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Aria Lee

My name is Vinu. My father is British and my mother Indian. I have a younger sister, Camille. Since my father worked in the diplomatic corps, while I was growing up my family lived a number of places around the world. In the last six years I have settled down in India.

I guess you would have to say that our family was unusual, though not unique, in some respects. All female members of our family, on both sides, have enormous tits, the smallest being my sister’s D. Also, my father, my sister, and I are all what you would call “oversexed”. While I can’t say for sure for my father (though I believe it to be true), sex is the main motivation in my and my sister’s lives. (My mother is very different, with just a normal libido as far as I know.) Finally, my father, sister, and I are superb liars. We can tell you the tallest tale in the world, and get you to believe it. My father has proven this by passing a number of lie detector tests associated with his diplomatic position even though many of the answers he gave were “questionable”. My sister and I, despite our promiscuous ways, have convinced our mother, husbands, and other members of our family that we are paragons of chasteness and never have had sex before our marriages, or outside our marriages.

Both my sister and I have been married about 20 years; and we both have sons that are 18. My Australian native husband Brian has let himself get fat, and is not that attractive, but he has one redeeming quality – a big cock. My sister’s husband is half Kiwi, half Indian, and is in great shape, although to hear my sister tell it he doesn’t know how to fuck worth a damn. [I have always been certain she was just telling me this to try and keep me from fucking him since she knows how much I enjoy new meat.]

When I was 18 and 19, before I got married at 20, I loved to fuck different guys every week. I started out early with tit fucks. While they were great and certainly pleased my partners in view of my passion and my big, firm yet soft texture, breasts, once I got into pussy fucking and anal I didn’t do tit fucking anymore; unless I was having my period and my partner didn’t like anal.

There was one stretch of time, however, when I was 19, when we were on summer holiday in a remote location, with no decent local meat, when I decided I had to have my father. My sister and I had mercilessly teased him for a long time by walking around almost naked when our mother wasn’t home, and making suggestive comments and provocative movements (like bending over in front of him while he was sitting at breakfast when we only had a thong on, to ostensibly pick up something we had dropped). Without our father’s knowledge, Camille and I often played an evil game of who could get daddy hard fastest. I think the only reason our father didn’t try to fuck us was because he was deathly afraid of my mother, for reasons I don’t fully understand. On our summer holiday I used that fear to my advantage.

We had been on holiday about a week when I was so horny I couldn’t stand it anymore, and as I said the local meat was “rotten”. I had always admired my dad’s physique, and several times had peeked in on him while he was banging my mother – and he looked like he really satisfied her. Therefore I decided it was time to fuck him. So when my mother and Camille were out shopping – I begged off saying I didn’t feel well – and as I was home alone with daddy I went for it.

Dad was sitting on the couch of our rented bungalow reading. I had pinched a part of my ass cheek to make it really red, and was wearing only a thong and a skimpy loose top which showed almost half my tits, including the top part of the areola. I sauntered into the room and virtually pushed my ass in his face and said “Daddy, can you see a spider bite, or some other reason why my rear end is red? It itches.”

I could tell he was uncomfortable in looking at it, but he inspected it and told me it was probably just some temporary minor irritation. Of course his inspection of my ass and view of my tits had made him rock hard.

After his comments I turned around and blatantly stared at his crotch, pursed my lips, and said “Daddy, it looks like you have a major problem. There seems to be something causing your pants to swell. Let me have a look.” With that I knelt between his legs and put my hand on his crotch.

Dad got a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face, pushed my hand away, and mumbled something like “Nothing is wrong – you shouldn’t touch me there.”

I got a wicked smile on my face and I moved both hands back to his crotch and said “Daddy dear, your little girl is really, really horny and needs to be fucked. Since you’re the only candidate here, you need to do the honors.”

“I can’t do that” he mumbled “your mother would kill me!”

“Oh Daddy,” I replied, “the only way Mom is going to think you fucked me is if you don’t. Because if you don’t I’m going to tell her you did, and you know what a good liar I am. If you fuck me, no betsobet yeni giriş one will ever know. Plus I can tell from the hard on you get every time I get near you that you badly want it. So what is it going to be, I tell Mom you fucked me and you have no fun, or you get the joy of banging my sweet little pussy and sucking on my big tits and no one ever finds out?”

