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So much had changed so quickly for me and my mom over the past few months. A few months ago and my mother was as miserable as hell over the break up of her marriage with my dad when he left her for another woman. But I did my best to comfort her, and, well to cut a long story short we fell in love!

Since then everything has changed! Waking up in bed with my mom has been the hottest sexiest thing imaginable and this morning is no exception. Mom always has a little sleep in on a Sunday morning so I always take a quick run and make her breakfast before waking her up.

Every week at nine, after breakfast is ready and waiting for her on her bedside cabinet, I slide inside her and slowly, gently massage her awake. Watching my mother sleep as I begin making love to her is so sexy I can’t wait for it every Sunday morning. Every other day we’re up about the same time and basically at it like rabbits. But Sunday’s special and I just love to watch moms face as she slowly awakens and realises I’m inside her, giving her her favourite Sunday morning wake up call.

It’s so hot to just own my mother’s body while she sleeps, kissing her lips, her face, neck, shoulders and roaming down to her gently heaving breasts as her heart starts to race faster and faster as she begins to wake up as my motions get stronger and stronger inside her and my ass thrusts deeper and deeper inside her juicy wet hole.

It takes her a while to wake up completely, but I just love to watch the sunshine creep into her eyes very Sunday morning as she does. As I watch her begin to move, her head turning more and more, realising I’m inside her, I slowly release myself from her needy pussy, and slip down there, replacing my penis with my tongue for a gentler massage that will allow her to sleep just that little longer, and I’ll be able to enjoy her sleeping state just that much more.

Making love to my moms’ vagina with my tongue always tastes and feels so good, at first I surround her entryway with kisses and loving licks, making her juices flow all the more, before suddenly diving in, my tongue delving deep around her pink hole where I lose myself in eager passion. As I simulate my cock with my tongue thrusting it inwards, then outwards, I play with her little klitty.

Now really enjoying myself and licking and playing with her klitty before diving deep inside her, I can feel her moving more and more in my hands. Clutched onto her ass to push her pussy deeper around my tongue, as my love-making becomes more passionate, mom wriggles and writhes all the more as the juices flow stronger and stronger onto my tongue and lips, until I know she is ready to climax and I’m ready to give her my everything.

Releasing her ass-cheeks from my hands and my tongue from her pussy I engorge her with my heavy hard cock and give her what she’s been waiting for all week, that one special moment when she gets to wake up in a dreamworld of sexual ecstasy. My lips now on her breasts and my ass pounding down on her as hard as I can, my cock deep inside her drowning vagina, I make love to her harder and harder, all the while watching her eyes to see when she finally awakens, my sleeping beauty, ready for me to consume her in a passionate kiss.

“Oh baby,” her eyes open and as soon as she sees me she smiles before taking in my passionate kisses.

“Good morning mom,” I greet her, now pounding on her as hard as I can, her body shaking with the oncoming wave that will end in her climax. My balls so full with cum and my cock so hard and ready to deposit it deep inside her, inside her wet pussy, I pound her with all my strength now.

“Oh god baby, you’re always so good,” she says in between our passionate kisses, deep long and longing kisses, our tongues deep in each other’s mouths.

“You’re so beautiful mom, every weekend I can’t wait to fuck you awake you know.” I smiled.

“Language baby,” she says, a wry yet stern look on her face now.

“Sorry mom, I just…” I apologised.

“I’m just kidding baby,” she smiled. “I know you young boys like that word fuck, don’t you?”

“Well, I…” I started before mom cut me off short.

“Then fuck me baby fuck me as hard as you can. I’m yours now honey. I’m your woman. You own me. You can do whatever you want to me now. Anything baby. If you want to fuck, then fuck me.”

Now I was even more turned on than ever before, mom really knew how to light my fire and get me hornier than ever before every time. Now I was fucking her even harder than I thought it was even possible.

“Oh Jake baby, that’s so good,” mom screamed as the passion grew to a new high. “Fuck me baby make me your bitch honey. In the bedroom, I’m your bitch baby. This bed is your stadium, your home ground baby. Honey, get ready to hit a home run. Deeper deeper, harder baby. Faster, faster.”

Oh boy, I fucked my mom so hard now, she never ceased to amaze me, whenever I thought sex with her couldn’t get any better it sure as hell did, and some!

