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Female Ejaculation

Michelle and her family had been driving around the countryside for days now, 6 people one extremely cramped RV. Michelle had enjoyed it at first, getting away from the big city with her parents that she rarely saw anymore-because of work- and her best friend Amy who they had allowed her to invite. Unfortunately for Michelle, her 14 year old older brother Adam had also been allowed to bring his friend Craig along. Michelle detested Craig, she hated the way his eyes would drift to her D-cup breasts and stay there for longer than Michelle felt was necessary, and she also hated how she had to sleep so close to him at nights- it made her feel very uncomfortable.
Michelle looked around the RV, her mother was sitting at the back reading a book, she had a enviously good figure and Michelle loved her very much. Across the table from Michelle and Amy, Craig and Adam were playing cards, they were laughing to each other about something when Michelle noticed that they kept glancing at Amy who was sitting opposite them.
‘Bastards,’ Michelle thought.
“That man hor keeps looking at my tits,” Amy whispered to Michelle.
“I know, their both pigs. We’ll get them back later though,” Michelle whispered back.
Suddenly the RV came to a halt. Michelle’s dad stepped through the little opening that led to the drivers seat.
“Seems the roads blocked. We’re gonna have to find another route. Can you look at the map, hunny, and find another route?” Michelle’s dad seemed a ittle pissed that they had to change course. Michelle sighed, the stupid trip was going to take a little longer.

About 30 minutes later and they were banging down a country road, the campervan lurched with every pot hole.
“I feel sick!” Amy whimpered.
“Then stop looking at Craig,” Michelle whispered to her, they both started to giggle.
The biggest pot hole so far made the RV rattle horribly.
Michelles dad grunted, bringing the RV to a halt. “Sorry guys, looks like we’ve popped a tire people. Adam, check and see if we have any spare tires; I’m going to take off the popped tire.” He went to open the door but it opened before he reached it and a tall rugged looking man stepped through. “Well hello there! I see you are having a few issues with your caravan. But, unfortunately your problems have only just begun,” and with that the stranger he tossed a small metal cylinder on the floor that immediately started to emit smoke; Michelle passed out.

Michelle awoke with a start and started to panic, her hands were together above her head and her feet were barely touching the floor.
“HELLO?! MOM?! DAD?! AMY?!” MIchelle was about to cry, but suddenly the lights came on. What Michelle saw made her gasp. Her family were all tied up the same way she was forming a large hexagon. On her right was Amy with Michelle’s dad next to her and on her left was Craig with Michelle’s mum next to him, opposite Michelle was her brother. All of the others were gagged and only muffled whimpers were escaping there mouths.

“Hello and welcome to hell my young, and not so young, friends. My name is of no concern to any of you and probably never will be unless my experiments today leave you with some sanity. But considering that will never happen, my name will never be realesed to you.”
Michelle could not see who was speaking but he was close by and by the sounds of it he was the rugged old man that came by the RV.
“Now, I have elected one of you to speak, that would be the gorgeously formed Michelle. I thank you, Michelle, for not interrupting my little introduction so far. If you ever interupt me the consequences will be appaulingly dire.” Michelle heard footsteps behind her. “Now, Michelle, a question, an easy one first, if you don’t answer the question I may kill you, if you ask me a question I may kil you for that, and if you say anything that isn’t related to any of my questions I will kill you. Understood?”
Michelle whimpered.
“I bursa merkez escort bayan will take that as a resounding yes! Now, how old are you Michelle?”
Michelle could hardly speak with fear but she managed to choke out “13”.
“Right,” the man said, “And how old is little Amy here? Also 13?”
Michelle nodded.
“And Craig and Adam? How old would they be?”
“14” Michelle whispered.
“Have you ever fucked anyone before Michelle?”
Michelle started to cry, her Dad tried to shout at the man but the gag held it back.
“Answer me Michelle!” The man was now in front of her, very close to her face, his ho breath on her. “Have you ever had that nasty pussy of yours rammed with a males big hard dick?”
Michelle cried harder, Amy next to her also began to weep softly.
“Have you ever smothered your juices all over a mans tool, so much of your pussy juice that he would drown if you wanted to sit on his face?! No Michelle?! You’ve never done that?! A fine looking girl like yourself?! Never?! We’ll have to fucking change that, definetely have to change that! But first, pick someone in this little circle of yours!”
“WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH US?!” Michelle finally wailed through the sobbing. Immediately the man in front of was holding her throat hard.
“I told you about asking me questions Michelle, now someone will have to be punished” He let go of her throat. The next time he spoke it was soft and calm, “You just have to pick who my dear.”
Michelle looked down, staring completely at the floor she whispered “Crag”. There was a rattle next to her as Craig started to struggle.
