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Double Penetration

Grandpa’s Little Blue Pills — A Christmas Tale

— +++ —

I’m putting this one up for the Winter Holidays contest just for a bit of fun, so please give it a nice high vote if you like it!

— +++ —

Okay, suspend belief all who enter here … this is supposed to be a fun, dirty little Christmas romp and not much more than that, so if you just go with it, hopefully it’ll give you a laugh and a bit of kinky pleasure. I’m sure Viagra doesn’t work the way that I’ve described, but that’s part of the fun of fantasy, so if you can get past that, you should enjoy the fun.


— +++ —

Thanks to Tex Beethoven for his editing on this one!

— +++ —

I need to tell you about the crazy Christmas that just went down, so to put things in perspective, here’s a little about me and my family and Christmas.

Christmas in our family is always held at my grandparent’s house. Everyone gets along fine and we don’t seem to have any of the stress I hear about in other people’s families. Given we live in Australia, a White Christmas is out of the question; it’s always hot, sometimes unbearably so, and the fact there’s a pool at their house makes it the best place to be.

We don’t have a large family, just Mum, Dad, Dad’s brother Stu (who has never married) and my three older brothers. The one consistent theme through the last two generations of our family has been getting pregnant young, fast and giving birth in September. Grandma and Gramps were 19 when Dad was born, and 20 when his brother arrived. My mother was 19 when she had my oldest brother, and then she popped a kid out every year for four years. As we got older there were always jokes at birthdays about how Christmas must have been when Grandpa and Dad got especially randy. Everyone except my Grandparents and my Mum (who married into the family) had been born about nine months after Christmas.

Anyway, so Grandma and Gramps were like 43 when I was born, and that was 18 years ago. This was my first Christmas as an ‘adult’. I was finally able to join in the drinking at the dinner table! I was super excited about it.

Anyway, so we always have lunch. Grandma and Gramps have always stuck to the traditional European turkey dinner, but over the years we’ve managed to get some Aussie prawns and seafood into the mix. Everyone stuffs their faces and drinks too much, crashes in the lounge room, then if it’s a hot year, we all hit the pool once we’ve started to recover.

Anyway, this year started out like all the others. We arrived, grabbed drinks and sat down in the lounge room to swap gifts. I got the usual collection of ear-rings, scents and chocolates, except for the bikini Grandma gave me. That was a bit different. I mean she’d always bought me clothes and stuff when I was younger, but a bikini was a brave choice. As I unwrapped it, I found that it was bright yellow and I started to hold it up, but quickly realised it was super-skimpy! What the fuck?

“I thought you might like to wear it in the pool after lunch,” she said to me completely innocently.

“Um, yeah, we’ll see Grandma. I did bring my normal suit, though.”

“See how you feel after lunch,” she coaxed.

“Show us, honey,” Mum said.

“Later Mum,” I laughed nervously, stashing the scandalous bikini back into the wrapping paper and hiding it under my small collection of loot.

Lunch was as fabulous as always, and the drinks flowed freely. We relaxed in the lounge afterwards, the boys all piling shit on each other with Gramps proving his wit was just as sharp as theirs. Gramps had worked his way up through construction until he ran a small contracting crew that Dad and my brothers had all ended up working in as well, so they had plenty of stories about each other and the dumb things they’d done working together. We’d heard many of them before, but they were still funny.

Christmas had turned out to be a scorcher, hitting 39C (that’s over 100F for you non-decimal people) and so the pool was looking more and more inviting as the AC struggled to keep up with the extra people in the lounge room.

“Come and give me a hand for a sec Chelsea,” Grams asked me. I hopped up and followed her into the kitchen where she mixed some drinks for everyone. “Okay sweetie, these ones are for the men, and this lot is for us gals,” she said when she was done. The men’s drinks were all rum and coke, while she’d made vodka raspberry slushies for us. I took Mum and Dad’s drinks out and then returned for the boys’, while Grams passed my Uncle Stu his drink. Then I grabbed mine and joined everyone.

Fifteen minutes later Grams started encouraging everyone to head outside and take advantage of the pool.

“Go put your bikini on Chelsea,” she commanded me, shooing me away. I wanted to protest, but I knew when Grams had her heart set on something, it was easier just to go along with it. I grabbed the bikini and my bag and went to the guest bedroom to change. Everyone else started to follow Grams’ orders as well. I stripped betist giriş down to nothing and then put on the bikini. Good God, was it tiny! It wasn’t a thong, but it wasn’t far off one either. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about putting any pubes on display because I shaved them off anyway. I looked at my butt in the mirror, and shook my head. Most of it was on display. The tan lines from the bikini I’d bought myself at the start of the summer were visible and no-one in the family had ever seen me in it because I thought they’d tell me that one was too revealing!

