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James awoke early that morning, the first thing he did after he opened his eyes was look at the clock, 5AM. He shifted a little and noticed his sister lying next to him, facing him, her eyes were closed but she had a smile on her face. He realized he hadn’t ever slept that well…and then remembered what happened the last night. He looked under the covers to see that they were both naked. As he did her hand gently brushed his already hardening dick.

Kayla rolled over onto her back and he slipped under the covers. As she slept James slid a hand onto her breast and his other hand to her pussy. He rubbed her pussy and played with her breast sensually. He began kissing her other breast, and then sucking gently. Her faint moans turned him on more. She was becoming wet very very quickly, he wanted to penetrate her again, but thought she might scream if that’s how she was woken up.

Her eyes opened and she pulled him up on top of her so his face was right above hers. “What’re you doing bro?!” she whispered slightly angrily, but he could tell she had een enjoying it, he could feel her hotness and wetness on the head of his dick. “Beth is right there sleeping,” she said as she looked over at their little sister.

“Just a quickie sis? Please…” He made a sad face and than began kissing and licking her cheeks and lips.

She sighed, her own want overcoming her, “Fine, but you can’t cum inside me. When you’re about to, just put it in my mouth okay?” Her hand went down to guide him in. He nodded and slowly penetrated her. He began moving his dick in and out of her pussy slowly. Kayla was looking london escort agency into his eyes, her hands around his back. She was trying not to moan, and biting her lower lip, but as he got faster she instinctively began humping back up against him. A feint moan escaped her, she knew it turned her brother on so every now and then she let one slip out, very quietly though.

James began getting faster, her soft moans, hot pussy, and exploring hands turning him on more and more by the second. He heard the squishing sounds of her pussy as his hard dick went in and out. She began letting more moans out and her eyes closed shut. He pushed harder each time he went in, trying to get deeper inside her, she moaned quietly every time he did this, he knew she was close.

Kayla grabbed her brother’s ass as she felt an orgasm approach. She opened her mouth breathing hard and pulled her brother down all the way on top of her as they both humped each other quickly. Her mouth attached to his neck as she moaned into it. She was sucking on his neck hard and even biting it a little as she was overcome with an orgasm. Shortly after her orgasm he pulled out and put his dick in her mouth. She pulled on his ass so he was all the way in, his dick in the back of her mouth as he came down her throat.

She thought that was it, but her brother had other plans. He licked and nibbled his way down her body before stopping at her wet, hot, tight pussy. He began licking it slowly, “Brother…no,” she moaned in pleasure. A finger slid into her pussy hole as he licked her clit. She began moaning more and more as he escort london finger fucked her harder and faster.

He slowly took the finger out and licked her pussy with all his tongue, loving the taste of it on the back of his tongue. He took that finger and traced it around her ass hole, “No, nothings ever..ahh!” She whispered loudly as her brother’s finger penetrated her ass hole, it only hurt her for a split second before she loved it and raised her ass up to allow him easier access, “Yessss, bro!”

She was moaning louder and louder, still trying to muffle them, but on the verge of screaming as her brother licked her pussy and fingered her ass. His mouth engulfed as much of her pussy as it could and he sucked on it. Probing her entrance with his tongue sent her wild. As he slid a finger from his other hand in her pussy he searched for her clit with his tongue. Once he licked it once she came harder than she ever had before. She came harder than she thought she could.

Kayla was breathing heavily, and she thought that James was done because his actions slowed. But then she felt her clit being ground by his teeth, hard. She had to bite onto her pillow to keep from screaming out as the immense pleasure took her.

A second finger into both her pussy and ass caused her to scream into the pillow. Her little brother’s tongue explored her pussy folds and licked up her juices as his teeth continue to grind her clit. James pushed his head against her pussy, loving the taste of her cum, and listening to and feeling her go wild. He took the two fingers from his ass and used that hand to rub one london escorts of her breasts, and occasionally pinch the nipple as his other hand got faster with his finger fucking of her ass. He pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, as deep as he could force it to go.

Then he began licking her entire pussy with quick licks of his tongue as he pinched her nipple one last time and shoved the two fingers back into her pussy. He finger fucked her fast as he nibbled her clit and sucked on it.

Kayla sat up and held her brother’s head to her pussy as she moaned loudly, and even began crying some from the pleasure. Her legs on his shoulders and hands forcing his head harder onto her pussy only urged him on more. He hooked his fingers in his pussy and finger fucked her ass and pussy harder than ever.

Her legs began shaking crazily and he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and grabbed her breast. The fingers in her ass were shoved as deep in as they could do as he put his mouth around her pussy hole and she came wildly. She had spit out the pillow and had to take his finger and suck on the two that had been in her pussy to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs. Pussy juice squirted from her and into his mouth.

As soon as her orgasm was over she fell back. He crawled up her body and kissed her, a little of her cum flowing from his mouth to hers. She was breathing heavily, and could barely talk, “I taste good…” she said a little astounded.

“The best ever!” James whispered in her ear before nibbling her ear lobe some. “I love you, sis…I really really do.”

“I love you too, bro.” She said back, they shared a deep, romantic kiss before he slipped back over to his bed. They didn’t go back to sleep…they just looked at each other until 7AM when their alarms went off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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