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When Black Bob rode into town, the men went into hiding. He was one of the meanest outlaws this side of the Rio Grande. He always wore a big black cowboy hat, and black boots. He was dressed in black from head to toe. Even his horse was black. He was a tall man, almost 7 ft tall, and probably weighed 300 lbs. He was a very fast draw, and bragged about killing a dozen men just this year. But many times he could end a fight just using his big fists. He was very tough. “It’s Black Bob” a man yelled running into the saloon. The men scattered. Only the bartender and one of the chorus girls remained.

Black Bob flung the saloon doors open, and strutted into the saloon. “Give me a whiskey” he yelled. The bartender quickly poured him a whiskey with trembling hands. “Give me the whole bottle” he yelled. The bartender sat the bottle on the table beside Black Bob’s whiskey glass. Black Bob grabbed the chorus girl by the feather boa she wore, and pulled her to him. He quickly lifted her up into his lap, and she screamed. He held her on his lap, and his large hand slid around her waist. He slipped his hand between her legs, and roughly rubbed her crotch.

She tuzla escort pushed at his large hand, but couldn’t move it. He laughed. He pulled her leg band of her costume over, and began to rub her exposed pussy. His finger slipped up and down the wet pussy slit. The girl moaned as he began to slip his finger inside of her wet pussy. “Oh, yes Black Bob” she moaned. He quickly lifted her up onto the table. With his large hands he tore her costume from her body. She lay on the table naked now. He pulled her white creamy thighs apart, and lowered his face between her legs. His tongue rapidly flicked up and down her swollen clit.

“Oh God!” she moaned. Black Bob undid his pants and removed his long thick swollen cock. It was damn near 10 inches long, and very hard. Precum oozed from the massive cock head. The girl, who’s name was Miss Clitty, glanced down at his stiff erection. “Oh, yes, you are such a naughty boy!” she yelled. She reached for Black Bob’s throbbing cock and gripped it softly with her delicate hand. She slowly slid her hand up and down his thick shaft. Black Bob moaned as she took his massive cockhead between her pretty lips. Her tongue slithered tuzla escort bayan across the huge head, lapping at the sticky precum that had oozed from it’s purplish tip.

Black Bob grabbed Miss Clitty by the back of her blonde hair, and pushed her mouth further onto his cock. She gagged as he slid into her hot throat. She relaxed and graciously accepted the long thick cock. She moved her mouth up and down his long thick cock rapidly. Her hand held his balls, gently cupping them. He moaned loudly as he felt his cockhead slide into her hot throat again. “Yes, suck it baby” he groaned. He began pumping his cock deeply into her mouth, holding her roughly by the hair. “Yes, I’m cumming you bitch” he yelled. His cum erupted into her mouth, and she hungrily swallowed the thick sweet liquid.

His cock pulsated wildly as he continued to spurt inside of her mouth. She held the base of his large cock with her hand, and furiously jacked him off as the last of his hot cum erupted into her mouth. “Yes, that was nice” He moaned. He pulled his cock from her mouth, and quickly rolled her onto her belly. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her into a doggy style position. escort tuzla He began to rub the swollen head of his erect cock against her leaking pussy. “Oh yes fuck me you bad boy!” she moaned. Big Bob thrust forward violently, and his cock slid deep into Miss Clitty’s cunt. “Oh Dear God!” she yelled. Her pussy clinched his cock tightly as she came.

“Yes, oh yes” she yelled. She thrust back against him, taking his large cock even deeper into her hot pussy. Black Bob reached around and cupped her large 38D’s with his hands. He firmly pinched her erect nipples as he drove his cock deeply into her. She could feel every throb and pulsation coming from the huge dick as it pounded her pussy. “Oh God, I’m cumming again!!” she grunted. As her pussy tightly squeezed his large cock, he grunted. His cum shot into her like a cannon. She grunted as she felt the hot thick liquid fill her sweet pussy. “Oh yes, fill me with your cum” She moaned.

Black Bob continued thrusting wildly inside of Miss Clitty’s pussy. His cum spurting wildly from the massive cockhead. “oh yes” he grunted. The last of his hot cum trickled from the leaking head, and he removed his cock from her. He quickly dressed, and put some money for the whiskey on the table. Miss Clitty covered herself with a towel, and her and the bartender watched as Black Bob checked into the hotel.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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