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It was no accident that Lisa’s townhouse was situated on a narrow ridge of land which opened onto a popular surf beach at the front whilst at the rear overlooked the local football ground and skatepark. In her early 30s Lisa was already a successful professional woman. She worked in IT and mostly from home…so she enjoyed the luxury of arranging her time to suit her needs…business and pleasure. Slim and attractive, Lisa had plenty of admirers…men who would have appreciated a long term relationship, but she remained determinedly single…strategically unavailable in fact in order that she could indulge her : predatory behaviour. Lisa felt she was too young to be considered a MILF but she was certainly in the ‘cougar’ category. Lisa loved young guys. Boys who were men…men who were still boys in the eyes of the world. She was under no illusion as to her predilections. She was not after a relationship. She just wanted them for their young hard bodies, for their infectious enthusiasm, for their boundless energy and staying power, and also for their youthful inexperience.

Lisa loved tantalising a young guy who clearly had little, or even no, experience. She loved the thrill of the all too predictable chase. She loved the way a glimpse of slightly too much cleavage or the…accidental brush of hand against thigh would result in instant erection and the self conscious awkwardness which would accompany it. She loved the overwhelming desire which washed over these boys as they realised that this was no dream, that this woman they didn’t even know was about to give them all they had hoped for. Yes, Lisa could not get enough of innocent young flesh. She never tired of those wide puppy dog eyes as their cocks throbbed with anticipation and pre-cum leaked with the copious volume produced only by the inexperienced.

But Lisa also loved, on occasion, chancing on the young man who was already quite experienced. Perhaps at the age of 18, 19 or even early 20s he had already had a longterm girlfiend (or two) and knew his way around a woman’s body. She enjoyed the realisation that, whilst young and firm and smooth, this was a lad who knew how to pump her good and proper, who, turned on by a random encounter with an older woman would rise to the occasion with an ardour unmatched by older men and who would ride her again and again, his pale tight butt pounding her repeatedly. And let’s face it…she’d enjoyed more than a few! Between the delights of the fit young surfers all summer and the delicious footballers in their tiny little shorts all winter, Lisa found plenty to entertain her. And of course the skate park produced year round temptation…


Lisa did indeed watch the final afternoon of the competition and Brad, rather than appearing tired out from his exertions with her earlier in the day, seemed heightened if anything. His tricks seemed higher, faster, more confident than ever and at the conclusion of the day his name was at the top of the leaders’ board. Lisa watched with a frisson of excitement as Brad, sitting astride his little BMX (which earlier on had been parked inside her front door) pumped the air with those magnificent strong arms. Inevitably her mind drifted back repeatedly to how those very same arms had lifted her effortlessly off the ground…and off the table, how they had held her in place as he lowered her teasingly down onto his huge prong.

Brad was aware of her presence. Lisa had been careful not to distract him. This was his life and the last thing she wanted was to impact on his competitiveness. She need not have worried. Brad seemed perfectly comfortable to acknowledge her several times with a sly grin but certainly remained focused on the task at hand. Lisa did note, with a degree of satisfaction, that Brad seemed to find it necessary to adjust his junk more…a lot more than he had done in the morning, or indeed on any day earlier in the week.

As the event came to a close all the competitors headed to a fleet of branded vehicles, no doubt to sweep them off back to their city hotels to change for the award ceremony later that evening. Brad found Lisa’s eyes as he clambered into the car. His look spoke of lust and longing but also of a level of defeat…as if he sensed that he had little or no chance of getting back. Lisa returned his glance, subtly adjusting her tits as she did so. May as well send him on his way thinking of what he could be enjoying later on…if only he could get back.

Lisa wandered back to her place, poured a glass of wine as she glanced somewhat wistfully at the table where only a few hours before Brad spread her out naked before bringing her to a shattering orgasm with his cock and thumb. Glass in hand she headed first to the rear balcony where she sipped whilst looking out over the skate park and then she wandered upstairs to her bedroom and leaned on the balcony overlooking the surf. She was blessed she know to have this place. It canlı bahis was a stunning location for anyone, but for a woman with Lisa’s proclivities it was a godsend. And satisfied as she was…her pussy still had that ever so slightly…swollen feeling of a really solid fuck despite it being hours earlier, nevertheless she licked the edge of her glass seductively as she followed the passage of three surfers heading home from the beach. They were mid to late teens and Lisa could just about smell the testosterone from her balcony!

