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The following is the second part of two of the “Crazy Weekend” chapters, and the fifth part overall of the “A Crazy” series. If you haven’t read those, I strongly suggest you do before reading this continuation. If you are up to date, please enjoy.


My father had me pinned to the deck. His hands holding mine to the bow to hold me down as he impaled his manhood into my clam. My father’s strapping and athletic naked body covered mine as we fucked at the front of the boat. With each powerful thrust I felt complete ecstasy overtake me, and an incredible orgasm welled up inside me. I was very close. As I looked my father into the eyes I noticed the sun that had been behind him was replaced by a very large shadow. My father continued to plow me when I heard a very loud horn blow, and we both jumped up.

Directly behind the boat and only yards away was a tremendous ship, a cruise ship! With my arms I tried my best to cover my naked body, but it didn’t do much good. That’s when I noticed her. Way up on the rail of the deck of the ship stood many people looking down on us, none of them looked happy, and the one in the middle looked the most menacing. It was my mother.

She seemed surprisingly close for being about 200 feet up or so, and she yelled down at me from above. “YOU FUCKING WHORE!” she screamed.

“MOM!” I cried in panic, “I CAN EXPLAIN!”


“MOM, IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!” is all I could say in defense.

“NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE?” she laughed with an evil grin. “YOU’RE FUCKING YOUR FATHER!!!”

“IT’S NOT WHAT IT SEEMS…”I began to say, when I noticed the woman next to my mother. It was Renee!! She was on the ship and was dressing in a long dress reminiscent to the late 1800’s. She looked down on me with a dissaproving scowl, and just shook her head as in disgust. I noticed that everyone at the rail was doing it.

“YOU ARE A SLUT MELISSA ABIGAIL KIELY!!” she shouted using my whole name.

I felt horrible and totally exposed, unlike anything every before. I wanted to die, but the biggest shock was yet to come. I turned to my father for support or defense but suddenly he wasn’t there! I was all alone on the boat, naked.

I saw my father amongst the others on the rail of the ship, standing in a shirt and tie with Kristen beside him also in an old dress. Both of them looked upset with me, and then my father spoke. He didn’t yell like my mother because he doesn’t raise his voice, still I heard him all the same.

“You’re a slut Melissa,” he said.

I jolted up in a cold sweat as I made to scream for forgiveness, but instead of seeing the ship above me, I only saw the dark ceiling. A quick glance to my right made my nerves relax, and I was glad I didn’t scream. Beside me lay my father and Kristen, both of them were completely naked and they were fast asleep in a partial embrace. I looked to my left and found nothing but messy sheets.

Where’s Renee? I thought as I made to get off the bed.

I checked the small bathroom in the cabin, but it was empty with the lights off. The dark interior of the cabin told me that it wasn’t quite time to get up yet. I noticed the clock on the microwave oven in the mini-kitchen area, it read 4:05.

I got nervous because the stairs to the above deck were closed. Where could she have gone? I asked myself as I inspected the latch on the door above the stairs, it was undone.

Opening the latch I quietly made my way up to the top deck as I began to wonder if the entire experience was a dream. Perhaps Renee never even came with us on the boat. I couldn’t imagine a dream being so vivid, but the nightmare I had just awoken from had seemed quite real. The moisture between my legs was enough to prove that I actually was indeed close to an orgasm before I woke.

Stepping onto the dark deck on the boat, I saw nothing but blackness beyond the rail. It was a bit intimidating at first, but as I turned my head I noticed Renee at the rear. She was sitting down facing the ocean with her back to me. Her legs folded Indian style on a spread out beach towel, and her hands resting on her thighs. She was naked.

As I approached her from behind, still nude myself I realized that she was apparently meditating or something. I quietly walked around her hoping she would notice me, but she didn’t because her eyes were closed. I stood there for a minute just looking at her. She was amazingly beautiful, and her hot body shimmered in the moonlight. Her breasts were perky and looked as if they belonged on a 17 year old body. Her tight belly revealed a perfectly oval belly button, which was several inches above a perfectly shaved line of reddish brown pubic hair, leading to her pussy.

I wasn’t sure if I should say anything, so instead I just sat beside her. When I plopped myself on the towel to her left, she apparently felt a pull in the towel and opened her eyes.

“Hey!” she said a bit surprised. “What are you doing up?”

