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Black Penis

Well, where do I begin because there’s so much that I want to share here. It’s difficult to really understand how I got from where I use to be to where I am now. I can’t really speak too much about my family because I really didn’t have one until recently. I was the youngest of four and I happened to be the black sheep of the family, I wasn’t liked by anyone. I know many people say that that is just a faze that most teens go through, but it wasn’t just a faze for me. My parents, my mom and my real dad literally told me that I was a mistake, that I wasn’t suppose to be born and the only reason that mom didn’t abort me was because they didn’t have the money. My brothers and my older sister have always treated me like I was unwanted and hated, but that’s ok, because things have gotten so much better for me and my daughter and honestly, it’s really overwhelming. Anyway, my name is Allysa I am 26. Right now I am 5’4 and I’m 101 pounds so I’m still small, I have been working out every day since I had my baby so I’d have to say that I am pretty athletic. My husband helps me keep my little six pack that I didn’t have till just before we got married. I have b cup perky boobs, nice little ass, and I like to be shaved, I actually get waxed and my husband absolutely loves it. I have brown eyes, full lips, a fairly slim nose and I have long dark brown hair. I have been told by everyone that I don’t look my age at all, they say I look at least ten years younger, but so does my husband, a lot of people are shocked when we tell them our age. The best part is that I have a very very gorgeous daughter named Haylee, and believe me, she is my life, light and my world, and no she isn’t my husbands girl and you’ll see that. She literally changed my life for the better in so many ways, no one and I mean no one comes before her.

What I loved was that my current husband knew that from the very very beginning, and he loved and respected that from the very very beginning. It was to the point that our second date and many others after that, I got to bring Haylee on our dates! It was so amazing to finally find a guy who accepted me and the fact that I had a kid! A guy that worked our dates out so that they worked perfectly with a single mom, he was so fucking amazing about the fact that I had a daughter. There’s so much I wanna say about him, but I’m saving that for later. So before I get to all of that, I need to go back in time, so here we go. I’m not going to lie, I was really really young when I got pregnant and had Katie, and it all started at an age where if I told you how old her biological father was, he would go to prison, and so would his wife, well, they are in prison but not because of me. It all really started way way early, I found porn on my step dad’s computer and after I watched it, I became the horniest little girl you could ever meet. All I could think about was sex and I was constantly masturbating and watching porn. And since my family basically hated me, I started to find boys that I could hang out with and hopefully have sex with. I will say, that I found tons of girls and guys to hang out with that were all just as horny as I was. We would actually have porn watching parties together and have sex with each other but after a while, I stopped having sex with them and started having sex with older guys.

At the time, I was only 4’3 and maybe 90 pounds I don’t even know, I do know that I was very small. I had long brown hair then too, but I didn’t have any blonde streaks in it. I had such small boobs that people didn’t think I even had any yet and I was supposedly the hottest and sexiest girl of my group. That was when I finally found the one older guy that knew for a fact that I was as young as I was and he was the first guy, that was older, that actually didn’t care that I was that young. I lied to all the others and told them that I was eighteen, I even had a fake ID saying that I was. This guy, I didn’t have to lie to him at all, and he knew how old I really was, he just wanted to fuck me after I seduced him in class. Just in case you couldn’t tell, he was one of my teachers and he was sexy as fuck at the time. He’s not even close to being as sexy and yummy as my current husband, but he was still hot. He was tall, kinda big as in he had just the right amount of fat on him, and he had dark brown hair with brown eyes and he had a cute face. I started to wear clothes that, quite honestly, were very inappropriate for a girl my age, and after I noticed how he looked at me, I started to show him as much of my body as I could. I was already wearing make up and stuff, so I started going to my favorite porn sites and seeing how the girls did their make up and started wearing mine the same way.

I knew for a fact that he wanted me the day I wore the smallest skirt I had with the tiniest little white panties a hoodie that zipped up, and the smallest halter top ever with no bra. He kept staring at me and when he did, I just kept getting wetter and wetter so I started to stare at his bulge and lick my lips a little so that he knew that I loved the way he was looking at me. One time I saw him stare at my little boobs so I kinda let my hoodie slide down my arms with the little strap of my halter top. I didn’t realize that my nipple came out at first, but when I did realize it, I got this surge of excitement, and I mean I got so hot and so horny. I looked up at him again and saw his face turning red, then our eyes met so I smiled at him and bit my lip. Then I looked at his bulge to see his dick growing and bit my lip before I looked up to make sure he saw me watching his dick pushing his pants out. Then I winked at him and let my boob come out almost all the way for him and slid my fingers down my shoulder to my boob while I watched him watch my hand. I gave him the sexiest little grin I possibly could and just kept my boob out while he grinned back. Later during class, he stepped in front of me, I was in the front row, and stood there, so I looked at his dick and knew right then that he was really hard. He was busy teaching so he didn’t see me staring at his dick and drooling, but he knew I was looking.

