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A double orgasm for Dee during the meeting

(It was the following Monday morning that I saw that Dee was on line when I sat at my laptop. But she was on her iphone.)

‘Hi darling. I’ve just got in. How are you?’

‘I’m in big meeting, but sat at the back.’

‘Mmmm. Interesting meeting?’

‘No, boring.’

‘Well, shall we have a quick kiss? Might be more interesting.’

‘I would love too. And fondle. It would certainly be more exciting.’

‘Is there a lady in her 20s with nice big tits sitting next to you?’

‘I wish. Not in her 20s though. Prefer them a bit older – more like you. But I like big tits.’

‘Pity mine are so puny. Do you have big tits?’

‘Yes, I do have big tits. Yours are lovely though. Love your nipples’

‘Mmm wish I could see and feel – nice and squashy.’

‘I will send you a pic.’

‘Oooo yes please.’

‘Would love you to feel, and suck them, Sarah.’

‘Mmmmm – feel the nipples getting hard in my mouth. Run my tongue round the rim. Feeling the little glands.’

‘Oh Sarah, stop. Hey! Naughty!’

‘The wrinkles smoothing out with the swelling.’


‘Whilst I sneak my finger inside your panties for a quick feel of that wonderful special private place. I worship it Dee!’

‘I’m so horny now.’

‘Good. Pity you can’t cum.’

‘No, bad! I can’t concentrate.’

‘Ok – maybe I should write you a quick email for bedtime – in exchange for pic of boobs – lol?’

‘Oh yes please. Not a quickie either. Nice and slow and gentle.’

‘You’re over-excited.’

‘I’m very excited sitting here. Make love to me, you bad girl.’

‘You might squirm too much.’

‘I will try not to.’

‘Can I slide my hand into your top – and into the bra cup? Pinch the nipple.’

‘Mmmmm – Yes please.’

‘Whilst my other slips under the hem of your skirt, and strokes the inside thigh.’

‘Oh, yeeeees.’

‘Mmmmm … your skin is lovely and smooth … nice firm skin. My hand is reaching into the bursa escort gap – oh, but your legs are too tightly shut darling.’

‘Opening now – And getting wet.’

‘Ah! Now I can feel the warmth and dampness of your panties. Mmmmm. Middle two fingers stroking the gusset. Fingering the squashed labia inside.’

‘I do still have them on!’

‘Is there room for me to crouch between your legs?’

‘Now there is.’

‘And rub my nose against it, taking a deep breath, filling my lungs with that delicious scent … oooo so very sweet – and a little pungent – exciting.’

‘Three weeks ago I was a good, dedicated employee.’

‘And now you’re a dissolute dedicated pupil.’

‘Yes! NO, please stop, it’s not right. Please, Sarah.’

‘I can feel the hairs escaping from your panties. Mmmm … ok I’ll stop – but you are so delectable. I can’t resist you.’

‘So are you – but I can’t concentrate. Ooo Sarah … I had little tremble. Would cum soon.’

‘Mmm you’d better concentrate then – on the meeting.’

‘I don’t want to, I want to fuck you, but …’

‘Save your cum for later – when you get into your car perhaps.’

‘I will – but I want you so much. OMG you’ll never know just how much Sarah.’

‘Me too – I just want to eat every little bit of your vulva. Devour every nibble, And run my tongue round the rim of your bum. Taste the precious nectar – food for the gods – dribbling into my mouth.’


‘Tongue running round the base of your clit. OMG! I’ll leave you alone then, til later.’

‘Nooooooo. Yesssssss. I mean NOOOOOO!’

‘A little squirming cum for Sarah.’

‘Just have.’

‘HEY! That’s great. I love my lady friends having a cum in public places. Naughty, but nice.’

‘Do you have a double ended toy?’

‘No darling – I wouldn’t know what to say if it was found! Do you have toys?’

‘Just a vibe. I used it reading your email.’