I smiled and said, “Shouldn’t I be asking that question?”

She laughed a bit and celtabet giriş smiled, “Fair enough,” she said. “This helps me relax, and I thought this was probably the most peaceful place I could try it.”

“I’m sorry to have bothered you then,” I said.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, I was basically done anyway,” she said.

“So where do you usually meditate?” I asked her.

“Usually at my house, in my living room, not nearly as beautiful as this,” she said looking out onto the dark ocean.

“Are you usually naked when you do it?” I said grinning slightly.

“Sometimes, but not always,” she said. “You don’t have to be without clothes to relax, though after yesterday I’m not so sure about that anymore,” she chuckled as I laughed too.

I was going to make a comment based on her last sentence, try to talk about the previous day and all the amazing things that became of it. How we had spent the day sunbathing naked on the boat in the presence of my father, her boyfriend, and how we capped off the evening having an incredible incestuous fourway with him. There was so much I wanted to talk to her about, but at the moment I decided not to bring it up.

As we sat there in silence she leaned back on her arms and looked up at the night sky. “Aren’t the stars beautiful?” she said.

Looking up I witnessed an amazing sight. The night sky was littered with thousands upon thousands of bright stars. Several twinkling in various colors it seemed, and even the faintest ones were visible. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I realized it wasn’t the moon that was lighting her body, but the stars alone, the moon wasn’t out.

“It’s breathtaking,” I said quietly as we gazed at the stars together for a few minutes.

There was a cool breeze blowing across my body from the ocean, and the feeling was invigorating. When Renee spoke again, I wasn’t expecting her proposal.

“I feel like taking a dip,” she said as if poolside at a hotel somewhere during the day.

“Um…now?” I asked unsure of what she meant.

“Yeah, why not? The water looks so refreshing,” she said again with a smile.

I didn’t quite see the same invitation from the ocean this time, the luminous surface appeared to me like an endless inky sea, more menacing than refreshing. I wasn’t sure if I had seen too many movies, or if it was something I learned in some text book, but I partially recalled hearing something about the dangers of swimming in the ocean at night. Apparently the school teacher wasn’t as concerned as I was with it, and another look at her made me keep my opinion to myself.

“You really want to?” I said with a hint of a smile.

“It won’t be long, just a few minutes, like yesterday,” she said with a lustful grin on her face.

I didn’t have to ponder my decision any longer. Quickly remembering her comment yesterday afternoon, about me not kissing her as I had with Kristen was enough for me to make up my mind.

“After you,” I said with a devilish smile as well.

Apparently unconcerned with waking the others, Renee dove head first off the back of the boat, her beautiful naked body was swallowed by the inky waters. I followed her immediately and as I jumped off feet first, feeling the chilly ocean water submerge me.

When I came to the surface Renee was right by my side. I could barely make out her face in the starlight, her slick wet hair partially covering her eyes as she made her way closer to me. Before I could say anything Renee had embraced me. As I felt her arms wrap around me, I met her lips with mine and invited her sweet tongue into my mouth.

We kissed passionately in the black ocean for what seemed like an hour. I could feel her hands on my breasts below the surface, and I put one of mine on her ass. I could feel her kicking her legs as we treaded, still making out like lovers that hadn’t seen each other in years.

The ocean suddenly didn’t seem nearly as cold as it had moments prior, and as I felt Renee’s fingers find my pussy lips, I lost all fear of anything. My hand found her jewel below the water, and I tried my best to work in a finger or two as I tried to keep my head above the water.

It was definitely awkward, but I was into it as we fucked each other in the ocean. Renee broke our kiss finally and began kissing my neck as she worked her fingers in me, adding a third. Her free hand was behind me, holding us together. When she kissed my neck I began to moan, in disbelief of how unreal it was. Renee dipped her head below the surface and I could feel her mouth on my nipples.

“Oh my God,” I said aloud to nobody listening.

I had already been close from my crazy dream, so Renee didn’t have to work too hard to get me over the edge. Within minutes of her reappearance at my lips once more, I felt myself bubbling over, and I screamed in delight as I added more fluid to the ocean.


Renee kissed me again.

It was amazing. It felt as if we were two mermaids out in the middle of the ocean making love. It was unlike any sex I had ever had.