After he gave us our stuff to work on, he went and sat at his desk which happened to be right in front of me. I loved it because we kept giving each other looks. The problem was that I was so horny that I was dizzy, so I looked around and made sure no one was looking. Then I sat back and watched him while did and slid my little ass to the edge of the seat while I was looking around again. And since no one was looking, I looked at him and saw that he was looking right where I wanted him to. Then I looked at my assignment and bit my pen while I spread my legs and lifted my skirt for him with my other hand. And while I looked around again, I pulled the bottom hem of my skirt up to my hip, then looked at him while I pulled my panties to the side as far as I could. By then I was so hot and so horny that I didn’t care if anyone saw me. So I looked at Mr. King and spread my legs so he could really see my little pussy. He looked like he was about to jump out of his chair, over the desk, grab me and fuck me right there. Once our eyes met, I gave him the sexiest grin and bit my lip while he looked at my pussy again, what he didn’t know was when we were staring at each other, I was sliding my pen inside of me.

I watched him watch me slide my pen in and out of my pussy a few times before he looked in my eyes and gave me a little grin. After class, I literally sat there and waited for everyone to be gone while I secretly took my soaking wet panties off. Once we were alone, I got up and went to him since he was already standing up. I gave him the pen I used on myself and watched him while I touched his dick and rubbed him. He just stood there for a second before he slid his hand in my hoodie and touched my boob.

“I’m so horny, maybe you can help me.” I sighed making him smile.

“You’re too young and you’re my student.” He sighed while I rubbed his hard dick.

“No one ever has to know, come on, you know you want me like I want you, and don’t worry, I’m not a virgin, I’ve had sex lots of times.” I sighed making him kinda groan.

“Really?!” He asked quietly.

“Yes I have, I love sex and now I want your hard dick, I know you want my young tight pussy too.” I sighed while he did everything he could to not just rape me.

“God yes I do.” He said quietly while his dick throbbed against my hand.

“See? What’s the big deal, it’s just sex.” I sighed while he slid his hand in my halter top.

“After school?” He asked while we molested each other.

“Here?” I asked.

“If you want, are you sure you really want to do this?” He asked while I unzipped his pants.

“You have no idea.” I sighed while I touched his dick through his underwear.

“You have no idea how much trouble I could get into for this.” He said while he tried to pull his hand out of my shirt, but was stopped when I put my hand on his.

“Yes I do, you could be arrested, thrown in prison and never get a job again and you could be a registered sex offender for the rest of your life. That’s why we need to keep this a secret, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. I promise, I really really want this.” I sighed while I squeezed his hard hard dick.

“You swear to god?” He asked.

“I swear, here, I’ll even give you this.” I sighed before I took my hand out of his pants and pulled my soaked warm panties out of my pocket and gave it to him.

“Meet me here after school.” He sighed while I put my hands in his pants and on his dick again.

“K, see you then.” I said before we separated and I went to my next class.

I could not stop thinking about everything I wanted us to do to each other and I couldn’t wait till I got to do it all. And just when school got out, I went to the little girls room and took my halter top off and put my hoodie back on and only zipped it up half way. Then I went to his classroom, went in and didn’t see him. I got a little mad at first because I didn’t see him in there at all, but I did find a note with my name on it.

“If you’re really up for this, meet me in my office, make sure no one sees you.” It read.

I immediately got so wet and hot that I was almost shaking, so I went to his office which was actually the perfect place. There were no windows anywhere, even the doors had no windows, it was perfect. So I opened the door, went in and saw him. I closed the door and locked it right before I unzipped my hoodie and took it off all the way.

“Oh my god, I didn’t think you’d really come.” He sighed while he stood up.

“I told you, I’m really horny and I want you.” I sighed while he walked up to me.

“Fuck girl.” He sighed while he started to touch my boobs right at the same time that I put my hand on his dick.

“I’ll bet you’ve never been with a girl as young as me.” I sighed while he turned me around and pushed me to his desk.

“No I haven’t, ever.” He sighed while he picked me up and put me on his desk.