As for the top, it consisted of two triangles and a collection of string to hold them in place. I checked the size on the tag and it said 32C. Now given I’m a 32DD, the coverage wasn’t going to be perfect. I was tipsy enough though, that I decided if Grams wanted to see me in my new bikini, I’d show her exactly what she’d bought me!

It took a bit of fiddling to get the straps adjusted just right and to make sure my large nipples were sufficiently covered (though it wouldn’t take much of a shift in the cloth for them to start showing), and then I decided I was as ready as I’d ever be.

I strolled out with my towel wrapped around me and headed straight for the water, stepping down onto the steps before unwrapping and tossing my towel aside.

“Holy Shit,” my middle brother Bill gasped from behind me when he saw me.

“You bought that for her, Mum?” my mother asked in shock as I continued into the water.

“Oh come on, she’s a woman now, she’s got an amazing body and she should enjoy it while she’s young,” Grams replied smugly. “Don’t forget, we both got pregnant at her age.”

“Doesn’t mean she has to, Mum,” my mother replied.

“Don’t be a prude. You’ve spent enough time naked in this pool, and she’s at least wearing a suit.”

“If you can call it a suit,” Mum laughed, but she let the matter drop.

“Well, you’ve certainly grown up, haven’t you Chelsea?” Gramps observed. He was already in the pool and I was walking directly toward him as I entered the water.

“I guess so Gramps.” I slipped fully into the water and realised that all the men had suddenly headed for the water too. Uncle Stu was the last one in, and he almost looked embarrassed as he shuffled quickly across the deck to jump in. I realised as he made the jump he had a boner! Was that because of me?!

Grams and Mum decided not to be left out and joined us in the water, bringing their drinks with them and sitting on the steps at the shallow end while the rest of us bobbed around in the rest of the pool, continuing to chat and enjoying the cool relief of the water.

Another 10 minutes and the men in the pool were starting to behave a little oddly. Jeff, my youngest brother, climbed from the pool and tried to head into the house.

“What’s wrong, Jeff?” Mum asked because his mannerisms were a little odd.

“Why’s the door locked?” he asked, sounding a little desperate.

“If you need to pee, just go behind the lemon tree,” Grams suggested with a wicked grin on her face.

“No, it’s not that, I just wanted something from inside, but the door’s locked.”

“Stupid old me must have locked us out,” Grams muttered, climbing from the pool. My oldest brother Peter offered to help. He had to move past me in the pool and I gasped when he accidentally rubbed against me. He was rock hard! I met his gaze but he shied away and looked a bit panicked as he stuttered a quick apology. I watched him closely as he left the water and even though he was trying to hide it, his wet swimwear outlined his erection far more clearly than he wished.

“What’s going on with you boys?” Mum asked, looking from one to the next. All the men had strange looks on their faces, appearing confused. Dad moved close to her and whispered in her ear. I saw her eyes widen at whatever it was he told her, and then she grinned and broke out laughing.

“It’s not funny,” Dad hissed.

“Just stop thinking about it and I’m sure it will pass,” Mum said.

“Great, we’re locked out,” Peter complained.

“Just get back in the pool, there’s plenty of beer in the cooler and we’re not in any rush,” Grams said, showing no sign of distress at all at having locked the entire family outside. I watched both Jeff and Peter as they made their way back to the pool and despite their attempts to hide them, they definitely had boners.

I looked at Bill, Dad and Gramps and they all seemed to be enduring something. They weren’t their usual selves. Suspicious, I swam about the pool and accidentally brushed against Bill. He had a boner too!

Why the hell did all my brothers have boners? It couldn’t be just from seeing me in my tiny bikini. Gramps swam over to Grandma and said something quietly to her and she burst out laughing.

“It really isn’t a laughing matter, Merry,” he said sternly.

“It is to me,” she practically cried.

“You too?” Bill asked Peter.

“Yeah, and it’s almost getting painful,” Peter complained, betist yeni giriş though I had missed the initial question and didn’t know what they were talking about. I looked at Mum, who had a calculating look in her eye. Uncle Stu tried to slide past me then. He had his back to me.

“You okay Uncle Stu?” I questioned him.

“Um, yeah, just fine,” he grunted.

