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Big Dicks

The following weeks did indeed demonstrate a change. Josh spent as much time as he was able at David’s, going around after work and staying on the weekends. It was summer, and the weather was quite warm. It quickly became routine for Josh to take his clothes off as soon as he entered the house, with David following soon afterwards. Sometimes they would fuck straight away, but often they would just go about the evening, happily naked and enjoying each other’s company. Thankfully aside from a small guest room at the front of the house, David’s windows all looked out onto a contained backyard, so no one could observe their naturist tendencies.

For Josh, this was a new awakening. They were still the best of mates, knocking back beers, watching the TV and joking about the standard guy bullshit that had formed their relationship over the years. The newfound physical intimacy, though, was an extra layer that neither of them had ever anticipated.

Josh had always liked being naked. When he was home alone, he’d always been quick to get his kit off. He’d once been found vacuuming naked by his housemate who had finished work early. Josh hadn’t heard the door opening over the noisy machine, and by the time he noticed that he wasn’t alone, the housemate was in fits of laughter, holding himself up against the doorframe. He still blushed just thinking of it.

David quickly grew accustomed to it as well. David had given him a spare key, and more than once he’d come home to find David going about some chore or other, naked as the day he was born, birdsong drifting in through the open windows. Josh was amazed at the degree of attraction he felt towards David’s body. He had obviously seen other naked guys in change rooms, etc. but that had always been a furtive glance, never really paying attention to what they looked like. Now, he would find himself just ogling him unashamedly as David stood or sat next to him naked.

They were both uncut, but David’s foreskin seemed longer, the redundant tip dangling slightly over the end of his cock when it was soft. His balls hung looser too, like large weighty nuggets inside the loose, trimmed sac. He was intrigued by the way his junk moved as he walked, and by the way his balls lolled around as he sat on the couch. Of course, his own package did all of these things, but it was somehow different watching from this angle.

David would often notice him watching, and with a smile, would generally play up to him, whipping his cock around in a helicopter or walking over and slapping him across the face with his flaccid dick. Often though, Josh’s voyeuristic habits would result in his own cock hardening, and naked as he was, this was impossible to hide. Invariably this would be noticed almost immediately by David, who would quickly dive on him and start sucking on his cock like his life depended on it.

One evening in particular stood out in Josh’s mind over those first fuck-filled weeks. He had just finished cleaning up after the dinner that David had cooked, and walked into the loungeroom to see David sitting naked in an armchair, legs spread, hard cock in his hand. He stood by the doorway for a minute or so, watching him stroke his cock. David saw him, and locked eyes with him as he stroked himself back and forth, rubbing his smooth foreskin over the glistening head of his cock. Rather than walking over and burying his face in David’s crotch, he grabbed his own growing erection firmly and sat down in the chair directly opposite him.

Facing each other, legs spread, they locked eyes and stroked slowly, pleasuring themselves and putting on a display at the same time. Josh was as turned on as he’d ever been. There was an intensity to the sensation, different to when they fucked. It was somewhere akin to a voyeuristic pleasure, feeling somehow involved in David’s pleasure, but also somehow guilty for watching him.

His cock leaked into his hand like a faucet, the smooth precum rapidly lubing up the head of his cock. With his free hand, he reached down and started playing with his hole, looping one leg over the arm of the chair to get better access. David watched him for only a second before adopting the mirrored position himself and beginning to explore his own hole. Intrigued, he watched as David started to match his actions stroke for stroke, circling his hole with one finger just as Josh was.

Testing the limits of his new-found remote-control power, Josh wiped some of his copious precum on the middle finger of his left hand, smiling as David did the same. Returning to the cleft of his arse, he wiped some of the self-made lube around his hole, slowly and sensuously. David matched him move for move.

Rapt, he watched as David was guided through his first anal exploration, the tip of his finger resting with gentle pressure over the opening of his arse, the pressure slowly increasing until finally the muscle relaxed and almost sucked the finger deep inside of him. Feeling the tight tunnel wrap firmly around his own finger, Josh could see the same sensations echoing rus escort in David’s eyes only for him this was the first time. He held his finger still, just after entry, allowing David time to accommodate, before slowly sliding all the way in to the hilt. For him the burn was no longer there when his arse was entered, but he knew David would be feeling the tight hole opening for the first time.