“Did you know that you’re the hottest girl in the school?” izmit escort bayan He asked while I wrapped my legs around him so he couldn’t back off and started to undo his belt.

“Really?” I asked while I got it undone and started to unsnap and unzip his pants.

“Yes, all the boys talk about you all the time.” He said while I started to pull his pants and his underwear down.

“Do you agree with them?” I asked while I pulled them down far enough that they just fell to his ankles.

“Absolutely.” He groaned while he kicked his shoes off and kicked his pants off all the way.

I looked at his dick and he wasn’t huge, but he was definitely bigger than I had ever seen or had.

“I like your dick.” I sighed while I wrapped my fingers around him and started to jerk him slowly.

“I like your pussy.” He sighed making me shake a little.

“Yeah?” I asked while he reached down and pulled my skirt up.

“Maybe you should lick it.” I sighed while he ran his finger up and down my slit.

“You think I should?” He asked making me bite my lip and nod yes while he started to get on his knees.

He didn’t say anything else, he just pulled my skirt up to my hips and spread my legs, and just when I was expecting him to get second thoughts, he leaned down and kissed my pussy. I sighed and whimpered while he kissed my pussy several times and before he started to lick me. I don’t know how long he ate me out, but it was a long time. It was long enough that he gave me two orgasms, and by then, I was ready for his cock to be inside of me. That’s when I pulled him so that he was standing and grabbed his dick and started to jerk him slowly.

“Fuck me please.” I whimpered making his dick throb in my hand.

After I said that, he pushed me on my back and I scooted up so I could get him in me. I spread my legs really wide and when I did, I watched him take his dick and rub my slit several times. And just when I wasn’t expecting it, I felt and watched him push his dick inside of me.

“Yyyyes, yes Mr. King, like that, mmmm feels so good.” I moaned making him groan and push his dick all the way in me.

“You’re so fucking tight, goddamn.” He moaned right before he started to fuck me right there on his desk.

I loved how his dick looked inside of me because he was so much bigger than the boys I’ve had sex with. He fucked me like that for a few minutes before he had me bend over his desk so he could fuck me like that. I wanted to be on top, but he was getting ready to cum, so when he told me he was about to cum, I pushed him back, dropped to my knees and slid his dick right into my mouth. I sucked his dick for at least a minute, and when I had his dick all the way in my mouth, he lost it. My lips and nose were pressed against his stomach and his dick was almost in my throat when he started to cum. I swallowed it all and kept sucking his dick until I had all of his cum in my stomach. Once we were done, he helped me clean up, we got dressed, and we started making plans to do it again. So yes we did have sex again, in fact, we had sex a lot. And when I found out that his wife found out about us, I started to freak out because I just knew that she was going to kill me for having sex with her husband.

Well, it turns out that I was wrong! She was a freak, and I mean she liked young girls too! You know what that meant right? That meant that I got to spend a lot of time with her and her husband. She was a hot as fuck! She was 5’7 and she weighed about one hundred or more. She was a competitive cheer coach and I joined her cheer squad to cover up the fact that I was having sex with her and her husband. I was hardly ever home anymore and that was ok. My family didn’t care that I was never ever home and they did nothing to try to find me on the nights I didn’t come home. What they didn’t know was that I was at Mr. King’s house having sex with his wife, him or both. She was the very first girl I had ever been with, I mean, I had made out with a lot of girls and we got naked and fingered each other, but I never had full fledged lesbian sex or a threesome before until then. The sex was absolutely amazing! My favorite part of it all, was that they took pictures, lots and lots of pictures. I would pose naked for them and posed in pictures where I would get naked or where I was having sex with either him or her. I mean you could see my face buried in her pussy, hers in mine, our pussies smashed together while we made out, his dick in my mouth or pussy, or anything else you can think of. But they also made a whole bunch of videos of it all too.

My favorite time was when they took me on vacation with them and I pretended to be their daughter. We had so much sex during that week that it was amazing! Thats also when Mr. King filled me up with his cum so many times that I ended up getting pregnant even though his wife licked his cum out of my pussy. I was sucking the rest of his cum out of him while she did that, it was so fun. That was a two week vacation and I loved every second of it. I didn’t know that I was pregnant until a week after I got home from vacation with them. I just know that I was so sick and kept throwing up in the mornings and certain smells made me sick. I also started having the weirdest cravings too. I didn’t know what was going on and neither did mom, well, at least not until they took me to the doctors. I won’t lie, I was freaking out when I found out that I was pregnant and mom was way way pissed and so was my step dad. When they asked me who the boy was, I just made up some random name because there was no way I was going to do or say anything to get Mr. King and his wife in trouble. I mean, I just had the best four months of my entire life and they were the ones who made it that way, so there was no way in hell that I was going to so much as think about them.

