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Hi Sarah,

I thought I would tell you about my experience with my aunt Trish, this isn’t some story of amazing sex, it’s quite mild really, but true.

My dad has two sisters the eldest, my aunt Kathy and the youngest my aunt Trish, with my dad the middle sibling. Of the two sisters, aunt Kathy is the best looking, stunning In fact, she is now In her 70s but when I was younger everyone was In awe, she was tall with a classic hourglass figure, I was shown pictures of her from the 1960s and she looked like a young Liz Taylor!

My aunt Trish on the other hand was totally different, she was very short, under 5ft, dumpy with a round face, her eyes small and close set and her hair was of dark wiry curls and cut short.

Now as a lad reaching puberty I spend most of my time in a state of arousal, masturbating whenever I had the chance! And some of the fantasies I had involved people I had seen from television and neighbors/friends families etc. I even, over a summer, had a few kissing, touching sessions with aunt Trish’s daughter Carol.

But one of my horny obsessions was my aunt Trish. I don’t know why, my other aunt was breathtaking, whereas Trish was plain and also everything I despised. I was a shy lad whereas she was crude, noisy, seeking always to be the center of attention (all the family would meet up for lunch and card games etc. around my grandparents every Sunday).

Even so I was always turned on by her, spending many hours in bed thinking of her as I pleasured my aroused cock, maybe it was her vulgar jokes and crude manners that I found sexual rather than her looks, but I felt she knew my attraction to her, and me being a young horny lad, she would play on it, such as getting close to me as I washed up the dinner plates after Sunday lunch, getting her large breasts to brush against my back with the slightest touch or her rounded hips just to touch my thighs.

She divorced my uncle David when I was in my last year at school. It was a few months later when the event took place. I was 18. It was one Sunday in summer, and by this time my grandad had died and my family had moved into the house to care for my grandmother. Aunt Trish had come around to visit and everyone was in the garden enjoying the weather except for me, who was at the kitchen table doing course work. My aunt came in to get a cold drink, she pressed herself up against my back as I sat there asking what I was doing.

As I explained, I felt her large breasts pushing hard on my back and grind against me, feeling her warm fleshy globes roll. She wrapped her arms around my waist and nuzzled my neck telling me in a jokey manner I shouldn’t be working on a Sunday. She started to tickle me, and laughing, I tried to get away, but she leaned forward pinning me against the table. After a little friendly struggle she started groaning and nibbled my ear. I can still remember her hot breath to this day.

I was wearing a baggy pair of jeans, and her tickling fingers started to work down the top of them. I did try to stop her, but I was pinned down, and she fought off my hands with her free hand. I felt her warm fingers work their way into my boxers, my cock leaning to the left, making her able to gain access to my heavy balls. I couldn’t help but groan as I felt her cup and roll my weighty balls canlı bahis şirketleri in her hot chubby fingers, all the time she was breathing hard, whispering in my ear, to this day all I remember her saying was ‘mmmm … your balls.’

My cock was growing by this time. I felt my shaft expand and start to slide up my thigh, my aunt felt this as well, and with her thumb and two fingers, started to run them up and down my warm stiff length. Aunty Trish was now breathing hard in my ear, wetting it with her hot tongue as she mumbled god-knows-what. Then, suddenly, something startled her and she pulled her hand from my jeans.

This is a true account Sarah. The odd thing is afterwards she acted like nothing happened, even to this day, though I don’t see her now. After our grandmother died, there was a falling out in the family.

Do you think it was the divorce that made her act that way, that summer, or was it just a one-off event, the moment taking over?


Thanks Jonathan.

That’s a truly great account of a sexual encounter. Pity it was a one-off event. I think Trish was just feeling horny and wanted to tease you, but feeling your erection grow, couldn’t stop herself from feeling it, and playing with your balls. What startled her? Did you cum in her hand? I like to think you did, and she was just surprised, then went away to lick your cum and taste it.


