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Chapter 3: A fool’s errand

My phone ringing and buzzing beside my head woke me; the loud tone shot through my head, even stinging my eyes. It was my best friend, “H..h..hello…?” I tried to ask, but nothing came out. I cleared my throat and felt a piercing pain shoot through the muscles of my throat. “Hey, what’s up?” I continued in a groggy voice like I had a frog in my voice. “I’ll call you back later…” I managed to hoarsely whisper before hanging up.

My throat was shredded from the night before. I couldn’t believe I’d done it again. I closed my eyes and re-lived the night in a flash. After leaving Bobby, I had let Charlie’s large mushroom-headed cock facefuck my throat again before finally draining another total stranger who had stood beside us waiting patiently for his turn, like he was queuing to use a vending machine. I didn’t even look up at him, accepting his penis and cumload as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I felt guilty and ashamed.

As I lay trying to think of other things, Bobby’s face and the feel of his hand rubbing my face kept creeping back into my mind. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I hadn’t felt this way for a long time, but it was a feeling I knew well, “how could I possibly be falling for him? I don’t even know his real name!” I rolled over grinning to myself, imagining him holding me. Finally, I dragged myself out of bed, into the shower and then out the door; I was determined not to waste the weekend in bed.

Paris was quiet on a Sunday, nothing like London; most places seemed to be closed and so I decided to do some sightseeing. I’d visited Paris a few times before, and had been to all the main tourist sites, except one; the Moulin Rouge. I got out my phone and planned my trip to the closest metro station nearby it. As I was getting in the metro, I felt giddy with excitement to be discovering my new city, and I was happy deep down that I was falling for a new man.

I arrived at my stop after around 25 minutes and hopped out running up the stairs to street level. I could see the well-known sign of the “Moulin Rouge” right away and couldn’t help but let out a yelp. I took some pictures and then started to walk a little down the boulevard. As I looked around, I realised I had been in this area before with friends. There were lots of bars, but in particular lots of Sex Shops. I should have known since that’s what the Moulin Rouge is known for. It wasn’t seedy though, it was almost as if it was a facade of a previously sleazy neighbourhood – designed to attract tourists. There were lots of locals strolling around, even some with kids.

I started looking for a bench to sit down on, but as I walked each bench I came across was already being squatted on by groups of men; Indians, North African, all kinds. I continued strolling until a handsome young Arabic guy caught my eye. He must have seen me looking and was nodding his head to me and saying something I couldn’t understand. I approached him nervously, “You smoke weed? Want to buy cocaine?”, “No, no, I’m good,” I replied and quickly walked on. I had occasionally gotten into smoking weed, but didn’t really feel like I wanted any right now; I made a mental note of where I had crossed this guy just in case.

Eventually, I came across an empty bench and sat down, pulled out my phone and searched for a place to grab lunch. I was totally engrossed, trying to find a place that was well-situated so that I could walk down towards the Seine after eating and have a rest beside the river. I didn’t notice a man sitting down beside me. I only became aware of his presence when I caught the sight of his hand rubbing his crotch out of the corner of my eye.

I was a little shocked, and turned to glare at him; he was about my age; between 30 and 33, and he was of North African descent. His dark hair was slicked back with a wet gel and he was clean-shaven. His face was much more obviously masculine than my own, but he was handsome. His gaze was fixed in front of him, as if he was purposefully not looking at me. His dick was hard, I had no doubt. He was jerking himself off on the bench through his jogging bottoms. He turned and looked at me quite menacingly, and I froze. I wanted to touch my own penis, but I was petrified. We were on a bench in the middle of the street with people all around us. It seemed to go on forever, and looking around, I suddenly realised that there were many lonesome men either sitting or standing around close-by, all of them loitering for one reason. It was so seedy, and I loved it.

The guy beside me got up and started walking, I followed his lead, but he quickly took off with some teenager who had been standing opposite us. I was too slow. As I looked around, I couldn’t understand how I hadn’t noticed this before. It seemed that there were at least 10-15 men cruising right here in the street. I sat back down on the bench and opened Grindr on my phone – wondering if I could connect with one of them – the shame and guilt from earlier that morning istanbul travesti had been replaced by a thirst for the taste of a man’s spunk.