Thankfully they bought my story. I did tell Mr. King and his wife and they said that they would help me. But when I was five months pregnant, they got arrested, and it didn’t have much to do with me. It turned out that Mr. King lied to me when he said he’s never been with a girl my age, he had been a lot of times and so had his wife. They were arrested for the production and sales of a certain kind of porn, and that’s all I’ll say about that part. I will say that they tried to identify all of the girls in the videos and pictures and I refuse to go tell them that I was one of the girls, mainly because I loved it. That just meant one thing though, I was basically on my own. My mom said that she would help as much as she could which was nice, but she treated me like shit and my real dad refused to have anything to do with me. That’s ok, because I made myself a promise, I promised that I would be nothing like my parents and that I would give my baby everything she would ever need. I stopped having sex all together, went and got some medical insurance and help to take care of my baby. I was really young, but I had to grow up and do it now because it wasn’t going to be just about me anymore. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy at all, it took me a lot of time to get myself to the point that I could take care of my baby and not be selfish anymore. It was really hard, but I think that my mom, my step dad and my siblings being really mean to me helped a little.

I was honestly scared to death because I was so young and I was about to have a baby, but after I gave birth to my little miracle, my fear all went away. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing at all and there were times that I wanted to give up, and that urge to give up was strongest on the nights I didn’t sleep a wink. But then I would think back to the times, including that moment, that my family didn’t care about me at all, and it would motivate me to push forward and do what I had to do for my daughter. I loved that when I changed schools, they had daycare for teens with babies and let me tell you, that was a godsend! I wanted to be on the cheer teem there, but I decided not to do it because I wanted to be there for her. I started to really bust my ass in school and work on loosing all of my baby fat and I was doing great. I didn’t do so well before, but after I had my baby, I started to work on getting straight A’s. I stopped hanging out with my friends, and I never went out with any boys after I had Haylee because she was my first priority. I wanted to make a great life for her, so I did what I had to do to make that happen. If I ever got horny, which was a lot, I would just use my hair brush and relive my amazing vacation with the Kings, or play my new sexy fantasy out in my head, but I never dated again so no more sex.

Haylee was a beautiful baby, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter, I’m saying that because she really is. She had his blue eyes, and she had his dirty blonde hair, and you could really see a lot of Mr. Kings features in her face, but you could also see a lot of my facial features too. She was a great and amazing baby and I started to love being a mom. She made my worst days so much better and all she had to do was smile. She had the most amazing little personality and as she started to get older, I started to get the hang of things. I loved her, she was my world then and I loved waking up to find her smiling and cooing for me. I loved that she was such a mommas girl, and that made me absolutely love her. I loved everything about being her mom, and I loved her more than I thought was ever possible. Some would say that they’d be pissed with the King’s, but I can’t be, they gave me the most beautiful gift that I could ever have, nothing, and I mean nothing could ever top what they gave me. I will always have the biggest place in my heart for them because of that. There have been times where I wished they hadn’t been caught with the porn they had and that they weren’t in prison, but that’s how things happened.

Well, by the time I was almost of “legal age”, I had already finished and graduated from high school with a diploma and a 4.0 GPA, but that’s not all. I was accepted into nursing school and had started it already, I was already well into my first semester. I was getting straight A’s and really busting my ass in school to make sure I made a great life for Haylee. But that’s not all either, by then, I had lost all of my extra weight and I was in the best shape of my entire life. I had a flat stomach now, I had arms and I had a really nice little booty, I won’t lie. I kept my hair straight and long and I started to do what I could to look hot again even though I didn’t think it worked despite the fact that I had so many guys constantly hitting on me. I also had a few guy friends that were trying to get me to have sex with them. Some of the guys I liked a lot and would try to give them a chance, but all of them ran off and stopped talking to me once they found out that I had a daughter. So I stopped trying all together but I still went out with some of them, I just didn’t have sex with them. I just took care of myself so I could be there for my daughter as long as I could, and I took care of her. By the time that I was finally of “legal izmit eve gelen escort age” my baby girl turned 5. I was not, and I mean I was not even close to being ready for her to go to school even though she went to preschool and daycare. But you know what, it was what it was and I had to do what was best for her, I had to or I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