I hesitated only a few seconds, and didn’t wait for an answer. While he still had his wide-eyed scared look, I undid his zipper and pulled out his dick, and while staring him in the eye started sucking it like crazy. It took less than a minute for him to go from scared to ecstasy, grabbing my hair and moaning “oh yeah, that feels so gooooood, oh fuck yes…”

After I sucked him a while, I pulled him onto the floor, pulled off my thong and top, swung my pussy over his face, and put my mouth back on his raging hard on. He absolutely went nuts on my pussy, sucking and tonguing it like it was the last one he would ever see in his life, while simultaneously vigorously fingering me. He and I were both close to climax in less than two minutes, so I pulled my pussy off of his face, and went down reverse cowgirl on him. As I rode him up and down, he started bucking his hips in sync, more enthusiastically than any other guy I had fucked up to that point, and in short order he was groaning like an old wooden floor with an elephant walking on it. He grabbed an ass cheek with one hand, and stuck two fingers from the other hand in my anus. Shortly, he deposited a monster load in my sweet vagina just as I started a mammoth orgasm myself. As I continued to orgasm, he kept pumping me all the way through it, until I went completely limp and collapsed on him.

That day uncaged Daddy Dear’s lust for me, and we secretly fucked on a regular basis after that, including the day before he walked me down the aisle (wow was that fun – the doubly forbidden nature of it got me to cum more than ever before in my life).

While I was bored with my husband, I got plenty of raw meat outside of marriage, so I never went crazy with deprivation. But finding new meat all the time – I mostly wanted only one night stands – took a lot of effort. So I was really happy when a change in family circumstances came along.

My sister’s husband was between jobs, and was looking for work in the same part of India my family lived in. We had a very big house with 6 bedrooms on three different floors, so I invited them to live with us. My husband had no objection – I had the feeling he had a crush on my sister for years – nor did my son or nephew, so we became one big happy family. “Happy” being the operative word.

It wasn’t even a week after my sister’s family moved in that I maneuvered it so that my brother-in-law, Shree, was in the house alone; I pretended to go out. When he was in the bathroom I stood nude outside of it, and when he opened the door pretended like I was just walking by and was startled. I covered up my nipples with my arms, leaving my hairless prominent camel toe completely exposed. I blurted something out like “Oh dear, I didn’t know anyone else was home,” but didn’t attempt to move away.

I always thought Shree would like a piece of my ass, and his reaction confirmed that. He stood still, gap-jawed without speaking for a good 30 seconds, obviously staring at my twat. Then a sly smile crossed his face, and he said “Why haven’t you run away Vinu instead of just standing there?”

“If I ran away then you would see my ass. If you were a gentleman you would cover your eyes and walk away,” I lied. I continued “I don’t like the look on your face. It appears you want to take advantage of me while I’m here naked with no one else in the house.”

If he didn’t have an idea of what I wanted before, he sure did after that comment. With the sly smile apparently now permanently painted on his face he walked up, pulled my hands away from my nipples, pressed against me, and started kissing me. I put up only enough resistance to encourage him, and within 2-3 minutes he was sucking my tits while fingering my cunt. I softly protested “You’re not going to fuck me, are you?” much like a rabbit pleading with a fox “don’t throw me in the briar patch.”

That last comment really turned him on and he started running his hands all over me. He picked me up while keeping a finger in my cunt and carried me the short distance down the hall to his bed. I could tell passive resistance was really turning him on so I whimpered “Please don’t fuck me; I’m so vulnerable and helpless.”

He virtually ripped his clothes off and started attacking my pussy as vigorously as my father did my first time with him. I knew Camille was lying about him being a terrible fuck. Even though his dick was quite a bit smaller than my husband’s that was inconsequential because he really knew how to use that thing, and his lust was almost beyond my experience. Also, his body was lean and muscular, and felt so good to betsobet güvenilirmi the touch. After bringing me to my first orgasm orally, he stabbed me with his cock, put my legs on his shoulders, and pounded my pussy with a fervor I had never experienced before. With great zeal he continued moving his hands over my breasts and hips, and occasionally licked or bit my calves, while rhythmically pummeling my cunt into submission.