“Hey, what’s up, man? You free tonight?” I saw the message from that familiar profile: “XL thick now”; it was Bobby. I felt that lightness in my stomach and smiled. “Hey there,” I typed, getting up to walk back to the metro and head home, instantly shaking off the carnal desire that had been stirring in me here among the group loiterers in the street. “I’m free, what’ve you got in mind?” I wrote as I hopped back onto the train and thought about a nice night at the cinema for our first date.

I lost coverage until I stepped back in the apartment, by which time, it was already evening. I’d grabbed something quick on the way back to make a snack and eagerly checked my phone again for word from Bobby. “Come over to mine if you want,” he’d sent casually. Smiling wide, I replied, “I’d love to – let me know the details” and I sat down in front of the TV to eat. We exchanged a few messages before he signalled that he was going to go grab a shower, “Oh and shave your ass,” he signed off with. I grinned again to myself; I was just wondering if it was worth my while to douche. I laughed and jumped up to go back under the shower and do as he asked; it sounded like we were going to move to the next level.

I had to take a train which went slightly outside the city limits, but it was direct from a station 10 minutes’ walk from my place, so I didn’t mind. We arrived sooner than I expected at the stop and I texted Bobby to say I was arriving: “2 mins” came the reply. There was a small shop at the entrance to the station. I picked up some beers as a gesture for tonight’s invite and waited for Bobby to arrive. He did after exactly 2 minutes. “Hey, it’s not far – follow me,” he gestured, turning as soon as he reached beside me.

After no time at all we reached a small apartment building and his place was on the third, and top, floor. I handed him the beers as we walked in. “I don’t feel like drinking; I smoked some already,” he said sharply, “you have one if you want. You need to use the bathroom before we get started?” he asked. “Nuh uh,” I shook my head. I felt dejected; it wasn’t at all the night I had dreamed up in my mind. “Cool.” he said laying down on the couch, “get naked then,” he ordered as he himself stripped and lay down longways on the wide couch.

He handed me a cushion which I threw down on the floor beside him, slowly crouching so I was knelt with my face lined up to his crotch. I felt a little disappointed, but his beautiful, fat meat and full, heavy-set scrotum resting on his muscular thighs soon lightened my mood. I leant forward and licked all around his crotch as he moaned and lit up the blunt he had obviously been smoking before I arrived. I set the pace, as he allowed me to feast on this delicious meal in front of my eyes. His dick grew and grew, but the size and weight meant that it never really lifted up from leaning on his body. It turned me on so much. I began sucking on it and taking it into my throat. His hand came down on my head and he applied pressure to force me to accept him into my throat. We were getting our rhythm and I felt like we were starting to know each other well.

Over the next twenty minutes, he gagged me and choked me countless times, as I enjoyed the feeling of stretching in my throat without any kind of burning I had experienced the previous two times. I thought back to his comment the night before that my throat-pussy was made for his dick. I felt content and the feeling of snugness and stretching drove me wild. My cock was raging but, as usual, Bobby paid no attention to my dick at all.

I was lost in the rhythm of the throat-fuck when he abruptly pulled out and stood up. “Crawl up there,” he demanded, gesturing to the couch he had just been lying on. I got up on my hands and knees hesitantly. Nerves were knotting in my stomach. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this tonight like this.

“Oh shit,” I said, hoping for a get-out-of-jail-free card, “I didn’t bring any poppers or lube.” He tutted, went to the other side of the room – it was a big, open living space – and opened his fridge. “Here’s the lube – it’s cooling, and I got these online,” he said, shoving a tall clear bottle of poppers into my hand, “they turn your lips blue, but they’ll open you right up.” I stared at them in my hand, and put them down on the couch, “I’m not sure about that,” I thought to myself. I’d always been the bottom in my sexual encounters and had prided myself on fucking without poppers. I’d use them only if I needed them, I decided.

Bobby came over and roughly picked me up and put me in the position he wanted me. The couch was in the middle of the room, so I knelt with my knees on the seat cushions and my chest pushed against the backrests, looking over the back of the couch. He aggressively pushed on the base of my back, so I was arched down and my hole was sticking out in the istanbul travestileri air. I felt a cold, wetness on my cheeks, and I realised he was squeezing lube onto my hole. “Put your legs together and push your balls and dick back through your legs so I can see everything,” he ordered. I did exactly what he asked, the tone of his demand making my dick stick out behind me rock hard. I was on all fours on the couch, like a bitch in heat. I glanced to the side and noticed a huge mirror. The sight of me bent over in front of him and his muscular, dark frame towering and dominating over me drove me wild.