Suddenly celtabet yeni giriş realizing our floating fuck had drifted us, I said, “Oh shit!” and laughed as we saw the boat was about 20 to 25 feet away!

Renee and I swam side by side to catch the boat, and once we reached it I had no strength left to continue the escapade in the water.

“Let’s get up there, ” I whispered to her.

One by one, Renee and I climbed on the back of the boat, me going first and then helping her up.

As soon as we got on the deck I put my arms around her and brought her back down to the deck. Climbing on top of her I kissed her passionately as my hands squeezed her beautiful baseball sized breasts. After about a minute of wild tongue kissing, I licked her lips and continued my lick down her neck and onto her chest. Tasting all the saltwater on her body as I went.

I rolled my tongue over her erect nipples and sucked each one like a pacifier. “Ummmmmmmmmm…” Renee moaned in approval. After giving each tit individual attention I worked my way onto her belly button and gave it a good lick as well, before moving down to her strip, and eventually her jewel.

When I got between her legs I could smell the incredibly sweet scent of her pussy, and I gave it a hungry lick.

“Ohhhhh!” Renee wailed.

I took both her legs in my hands, and burled my tongue between her lips. My tongue found her clit immediately as I flicked it.

“Ohhh my God,” she cried.

I continued to eat her, mashing my face into her rose as much as I possibly could.

I felt her nails on my back as she continued to call out to the heavens. I felt her dam open, and I swallowed everything that came flooding out.

As Renee’s convulsions of pleasure ceased, I finally came up for air, my mouth soaked in her juices.

“Melissa, you’re amazing,” Renee said breathlessly as she took me in another deep passionate kiss, tasting her own delicious cum on my lips.

We collapsed on the deck together and just laid there motionless for several minutes after that. Both of us having probably the most amazing lesbian sex we had ever encountered, and probably the strangest place I had ever done it.

I couldn’t think of anything but Renee at the moment, and how amazing she was. It was the first time, and probably the only time I had ever felt jealous of my father. He had found an amazing lover. And although Kristen was equally amazing, the moment belonged to Renee, and for the twenty minutes or so that we made love in the ocean, I was in love with her.

Now with her naked body in my arms as we lay together on the back of the boat, I felt another feeling of complete paradise.

Before I knew it Renee and I had dozed off. I sat up startled at how amazingly colder it now seemed, and I lightly shuck her awake.

“Let’s go back down, ” I said quietly. She said nothing but just nodded, apparently exhausted from the swimming and the sex.

As we dried off with the towel, we made our way back down below deck and locked the latch. In the bedroom we found Kristen spread eagle on her stomach, taking up most of the bed. Renee and I decided to sleep in the pullout originally meant for Kristen and I.

Climbing beneath the sheets and cuddling up with my father’s girlfriend, I found myself saying something, something I usually only said to Kristen and my father, “I love you.”

I wasn’t sure how she’d react to it, but she just gave me a tired smile and said, “I love you too hun,” and she kissed my lips. We both fell back asleep almost immediately.


When I opened my eyes I saw Kristen in the kitchen preparing breakfast, she was still naked. I sat up and looked at her as my eyes tried to adjust to the bright light pouring in the cabin from above.

“Oh, well good morning sleeping beauty!” she said smiling. “So did you two sleep walk over there last night, or is there something new you want to tell me?”

I looked to my right and saw Renee’s beautiful naked body sleeping beside me. I smiled and said, “I’ll tell you later.”

“Sure, sure,” she said with a naughty grin.

Over the next several minutes I woke Renee, and to my disappointment, she put on her pair of denim shorts and a white tee she had packed with a silver butterfly on it. I didn’t complain that she felt a bit uncomfortable eating breakfast naked, so I threw on the red spaghetti strap tee I had, and my shorts. Kristen didn’t want to dress, and just wrapped herself in a towel as we sa in the area where the converted bed was after we closed it. My dad had come down briefly to eat, and he too was wearing shorts and a light blue tee shirt. As we sat, Kristen’s towel fell to reveal her tits, and she didn’t bother to cover them.

“So what time are we going back to shore?” I asked.

“Well I think we’re headed in that direction now, at least I think your dad said that,” Kristen said.

“What time do we have to have the boat back by?” I asked with another question, wondering if today would anything like the day before.