Not knowing how else to demonstrate, he slid his finger out again, holding it out to David and showing him the beckoning motion he knew would help him find a new source of pleasure. Sliding back inside himself, he curved his finger upwards in the same way as he slid out again, sliding gently across the sensitive prostate gland. The sudden bliss on David’s face showed him that he was feeling the same waves of pleasure through his body as Josh was.

Distracted by the incredible sensation, David lost concentration on mirroring Josh’s actions. Wanting to continue to share the experience of pleasure, Josh took to mirroring him instead. Slowly David increased the speed of his strokes as his arse accommodated the finger more easily. Before long, they were both slamming their knuckles hard against their arse, stroking their G-spot faster and faster. David slowed to a stop, and then brought his index finger up to join his middle finger. Josh followed suit as he slowly slid the second finger into his now relaxing hole.

With the increased pressure inside him, Josh began to feel the glow build in his pelvis. Watching David, he was relieved to see the same thing happening to him. With two fingers buried deep and stroking their prostates, David and Josh both turned their attention back to their cocks. Their stroking took on a new intensity now, as they both approached orgasm.

Amazed to find that they had synchronised their breathing, Josh heard the moans coming from both of them as they built closer and closer. With a simultaneous cry, their cum spurted forth, spraying over their chests and even up to their chin. Fingers pushed knuckle deep, they came together, shouting and panting as the climax swept over them and the cum drained from their balls.

Breathing finally slowing down, they slid their fingers out, dropping their foot back down to the floor. Licking the cum from his hand, Josh smiled wordlessly at David across the room, red faced and still panting. David’s hand still rested down under his balls, as he stared blankly into the distance, breathing finally slowing. The stunned look on his face told the story of someone who had discovered a new pleasure. Walking over to him, Josh leaned down and licked the cum from his chin, kissing him deeply and sharing the taste. He patted him on the cheek, and walked past him into the shower, knowing that David would be there to join him in no time.

If Josh thought that this new anal awakening of David’s would feature in future fuck sessions, he was sorely disappointed. Repeatedly over the coming days he would try to introduce some arse play while he was going down on David, but invariably David would shift positions, often rolling him over and slipping into Josh’s arse almost immediately. Josh didn’t mind; he still loved getting fucked. He was having the best sex of his life without a hint of a doubt. That being said though, he did wonder what it would be like to take David’s virginity one of these days.

Finally, he hatched a plan. Stopping in at the friendly neighbourhood sex shop after work one night, he picked up the supplies he would need. The opportunity arose just a couple of days later, when David hopped into the shower after a run on the treadmill in the shed. Hearing the water turn on, Josh jumped up from the couch and rushed into the bedroom to set the scene. He heard David step out of the shower just as he had things ready and waited for him to towel off before walking into the bathroom.

David stood there naked and damp, looking into the mirror with the towel just wiping off his face. Josh stood behind him, pressing himself against his overheated body and kissed the back of his neck. David arched his neck back into the embrace, telling Josh that he was in the mood. It was all the encouragement Josh needed.

With deft hands, he wrapped the soft, black blindfold he’s been holding around David’s surprised face, tying it firmly in the back. Before David could protest, he spoke into his ear, voice husky and low.

“Don’t speak, just follow my lead. If you want to stop, just say…I don’t know…’Brunch’!”

David laughed softly, but said nothing, pressing his hands against Josh’s as they caressed his chest. He allowed himself to be led to the bed, tripping slightly on a discarded shoe. Following Josh’s directions, he lay down on his back, resting his head on the pillows. Standing next to him, Josh leaned over, and with a soft clinking noise, had him locked into a pair of fur-covered handcuffs, tied to the headboard. David smiled, testing out the handcuffs with a quick couple of tugs. Josh could yenimahalle escort see him already hardening as he stood silently next to the bed for a few moments, admiring his naked body.

David turned his head towards him as Josh climbed onto the foot of the bed, pushing his feet apart and kneeling between his legs. Grasping the now rock-hard cock in his hand, he leaned down and swallowed him quickly, burying his nose in his still-damp pubes. David throbbed in his mouth as he adjusted to the unexpected sexual advance. A quick intake of air was followed by a slow exhalation as he allowed himself to relax into the unseen blowjob. Already, a taste of pre-cum oozed smoothly out onto Josh’s tongue.