“I’m cumming mom, oh fuck,” I said pounding and pounding on esenyurt escort her, by balls harder than ever and ready to blow everything I had deep into her tunnel of love. Hell, I had so much inside me it was gonna be spilling over her pussy lips the moment it left the tip of my cock and filled up the insides of her beautiful tunnel.

“Yes baby, yes, I can feel it.” Mom screamed, her body shaking wildly as we both climaxed in unison.

“Jeez! That was amazing.” I said, rolling over onto the bed beside her, my face and body sweating profusely in the hot morning. The sweat glistening on moms breasts too, droplets of salty sweat now collecting on her beautiful nipples. I leant over her, kissing and licking her wet nipples as her body shimmered again in the heat of passion.

“Oh, Jake. You’re so good for me you know. You’re everything I could ever want. I’m so glad you’re my son. And I’m so glad it’s just you and me now,” she said, breathless.

Now she straddled me, kissing my lips again she followed a path down my body, kissing me everywhere along the way, past my nipples, and down to my cum and pussy wet cock. Her eyes fixed to mine, wide open like a doe’s she exposed her tongue as far as she could to let me see it before running it up my cock from the hilt up the shaft to its head where she enclosed her mouth around its purple bulbousness. All the while her eyes remained fixed on mine, wanting me to see deep inside her soul as she now satisfied me.

Dating mom wasn’t without its trouble of course. Being in such a taboo relationship meant we couldn’t get lovey around town where people we knew from my school and in the community might see us. If anyone found out about our incestuous love it would be the end of us. So for us to relax and be ourselves we often headed out of town where nobody knew us and we could just be lovers, a younger guy with a red hot woman. Out of town no one would know she was my mom. To be honest it was pretty hot pretending mom was screwing a toy-boy when in fact we both knew she was screwing her son. Hidden in plain sight knowing that when we kissed in public and everyone saw us, we were breaking one of the biggest taboos there is. It turned mom on, and it sure as hell turned me on too. It turned us on so much that we started to show off our passionate love whenever we were out of town.


“A room for two,” I said to the young guy over the counter at the motel. He looked over at mom and saw how hot she was in her sexy black dress and high heels. The dress was low cut and showing down her cleavage, I knew straight away he wanted her as much as I did. Hell everyone that saw her wanted her. I guessed he was only a little older than I am.

“Name?” He asked, his eyes still on mom. “Smith,” I said. Mr and Mrs Smith.”

“Haha! Yeah right.” He said winking at me. “I bet you’re in high school too.” He told me. “I’m eighteen, in the last year of school. How old are you?” He asked inquisitively.

“Oh right,” I said surprised. “I’m eighteen too.”

“Lucky guy! And you’re with that hot lady. Hats off to you bro. How’d you catch a hot older woman like that,” he asked enviously.

“Well actually she’s my mom, but she loves to fuck,” I said joking of course! “And boy is she a real good fuck,” I said winking at him as the shock took over his entire face.

“Haha! I’m joking bro, of course. I met her in a bar when I was pretending to be twenty-two. Hell, she loves younger guys. You know I think she would have had anyone she loves young cock so much. I guess I got really lucky that night.” I joked again, playing with him some more, building up some sexual tension to release on mom when we got to our room.

“Oh, man! You sure are lucky, she is one of the hottest women I’ve seen in here, and I’ve seen a lot of hot women while working here.” He admitted.

“Julia babe, I’ve got the room hun. Let’s go up for a little something right now.” I said winking at the guy again as I took the key from him.

“What’s the room number?” Mom asked.

“It’s sixty-nine ma’am,” the guy said, giving me a wink.

“Oh!” She smiled. “Our favourite,” she said smiling and winking back at the guy herself before taking me in a deep and passionate kiss right in front of him. “Guess when he gets me back to the room he’s gonna take out all of his teenage stress on me. Aren’t you babe.” She said grabbing my crotch for the guy to see. When we were out of town she loved nothing better to show strangers exactly what she was giving me.

“I hope there’s no-one in the adjacent rooms,” she continued. “You know how you young guys are when you’re in high school and filled with all that testosterone, you’ve got to release all that energy somewhere right. And when you’re with a woman old enough to be your mother it can sure get wild.” She laughed. I’ll be screaming all night, the neighbours can never get any sleep.” She said winking at the guy again as his jaw dropped almost to the floor. Wondering if he’d ever met a avrupa yakası escort woman so brazen before.

“Well, I guess we’d better get to our room. Nice to meet you, sonny,” She said as she started to head to our room, before thinking better of it, returning and whispering something in my ear, before heading off again.