“I’m not sure, but celtabet güvenilirmi I think around noon or something,” Renee said.

Our breakfast was very subdued, and despite Kristen’s being topless, it was probably the only time on the entire voyage that sex wasn’t on my mind, and it didn’t seem to be on Renee’s either. Kristen however, looked ready to go.

After breakfast we went up top and I was a bit upset when I saw that it wasn’t the sun that was brightening the cabin, but just a bright overcast day. The sun was well hidden behind the clouds, and in fact it felt as if it would rain.

“I think we’re going to head back early,” my dad said. “There’s a fifty percent chance of showers, but judging by these skies, it looks more likely,” he said.

I was bummed out, having really been looking forward to another day of nude sunbathing.

As we hung out on deck, watching the shore appear in the distance we remained dressed. Only Kristen remained nude, trying to get some rays in the back of the boat, insisting that the sun wasn’t necessary for a tan. After about another 20 minutes we started to feel rain drops, and Kristen finally gave up and went below to put something on. She emerged minutes later in the clothes she had boarded with, same as me, only without our bikinis on underneath. None of us had brought a bra on the trip.

As the rain got heavier none of us went for cover. We wanted to keep my father company as the deck got slippery, despite his demands for us to go below where it was safer. The rain had drenched the shirts we wore, and before long it was quite easy to make out Renee’s nipples through her shirt, same for Kristen. My red shirt hid my nipples a bit better than their white ones. Only a few hundred yards away, I could see the marina where we rented the boat, and I knew with the way we looked, the man at the marina would definitely have a nice treat.

When my father pulled the boat into the dock, two young guys rushed out in the rain to meet us and help tie the boat to the pier. We got our stuff together and the guys helped us off the boat. Their eyes were glued to our shirts.

“Have a nice time?” one of the guys said to me as he took my hand and helped me off.

“Wonderful, you have no idea,” I said with a flirtatious smile.

I knew he really had no idea, and if he thought the most filthiest he could, he would probably only come close. The thought almost made me laugh as we ran to the car in the downpour.

In the car on the way back to the house nobody really spoke much. I’m not sure why, but I could tell the atmosphere was a bit bizarre. While on the boat it seemed like there were no rules, and we spent most of the time naked. Many things had happened at sea, and now that we were back on land and heading back home, it was obvious that things would no longer be the same with my father and his girlfriend.

When we left they were simply dating, and he shared a deep secret with his daughter and her girlfriend. Now, only 30 hours or so later, so much had changed. Not only was the secret out, but we had all had sex with one another, several times. I don’t think my father knew how to handle it now that we were coming home, and his silence almost confirmed it. I was quite sure Renee was thinking the same thing.

During the ride I also thought of the bad dream I had about my mother. I wasn’t sure what it meant, or why I had had it. I knew the relationship I was engaged in with my father, and now with his lover, was probably very wrong. I couldn’t begin to imagine how my mother would react if she ever found out. I somehow thought her reaction in my dream was probably the best case scenario.

As for what I was called in the dream, it bothered me. I knew I could probably be fairly considered a slut, although I didn’t like to look at myself that way. I know I gave myself sexually not only to my best friend, and my father. But fucking my father’s girlfriend definitely didn’t make me seem like the angelic type. Although it was just a word, I wasn’t sure I liked being called it.

When we got back to the house the rain was still coming down as we ran into the house.

“I’m going to take a shower,” I said.

Kristen quickly said, “I’ll join you.” This time unlike the last when we had joked about it, Renee and my dad didn’t find it humorous, and my father simply said, “OK, just make sure you don’t leave your clothes on the floor.”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted Kristen to join me this time again, but not for the same reasons as last time. I wanted one of us to stay out to try and listen to any conversation that might take place between my father and Renee. I knew Renee had a wonderful time on the boat, she proved to me that her experiment with us and my dad wasn’t a fluke when she nearly attacked me in the ocean in the middle of the night.

I just feared the same thing I always fear after an exciting night of sex with my father. I feared he would come to his senses, and put an end to it. For sure he couldn’t allow this to continue happening if he was going to have a serious relationship with Renee. Perhaps a serious relationship was in jeopardy now for them. Maybe Renee would only want to have fun, or worse, dump my father for me! I knew I was probably over thinking things like I always do, they don’t call me the worrier for nothing, but stranger things have happened.

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