Within two minutes of my pussy being stabbed I had an awesome orgasm which only briefly subsided until he rocketed his joy juice into me, triggering even greater ecstasy in my loins.

When I finally came down from my third climax at Shree’s hand (actually tongue and dick) he withdrew his tool from my now sopping cunt, and lay next to me while he continued to suck my nipples and rub his hands all over my body. I now knew for certain that I wanted regular fuck sessions with my dear brother-in-law and it was clear to me what pushed his buttons. So as he was zestily handling my body I whimpered “I can’t believe you had your way with me. You’re an animal. You know I will never tell anyone so you simply took advantage of my weakness with your strong arms and body.”

Wow, did I have him figured out! Those whimpered words perked up his eyes, ears, and dick. He wasn’t a one a done guy – at least he wasn’t going to be with me – I could tell. Once I felt his hard dick again poking me in the side I continued my manipulation with “Oh no, you’re getting hard again, and I haven’t done anything to encourage you. You’ve already worn out my poor pussy, please don’t fuck my ass, you animal.”

His eyes lit up even more. He smash mouthed me, grabbed my hips, and turned me over on my hands and knees. Wiping up the slurry of our cums literally flowing out of my pussy I could feel him slathering my ass hole with the slurry, and coating his dick as his dick head rested on my rosebud. I continued to get him excited by quietly begging “You can’t take the virginity of my ass,” “Oh please won’t you control your animal passion,” and “Aren’t you ashamed of dominating your poor sister-in-law?”

With a combination of gentleness and intensity that I had never experienced before he inserted his dick to the hilt in my expectant anus, moving gently at first, and then banging me like a bass drum. I wanted him to know that my words were intended to only be a turn-on when I started banging him back with all I had. It wasn’t long before we were both ready to cum again. I climaxed first – one of the best anal orgasms I’ve ever had – and shortly thereafter he was screaming like Tarzan swinging on a vine as he blasted me with another load of his thick cream.

When we both came back to full functionality and awareness, with his arms wrapped around me, I looked him straight in the eye and said as seriously as I could “Can you at least clean me up after using me as your plaything?” He smiled, got out of bed, picked me up, and carried me into the shower and got in with me. He washed all of my private parts with one hand, while the other either massaged my ass, stroked my tits, or was buried in my cunt. I washed his parts off too, but only when he insisted that I do – I knew that was the best way to keep him coming back for more.

When we got out of the shower he toweled me off. As he was doing that I humbly said “Can I please get dressed now?” After he said “Sure” with a smirk on his face, I coyly asked “Just because you gave me multiple orgasms you’re not going to think you can take advantage of me again, are you?” A big smile engulfed his visage as he retorted “I’ll fuck you whenever I get you alone so if you don’t want to get fucked you better make sure you’re never alone with me again.”

With my head down I shuffled out of the 2nd floor bathroom to go upstairs to my room, and once I got there a big smile and warm glow overtook me. I realized that now I can regularly get a great fuck without even having to leave my house.

I knew Shree wouldn’t tell Camille, and my husband was too stupid to figure out something was going on between Shree and I, but I wanted to distract Camille so she wouldn’t figure it out. Therefore I had several heart-to-heart talks with her saying things like I missed my husband’s big cock, and maybe I should encourage him to get some ass elsewhere as that might perk up his interest in sex in general, and thus with me. Poor Camille is such a sap, I know she sucked that up. I tried to get her and my husband alone together whenever I could. It would probably be a few months of my husband infrequently porking her before she realized that Shree was by far the better fuck.

While Shree and I were going hot and heavy, fucking 3-4 sessions a week (with multiple orgasms each session), my oversexed brain was thinking of adding a new partner. My nephew Raj was looking real good; he and my son Brian Junior are both really good looking boys. Raj has his father’s nice body, and his mother’s beautiful facial betsobet giriş features, and is outgoing, tall, and endearing; Junior looks enough like him to be his brother. They always hang out together. I started wearing skimpy clothing around Raj – and therefore around Junior too – and took them for outings where I would direct sexual comments toward them. I know I piqued Raj’s interest – but Junior’s at the same time. Once when I was looking into a store window, in the reflection I saw Raj – and Junior – staring intently at my ass and thighs. Hmmm.

