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Before I begin I will add this note on British Laws. The Birth Control Pill and other forms of contraception are freely available to any girl between the ages of 14 and 16 with their parents consent. Over 16 which is the legal age of consent in the UK a girl does not need parental consent. The vast majority of girls will go on the pill before any sexual activity takes place. Unfortunately not all. Which is why we have one of the highest rates of teenage births in Europe.

This story continues exactly where a Close Family ends so you are advised to ready that first. Sorry about the long delay.

All participants in this story are over 18 years of age.


“Now what have we here then.” someone said, “Naked brother and sisters eh?”

Mike, Lyn and Lesley all turned round and looked at the newcomer in shock, “Oh fuck, Lee!” Mike gasped.

“Lee we were… was….” Lyn stammered, desperately trying to think of some reason for them all to be naked in the kitchen.

“Don’t bother sis,” Lee said sharply, “I’ve been home for an hour. I saw you all in bed together.” With that she turned and ran. The slam of the front door was enough to know she had left the house.

“Fuck fuck fuck.” Mike said, walking in circles around the kitchen.

“Do you know how stupid you look.” Lyn giggled.

Mike stopped and looked at himself, he couldn’t help but see the funny side. Walking naked in circles, around his naked sisters, in the kitchen, cup in one hand and toast in the other. He bust out laughing. The girls unable to hold there laughter in any longer joined him.

“So what are we going to do?” Lesley said. “About Lee I mean.”

“I know where she is.” Mike said, “I will have to go and have a chat to her. Try and think of something to tell her.”

“You two always did get on. She was always your favourite.” Lesley said.

Mike knew that there was no malice in the statement everyone knew that Mike and Lee were close and that he always spoilt her. She had always doted on him and that was the problem now. What would she do? Would she tell their parents?

“Leave it to me.” Mike said, and went to his room to dress.

He had a good idea where Lee would be, so once he was dressed he made his way to the tree house she always went there when she was stressed or just wanted privacy. He put his foot on the ladder and always said, “Permission to come aboard cap’n”

“I suppose so.” Lee said quietly.

It was plain that she had been crying but Mike just sat on the floor next to her saying nothing. He knew that Lee would speak when she was ready.

After a while of looking out of the doorway Lee broke the silence. “I have a boyfriend.”

“Really!” Mike said a little surprised.

“Yes we have been going out for a couple of months now.”

“What’s he like?”

“Oh he’s nice enough. Good looking, funny.”

“But….?” Mike said questioningly.

“Well….he wants to go further. You know….we’ve done some, well, touching and stuff. But he wants to….go all the way.” she said, a little embarrassed.

“And you don’t I take it.”

She looked at Mike, bright red and lowered her eyes. It suddenly dawned on him that she was still a virgin. “You never have to do anything you don’t want to you know.”

“I know but he said if I love him then I would let him.”

“Yeah the old if you really love me ploy.” Mike said trying to make light of it, “I don’t know any man who hasn’t at some time or other used that one. Just tell him if he loved you he would be happy to wait. If you don’t want to do it then don’t. If he loves you he will understand.”

“I suppose so.”

“Do you love him? Really?”

“I don’t know really, I thought I did but since he started pushing me I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t want sex, I’m not a lesbian or anything I like boys it’s just….”

Mike reached his arm out and said, “Hey hey, calm down.”

She moved into his arms and rested her head on his shoulder. They had done this many times before when she had been stressed and this time felt no different to any other for Mike. His baby sister needed help and he wanted to do all he could for her. They sat like that for a long time. Mike moved a little as his muscles started to cramp. Lee grabbed hold tighter, fearing he was going to leave, “I did see right this morning didn’t I?” She said.

Not sure what to say at this point Mike hesitated, “Do you want the truth?”

“Yes Mike. We have never lied to each other have we?”

What she said was true. They had made a pact some years ago to always be completely honest with each other, which was why Lee had been able to say about her boyfriend. He couldn’t betray that pact now. “Yes Lee, I’m afraid you did.”

