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With kids driving her insane all the time, Melanie was looking forward to a long, relaxing vacation for a week by herself. She had scrimped & saved for it, putting away over $1000 a little at a time. She packed her car & kissed her family good bye, saying that she’d call them when she got to the mountains.

As she drove away, she could feel the stress leaving her already. Meli, as she liked to be called by her friends, put on a CD in the player & cranked it up. She got on the highway & headed for Sandia Crest. It wasn’t that far away but it was enough so that no one would bother her without it being serious. As she reached the foothills, she started thinking about how nice it’ll be to be alone & have quiet for a whole week. The thought of stretching out & not having kids piling on top of her, not having to hear arguing or whining pleased her to no end.

Reaching the resort that she had booked a week at, she got out of the car & stretched. Smiling, she grabbed her suitcase & headed for the office. Her long, blonde hair bounced as she walked, catching the light. As she entered the office, a man sitting in the reception area caught her eye. Glancing at him, she went to the desk & signed in. The clerk checked her room & gave her the key. He also gave her a map of the resort & a list of special services for Gold members (she was). While this was happening, she made pleasant conversation with the clerk. He told her that he hoped that she had a wonderful time this week & reminded her that the fee that she paid up front covered everything in the brochure, including the ‘special services’. He gave her a mysterious wink as she collected her papers & went to her room.

She passed the man in the reception area on her way to her room. He smiled at her & nodded a greeting. Meli nodded back, taking in his dark hair & dark, smoldering eyes. She found her room easily, more like a suite, with a bedroom, small living area & a huge bathroom. She sank down on the bed, enjoying the firm/soft feel of the mattress under her. Even though the drive took no longer than an hour, she still decided to shed her clothes & make use of the huge shower, thinking that later she would take a long soak in the huge round tub.

She soaped herself with what was in there, liking the exotic, yet soothing smell of the soap. She had no intentions of setting any sort of schedule while she was there, choosing to do things at a more leisurely pace. Feeling hungry after her long drive & relaxing shower, Meli checked the brochure & found that there was food available 24 hours a day. They had 4 restaurants, 1 was very fancy, the others were more like bistros & the last one was more like a snack stand. She dressed in her bikini, wearing shorts & a loose tank top over with her most comfortable sandals, thinking that she might want to swim in the pool later. Stretching, feeling pleased with the way she was feeling already, she decided to go to one of the bistros to eat.

Meli found her way there easily, with all the signs posted to help guests in getting around the 10 acre resort. The bistro was softly lit but everything was casual. People sitting in there wore everything from business suits to beach cover-ups. Meli was shown to a table near the back & she ordered a drink to celebrate her week-long freedom. As she perused the menu, her drink came. The waitress asked her pleasantly if she was ready to order & Meli shook her head, saying that she needed a few more minutes. At length, she decided on the linguini with pesto & a side salad. The waitress came back shortly & Meli placed her order.

Sitting there, sipping her drink, she looked around at the other guests. Surprised, she saw a wide mix of different people there. She had been under the impression that resorts were mostly frequented by Caucasians. A few minutes later, her lunch was brought to her table. Thanking her, Meli dug in, suddenly very hungry.

Finishing her meal, she decided to lounge by the pool for a while. Feeling deliciously lazy, she grabbed her towel & headed for the out door pool. The pool area wasn’t very crowded & was able to find a chair with a fresh towel covering it. As soon as she lay down, an employee came over to ask her if Meli (calling her by name) if she needed anything. Surprised at him using her name, she said that she was fine. He offered to get her some sun block if she needed it. Thinking again, Meli said that some sun block might not be a bad idea.

He left momentarily & came back with a blue jar. She looked at it questioningly & he said that it was ‘special’ block that the people that ran the resort formulated. He had her lay down on her tummy & started applying it to her back & shoulders. Meli felt his hands moving on her skin, liking it too. As his hands moved down to her sides, Meli gasped & stiffened slightly. He pretended not to notice, pausing to scoop more of the sun block from the jar. He spread it over her arms, having her stretch bahis siteleri them over her head. Making sure that he got her neck well covered, he moved down to her lower back, rubbing the cream into her skin well.

