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The alarm wet off with a buzz 6:30 AM Monday April 11th. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and got out of bed and headed to the shower. The water helped wash the sleepiness away. I went over the days schedule in my mind Steve’s on the west coast another two weeks Lisa’s was in her second year of college would be leaving about the same time I would.

As I was washing my hair I reminded myself I have a 10:30 Doctors appointment for my yearly Gyno exam, I’d better check and see if I need to shave again. I felt my pubic area and yes I did indeed need to shave. I lathered up and got my razor and holding my labia away I shaved away all the stubble on both sides of my vagina, now for the pubic mound I keep a small stripe that points to my sweet vagina. As I washed away the lather I felt a familiar tingle and paused, for a moment. I slipped two fingers deep into my wet folds. I circled my fingers around feeling the wetness of my pussy and how tight I felt. I started sliding my fingers in and out of my drenched pussy and started rubbing my clit to perk it up. …Ohh…god… I could cum in a minute and get relief but thought better of it since I would be seeing the Doctor in a little while.

I arrived at the Doctors office a few minutes early and checked in. The typical questions were asked about insurance, no changes. That is when the nurse told me Dr. Roberts wasn’t in he had an emergency at the Hospital and that Dr. Nelson his new partner in the group would see me. I said find that it’s just my yearly visit. A few minutes passed and I was called back to an exam room. The nurse gave me a gown and said you know the routine as she left I stared taking my clothes off as I got to my panties I noticed a slight wet spot and felt myself flush and thought “Great the Dr. well see I’m wet and aroused, maybe I should of masturbated in the shower and this wouldn’t be happening now!” I finished putting the gown on and sat down.

A minute or two passed and a soft nock on the door and who I thought was another nurse introduced herself as Dr. Cindy Nelson. She was beautiful, long black hair dark eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. We went over mecidiyeköy escort my history and confirmed everything. Dr. Nelson asked me to get up on the exam table, she opened the front of the gown and listened to my heart and breathing, I could feel my nipples hardening, I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. She put down her stethoscope and asked if I have been doing my self breast exams at home. I told her “Yes every week or so.” “That’s very good” she said. She then picked up my right hand and placed it over my head and started to squeeze my right breast herself feeling for any lumps, satisfied she did the same with the left breast and when she got to my nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze and tug, I let out a soft moan. She asked if it hurt, I told her not really just the opposite. She gave me a small smile and said it was ok.

Her hands continued to feel down my abdomen. She opened the gown more as she went. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was, this never happened before. She told me to slide down to the end of the table and put my feet in the stirrups. She help guide my feet to them. I felt myself leaking and knew the Dr. was going to see also. The Dr. turned to put on her exam gloves so I quickly wiped the wetness with my gown trying to clean up as much as possible.

She turned back and brought the gown open while spreading my legs wider I felt more fluid run from my vagina. Again that small smile and then she said “Lets have a look here now.” as she felt my labia and clit hood I again let a soft moan out. She asked me if I was enjoying the exam because by the looks I was. I apologized and told her that this has never happened before. She told me to relax you wouldn’t believe how many women get aroused during the exams and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. She than told me not to worry if I felt an orgasm coming just let it happen that way it will be over quicker.

If you fight it, it makes it worse well more intense really she said. I told her ok. She pulled back my clitoral hood and rubbed it for a few seconds, I almost lost it there but she was done. Next she parts my wet lips and slid her nişantaşı escort finger up one side and then the other. I actually lifted my hips to meet her finger. Using her left hand she spread and held my lips apart and inserted her right index finger into my vagina and felt around. I couldn’t stop lifting my hips to meet her finger I was on the edge of an orgasm. She added her middle finger and pushed deep to feel my G-spot as she gave it a rub or two I grunted lifted my hips again and had the wonderful orgasm in a while. She with drew her fingers and said she give me a minute before she continued, she still needed to do a pap smear I was able to stay calm through rest of the exam and everything was completed.

The drive home I went over what had just happened and couldn’t get it out of my mind. I was still horny as ever and needed to get some release. I put my hand up my skirt and felt myself through my panties and they were soaked. I pulled in my drive and got into the house as quick as possible. I made my way to my bedroom and stripped my clothes off as fast as I could. I dug out my toys a vibrator and a jelly dildo my two favorites and got on my bed. I was reliving what had just taken place not 30 minutes ago.

I was squeezing my breast and playing with my nipples and getting more and more aroused. I turned my vibrator on low and touched it to my nipple it tingled and got rock hard. My free hand went to my pussy which was dripping and wanting some attention. I found my jelly friend and teased my entrance with it getting it nice and slick. I slowly pushed the head in and enjoyed the feeling I did this a few more time and slowly fed more and more in until I had the full length slipping in and out with ease. I could feel an orgasm building deep within and wanted to bring it out. I brought the vibrator down to my clit and teased it. I was slamming the dildo in and out of my pussy as fast as I could.

The sloshing sound I was making was a fantastic turn on with the added buzz of the vibrator I was in heaven. I took the dildo out and looked at how wet it was and brought it to my mouth and tasted myself it was etiler escort so sweet and tasty I sucked it clean and repeated this many times. I was on the brink of a fantastic orgasm as was moaning loudly and then it hit me like a blast I saw stars. At the same time I heard my daughter say “Oh God!……. Mom you’re masturbating!” I couldn’t stop even with her watching all I said was “I know ….Oh god …I’m cumming… Oh God…Oh God…I’m sorry…

After about fifteen minutes I composed myself, put a robe on and went to Lisa’s room to discuss what just happened. I explained what happened with my exam. She tried to apologize to me and told me her afternoon classes got canceled due to an electrical problem and there was no power in the building she was in.

She told me she knows that I masturbate a lot since dad is gone so much. She has heard me at night and than confessed that listening had made her excited and masturbated too, while listening a few times. She said she even borrowed a vibrator of two while we were away and has since bought a couple of her own, but nothing as big as what I used today. She asked if it being bigger really does make a difference. I told her she should try it sometime. She gave me a shy smile and nod.

I asked her if she wanted to use it now. She said she didn’t know if she could with me knowing what she was doing. I said “You caught me using it how do you think I felt? Well anyway here it is for you if you decide.” She blushed taking it from me and placed it in her bedside table.

Later that night while in bed running the day’s excitement trough my head, I felt myself lubricating and slid my hand down to my pussy and felt my swollen lips. Yes I was leaking. I spread my juices around my lips and clit. Just rubbing not really intent on bringing myself off or so I thought. My nipples ached for some attention, my other hand went to them alternating between them. Pinching and tugging them into hard points.

My hand was moving faster and faster over my clit and pussy drawing more sweet nectar from within me. It was running down over my ass and pooling between my butt checks making a wet spot on the bed. It wasn’t going to take long for this cum, I knew that my whole body tingled. Just as I was about to have my orgasm I got the image of Lisa’s face seeing me with my dildo buried to the hilt in my sopping cunt…

Ohh…God…Ohh…God…..I’m cumming again!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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