Lulling him into a sense of security, Josh continued sucking his cock, rubbing both hands up the sides of his abdomen and torso, then back down to his hips and thighs. David was getting more and more lost in the blowjob, slowly rocking his pelvis into Josh’s mouth now, enhancing his own pleasure. Knowing he was distracted now, Josh took the opportunity to slide the two slings unnoticed, underneath David’s thighs, just near his knees. Mouth still around his cock, he lifted David’s leg up towards his chest, knee bent, and quickly hooked the sling onto a waiting strap, tied onto the headboard. Before David could react, he quickly repeated the manoeuvre on the other side.

Finally allowing the cock to slide from his mouth, he sat back to admire his handiwork. David was now successfully trussed, stark naked on the bed, knees bent, legs spread and unable to move. His pelvis was tilted back slightly, cock poking up into his belly, and balls lolling about loosely. His arse was fully exposed, a perfect ring of puckered, pink flesh, still moist from the shower.

“Hey!” he finally uttered as he tested out the straps, straining to straighten his legs. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I didn’t hear you say ‘brunch’, so why don’t you just shut the fuck up and settle in for a while.” Josh slapped his arse for effect. “I’m going to take you for a ride.”

Before he could say anything further, Josh dived back down between his legs and ran his tongue broadly over his arsehole. A faint hint of soap didn’t mask the musky, masculine taste of his most private place. He lapped hungrily over and around his hole, darting his tongue across the sensitive flesh. David had no further protest, as he moaned and writhed on the bed, straining against the straps, grinding himself against Josh’s tongue. Josh inhaled deeply with his nose buried in David’s sack, the taste and scent driving him wild. He could feel himself hard and leaking, straining against the underwear he still had on.

“Oh my god.” David could barely speak. “That feels amazing.” His rigid cock was leaking a steady stream onto his belly. Every now and then, Josh would touch a new nerve, and cause a shuddering throb to convulse along David’s cock, unfailingly followed by a spurt of clear, glistening precum, joining the growing pool on his abdomen.

Josh broke away as he felt David’s breathing begin to change.

“It’s too early to finish yet, my little virgin!” he teased. “We’re only just beginning.

He ran his fingers lightly along David’s trussed leg as he got up from the bed, trailing along his body as he walked slowly to the bedside drawer. David turned towards him as he opened the drawer, straining unsuccessfully to see beneath the blindfold.

“What are you doing?” A hint of anxiety coloured his speech.

“I thought I told you to be quiet.” Josh reached over and tweaked his nipple, drawing a surprised gasp from David. He reached into the drawer and pulled out the toy he’d brought with him. Black and smooth, the slim design seemed perfect for a beginner. He climbed back on the bed, between David’s legs, toy and lube in his hand. Opening the lube, he held it high and dribbled a slow stream of the cool, clear fluid straight onto his arse and sack. David jumped at the unexpected sensation, beginning to moan again as Josh smoothed the liquid around and just inside his hole. He gripped the toy with one hand, and wiped lube around the shaft, smoothing it carefully to cover the surface.

David was a tense ball of anticipation. Every light touch had him jumping, and the briefest caress had him moaning and writhing in his bonds. Josh lay one hand on his splayed buttock, just tickling the side of his lubed hole, and rested the tip of the toy against his tight sphincter. He rubbed it up and down across the hole, increasing the pressure slightly on the down strokes, and just allowing it to press against the muscular ring. Slowly David relaxed, and the pressure was met with the slightest give, the tip of the toy just briefly parting his hole and beginning to probe him before continuing on its way past. Each stroke entered just a tiny fraction more until the whole tip of the dildo rested just inside his hole. Josh held it there carefully, his other hand gently caressing around his buttocks and perineum as David became accustomed to the new intrusion.