“It’s okay boys, you don’t have to worry too much, it’s supposed to pass in a couple of hours,” Grams announced to no-one in particular.

“What’s supposed to pass?” I asked, not understanding what was going on.

“Hours?” Jeff protested. “I can’t be like this for hours!”

“We won’t leave you like that for hours, we’ll help you out,” Grams offered.

“Help with WHAT?” I asked, still lost.

“With their boners,” Grams replied matter-of-factly. “I may have slipped some of Ted’s Viagra into their drinks and now they’re going to have raging boners for a couple of hours. It wouldn’t be right to make them suffer through it though, so we’ll have to help them out.”

“Wait, what do you mean by help them out?” Mum asked in shock.

“You know, get them off; drain them; milk them, make them cum.” I, along with my mother, my brothers and the other men-folk just stared at her in shock. “Who wants to be first?” Grams asked.

“Wait, what?” my mother asked.

“Oh come on Jenny, you’re way too experienced to play dumb,” Grams said to my mother. “Look at all these boners and tell me you don’t want to help get them off.”

“But they’re my sons! And my husband’s brother and … and … your husband!”

“Yep, and I don’t care,” Grams grinned. “So the offer stands, who wants some relief first?”

“And you expect Chelsea to help?” Mum sputtered on, looking at me. I was lost for words. Grams is saying we should make all the guys cum? They’re all family!

“Fuck, I’ll go first,” Gramps said. “I know how painful it can get once it’s up and there’s no relief in sight. Come on Merry, work one out for me!” I just stared in shock, along with everyone else as Grandpa climbed out of the pool with his wet swim shorts clinging to his hard cock, displaying its shape clearly. It didn’t look to be quite as rigid or upright as my brothers’ had, but it was definitely erect. Grams had him sit on one of the outdoor setting’s chairs and then sat beside him on a sunlounge, placing herself lower than him.

“Shuck them off then,” Grams said as if there wasn’t anyone else there. I think we all turned away in shock at the same time when Gramps dropped his shorts and exposed his cock. I peeped, though. Enough to see Grams start giving him a head job. That’s something I didn’t think I’d ever see!

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Mum said to Dad, studiously not looking.

“Well I tell you what, Dad wasn’t wrong. I’m starting to ache pretty bad, and I sure wouldn’t mind if you were good enough to do me the same favour. Fuck, do I need to get off.”

“That’s fine for you, you have a wife here, but what about them?” Mum asked him, nodding her head at my brothers.

“They can sort themselves out I’m sure,” he replied with a groan. “Just help me out, please.” Next thing I knew Mum and Dad had left the pool and set themselves up on the other side of the outdoor setting from where Grams was blowing Gramps. I turned around to watch them. Sure enough, Dad stripped out of his swimmers and Mum knelt between his legs and started sucking him.

Grandpa gave a cry of delight and then Grams left him sitting naked in the chair.

“Okay you lot, anyone else need help?” she asked, eyeing off the four men still in the pool.

“Fuck,” Peter said. “I really don’t think I can let my Grandmother do that to me.” I don’t think he meant for Grams to hear him, but she did.

“Oh, don’t be a pussy. Close your eyes and you’ll never know the difference. Hell, with your eyes closed it could easily be Chelsea blowing you, and I’m pretty sure if she offered, you wouldn’t say no to her!” All three of my brothers gave me looks that assured me Grams had taken their measure.

“Fuck it, I hurt so bad I’ll take the offer!” Uncle Stu said, slogging through the pool toward his mother.

“Oh my God, tell me this is not actually happening,” Jeff cried out in shock. Uncle Stu dropped his trunks and I perved on his cock. He was carrying a bit more weight than my Dad and my brothers, probably because he lived alone and ate too much crap, but the construction work kept him in better than average trim. His chest was hairy, and his cock was a nice size. Nothing monstrous, but a good size.

“Just sit down and close your eyes if you like,” Grams said. He sat down and I watched Grams take her younger son’s cock in her hand, stroking it. Stu moaned and let his eyes close and his head tip back. I gasped when Grams actually took him in her mouth and started sucking.

“Hey Chels, do you think you could help me out?” Peter asked me.

“What, like that?!” I exclaimed, indicating where Mum was betist güvenilirmi blowing Dad and Grams was blowing Uncle Stu.

“Even just a hand-job?” he moaned. He really did look like he was in pain.