“It looks like you’re in luck,” I told him. “If you are free tonight at nine, she said you could come to our room to watch the fireworks go off. Just if you’re interested of course.” With that, I left.

It was something we had talked about a few times now. Heading out of town was kind of like a voyeurs heaven for us. If we were a regular couple we could just hang out anywhere, kissing and holding hands. But because we were breaking the ultimate taboo and in an incestuous love voyage, everything we did and everywhere we went seemed like a crime to us. Just to be seen had become the ultimate in voyeurism. The first time we headed outside town and held hands and kissed as mother and son at a shopping mall, made us feel like we were naked in the middle of the mall, everyone looking at us, watching us have sex. That was how erotic dating was.

Now we wanted to take that one step further, we wanted a willing guy to watch us when we were doing it. We wanted a guy to just sit there and watch us lost in our little erotic sexual heaven. This young guy seemed to be the perfect stranger to help us get off where we’d been wanting to for quite a while. When he watched us perform, we felt sure he would be getting off a few times himself too.

Almost at the exact moment, the clock struck nine, there was a light knock at the door, quite faint, perhaps unsure.

“Hi, come in,” mom said opening the door to the guy from the front desk, it was obvious he was super nervous and couldn’t quite believe that this was all happening. Was he about to watch the younger guy hot older woman couple that he’d only met a few moments ago, having sex right in front of him?

“Er, thanks ma’am,” he replied, his words shyly stumbling out. We talked about the kind of guy we’d want to watch us the first time of course. It needed to be someone innocent, young, someone, who could be trusted to do what they were told and not break any of our rules. We didn’t want some dominating guy try to take over the show mid-performance, we wanted a guy that could be trusted to sit and watch and do what he was told.

“Now you can sit right here sonny,” mom said, showing him to the chair across from the double bed in the middle of the room. “Oh! And before I forget, what’s your name sonny?” Mom asked.

“Oh, my name’s Daniel Ma’am, pleased to meet you.” He said reaching out his hand to shake my mothers.

“Nice to meet you, Daniel. My name is Julia. Now rule number one Daniel, no touching.” She said reprimanding him a little.

“Oh! Sorry, ma’am I…” Daniel started before mom cut him off in a friendly tone.

“It’s ok Daniel, we didn’t tell you the rules yet did we, Jake?” Mom said turning to me.

“No,” I said coming over to her side. “Well, now you know rule number one. No touching.” I repeated. “Rule number two, don’t get out of the chair,” I concluded. “That’s pretty much it. All good Daniel?”

“Yes sir,” he said forgetting I was the same age as him.

“Oh but don’t forget, and maybe it’s the least important thing, but not actually a rule.” Mom smiled. “Don’t forget to touch yourself.” She said moving her eyes down to his crotch. “We would hate it if you didn’t enjoy the performance as much as we do.” She giggled.

“Yes ma’am.” He responded almost as if he were a soldier and my mom was his sergeant.

“Well let’s let the games begin,” mom smiled, winking at Daniel.

Now, for a while, we just forgot that Daniel was there at all and lost ourselves in each other. I took my mom in my arms, kissing her and feeling her body, her bottom and back, neck. Standing, holding, moving with each other, the dance of lovers. Mom looked so good in her short black dress, thin strips over each shoulder holding it up, balancing on her shoulders. The thin straps thicker than the straps of her red bra beneath, all I could think was to slide them over and off her shoulders. But I resisted, wanting to remain tempted by her sexuality, and ease myself into the inevitable sexual heaven ahead.

Kissing her shoulder and arms, I slowly enjoyed every inch of her soft skin. Glancing over at Daniel, I could see that his hand was already down the front of his jeans, slowly stroking himself to the hot sexuality of my mom as a guy his age moved his hands and lips across her body. I was sure he was imagining he was me as this happened straight in front of his eyes. Moving down the side of her body, kissing her breasts and nipples over her bra and dress, I tempted myself as much as I could. Now hovering around her mid-section I proceeded to kiss her dress around the side of her thighs, then around to her bottom, before coming anadolu yakası escort round front and kissing her vaginal area. I knew she would be wetting up inside, underneath her black dress and red panties.

Further down I circled her, kissing her legs as she stood enjoying herself, her eyes watching the kid on the seat playing with himself.

“Why don’t you take it out and play with it, sonny. Don’t be shy.” Mom told him. “We’re all friends here you know.” She said, laughing.”