“O how very predictable, I’m not going to punish Craig, I believe my form of punishment would be quite exciting for perverted Craig here, No, I shall punish your mother instead.” Her mother let out a muffled cry from across the circle and the man began to laugh. “Oh this will be fun! Let me introduce you to something I have been working on for quite some time now. Do you know what this is Michelle?” The man took out a large dildo from his back pocket and shoved it in Michelles face. “Well, what is it?”
“A penis,” Michelle cried.
“Haha, not quite, although it looks like one, this is what we adults call a dildo, it is used by women to pleasure themselves. Now, this is a special dildo, inside it is a liquid called Lustiqox, a chemical of my own making, when absorbed through the genitalia it will make the subject very aroused for a short period of time, when absorbed during orgasm however it will make the subject aroused permanently, it really is marvellous!”
The man turned to face Michelles mother and pulled up her skirt, her face was a picture of puew fear. The man placed one of his skinny hands on the womans panties and ripped them off to reveal he partially shaved pussy. “see this kids, this is called a pussy! Michelle and Amy both have one, they do, it’s true, a lot less dirty than this old thing though.” And with that he shoved the dildo directly into the mass of fur on Michelle’s mothers crotch. A high pitched scream echoed around the room and Michelle’s dad started to flail about wildly.
“If you don’t be quiet Phil” Phil was Michelle’s fathers name “I will have to kill your wife” He was silent at once.
“Now, everyone, observe the power of my creation” Michelle was powerless to look away, she could see the end of the dildo vibrating in her mother’s pussy and it made her own pussy twitch in response, she was starting to get very hot. She could sense that the others in the group were all transfixed on the small pink end protruding from her mother’s snatch.
As Michelle watched she noticed her mother start to calm down and then, was she imaginig it? Michelle saw her mother began to squirm erotically.
“Ah, I see it Is having an effect already, you really are a horny bith aren’t you Lillian, now, I am going to remove the gag now” the man spoke bursa merkez escort bayan softly to Michelles mother, walked over to her and removed her gag, a large moan immediately escaped her mouth. It wasn’t a moan of despair however, it was undoubtedly a moan of pleasure. “OOOH, AAAH, fuck me, pleaaase fuck me, oh aaah, so good, fuck, aah” Lillian squirmed as these obscene things escaped her mouth.
“no, I don’t think I’ll fuck you, I’m more of a one for the younger ladies” A shiver shot up Michelles spine as the man gestured in her and Amy’s direction.
“Now, would you like to show the others the rest of your body?”
“Yes, show them my tits! Please, let one of them fuck me! PLEAASE!” The man immediately ripped off Lillians blouse revealing her massive perfectly formed tits. He then took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the shackles holding her hands above her head. She dropped to the floor in a kneeling position and immediately reached into the mans pants and ripped out his cock. Michelle immediately turned beetroot red, she had never seen an erect penis before and it made her pussy twitch again.
“No, stupid women, my penis is not for you!”, he slapped her hard on the cheek and with the other hand flicked a small switch at the base of the dildo protruding from Lillians pussy, Lillian screemed with ecstacy, her eyes rolled back into her head and she squeezed her tits hard.
“Now, your mother has just had what we adult’s call an orgasm, unfortunately a lot of Lustiqox was released when she did that so she will now stay in this hightened state of arousal forever, ah well.” The man laughed as Lillian ceased her squirming on the floor and began to pant hard.
The man, bent down and picked up his dildo from Michelle’s mum’s pussy, Michelle could see it glistening under the harsh electric lights. “now, Lillian, I will let you have sex with Craig in a moment” Lillian squeeled with delight staring at Craigs crotch. “but first you have to undress one of the girls, just the one mind you, but undress her and then give her pussy a few licks, is that understood?”
“yes master” Lillian said, still staring at Craig’s now bulging crotch.
“Now, Michelle,” the man turned to her, “who should your mother undress and pleasure ,you or little Amy here?” Michelle could feel Amy’s eyes upon her but she knew who she must pick.
“Amy” she whispered.
“What I didn’t quite hear that?!”
“AMY!” Michelle shouted.
“You heard your daughter Lillian.” And with that Lillian ran over to where Amy was standing gagged and ripped apart her shirt to reveal her magnificent, still growing, breasts, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Amy began to scream.
“Ah, no bra Amy, it’s because you like to tease poor craig here isn’t it? Tease him with you’re a-cup breasts.” The man reached out and pinched one of Amy’s erect nipples. “now Lillian, remove her panties and lick that pussy”.
Lillian pulled down the little shaking thirteen year olds denim shorts and small panties in one fell swoop, Michelle got one glance at her friends shaved pussy when her mothers head dived in the way, tongue out. Amy began to scream louder.