I looked all around the yard. Can I really do that for my brother? He does look really desperate. “A hand job then,” I agreed. I had him strip out of his swimmers and sit on the edge of the pool, his erection pointing toward the sky.

“Me next?” Jeff begged, stripping off and climbing up beside him. As you could expect, I soon had all three of my brothers sitting naked on the side of the pool sporting throbbing erections and looking at me expectantly. I took hold of Peter’s cock and started stroking him. It wasn’t like it was my first time or anything, just my first with family. Pretty much as soon as I’d turned 18, I’d started experimenting. Grabbing my brother was a bit different though. I heard a cry from over under the shaded area where all the older people were, and I looked over to see Grams standing up and wiping man cream off her mouth. Uncle Stu was laying back, looking pretty satisfied.

“I never ever thought I’d say this, but you give great head, Mum,” Uncle Stu laughed.

“I’ve had plenty of practice,” Grams boasted as she made her way back to the pool. She was in good shape for her age. She’d always been a runner and had taken up swimming once she started to complain she’d worn her knees out. She was thicker in the body than Mum, but she was still quite slim, considering her age. As she walked toward us, she slipped her one-piece swimsuit off her shoulders and pushed it down to her waist. I was almost unshockable by that point, so I managed to accept the sight of her topless without issue even as I tugged on Peter’s cock. All the boys were gawking at Grams.

“Geez Grandma, not shy are you?” Jeff laughed. Her tits sagged, but it wasn’t like they were down to her knees or anything!

“I learned a long time ago that shy didn’t get me what I wanted in life, so no, grandson, I am most certainly not shy. Now do you want some help with that?”

“Um, I can wait for Chelsea,” Jeff suggested.

“Hey, they’re your balls, don’t complain to me if they burst like little blue water balloons. Come on Chelsea, you’re not really helping him at all like that. Do it like you mean it, so the poor boy gets some actual relief.”

“What?” I asked, completely shocked by the suggestion.

“Suck his cock girl, either that or get out the way and let me do it.”

“Oh God, go on Chels, do it for me?” Peter begged. I was pretty sure he was scared of my letting Grams take over and I was tempted to let her, but I was pretty horny just from stroking him and having my other two brothers sitting on either side of me with permanent erections, waiting for me to do something about it. I glanced at each of my brothers and then decided to go for it. I sucked Peter’s cock between my lips, sliding them down over his shaft, and draping my tongue around it. Peter groaned in pleasure and I set to sucking him properly, wanting him to cum.

“What about you Bill, you want some help?” Grams asked after he uttered a loud moan.

“Fuck, okay, as long as it stops hurting so much.”

“Here, focus on these if it helps,” Grandma said and pulled my bikini off my tits.

“Hey!” I protested.

“Oh shush, it’s a shame to hide those girls away, so just show them off and help your brother out,” she admonished me, so I shrugged and went back to sucking Peter.

“Yeah Chels, like that, fuck yes,” Peter cried out just before he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed his spunk just as I heard Dad wail out a cry of ecstasy as well.

“Fuck please Chels, do me now? Jeff begged me. Grams had Bill deep in her mouth and was slurping up and down on his erection happily. I heard movement in the water and looked over to see Dad, Mum and Uncle Stu returning into the pool and moving in close to where we were at the edge.

“This is so perverted,” Mum commented as I took Jeff’s cock in my mouth and started sucking him to try and relieve him.

“Yeah, well it is that,” Dad agreed. “God, does this Viagra ever wear off? I’m still rock hard. If it doesn’t go down soon, I’m going to be in pain all over again.”

“You got that right,” Uncle Stu agreed, I can’t remember being so hard so soon after cumming since I was like 18!

“Well I’m kind of busy, but if you want, you can always stick it in me,” Grandma offered.

“What?” Dad and Uncle Stu both yelped at the same time.

“Just offering,” Grams said, between sucks of Bill’s cock. “Or you could always let Jenny help him out.”

“What do you think Phil, should I help your brother out with his exploding balls?” Mum asked.

“Seems a bit extreme,” Dad suggested.

“So does having my nuts blow up,” Stu complained.

“I’ll just give him a quick head job to help him out,” Mum suggested.

“Fuck, one time only though, yeah?” Dad declared.

“Sure thing,” Both Mum and Uncle Stu agreed distractedly before heading out of the pool and back to the table.

“Oh fuck, Grams!” Bill called out, shooting his load in her mouth. “Who knew you gave such amazing head?”

“Your Grandfather,” she replied with a laugh, wiping a stray bit of his cum back into her mouth.

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