Boards under arms they more or less swaggered across the carpark their boardies sagging to reveal enticing hip flexors above smooth flat tummies; one had a lovely treasure trail. That one also had a prodigious bulge which flopped from side to side in his light blue boardies with every step. They did not notice her attention so obsessed they were in their banter and raucous good humoured interplay. Another day she may well have done something to attract their attention; a session with three delicious surfers would be a treat indeed…or even just one of them. But today she was content to admire from a distance as they stacked their boards into the back of a car almost directly below her. Their tight little butts were simply delicious; taut and tiny as surfer boys almost always were. And really someone should be given a design award for inventing this new boardies material…stunningly thin and clingy, every crevice and curve was defined. And oh how she loved butt dimples…deliciously revealed…emphasised even by these new boardies.

As the boys drove off Lisa stood a while longer with her wine before heading back inside. She topped up her wine glass and set it on the basin in her ensuite before turning on the taps of the bath. Lisa was a shower person generally but every now and then a bath was the perfect thing. As the bath filled and steam whispered into the air Lisa peeled off her clothes, dropping them one by one into the clothes basked in the corner. She glanced at her reflection in the full length mirror of the wardrobe opposite the end of the bed. When Lisa had looked over the house the real estate agent had more or less apologised for the floor to ceiling mirrored sliding doors, suggesting that it would be easy to replace them or paint them out. Lisa said nothing but thought to herself how perfect they were. And they had certainly proved their worth. One of Lisa’s favourite sights was a guy’s little butt in the air, balls hanging and smashing as he pumped her from behind and those mirrored doors many a time had proven invaluable, Lisa often able to glance backwards and watch. More than that, she sometimes suggested some porn on her laptop which she positioned at the head of the bed…for ease of watching of course…but truthfully it was in order that with the camera activated it captured a magnificent reflected view of boys butts and balls thrusting…always worth a later viewing…and viewing…and…viewing!!

She checked herself out in the mirror. Pretty damn good she thought. For a woman in her 30s now Lisa was very trim and taut and her tits happily showed no signs of sagging, despite their generous size. Absentmindedly she cupped her tits and tilted her head oh so slightly, then with a little sigh she went to the bath and stepped carefully in. The warm water was perfect and Lisa added a bath bomb which tingled slightly on her skin. She reclined slowly and reached out for her wine. Closing her eyes her mind drifted back to Brad. Damn what a boy. Damn what a cock. Damn what a fuck! For the hundredth time that afternoon she found herself picturing his enormous cock. What stuck in her mind were two things in particular; the moment that she really felt it in those lovely sticky briefs, huge and hard…and the realisation that it was still in fact growing bigger still. And secondly, as he held her and lowered her slowly onto his cock, the feeling of that huge fat shaft spreading her pussy lips and impaling her. Jeezus what a piece of work!! Lisa’s free hand sank beneath the water…between her legs and she gently touched herself. She didn’t need to cum. It wasn’t that. It was more a kind of…remembering. Her lips still felt ever so slightly puffy to her. And no surprise there really she thought. Damn he’d given her a pounding. His cock was huge and so fucking hard!! And when he came…damn he came. Boys were so keen on creampies she knew. Younger guys in particular…they really got off on them. And Lisa really loved the feel of cum shooting out from a hard young cock deep inside her. She’d talked about this with a few of her girlfriends and some of them claimed they couldn’t feel the difference…had no sense of a guy actually cumming…of the cum actually shooting out of his cock. Lisa had to accept that was their particular experience but she was glad it was not hers. She loved it. And especially she loved a real shooter…not a dribbler. But for all that was the case rarely in her experience did bahis siteleri guys blow so much that she could feel it running out copiously. But Brad…holy fuck his entire shaft was running with cum. She felt it as he continued to thrust up into her pussy, his cock increasingly slick with each stroke. And then of course as he reclined back onto the couch and she came off him more cum oozed out of her and she could see that not just his cock but the light dusting of hair on his big balls was matted with juice.