Hi Sarah.

It’s just to say I think you’re right about the teasing aspect. She did take pleasure in embarrassing me, getting me to blush by being crude etc., knowing I was a shy, but horny young lad. And like you say, she went out of her way to tease me, to make me feel uncomfortable, but got herself turned on and worked up!

She didn’t make me cum by the way, although I would have been more than willing for her to have carried on, making me cream inside my boxers and jeans! And your right, I spent the next few weeks reliving it in my mind, playing with my cock in bed and the bedroom. I hoped that she also relived what she did, in the dark of night, thinking how it felt to have her nephew’s balls cupped in her hand, feeling my warm, stiff shaft, making me erect as she spread her meaty thighs, and felt the wetness as she let her fingers run through her soaked folds, probing her damp slit, wishing it was my thick length entering her.

Jonathan x

Hi again Jonathan.

I think you got yourself all worked up writing that email, imagining your aunty’s hairy pussy getting dripping wet for you to slip your stiff cock inside, and bouncing up and down on it, telling you what a fantastic cock you’ve got, and making her scream as she came. Do you imagine your other aunt in your sex fantasies? And tell me, who are you feeling at the moment? A girlfriend?

Oh! I forgot for the moment that this encounter you wrote about happened some years ago, so you are no longer 18! Are you married maybe?


Hi Sarah.

I am single. I was in a on-off relationship with a older woman (late fifties) called Joan, a accountant. Like my aunt, she was under 5ft, but was petite, with a small frame, peachy bum, slender waist and pert boobs. Her pussy was shaved, which she loved me going down on for hours! It was small and tight, with slight hanging folds and a tiny clit.

Thinking back to what canlı kaçak iddaa happened that summer did make me horny as I emailed it to you! I never thought of my aunt having a hairy pussy. She wasn’t the type to trim or shave, but I imagine it was a juicy, fleshy pussy with fine tufts surrounding it.

I wish she had sat on the edge of the table, letting that knee length skirt she was wearing ride up, showing her milky thighs to me, then placing my hand on them, letting me caress her inner thigh with gentle strokes. Oh yes! She hitches her skirt up, exposing her wet panties. As my fingers slowly glide up, she pulls her panties to the side, showing me her juicy fleshy cunny, the folds glistening damp. Her small eyes in her round face glint with lust as I trace a finger up and down her soaked slit making her groan out loud.

My aunt leans back on her elbows, and parts her thighs wide, inviting my warm wet tongue to caress her honey pot, whilst my finger probes her hot wet depths. Afriad we might he overheard, she doesn’t want to groan out loud, as my tongue gently traces a hot wet pussy, flicking her erect aroused nub. My lips close around her aching clit, my fingers slipping in and out of her soaked hole. Her brother, sister-in-law and mother are outside, as she lets her nephew lick her cunny, juice trickling down onto the table. Maybe she would have risked me sliding my cock in, letting my large bell-end part her soaked folds and ease my length in inch by inch. She wraps her large thighs around me, leaning back, holding onto the edge of the table, as I pound her, both of us trying not to cry out.


Wow Jonathan.

You have a vivid Imagination! Perhaps you should take up writing! I enjoyed your story – got me quite worked up, fingering myself! Having to stifle orgasmic moans of bliss is something I do know about!



I’m glad my story got you worked up. Here’s more!

My aunt leans back across the table on her elbows, her legs wrapped around my body in a firm grip, drawing me in. My thick stiff shaft slides between the tight slick folds of her cunny slowly entering her hot warm depths. I can’t help but groan at the sensation of her wet slit gripping my stiff member, her hot wet honey pot enclosing around my inexperienced cock.

Our eyes meet as my long length slips all the way in, my heavy cum-filled balls resting against her rounded backside, slick and wet, with the juice seeping from her aroused cunt. We stay fixed in this position, my aunty Trish biting on her lower lip, trying to contain a cry of lust as her nephew’s cock fills her drenched pussy. My jeans and boxers bunch up around my ankles, her bare pale legs clinging around my waist. We have crossed the rubicon. We couldn’t hide what we where doing if someone walked in right now, but our lust has taken over, nothing matters now but our passion for release.