Her first day at kindergarten, was so nerve racking for me, oh my god, but it was ok because I had to go to school myself. But after that, it became easier. I was excited about the life she was going to have and I was happy being a single mom. I was in no way interested in going out with any boys, as in being in a relationship, or anything but I still needed some kind of sex. But since I stopped having sex with boys after Mr. King, I bought my first toy, I started watching porn again and I started doing webcam shows. Sometimes I watched porn and used my toy on myself for my webcam shows. That’s how I made money to pay for school only I made sure Haylee was sleeping when I did that, I kinda had to and we all know why. I was making really good money from it and it was paying for all of my schooling, so that meant that I still got to get off and get paid really good for it. I still didn’t want a relationship, but that all changed one day when Haylee was older. You see, she was a gorgeous gorgeous girl, she was so beautiful that I was actually asked if she could do some modeling. So, we went ahead and started her with her own modeling gigs, so between that her school, mine and the webcam shows I did every night, things were busy busy. I will say this though, you don’t know how pleased I was when Haylee was voted to be one of the most beautiful girls in the world! I was excited as hell and I was the proudest mom that you could ever see! Not only that, but she was doing so amazing in school! Her teachers loved her and said that she was one of the sweetest girls they had ever had the privilege of teaching. She was one of those kids that would go to one of her school mates who was crying and comfort them. She was the most compassionate kid and she was the most loving and nurturing kids, and that made me so so proud and so happy for her.

There was just one major problem I had, and my vacation with the Kings burned it into my head without even trying. It was a fantasy, one that I was pretty sure was never going to happen and if it didn’t, I would so not be mad or disappointed. But if in the off chance, and I mean the chances of it happening were slim to nonexistent, but if it did, she HAD to be the one who wanted it, had to be, period! She had to be the one who initiates it completely, and I have to see it for myself. I have to know that deep down, it’s something she really really wants to do and something she talks to me about first. She absolutely has to be the one to kick it all off, and I mean her only, not me, not the guy, not anybody, it had to all be her, it HAD to be ALL HER. I don’t know how else to say or emphasize this so that you can really feel how I feel about it, but there’s no way unless I repeat it over and over and over and over again, kinda like I just did, and I’ll keep repeating if you want me to. If she doesn’t want any of it, then it will never, ever happen, and I will be way more than ok with it. It’ll just be what it is, a fantasy, a deep dark sexy and yummy fantasy of mine that gets me off every time.

I started having the fantasy when I was on vacation with the Kings, remember when I pretended to be their daughter and we had sex every day we were on vacation? Well, this is the fantasy that the vacation and the Kings gave me and I’m not going to get into detail about it. But don’t judge me. I meet a guy and we fall in love, we get married and some years later, my daughter comes to me and asks me about sex. I talk to her about it as much as I can because we are open with each other, which we are in real life now and have always been, and she listens. She asks questions and I answer them, but she wants details, like, every single detail you could thing of. So I give her all of the details she wants. She confesses to me that she’s been watching naughty videos and that she wants to try it. And when I ask her who she wants to try it with, she just says, daddy, my husband. She tells me that she’s been having these feelings about him when he’s around, or when he doesn’t wear a shirt or wears just shorts or something. She tells me that she can’t stop thinking about him and that she has these feelings around him and she can’t really explain it. She talks about how she gets the same feelings she gets when she watches her naughty videos but they’re stronger for her dad. Then she goes on and on about how hot and sexy she thinks her step dad is and can’t stop dreaming about him.

So I explain to her that she’s horny and that she likes her dad in a way she shouldn’t for a lot of reasons, but, she can’t help what she feels. I tell her that she’s not a bad person and that I’m not mad at her for feeling that way about her step dad. We talk about it for a long time and somehow, she is encouraged by our girl talk. She tries to look hot for her dad and it doesn’t work, her dad still loves her more than life, but not in a sexual way. That’s when she comes to me and tells me that she wants him, that she wants to have sex with him or that she wants to be his girlfriend. I get excited and tell her what she needs to do. I take her shopping and we buy some of the sexiest little outfits we can find for her to wear around him and I get her on birth control. When we get home, she tells me that she’s watched lesbian porn too and that she thinks I’m hot and sexy. Later I help her get ready for her dad to come home from work and when we were done, she looked so so sexy and so beautiful.