All this attention was both relaxing Meli & getting her more than a little excited. She rationalized that it was just the attention & the fact that she was on sort of ‘an adventure’ so she was bound to feel strange. All through this, he talked to her about the resort, telling her some amusing stories, mostly just making small talk as he rubbed the special sun block into her skin. After a while, her skin tingled slightly, feeling more sensitive. The guy introduced himself as George & asked if she was feeling okay. Meli commented that her skin was tingling & he nodded, saying that it helped ‘condition’ the skin, making it suppler. Meli took this at face value, sort of enjoying the feeling now. George moved down her back to her legs.

Working the cream into the backs of her legs, Meli couldn’t help giggling. The way he was touching her tickled immensely. George apologized, saying that that was one side effect of the cream, making who ever used it more ticklish. He promised to be more careful. Soon, he was all the way down her legs & started rubbing the cream into her pale soles. Meli tried very hard to stifle her giggles & to not wiggle around too much. George asked her if it was bothering her too much & Meli, giggled out softly that she sort of liked it. He finished with her feet but not before he ran his fingers up & down her soles a couple of times. Meli could barely contain herself, giggles bubbling out from behind her hands, her feet jerking.

George had her roll over & started on her front, smoothing the cream over the front of her shoulders, down her throat & over the tops of her full breasts. This started her womanhood to throbbing & her nipples became erect. As George rubbed the special cream over her tummy, Meli giggled louder, the tingling feeling growing stronger. George grinned, telling her that when he had rubbed her neck & shoulders that she seemed to have a lot of stress. He said that there was a really good massage therapist that they just hired that, they say, could take the stress out of anyone. He suggested that she go see him at some point while she was here. He paused to wipe his hands & wrote his location & room number down. George said that he only took special cases that had to be recommended by fellow employees. Meli took the scrap of paper & thanked him.

George resumed covering Meli with the special cream, making sure that he got the fronts of her legs thoroughly, going down to the tops of her feet. When he started smoothing the cream onto her toes, Meli barely muffled a scream, burying her face in the towel on the chair. George quickly finished & asked her if she needed anything else. She looked up at him to see him smiling at her. Meli returned his smile, barely keeping from giggling from the intense tingling, told him that she was fine for the moment but possibly could use some lemon water. He quickly brought her some & told her that if she needed anything to please let him know.

Meli ended up only staying at the pool for an hour, soaking up the sun. That tingling feeling stayed with her, making it feel like there were hundreds of tiny fingers all over her. She kept shifting on her lounge chair, the tingling feeling seeping down to her womanhood, making it throb. Oddly, it didn’t feel irritating at all, just sensual & exhilarating. Soon, she was sorely tempted to go back to her room & get rid of her tension but decided in stead to go see this massage therapist. She gathered her things & told George that she was going to see that guy he told her about. George beamed happily & told her to wait for a moment. He made a quick call, telling her that he would tell the guy himself that he had a new client.

Meli sipped on a fruity, tropical drink while George made the call. George came back, grinning from ear to ear. He said that ‘Feathered Eagle’ would be happy to see her right away. George was kind enough to show her the way. He motioned to another employee, saying that he was going to help the new therapist & that he had the pool area for a few hours. He offered his arm & they set off.

They walked a long ways, almost 10 minutes before they came to a small cottage-type building. George knocked & the door was opened by the man that Meli had seen in the reception area! He smiled & welcomed them in, thanking George for bringing him another client that could benefit from his special services. George nodded & said that he was available to help for the next couple of hours. ‘Feathered Eagle’ nodded, pleased with hearing that.

The inside of the cottage was simply furnished. There were a couple of doors that led to possibly the treatment room & a bathroom. The native American man that Meli had noticed extended his hand, introducing himself as John. Meli canlı bahis siteleri accepted his hand, thanking him for taking her on as a client. He was dressed in loose shorts & nothing else. His long hair was braided down his back.