She allowed herself to bask in the glorious memory of the afternoon’s all too brief but remarkable experience. Her hand rested on her pussy, comforting rather than sexual as she sipped her wine and relaxed. Lisa enjoyed her life. She was financially secure. She enjoyed her work and it gave her considerable flexibility to pursue her predatory desires. And of course she loved the thrill of the chase. Like those three surfers this afternoon. On another day, when she was not quite so…satisfied already, she would have done something to attract their attention, engaged them in superficial chat whilst flirting shamelessly. Boys like that, they were walking testosterone timebombs. They were thinking of sex 24/7 and their hard young cocks were up and down like yo yos, and of course these days, damn but Lisa was thankful for being born when she was, boys were obsessed with MILFs and cougars, it was their ultimate fantasy to fuck an older woman. That surfer in the middle, the one with the big dangling appendage…he’d have been fair game for sure, and what a delightful scenario to imagine having all three of them! Lisa had enjoyed two boys at once…a couple of times but she had not entertained three. It was a delight yet to come.

The water was getting cold. Lisa drifted back from her reveries. She tossed back the dregs of the wine and stepped from the bath, tossing a bathrobe around her. It was a Saturday night but Lisa felt she’d had her excitement for the day, and anyway, however remote she considered the possibility of Brad returning…she was going to be ready in the event that he did! It was still balmy…warm in fact so she pulled on her silk shirt pyjama set and wandered back downstairs for another glass of wine and something from the refrigerator to nibble. She watched a little television and then earlier than usual she headed upstairs to bed with a book. Before doing so she made sure that the back door was not latched and she left a small table lamp on in the corner of the living room so that Brad could find his way to the stairs. If only…


Lisa drifted off to sleep about 11.00 probably but it wasn’t real sleep. She kind of dozed, aware at all times of the plot she’d hatched and hoping against hope that Brad would be sufficiently driven by lust to somehow find a way to get back to her. So when the back door clicked open she was wide awake in an instant. She touched her iPhone on the bedside table: 1.15am. Really? Brad was keen! She immediately grabbed the lube she’d left beside the bed and applied a good dollop to her pussy. Something told her that Brad may not have much time and…that cock was big! She heard his careful footsteps across the floor to the stairs and then the quiet creak as he moved carefully towards the first floor and her bedroom. She’d deliberately closed the other two bedroom doors and left hers wide. The room was dark of course but a nearly full moon glimmered through the slightly open curtains…just enough for her to be able to make out his tall figure as he loomed in the doorway. Lisa had pushed the sheet aside and was lying on her back in her silk shorty pyjama bottoms and top. She feigned sleep.

He entered the room and paused. Perhaps he was giving his eyes time to adjust. Lisa peered between closed eyelids and in the moonlight she saw that he was wearing a suit. Even in the dim light he looked adorable, somehow way too young in a suit. A waft of air brought his scent to her. There was a heady mix of that delicious youthful masculinity but also the remnants of aftershave, or perhaps it was deodorant, but added to it tonight was the smell of beer. He’d had quite a night then! She heard rather than saw him remove his jacket. She heard him kick of his shoes and then the unbuttoning of each button down the front of his shirt, and then the cuffs before the rustle of his shirt coming off. She knew he was doing this for her benefit. Taking his time. Fuck he was good. It seemed an age and then she heard the clink of his belt as he unbuckled it…a pause and then the sound of his zip. Finally with a soft rustle the suit pants came off as well. She knew he was standing there in nothing but his briefs…those magnificent tight briefs. She wanted to leap up, to peel them off and suck on his big cock…but she lay still. He had entered into this game more fully than she could have imagined or hoped for and this was his moment. After what seemed an age she heard the soft slip of his briefs bahis şirketleri down his legs and then the one step, two step as he took them off all together. He was naked…stark naked in her bedroom. She knew it. She sensed his presence. His masculinity manifested itself despite the fact she could not see him and not even a word had been spoken but somehow it was like the air had changed…it was charged with…testosterone! She held her breath. Her skin tingled with anticipation. And finally he moved. He stepped carefully along beside the bed until he reached the head of it. Now he was so close she could feel his heat. With one hand he reached out and ran his fingers through her hair and she murmured, just quietly confirming, unnecessarily surely, that she was awake…that she’d been enjoying his performance. With his hand he turned her head towards him and as he did so he moved close to her. As if it was meant to be his cock found her mouth and her mouth opened to receive it. Somewhat to her surprise Lisa found his cock was soft. She was taken aback but totally delighted. She had not even really seen it soft before…well post tumescent briefly but he had been hard from the moment she first met him at the door. Now though she had the opportunity to fully appreciate this masterful piece of meat, heavy and hot in her mouth. His foreskin was quite big but also loose and fleshy. It reached just past the head of his cock and the tip of her tongue instinctively wriggled inside the soft puckered ring before sucking it between her lips and closing her teeth gently down on it.