There is still a lot of resistance from him because he’s trying really hard to not get to the point that he has dirty thoughts about her. After a while, he talks to me about her and what she’s been doing. He’s confused and worried about her, but I calm him down and I end up talking to him hoping it would convince him to give into her. He is still resisting, but he ends up fucking me so hard that night not knowing that I let my daughter watch us from the doorway. For a few days, me and my daughter spend a lot of time and watching porn and playing since he won’t give in but he eventually gives in. I didn’t know he was going to, but I found out that he did when I walk in and see her sitting in his lap, they are making out and she is grinding on him all slow. I stand there and watch them while I strip down to my bra and panties. I can’t take it, seeing my daughter and her step dad together is driving me so crazy that I just loose it. I walk up to them and kiss my daughter on her neck and she responds by kissing me. He’s shocked at first because it’s the last thing he ever expected for one, and two, I’m not freaking out on him at all. But when I kiss him, he knows it’s ok and just let’s go. One thing led to another and we all had sex together.

That’s my fantasy, the short version, a fantasy that I would be more than happy if it never became reality, and if it ever did, she had to be the one to start every single bit of it, and I mean every..single..bit! So there’s that. The thing was, I didn’t even think that I was going to have a boyfriend to begin with because I wasn’t interested in having one. It was the farthest thing from my mind, so all of that was just a fantasy, nothing more nothing less. It was when Haylee was seven when I found a guy that I really really liked a lot, from the first time I laid eyes on him. I had never seen him before and I didn’t know that guys that were as amazing looking as he was even existed. It was when we were in Hawaii, I had to take Katie there for a modeling job that she was going to get paid really good for. After her sets were done, we just took a vacation and played around for two weeks. We went on helicopter rides together, we went parasailing, snorkeling and went on an island tour. It was an amazing trip, she had a blast with her job and we had an amazing time just enjoying our vacation. I had thee worlds best time because I got to share it with my baby, so for me, that definitely topped the vacation I had with the Kings, easily even though I didn’t have sex with anyone but myself. As you can tell, I hadn’t met this guy yet, and I didn’t until we were getting ready to go home. The most amazing part of it was what this guy did for me and Haylee, he didn’t even know us but he did something that was so sweet and so nice that I didn’t know how to thank him.

I instantly felt safe around him, I felt secure and the best I can describe what I felt, is that I felt warm and safe, like nothing could hurt me in any way. It was like being wrapped in a warm security blanket, I don’t know how else to describe it. I don’t know how, but I knew that it didn’t matter what happened from then to whenever, me and my daughter were going to be safe and everything was going to be ok. When I first saw him, I almost couldn’t breath, I mean, he took my breath away the second I saw him. I stared at him after I first saw him and when he looked at me, I kinda freaked out a little. He was the sexiest, most gorgeous, most handsome guy, he was just an incredibly beautiful beautiful man. I had actually seen him before I really noticed him, but me and Katie were busy playing a game on my phone. He went somewhere and when he walked back into the terminal where we were, I looked up at him and that’s when I actually noticed him, I couldn’t stop staring. I don’t know how long I was just soaking his yumminess in, but before I knew it, he looked over at me and smiled. I instantly felt like a little school girl. I don’t know what happened but I was all of a sudden really shy and I could feel my face get hot. So I just smiled at him and brushed my hair out of my eye and just stared at him like a little school girl who just found her first crush ever, the cutest boy in school.

“Mom.” Haylee said only it almost sounded like she was in the distance.

“Mom, hello.” She said while I stared at him for a few seconds before I looked at her to see her looking at me, then him them me.

“You like him huh mom.” She asked

“I don’t even know him.” I said before I glanced at him with the biggest smile.

“But you like him.” She said before I looked over at him to see that he was looking at me again. .

“I don’t know.” I said with a smile before I looked at her again.

“You think he’s cute huh?” She asked making me blush so bad.

“Yes, he’s very very cute.” I said.

“Yeah, you like him.” She said with a smile before she looked at him.

“Maybe.” I said before I looked at him again and smiled when he looked at me again.

“He is cute, you should go say hi to him.” She said like she was trying to reassure me and shocking me at the same time.

“I don’t know, every guy I’ve talked to you hated them.” I said making her look at me.

“He’s different.” She said with a smile.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“I izmit otele gelen escort don’t know, I just do.” She said while she shrugged her shoulder.

“You’re ok that he has those tattoos?” I asked making her look at me like I was crazy for asking her that.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” She asked making me smile.

“So you’re saying you’d approve?” I asked making her smile.