Then I noticed him fiddling with something; he was stretching a black band over his cock and pulling it down. “What are you doing?” I asked naively. “My cock ring….helps me stay hard,” he said, slowly jerking his cock back and forth. I looked back in the mirror and wanted to gasp. In this perspective, he cock was so engorged, it looked to be as thick as my forearm. I realised that the length when inside me would reach as deep as my belly button. “Shiiiitt,” I groaned as I frantically grabbed for the poppers, opened them and took as big a hit as I could.

The second I screwed the lid back on the poppers, I felt the huge head of his mammoth cock brushing against my hole and then immediately a punch of pressure. It was too much. I reached back and tried with all my force to push him off – the poppers hadn’t hit me yet. “Wait, I’m not ready” I yelped. He didn’t care, without easing off any pressure he snapped back: “Just push out.”

The pain was excruciating. I thought I would faint, until suddenly…POP…, I felt him break through the clenched muscle of my outer sphincter with his meat cleaver; he pushed in around 3-4 inches. “STOP, PLEASE!” I yelled, “just give it a second…please…so I can adjust..please,” I begged over and over. He came to a stop. “Pull out a second; it’s too much,” I begged. A burning pain was searing through my hole and down my legs. It felt like my ass was on fire.

“Shhh, shhh,” he leaned forward and rubbed my face, while easing himself inside millimetre by millimetre. He held the poppers up to my nose and had me take a hit. It didn’t seem to help. It felt like a stabbing pain any time he made the slightest movement. We were stuck in a struggle between me tensing my asshole uncontrollably in agony, trying to push him back with my hands, and him maintaining the pressure and pushing himself endlessly deeper into my gut. I don’t know how much time had passed, but I finally felt the tension and stretching in my sphincter begin to release a little. I brought my hand down to my side and moaned, as the popper haze engulfed my mind. The hits had been stronger, much stronger than anything I was used to and now I was flying totally lost in a sea of sensations. I felt pulses of tingling running through my body. I looked to the mirror at our side and let my eyes absorb the image of a powerful alpha man, violating his bitch as a feeling of attainment washed over me. I could see though, that he wasn’t even half way inside me yet. Then the thrusting began.

“Ohhh fuuuucck, that’s tight,” Bobby groaned, in what felt like three-feet long thrusts. He thick meat invading me ever deeper with each thrust; the burning pain coming anew as he conquered virgin territory. His in-strokes felt like they were getting longer and longer, the poppers seemed to slow time, and his out-strokes sent shivers running through my body. As the thrusts as inevitably as the seconds ticked by, I could feel myself tense each time in anticipation for the shooting pain of his cock head reaching parts of my gut no-one had ever been in before. I was scared with each thrust but, at the same time, the fullness I felt was euphoric. Finally, I felt him bottom out inside me, with a short sharp pain in my abdomen. I jerked my back up and he came forward to meet me, hugging me tightly so I couldn’t shift or move. We stayed like this forever. His cock buried 10 inches deep inside my guts; my mind lost in a haze so that the sensation of every spasm from my sphincter was intensified ten-fold as clear as crystal in my mind. The feeling was orgasmic.

It wasn’t natural for my asshole to stay gaping open like this for so long, and I could feel my sphincter involuntarily trying to close before being met with the girth of his thick member. My hole ached, and I wanted him to pull out to let me recover for a moment. He held his heavy tool balls-deep inside me, pushing forward every time I tried to shift out of his grip.

“Let’s take a break.” I whispered, as the poppers were wearing off and the aching in my hole began to grow. My ring quivered more violently around his cock, as my head, which beamed bright red, gradually became more aware of our surroundings.

“Not…until…I cum!” he replied strongly and began thrusting more forcefully. It was painfully clear that he didn’t intend to pull out yet. I reached around frantically for the poppers and finally found travesti istanbul them beside my knee on the couch. “Wait, wait…please…I need more lube,” I said desperately. He moaned, ignoring my plea. “Cunts don’t need lube,” he growled in my ear, biting it hard, refusing to stop or even slow down. I felt my hole clasp tightly around his thick cock and stretch beyond anything I had experienced before. I brought the poppers to my nose and tried madly to get a good hit. Bobby continued fucking me so the poppers spilled on my face, stinging my nose and lips. Thankfully, I soon felt them begin to take effect. I looked again at us in the mirror. My lips were blue and my pupils dilated, I looked high and grotesque, but the feeling that overcame me when I looked back at Bobby ramming his meat into my asshole was like ecstasy. The pain had eleviated and he was fucking me violently and with abandon now. I didn’t care. I knew that I was born to play this role.