I place my hands on the table between her and lean in. She lifts her head so her lips meet mine, my soft lips caress against hers for the first time as I start to thrust my hips. My cock slidies slowly out, the shaft coated in her slick juice, letting my swollen tip slip almost out before thrusting straight back in. She forces her tongue between my lips, her hot breath gasping into my mouth at the sensation of my length entering her. I start canlı kaçak bahis to pound my cock into her wanton dripping slit. The hot wet warmth of her cunt grips my thick member, as our warm wet tongues attack each other. Her cries of lust are muffled, as she screams into my mouth, our saliva dripping off our chins, exchanging our filthy french kiss.

The table bangs hard against the wall as the legs lift of the floor and come crashing down, again in time to my youthful energetic thrusts, as my aunty grips the table hard. I feel the hot gush of liquid across my pounding length. My stabbing cock sends its climax washing over my aunty, the heat of her breath entering my mouth as she screams out. She breaks our kiss, letting her head hang back as my cock keeps assaulting her, her wet hot folds brushing back and forth against my hard, fast pounding shaft.

‘Arr fuck, that’s it! Fuck aunty, fuck her, you dirty boy!’ she gasps through gritted teeth. Her words turn me on further, the confession of who we are to each other heightens the sexual charge between us, and I start to pound without mercy.

I lean in closer, my mouth against her ear. I gasp, my hot breath caressing her neck, ‘this is what you want, isn’t it aunty Trish … arrr … you want your nephew’s cock fucking your cunt … ahh, you dirty bitch!’

‘Arrr … yes … aunty’s … arrr … a dirty bitch. Arrr!’ she pants in response.

I feel her cunny cream again, as her hot juice cascades over my thrusting cock. I lift a hand to grip the edge of the opening to her blouse. Then, pulling hard, I feel the plunging neckline holding in the ample cleavage of her jiggling heavy breasts give way, sending buttons flying.

Her large weighty tits are exposed, encased in a black bra, bouncing up and down in time to my fast hard thrusts. Driven by lust my hands pull at the bra that’s blocking me from my goal to ease out one of her sexy fleshy globes from its surrounding. My hand roughly gropes it, my fingers moving over the skin, brushing against the hard erect nipple as the heavy breast jiggles up and down.

‘Ahhh … yes … suck my titty,’ my aunt hisses, as my lips close around the hard erect nub, my wet hot tongue, teasing it as it slowly circles round, flicking it.

I want to arouse it more, blowing on it, letting the cool air brush against the sensitive nub, making it harder and more erect, but my pounding cock can’t hold back anymore. The sensation of my aunty’s hot drenched cunt around my thrusting stiff cock, her tight slit milking my length, is too much. My thick cock swells and throbs, sending out a heavy thick blast of spunk. I gasp out loud as I unload into her, my lips tight around her hard nipple.

‘Oh god, Oh God! … fucking hell!’ my aunty groans, as heavy streams of spunk spray deep into her, splashing against the walls of her cunt. Her nephew deposits the contents of his heavy balls into her. We slump in a heap, our bodies slick with sweat in the summer heat as we pant, my aunty Trish feeling my spunk seeping out of her full, used juicy cunt, trickling down her crack!

* * * * *

‘I hope you enjoyed the story Sarah!’

‘Mmmm nice one Jonathan! Read it three times until I came, thinking of your cock thrusting in and out of me! Now sucking my soaking fingers clean! Thank you! Phew!’

‘You could read it with me between your legs as you sit there, opening your thighs wide as you read it out to me, your finger playing with your soaked pussy as my tongue licks around your probing digit, caressing the sensitive folds. The story had the effect on you I wanted!’

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