Without a word he unzipped his pants and tugged his boxers lower around down his waist, and took out his penis for mom to see, and continued pleasuring himself as I began to climb back up her body from behind, kissing her as I rose, my eyes occasionally checking on Daniel to see how he was enjoying the show.

“Oh, that’s a lovely cock Daniel,” mom complimented. “So wet already.” She noticed, the tip of his head already covered in pre-cum. “It’s such a compliment that you are getting so turned on just by watching me, enjoying me.” She beamed.

Now fully upright behind her, I began kissing moms’ neck and shoulders until slowly, first the left then the right, I gently teased the black shoulder straps of her dress off of her shoulders, letting them fall, hanging useless. Her shoulders closest to their beautiful naked state I proceeded to do the same with her red bra straps, yet this time following my kisses across her shoulders, I used my teeth to achieve the same consequence. One by one I bit into her bra straps and tugged on them, pulling them off her shoulders to reveal, finally her naked shoulders. Looking over at Daniel, it seemed he might even shoot his first load. That was how sexy mom looked right now.

Daniel’s hand movements much faster now, with her shoulders fully revealed and naked before him, he managed to keep in the game this time and continued jerking himself off, his eyes glued to my mom. Kissing her neck I gently began to unzip her dress from behind. Reaching the bottom of the zipper, the front now loose, I gently slid it down around her midsection, down over her legs and onto the floor where she stepped to one side out of it. Now Daniel’s hand was mostly on the end of his cock rubbing the pre-cum deep into its head, his sexual gratification clearly at a new height. Now almost naked in from of him, except for only her bra and panties my mom found herself a little intrigued.

“Have you ever seen a naked girl before Daniel?” She asked. “Is this gonna be your first time?”

“Er, well, actually, I have seen one woman’s breasts before,” he admitted shyly.

“Oh really. A woman? Not a girl?” Mom asked as I ran my hands over her bra circling where her nipples were.

“Yes ma’am,” he said, for some reason he was hiding something.

“And who was this woman?” Mom asked.

“Well, I…” Daniel muttered it was obvious the answer to his question was some kind of embarrassment to him for some reason.

“It’s ok Daniel, you can tell us. We won’t tell anyone you know. Because you’re gonna keep all this a secret aren’t you.” Mom said, my hands now roaming down to her panties.

“Well, yes ma’am, I guess…” he muttered again.

“Daniel honey, I told you, baby, just call me Julia, you don’t need to call me ma’am anymore baby.” She said comforting him.

“Yes, ma… I mean Julia. I will.” He promised.

“Tell me. Who was it?” Mom continued.

“Well,” he started. “It was my mom.” He finally admitted.

Even from behind her, my hard cock pressed deep into the valley of her ass cheeks atop her pretty panties, I could see she was smiling when he revealed it was his mom.

“Oh, baby that’s so sweet. You don’t need to be shy about that. They say almost every boy’s first glimpse of a woman’s’ flesh is his own mothers’ breasts. You don’t need to be shy about that.” She admitted, clearly delighted at the answer. My hands now moving up her tummy and back to her breasts I knew it would soon be the time to reveal them to him.

“And did you like it when you saw your moms’ breasts, Daniel? I mean, did you do what you’re doing now after you saw them?” Now Daniel blushed a deep red and it was pretty clear that he had been entranced by his mothers’ breasts and jacked himself off to the image that had been burnt into his mind. Now my hands ran around my mothers’ breasts to her back and the locked bra strap, and the tiny, weak clasp, that kept her wonderful breasts still hidden from Daniels’ eager eyes.

“Yes I….” Daniel began as I unhooked the bra strap and let moms bra fall to the floor revealing to Daniel their wonderful shape, her sweet tiny nipples and everything a young guy could ever want to see. As soon as moms breasts were revealed Daniels’s mouth dropped, while his hand went into overdrive, already close to climax, now he was ready to blow.

“Don’t forget to block yourself, sonny.” Mom said. “It looks like you’re pretty excited right now and that gun’s gonna go off everywhere.” She laughed. “Don’t forget rule number one, no touching. I don’t want you coming in my mouth honey.” Mom smiled opening her mouth and sliding her finger in and out, her eyes fixed on Daniels. In that instant, his innocence got to him, lifting one hand in front of his cock to protect my mom from his exploding rocket, his other hand jerked himself off all the faster. And BOOM! His cum shot out and into his hand as my mom jumped back a little in surprise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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