I felt a sharp burning on my butt cheek; he had slapped my ass. “Fuck! I’m going to fucking WRECK this cunt tonight!” he yelled. Suddenly the cold wetness of the lube dripped on my hole as he was squeezing the bottle above my ass, obviously enjoying the mess it was making. “Thank you,” I whispered, somehow convincing myself that he had my well-being in mind. I reached down and took several longer, deeper hits on the poppers. I was lost to reality but I could feel that my hole was wide now, and my sphincter was no longer trying to close shut. I knew that in my unconscious mind, I had told it to relax, and it stayed open as Bobby withdrew the whole length of his shaft before ramming it back into the hilt in one full-bodied thrust. I felt incredible and I didn’t want it to end.

Gradually I could feel a discomfort growing in my abdomen, and I knew I needed a release. At the same moment Bobby pulled out a little too far; a loud, booming, sloppy fart sounded out, as trapped air left my colon. The noise was not like any fart I had ever passed before, it was a wet, slobbery and loose noise. I was mortified. I wanted the couch to swallow me up.

“AHHH HHHAAA YEAHHH!! That’s a fucking sloppy mess. See… that cunt is wrecked!” Bobby yelled out enthusiastically, plunging back inside me. WIth every thrust, pulling out my hole didn’t even attempt to recoil, instead creating a sloppy sound of the slippery cock juices and froth he had whipped up inside me. It drove Bobby mad, and I felt a warm fuzzy sense of having offered him what he needed; a destroyed mancunt. The sound grew louder and sloppier as he fucked me now at his pace. Pulling out every so often to look and marvel at his work. He ordered me to look in the mirror and take in the sight of an alpha man with a huge cock violating my back passage. I was taking hit after hit on the poppers – giving over ownership of my hole to him. I promised myself in my mind, as thoughts swirled, and the incredible sensation of losing control of my anus took over, that I would never again resist being cunted in this way by another man.

I’d lost sense of time, but I could feel Bobby’s pace becoming frantic. “Squeeze me tight!” He whispered forcefully in my ear, “tight as you can!” I squeezed my sphincter with all my might, but it was like the muscle had wasted away and had no strength. The hole now was so slimy, that I couldn’t get any kind of grip on his meat at all. Even when he was pulling out and I squeezed, the opening hung fully open inviting his cock back inside. Nevertheless, I could feel he was getting close. His fist came slamming down on my back as he forced me painfully to arch my back and he yanked my head back by my hair. He thrust as hard, as aggressively and as deeply as he could muster. I felt the squelch of the juices and the enormous pressure build up inside me. It was far too deep inside me to feel the squirts, but the unmistakable throbbing of each cumshot pulsed from his cock through my body. I counted at least 14. Each one feeding the sense of elation floating through my body. We finally collapsed forward; both exhausted and out of breath. My head was spinning at a million miles per hour.

I could have stayed there all night. The weight of him on top of me and the beautiful fullness and openness of my cunt was incredible. I tried to doze off and enjoy the moment. Finally I felt him slide off me, as his meat slid out of my loose hole. I felt juices running out of me as I reached round to inspect the damage. I was wide-open and felt that my once-neat asshole had lost its firm, tight shape and now felt raw, messy and lumpy. Bobby kicked over my underwear, “Here, man,” he said as he disappeared into the bathroom and I heard him relieving himself with a long heavy piss.

“I gotta head out,” he called out from behind the open door. “You make your own way back to the station?” he asked unceremoniously. It was like a punch to the gut, all of a sudden I was back to reality. “He wants me to leave,” I thought to myself. “Err…yeah I guess,” I mumbled, turning over on the couch. “Sorry, man, but I promised a buddy,” he said as he handed me the rest of my clothes. I got dressed sheepishly, not even daring to ask if I could get cleaned up in the bathroom. Before I knew it, he was waiting beside the door for me to finish dressing so he could guide me out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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