John opened one of the doors & showed them in. The room was done in soothing colors of all different shades of blue, purple & pink, the walls the pink of a desert sunset. An adjustable chair sat in the middle of the room. Meli looked at it a little hesitantly at the straps. John explained that when he worked on a client, that it was sometimes wise to restrain them for their own safety as well as his. He moved the chair so that it was reclining completely, like a table & had her lay down, on her tummy. Still in her string bikini, she lay down, deciding to take a chance.

John started massaging her neck & shoulders gently. With the ‘special’ cream still making her skin tingle, Meli let out a bubbly giggle. John made a concerned sound as his fingers probed her upper back, bringing more giggles. Meli tried with all the will she had to stifle them but they kept on escaping from her mouth. John glanced at George & said that maybe it was time for the treatment to start. John shook his head, telling Meli that she had a lot of stress to get rid of & it could take a while to get it all out.

He had her turn over, helping her get into position. He talked to her as he put her wrists & ankles into the restraints, telling her that she would find this treatment most pleasant & more than likely, come back for more this week. John left for a moment & the next thing she knew, soft music was coming in through hidden speakers. John told her to just relax & listen to the music & enjoy the treatment.

Adjusting the chair so that Meli’s legs were apart, her arms out to her sides & tilted up so that she was more or less on her back, he told George to get the cart. With that, John covered Meli’s eyes with a blindfold, telling her that it would help her relax. Meli was suddenly plunged into darkness. This somehow made the tingling sensation increase a bit, making it feel like millions of tiny fingers were crawling over her. John readjusted the arms on her chair, bringing them almost over her head.

Pulling up a stool near her feet, John explained that there was a lot of stress in her feet. He started massaging them firmly at first, working his fingers into her soles. Meli reflexively jerked her feet but couldn’t move much. John stopped long enough to grab some lotion especially formulated for massaging feet. As he smoothed it on, Meli broke out into helpless giggles. John asked her, playing dumb, if that really tickled all that much. Meli tossed her head back & forth, giggling & finally spit out that, yes, it tickled a lot. John said that laughter was very, very good for relieving stress. After coating both feet well, he stroked her soles gently, letting the lotion do its work. He motioned to George, showing him what he wanted him to do. He wanted George to ‘massage’ Meli’s midsection. George’s eyes lit up eager to get his hands on her. George walked up to her & placed his hands on her tummy. He gently probed, letting his fingers tell him where she ‘needed’ it the most.

Between John stroking her soles & George working on her tummy, Meli couldn’t hold back anymore. She dissolved into hysterical laughter, writhing against her bonds. George’s fingers strayed up to her armpits, stroking gently. She tried desperately to bring her arms down to protect her pits but her bonds held tight. Meanwhile, John was still massaging/tickling her feet, playing with her toes, telling her all the while that she was doing just fine. They both kept it up for a few more minutes & then gave her a short break, giving her sips of water, letting her catch her breath.

Soon, she was breathing normally again & George straddled her, using a stiff feather to tickle her neck & upper chest. Meli tried to scrunch up her neck & shoulders to avoid the relentless feather but George darted the feather around quickly, teasing around her ears & neck, and then going around her upper chest, tickling the tops of her breasts. John also switched to a stiff feather. He used it to trace up & down the inside of her legs while the other hand deviously scratched one of her helpless feet. He saw that the feather on her legs was having its desired effect. Her hips jutted out when the feather came close to her womanhood & she parted her thighs more. Moans accompanied her giggles now.

Meli was now, through her moans & giggles, was begging for them to stop. John, having done this to many men & women, knew that she wasn’t serious, only thinking that she wanted them to stop. He continued to run that feather lightly over her inner legs, telling her that she was doing fine but that the treatment wasn’t nearly over yet. John nodded to George & he then untied the strings to Meli’s bikini top. Meli gasped as she felt the scant canlı bahis material sliding from her body, exposing her vulnerable nipples. John did likewise with her bikini bottom.