“Shaved Amy? Really? Did you not like those pubic hairs sprouting out yor labia? Now, I am going to shove my dick in your arsehole, would you like that Amy?” Amy’s eyes widened, and she shook her head violently. Michelle could hear her mother’s slurping from between Amy’s legs and her pussy gave another involuntary twitch.
The man strolled around to the back of Amy pulled his dick out and spread Amy’s bum cheeks,
“This is going to be fun” he proclaimed before ramming his dick hard into Amy’s brown eye. Amy grunted painfully, her head rolling about in either pain or ecstacy Michelle could not tell. “Aaah, that is rather tight, nice though eh Amy?!” Amy looked like she was about to pass out. “You can stop now Lillian, why don’t you go pleasure Craig?” Lillian altıparmak escort happily obeyed, removing her face from Amy’s pussy, Michelle could see it glistening with moisture.
The man turned himself and Amy so they were facing Michelle and pulled both of Amy’s legs up, spreading them at the same time. Michelle could see Amy’s pussy clearly now, perfectly shaved and pink, she could see what Sex-ed had told her was the clitoris, the little nub at the top of her pussy lips, beneath Amy’s pussy she could see the mans enormous penis sticking out of Amy’s bumhole, her pussy gave another twitch.
As Michelle watched the man took out the dildo from his back pocket, it was still glistening with her mother’s pussy juice. “Now, Amy, I’m going to remove the gag, if you scream I will put this dildo inside you and you know what happens when I do that,” Amy nodded and the man removed her gag. All that escaped Amy’s mouth was a grunt every time the man thrust into her.
“Now Amy, do you like anal sex?!”
“NO, it feels…aaah” The man started to rub her clitoris.
“does that feel good Amy?”
“Stop!” And with that the man shoved the dildo deep inside amy’s pussy. Amy screamed in terror!
“No, no, it feels strange, no…I…no, my pussy! AAAAH! Fuck my pussy please, fuck it, fuck my dirty little virgin pussy, fuck my ass at the same time as fucking my pussy, then let me lick Michelles pussy and make her feel good too, oooh, soo good, ram me harder, please harder!”
“Now, Michelle, would you like me to take the dildo out of your friend here? It will return her to normal if I do? How about it Michelle?!”
“No, Michelle, please, it’s so nice, aaaah, you need a dick in your pussy too, I’m so wet….ahh,” Amy begged.
“Take it out! That’s not Amy!” Michelle shouted at the man who immediately obeyed pulling the pink dildo out of Amy’s 13 year old pussy Amy started to cry.
“please don’t put that thing in me again” amy sobbed, “It’s so strange!”
“Did you like it?!” the man asked Amy. Amy didn’t reply. “Ah well,” and with that the man shoved it inside her again.
“YESS!” cried amy, humping both the mans dick in her tiny buthole and the dildo wiggling inside her pussy releasing the intoxicating mixture into her.
“Look at your mother Michelle!” Michelle had been too busy concentrating on Amy’s ordeal to notice that her Mother had stripped Craig and was now riding him like he was an overgrown pole.
“another interesting thing about the lustiqox is that it is contagious, oh yes I’m afraid poor Craig will be aroused forever, I don’t think he minds that much. Oh, I think I’m going to cum in Amy here, would you like that Amy?!” Amy nodded. “ok……ugh!!” The mans face contorted and Amy began to squeel like a pig, her eyes rolling back into her head like her mother’s had done.
“Oh, did you come too Amy, that’s grand! You’ll be aroused forever, would you like that Amy?!”
“YES! I need more cock.”
“Ok, I think Adam need a good pussy to fuck, and Michelles dad, what about it?!” The man untied Amys handcuffs and she immediately ran over to adam, pulled his pants down and jumped onto his enormous shaft, Michelle was shocked to see that it was so big yet it fitted so easily inside Amy’s love hole.
“Right, I will leave you now till morning, Amy, do not untie Michelle, you can untie the others only if they are infected, you can undress michelle and lick her pussy but no one is to fuck her…unless she asks!” and with that the man left. Amy immediately left Adam, who was now squirming and looked like he had already come inside Amy, and did the same to Michelles dad.
Michelle realised with dread that they were all now infected, naked and staring at her clothes like they should come off.
After Amy had finished with Michelle’s dad she ran over to Michelle.
“Your dad and brother came in my pussy, can you see it dribbling down my leg?! It’s so nice and creamy, wanna taste?!”
Amy wasted no time, she plunged all four of her fingers into her pussy then brought them up to Michelles mouth. “Have a lick, I taste great, cum tastes great too” Michelle opened her mouth foolishly and Amy plunged her fingers into it. She could taste the creamy cum and all the tangy taste of Amy’s pussy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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