“He’s not like any of the others, so yes, besides, I can tell you like him.” She said making me get a little excited.

“He’s such a beautiful beautiful man, oh my god.” I sighed to myself while I looked at him not knowing that she heard me.

“Want me to go talk to him for you?” She asked making me look at her.

“No don’t, we might not ever see him again.” I said.

“Well, you should talk to him sometime, you never know, he might live close to where we live.” She said.

“When did you get all grown up?” I asked while I laughed.

“When I turned seven silly.” She said making me laugh.

Well, I sat there and couldn’t help but keep looking at him, but what’s even better was that there were obvious sparks between us. I had never had that happen before so it was new and so exciting for me even though I was not expecting that to happen. I know what it was like to feel lust and I was really experienced with lust, this was way different I mean, yeah I really lusted him and I had very dirty thoughts about him, but there was something much deeper than that with him too. He was, thee, best, looking guy I had ever seen in my life, so hot and sexy that he literally became the daddy in my fantasy. He was wearing a pink, white red and blue striped button down that was short sleeved and blue jeans. He had light brown hair with what looked like red highlights in it. I didn’t think that his hair was naturally colored, but he had a very well trimmed and groomed beard and mustache on his face that matched his hair. His eyes were really really green, but they looked like he was wearing contacts so I didn’t know if he was wearing contacts. He had a some what wide nose, not too wide, lips that I really wanted to taste and feel between my legs, like, I was getting wet just thinking about it. His skin was white with a nice little hint of bronze in it and his face was very manly and sexy.

He had really really broad shoulders that made him look so manly and sexy and he was definitely well over six feet tall. He had tattoos, full sleeves that went from his wrist all the way up into his shirt and his neck was tattooed too, only it just looked like he was wearing a T shirt so it only went around the bottom of his neck. I didn’t know if he had any more tattoos but if I could, I would get him naked just so I could see all of his tattoos and to do some very naughty things to him. But what I wanted to see was his muscles, the man took really good care of himself because he had big arms. They were so so sexy, his forearms and his biceps were not like you’d see on a meat head, but they were not small at all, they were big. I didn’t know what his chest abs and legs looked like yet since I hadn’t gotten him naked yet, so that’s that. He was a very yummy, deliciously sexy and gorgeous, and like I said, he most definitely became the step dad in my fantasy and the more I played the fantasy out in my head with him, the wetter and hotter I started to get. I mean, my panties were so soaked that I swore that I was going to start creaming through my yoga pants, thank god they were black! I had to stop thinking about my fantasy or I was going to go crazy, I was already creaming my pants so bad that it was crazy. And to be honest, I never lusted for a guy like him and I’ve never been as horny as I was then either, it was bad. I had to concentrate on the game I was playing with my Haylee, but it was difficult especially since I loved the sparks that me and that beautiful beautiful man were having.

Anyway, that all turned to devastation because all of a sudden, I heard the ticket agent calling for someone to volunteer to give up their seats or upgrade to first class because the flight was overbooked, they needed two. Well, I wasn’t going to because we had to get home, I had to be back at school the next morning and so did Katie. But more importantly, I had a seven year old daughter with me and I didn’t want to have to have her wait that long. So I didn’t volunteer. I didn’t pay attention to the counter after that because I was too busy playing games with Katie, watching the new person in my fantasy and trying so hard to not think about my fantasy. Then all of a sudden, I heard the ticket agent call my name and ask me to go up to the counter. So I went and when I got there, they told me that I was being bumped from that flight, since I had two seats, and onto the next one, I was pissed! I told them that I couldn’t do that because I have a daughter and we needed to get home. That turned into a little argument and I finally just gave up and said fine. I was crying by then so I just went back to where I was sitting and started to explain everything to Katie. Well, while I was talking to Haylee, I could see that sexy guy get up and go to the ticket counter. I didn’t think much about it, I was trying to get Haylee to calm down because she was mad too, she really wanted to go home. After a few minutes I saw the new object of my lust go back to his seat and start playing with his phone. After almost ten minutes I heard my name called again, only this time I was ready to go off on them and demand some kind of refund or something.

“Don’t tell me that the other flight was canceled or that you need to bump me from that one too.” I said defiantly.

“No mam, I have some good news. You’re back on this flight because we have two first class tickets for you and your daughter.” She said with a smile.

“I didn’t pay for it and I don’t have the money to pay for that, don’t tell me you charged that to my card.” I said like I was frustrated because I was.

