.

I was stroking my cock fast. Precum had soaked my own thongs and was giving me all the lube I needed.

My wife, while playing with her pussy, said “Watch this” and she started to suck the precum from my thongs.

“I’m going to cum” I said.

“Wait, honey, you cant yet. I still have more to show you”. Still in the “69” position, with her crotch illegal bahis over my chest, still covered in panties, she began to pee again. It was filtering through her panties and over my chest like a faucet. Right in the middle of peeing, she pulled her panties aside giving me (and the camera) the most amazing view of her peeing pussy. I could hold it no longer and begin to spray my cum. It flew onto her belly and was dripping back onto me.

“That was amazing honey, oh my God!” I said.

“You like that? I’m glad. I have drank three thirstbusters and wanted to make sure you got a good, long show”. “I almost peed my pants waiting for this to finally happen” she said.

I was still lying there hearing her words, but not seeing her lips move because I was still staring at her wet panties and pussy. Unable to control myself any longer, I lifted my head up and started to suck her pussy. We were still basically in a 69 position and I started to lick her pussy and finger her hot pussy. Staying in the 69 position, she grabbed her vibrator and shoved in her pussy.

“Lick my pussy while I fuck myself” she said. I was licking her pussy with vengeance, all the time snapping pictures and imaging the view. The view of a vibrator in her pussy, me licking her clit, and her soaked panties still on her, but pushed to the side. It was taking her a bit longer to cum than normal, and my cock had begin to get hard again. I was stroking it- covered in my own cum, when I felt her begin to convulse and she began to scream. That sent me over the edge for a second orgasm in the past ten minutes.

As we were cleaning up, I began to think to myself. I have the most amazing wife. There has to be a lot of love and security, and openness to do what she just did. God I love that woman.

After the bed was made, and we got into bed I said “Honey, you are the most amazing woman I have ever met. I love you”. She moved over, and I held her tightly until she fell fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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