‘Well, get it out again when you go to bed. I have no toys – but an bursa escort bayan electric toothbrush can be very effective.’

‘Would love to clean my teeth with it afterwards.’

‘Humming lips against Sue’s clit is also effective. Vibrating lips – Mmmmmm with fingers doing their work inside the vagina.’

‘Omg yessssss. I wish. Kiss your nipples.’

‘I would tease you with your vibrator, while my tongue penetrated your bum and my fingers feel deep inside. Ahhhh. OMG Dee – I’ve cum as well – a rippling one which takes the breath away.’

‘I’m trembling again. Omg Sarah!’

‘A second public cumming.’

‘Small bubbling one.’

‘I’m biting your vulva – chewing those lips, drinking your cocktail of sex.’

‘OMG! So naughty. And no touching either! Just imagination. And you, you bad lady.’

‘My – an orgasm without touch – that’s really really good. Did your belly go all fluttery, and your thighs tremble?’

‘Yesss. All of that! Oh you bad girl. Must go!’

(As promised I send an email.)

Darling Dee

Thanks for the photo, very revealing – and now that I have a picture of your wonderful breasts, I can really imagine the joy of latching onto them, one after the other. You on your back, legs wide apart, my lips devouring those tits with avid hunger, while my hands ravish your lower half – one on your bum and the other playing with your clit, fingering the juices pouring from your pussy.

I swing my body over yours, sitting my open vulva against your hot mouth, rubbing hard, kneading your breasts with my hands before bending down to put my head over your groin, kissing the hair, kissing the tip of your clit – pulling it with my lips. Then chewing the labia – soft and succulent, my nose taking in the wonderful aroma of your vagina. Those delectable juices smearing my lips and tongue.

I can feel the fluttering in your belly. Your hips are shaking and your knees jerking. You are crying out in agony – relishing the sensation bursa sınırsız escort building up in your groin. You are really squirming now. Moaning. Eyes closed tight as you concentrate on the fantastic orgasm builing up in your belly. I can feel your teeth grinding my clit. I shall soon cum all over them. We’ll cum together Dee – my thighs are grasping your head – and yours mine.

Here it cums! Oooooooooooooo my gawwwwd!

Cum darling. Cum with Sarah. AAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrgg!

You’re bouncing up and down your whole body in a paroxysm of orgasmic jolts. Crying out my name. Telling me you love me. You are bucking like crazy. What a HUGE orgasm – it goes on and on. Wow. I’m cumming hard as well. Really loving this encounter with you.

After I roll off you, cupping your vulva in the palm of my hand, our lips meet in a loving long kiss. Kissing kissing kissing. I slowly roll back on top of you, with one legs between your thighs. I squirm until our clits are touching. My small tits pressing against your majestic pair. We slowly grind our bellies together, vulvas rubbing each other. Clits engaging.

OMG Dee. It’s so exciting and horny. I shall cum again very soon. Our juices mingling as we reach a peak of utter delight and ecstasy.

The night is young. You are in my arms. I shall pour is both a glass of red wine so that we can sit on the bed chatting for ten minutes – then I remove your glass and make love to you slowly and deliberately. Mmmmmm you are so very gorgeous. So thrilling to touch. To kiss. To love.

Sleep tight darling – if you get any!

Sarah darling,

That email last night left me soooo exhausted. I loved re-reading our texts. I turned me on soooo much…. you are naughty, but you’re the best.

Love Dee xxx

So very pleased Dee.

Loved the pic of you in the bath – I wonder who took it – you look a few years younger, so maybe your ex?

Well, a few more exhausting orgasms for you darling. Would you like to read our earlier chats sometime? Had a lovely coffee morning with Sue. I mentioned that you passed on your thanks for looking after me. ‘Cheeky thing!’ she laughed. ‘I’m your lover – not Dee!’ She asked though, if your friend had shown any interest in sex with you? I told her not – at least not yet. But there’s still hope!

Sarah xxxxxx kissing those very appealing nipples!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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