“No we didn’t, someone else paid for it, you’re good.” She said.

“Who?” I asked.

“Well, he made me promise not to tell you, but he did such a nice thing that I can’t not tell you. The guy behind you.” She said making me turn around and look at that guy I’ve been drooling over for the last almost hour, who was looking down at his phone.

“Him?!” I asked while I started getting excited.

“Yes mam, he came up here and asked how many first class seats were available and it just so happen that we had three, so he paid for two of the seats and told me to give them to you and your daughter.” She said with a smile while I started to cry a little bit.

“That’s really nice of him, he doesn’t even know me.” I said while I wiped my face.

“Well, there are still some really nice people out there, he’s one of them. Can I have your ID?” She asked making me take my drivers license out to give it to her.

“Mom thinks he’s cute.” Haylee said making me look at her and gasp while I gave her my license.

“Well, he is a very very good looking guy.” The ticket agent said before I could say anything.

“Yeah, that’s what mom says.” Haylee said making me laugh while the agent did some things on the computer.

“Ok so, you have two advantages now, you have a child and you’re in first class so you get to board first.” The agent said while she kept working on the computer.

“Thanks to that sexy man.” I said making her smile.

“Sounds to me like your daughter is right.” She said before we both started laughing.

“I won’t lie, he’s a gorgeous gorgeous man.” I said making her look at me and smile.

“And now you get to see him during the whole flight for one, and two, he’s going where you’re going. Oh and he’s upgraded your seats for the connecting flight too.” She said before she gave me my license back.

“He did?!” I asked.

“Yes he did, he wanted to make sure you guys got home. I think that’s really sweet of him, if you ask me, I think he really likes you too.” She said making my face turn red while I smiled like a little school girl.

“Now you have to talk to him mom.” Haylee said making me laugh.

“I think you should listen to her.” The agent said while she looked at me.

“I will I will, it’s just been a few months and he’s like, incredibly and intimidatingly hot.” I said like a little school girl while the agent went to the other side of the counter and came back with some stuff.

“You have nothing to worry about, in fact I was teasing him about liking you and he didn’t deny it at all, in fact he said that he did. He said and I quote, she’s so beautiful.” She said making me get the biggest butterflies.

“Oh wow.” I sighed with the worlds biggest smile.

“You should talk to him.” Haylee said making us laugh.

“Ok so here we go, these are your new boarding passes, you are now in seats E-2 and F-2 for your connecting flight from LA to Kansas City and you’re in A-2 and B-2 on this flight, and just so you know, he’s in D-2 which is right across from you and the seat next to him E-2 is empty, no one is sitting in that one.” She said while she handed me the new tickets with a smile.

“You said he was going where I was going right?” I asked like a teen who just realized her biggest crush liked her too.

“Yes he is, he’s flying into Kansas City on the same exact flights you’re going to be on.” She said with the biggest smile.

“Where is he sitting on the one from LA to Kansas City?” I asked.

“A-2 and it just so happens that the seat next to him on that flight is empty too, and he’ll be right across the isle from you on that one too.” She said making me get excited.

“There, now you can talk to him.” Haylee said making me and the agent laugh.

“How old is she?” The agent asked while she laughed.

“Seven going on thirty.” I said while we both laughed.

“Ok, well good luck, he’s really gorgeous and I think you’d make a really really cute couple. Have a good flight.” She said.

“Thank you so much.” I said while I took the tickets and held onto them.

“Thank him not me.” She said.

“Ok we will.” Haylee said before she took my hand.

I don’t even know how to explain what I was feeling because I was about to go talk to the one guy that I knew for sure was going to be mine some day. I can’t explain how nervous I was but it wasn’t like anything I ever felt in my life, especially when it came to a guy. I couldn’t breath and my palms were sweating so bad, I was shaking, I had the biggest butterflies, my mouth was dry and I couldn’t think, I literally had no idea what I was going to say like, at all. I felt like I was back in school and I felt like I was that young again, and I was 20 then, in fact, I had just turned 20 a week before we went to Hawaii. I remember how everything looked but I can’t explain it, all I can say was that everything just kinda looked fuzzy, I don’t know how else to explain it. But like I said, I knew for a fact that one day, he was going to be mine and the biggest reason that made up my mind to have him as my first real boyfriend, Haylee liked him. Remember when she said that he was different and how she was actually wanting me to talk to him? That told me what I needed to know. That and the fact that he was just so so hot and sexy, seriously though….

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