The day before his 19th birthday, I asked Raj to go shopping with me to pick out a present he would like. The outfit I wore when we left the house had a conservative look to it, but had top and bottom sections that were easily removed. We weren’t out of the house 5 minutes when I complained of the heat and took the easily removed sections off. What was left gave Raj a real good look at my tits and thighs, and when I bent over my ass, and when I sat with my legs apart my pussy.

When we sat down at a bench between stores I put my arm around Raj and drew him close to me so his side was smashing into my tits, and I swung one thigh over his. I looked him in the eye and said “Raj, what if for your birthday I would give you anything within my power to give you, what would you want from me?” When he diverted his eyes from mine and started stuttering and mumbling, I knew I had him. “No, I mean anything within my power, what would it be? Don’t be shy, if you don’t want me to I won’t tell anyone. What?”

I could tell he was really getting nervous, but my constant body contact with him was also causing his resistance to wane. Finally he said, without making eye contact, “Well don’t get mad at me Aunt Vinu, but what I would really like is to have sex with you.” I smiled, kissed his cheek, turned his face toward mine, and said “Raj, why would that make me mad at you? It flatters me. I would love to do that for you, and we will this weekend. But let me buy you something too so that no one suspects your real present will be my flesh.” I’ve never seen a bigger smile on Raj’s face; we walked arm-in-arm to a store to pick out something that might look like a real gift before we headed home.

Friday night was the time for Raj’s present – and I was so horny in anticipation, I begged Shree to fuck me during the day on Friday, which he was happy to do. I showered and douched afterward.

Raj’s bedroom was the only one on the first floor of the house. On Friday night, after everyone else was asleep, including my husband snoring like a freight train, as Raj and I had arranged I sneaked down to Raj’s room. My nipples were as hard as rocks and my panties were soaking wet in expectancy. As he was lying wide-eyed in bed, I turned a low light on. Then I slowly removed my nightgown, and slowly stepped out of my soaked panties. I walked over to him and told him to give me his hand. I brought his hand into contact with each of my erogenous zones, taking time to show him what effect touching or licking my clit, pussy lips, nipples, and rosebud had upon me.

I pulled back his sheet. His flag pole was sticking way out of his pajama bottoms. I gently removed his bottoms while licking the head of his cock. It was a really beautiful one, uniform color, distinct head, nice shaft, and a perfect size for my cunt. I massaged his testicles while licking his cock and he started to moan. I told him I was getting on top of him to suck his penis, and wanted him to touch the sensitive parts of my pussy with his fingers and tongue as I did that.

We got into a 69 position, and I was pleased that he was as spirited as his father in going after my pussy. What he lacked in experience he more than made up for in desire as he finger fucked me with alacrity while tonguing and sucking on my clit. He was so excited that he came in my mouth after I sucked him for only a few minutes, but I expected that, and told him that was OK. One of the benefits of youth was that I knew he would have no trouble depositing a load in my cunt in addition to my mouth.

I kept my lips and tongue in contact with his cock even after I swallowed all the ejaculate, as he continued his good work on my cunt. Once he got me to an orgasm, I sucked his dick vigorously, and he was rock hard again in a minute. Then I told him I wanted his first fuck – he had admitted to me he never fucked a woman before – to be doggy style. So I got on my hands and knees and guided his dick into my waiting cunt. He got the hang of it real quickly. He banged me good, and for each of his thrusts I applied a counter-thrust. We quickly developed a rhythm so smooth it was like we had been lovers for months. This time I came first, but he came shortly afterward, and it felt great when his cum was being blasted into my vagina.

Raj and I lay together kissing and fondling each other for another hour or so, before I told him I better be getting back to my room, since my husband usually wakes up once during the night to go to the bathroom, and I didn’t want him wondering where I was. I promised Raj – a promise I happily later fulfilled – that we would be lovers at least twice a week from now on (meaning I would be getting laid 5-6 days a week by him or his father).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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