Josh looked up at his blindfolded face. His head was tipped back, panting and moaning as he slowly relaxed his tight muscle. A look of faint surprise and pleasure played across his face and his tongue ran slowly around his lips. Josh could see the impressive definition of his muscles as he pulled against the handcuffs, tensing his arms and pecs. His pelvis was slowly starting to rock back and forth, slowly sliding himself down onto the slick dildo probing his hole. Josh responded, slowly guiding the toy further inside him, allowing him to adjust to each advancement. David’s face was serene; he never grimaced as he was entered, and Josh knew that he was doing this just right. He wanted to pop this cherry in such a way that David would wonder why he’d never tried it before.

Now that David had relaxed, Josh began to fuck him slowly with the dildo. Sliding in and out of him, he stimulated his lubricated hole. His own cock leaked copiously in his underwear, fluid now dripping through the saturated wet spot over the head of his cock. He ached to whip it out and fuck the now less virgin hole in front of him, but knew that there was further work to do to fully induct him into the world of anal.

Adjusting his grip on the dildo, he shifted the angle upwards, watching David’s face as he searched for his prostate with the end of the toy. A sudden gasp, and look of ecstasy on his face told him he’d found it, and watching him intently, he began to milk him, stroking the end of the toy repeatedly over the pleasure centre. David’s rapture hit new heights and he couldn’t keep still, writhing in his bonds, trying to roll from side to side as the waves of pleasure crashed over him.

Josh adjusted the angle again, and sliding the toy in to the hilt, David’s muscular ring gripped onto the narrower base, holding it inside him. The base was flared so that it wouldn’t get lost inside him, and had two fingers that reached up either side of his perineum beside his sack. Dildo positioned, Josh sat back, watching again as David relaxed into the new sense of fullness. He reached down and flicked the small switch on the base of the toy, switching on the vibrator function now positioned deep against his prostate, with a second vibe pressed in against his perineum.

The effects of the vibrator were near immediate. David’s writhing increased as he rolled around, trying to cope with the intense pleasure. The waves took him, rolling across his whole body. His cock leaked a copious stream of precum, pooling in his belly button before running in rivulets down both flanks onto the bedspread beneath him. His moaning turned to full vocalisations as he called out with pleasure, over and over.

Josh stood beside him now watching him writhe in bliss, underwear ripped off, no longer able to avoid stroking his aching cock. He climbed onto the bed again, straddling David’s torso now, and offering him his cock. David took it willingly, swallowing him deeply as the waves of pleasure ripped through him. He sucked on Josh as though his cock were a lifeline, keeping him anchored in reality.

Eventually he could do it no longer though, and his head arched back, cock draped across his cheek crying out with pleasure. His cries built in slow waves, and Josh watched behind him as his cock throbbed again and again, erupting with a stream of clear fluid before slowly ebbing away again.

“Oh my god!” David gasped again, trying to catch his breath. “I feel like I can just keep going. This was what happened to you that time wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed. “It must be some prostate thing, not a real orgasm.”

“Oh god, it’s coming aga..” His sentence was broken off into a litany of cries, as the bliss overwhelmed him again. His cock throbbed as before, but the fluid was less now, his prostate well drained. The climax washed over him and then ebbed slowly, still holding onto him with its thin tendrils.

Josh climbed from him and moved back to his arse, kneeling on the bed and switching off the toy as the wave receded once again. He slid the toy slowly from David’s arse, his still-tight hole snapping closed as it released the foreign body. His cock was still as hard as a rod, throbbing gently in time with his heartbeat.

“Oh, please don’t stop now!” he panted. “Don’t leave me empty like this.”

Josh ran his hands slowly down the inside of David’s thighs, his thumbs arching up between his arse cheeks, just brushing past the edge of his hole before moving back up his thighs again, and repeating the motion.

“Tell me what you want, David.” Josh wanted him to ask for it, just the same as he had.

“I want you to fuck me.” David replied urgently. “Oh God, I need it! Don’t leave me like this!” his voice had taken on a pleading quality.

His knees dropped out to the sides, exposing his hole even more than before. Without pausing his hands, Josh brought them back towards his hole again, slowly brushing his thumbs against the edges of the lubricated opening. He watched as it twitched in response to his touch, with a corresponding throb from David’s nearly forgotten cock. He brought his two thumbs together on his perineum, massaging firmly, and just teasing the edges of his sack with the tips of his fingers.

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