“Mmmmmmm…,” he murmured quietly…approving her technique.

She felt the head of his cock against her lips as he instantly started to grow and released his foreskin so that she could take him fully into her mouth. She knew he would be hard in an instant and if there was one thing she loved it was the wonderful, extraordinary feeling of a horny boy’s cock in her mouth as it grew from soft to hard. And of course Brad’s was no ordinary cock! Soft in her mouth he was already huge. His meat had such…weight to it. Lisa closed her lips tightly around the base of Brad’s cock and, taking her weight on her left elbow, she reached with her right hand for his balls. Mmm they were deliciously warm and soft, hanging low this time…very low. She caressed them and cupped them, rolling each ball between her fingers as she tried to roll her tongue around his probing shaft. Already Lisa was being forced back along his cock by its explosion in size and as her lips retreated up his shaft she played again with his foreskin, pulling it forward with her hand before nibbling on it and sucking the end into her mouth. Soon enough his cock was fully hard and his foreskin was quite tightly retracted. This was really how he’d been right from the beginning the first time around and Lisa had barely even noticed he had a foreskin until afterwards.

“Mmm Brad…sooo great to see you…well…feel you,” Lisa laughed, “How did you manage it?”

“Fuck yer. After this arvo…I had to fuckin get back ya know what I mean?” Brad muttered, “Ooaah fuck yer that’s good Lisa. Fuck ya know how to suck a guy.”

“Mmm well a cock like yours Brad…it’s a powerful motivating force just let me put it that way!”

“Oooohhhh…faarck…” he rubbed his meat over Lisa’s face. Damn he was huge. He felt almost obscene on her face like that. “Yer so…there was an after party and soon as I could I just…shot through. Never told no-one where I was goin…they’re all too pissed to notice anyway,” he laughed, “so I jumped an Uber…and here I am…fuck yer…”

“An Uber..?”

“Yer…he’s waiting out the front…”

Not expecting a lengthy performance then Lisa thought. Ahh these young things. But she loved their laid back attitude. “Haha really? Right…so no time to waste then,” Lisa replied. By way of answer Brad thrust his cock into Lisa’s mouth, simultaneously reaching down to find her tits inside her silky top. A low moan signified his deep approval of what he found and he cupped first one and then the other before circling her right nipple and teasing it with his finger and thumb. An electric shock surged through Lisa from her breast to the centre of her being. Oh yeah. This was good. This was more than good. This was gonna be sizzling! She continued to play with those big balls while she alternately sucked his cock and licked it, measuring that huge length each time she did so with her tongue. His balls were heavy and full in her hand. Earlier today when Brad dropped his pants she had noted how tight they were and wondered if perhaps he just was not a low hanger? But the evidence was to the contrary. Those mandarins hung low in a deliciously silken sack which sported a truly perfect dusting of soft hair.

“Mmmmm…yum!” she said, “lovin’ these big fat balls Brad…”

“Yer? Ya do huh? Full of juice for ya Lisa. Maybe ya wanna close look…?” And reaching down he coaxed Lisa’s top up and over her head and then in one smooth movement he swung his leg over her and knelt astride her on the bed. He wriggled forward slightly and then lowered himself carefully so his danglers were in her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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