Again, she gasped, feeling her moist womanhood bare to them. Before Meli could rightly react, John worked on her feet a little harder, wiggling his fingers wildly under her toes while George worked her sides & pits. Her protests were lost in gales of laughter, her body convulsing wildly. She bucked her body, trying to dislodge her tormentors, but to no avail. Tears streamed down her face, darkening her blindfold, her mouth stretched wide with helpless laughter.

George took up the feather again, tickling her breasts with it. Meli arched her back, moaning softly between giggles. George used the feather to circle her nipples slowly, while John resumed tickling up & down her legs, getting close to her sex but not quite. Working in unison, they kept her going, one tickling lightly & sensually while the other, hard & fast.

John was well pleased with the degree of ticklishness that Meli showed. He had seen very few that responded so well to the ‘special’ cream that George had used on her at the pool. Most people thought that the feeling was irritating or didn’t really feel anything at all. John saw that she was gasping for breath & told George that it was time for a break. He got off of her & used the time to use the restroom & get something to drink. Tickling was hard work.

John gave Meli some water in small sips, letting her rehydrate herself slowly. He stroked her sweat darkened hair, asking her how she felt. Finally catching her breath, Meli told him that she felt okay, but that this wasn’t exactly what she had imagined as a ‘treatment’. He noted her sex was swollen, her inner lips glistening with her own special lube. Meli asked if they were done & John told her in a kind voice that there was more to come. Smirking at his own pun, George came back in & looked at John. John nodded to George.

They both proceeded, tickling her lightly, targeting her inner arms making everything they did feel 10X more intense.

There was also a fire building in her sex, a fire that couldn’t be easily quenched. Her body writhed & twitched as both of them started concentrating more on her feet & inner thighs. George also reached out & drew circles around her belly button. Meli bucked violently, begging to be let go. She could feel her orgasm building & suddenly became afraid. Her laughter reached near hysterical levels as John tickled both feet at once & George straddled her again, wiggling his fingers on her pits & sides. He stopped only to reach over to the cart & attach a fox tail to the back of his belt. He knew that when he would lean forward & back again, this would tease/tickle her inner thighs. Moving his hands from pits to sides to her hard nipples, George grinned happily. There was nothing that he liked better than hearing a lady laughing helplessly. He loved his job.

With them both working on her, John tickling the hell out of her feet, George driving her crazy with his talented upper body tickling (not to mention his ‘tail’ tickling/teasing her swollen sex), Meli was skillfully kept on the edge of orgasm for a while. Between laughing, she babbled wordlessly, making plaintive sounds, moaning & whining in pleasure. John knew that she was very close now. He stepped up the action on her feet, letting his fingers dive between her toes while George teased her nipples with his mouth, his hands tickling her pits & the ‘tail’ grazing her sex.

Suddenly, Meli started moaning louder & louder, bucking spastically. Her sex quivered as she climaxed. Her hips worked for well over 10 minutes as they continued to tickle her. Slowly, both of them stopped & George got down. Meli continued to grind her hips & moan, her orgasm still going even though the stimulation had stopped. Finally, she stopped moving & it was clear that she had passed out.

George & John both readjusted the chair so that her legs were together & the armrests were close to the chair. They released her & took off the blindfold. John wiped her down & covered her with a blanket. Turning down the lights, they left her to rest. George went back to the pool to relieve the other guy, trying really hard to hide the woody that he had gotten while tickling Meli. John waited in his office, doing some paperwork, waiting for her to wake up naturally.

Soon, he heard Meli groan. He went in to see if she was okay. When she saw him, she didn’t know what to say. He offered her a robe to cover herself until she could get dressed. She sat up weakly, taking the robe & putting it on. Still stunned by what had just happened to her, Meli got up from the table & gathered her clothes. John asked her if she was okay & Meli turned & smiled. Taking a deep breath, she said that she felt a lot better than before she had come here. John grinned back at her. He could tell that there was something that she wanted to say but was having trouble with. Meli leaned toward John & said that there were a few fantasies that she had that maybe he could help her with. John smiled & they sat down to talk about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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