She didn’t seem shocked. But then it was pretty obvious if she had been there for an hour. Mike mentally kicked himself for not locking the doors as he usually did. What if it had been there parents. “How long?” She said quietly

“This is going to sound like a lie but believe me I would not lie to you. It was the first time.”

“I canlı bahis believe you. What happened? how did it start?”

“Lee you don’t….”

“Please Mike. I need to try and understand, that’s all.”

“Even I don’t understand but here goe’s.” Mike told her everything. Him stumbling into the bathroom drunk, even about Linda and Lesley in bed together, the night at the pub, the walk home. Everything.

Lee got up slowly, brushed Mikes face and walked to the ladder. As her head met the level of the floor she said, “I wish I had been here.” She dropped to the ground and ran.

Mike was stunned. He didn’t know what to do follow or what, he just sat there mouth gaping open like he was catching flies. After a minute he said, “Ok fuck no.” It suddenly dawned on him that she too must want to sleep with him, or thought she did, maybe it was out of some form of jealousy or something. But he couldn’t, wouldn’t. She was a virgin, he wouldn’t be her first, never.

He sat in the tree house for over an hour not really wanting to go back to the house, knowing that the other two would want to know what had happened. But also knew, sooner or later he would have to go back.

When he did eventually go back to the house he headed for the kitchen and made some tea. Unusual for Mike but he found it more soothing at times like this, times when he needed to think.

Lind and Lesley soon appeared having seen him come up the garden. “What did she say?” Lyn asked. “Errr….can you leave it for now. I need to do some thinking.”

“But she came running up the garden like she had seen a ghost, she was crying. We were worried but don’t know whether to go to her or what.” Lesley said, really sounding worried

“See if she will talk to you. But be warned, she knows everything.”

“Nooooo!” Lesley gasped. “How could you?”

“Don’t be silly Les.” Lind said. “What choice did he have. They have never lied to her you know that. Nor have we, ever, so lets not start now. She would hardly think we just happened to be naked in bed together would she?”

“I suppose not.” Lesley replied quietly. “Come on then lets see what she says.”

While Mike sat in the kitchen the girls went upstairs. Lyn knocked on Lee’s door, “Can we come in Lee?” when she didn’t get a response she added, “Please.”

“I suppose so.”

Lyn opened the door and was devastated to see Lee sitting on her bed in floods of tears. Lee pounced off the bed with her arms wide and threw them round Lyn’s neck. The flood gates opened. Lee was racked with tears and the minute the door closed Lesley and Linda joined her, arms around each other they all cried together.

After a few minutes Lyn said, “I am so sorry Lee.”

“Me too.” Lesley add, “We didn’t mean to hurt you. Really we didn’t.”

All the girls had double beds. Their mother said that they would be bringing boyfriends home one day and she wasn’t going to waste money on singles and the rooms were plenty big enough anyway. So as Lee sat on her bed the others joined her.

“I’m not hurt.” Lee said, “Well I don’t think so. Oh I’m just confused. I don’t know what to think about you and….well you know.”

“It wasn’t planned Lee. You have to believe that.” Lyn said. Lesley sat quietly with her arm around her baby sister.

“I know. Mike told me everything. I was always telling him someone would catch hi one day when he was drunk. I just never thought it would be my sisters.” She said it with a nervous laugh.

The others smiled. “Neither did I, we.” Lyn said.

“What was it like? With him.”

Lyn looked at Lesley who hunched her shoulders, unsure what to say. “Well I don’t….”

“Please.” Lee pleaded, “I don’t have any experience with boys. Not like you. I have never found anyone I wanted to do it with. Till now.”

“What? You got a boyfriend then little sis.” Lesley chided.

Lee went all red and lowered her head, “Yes! But I don’t mean him.”

The light suddenly dawned in her sisters eyes. “Oh fuck me Lee. You don’t mean….”

“Yes. I don’t know why. I cant help it I just do. I know he truly cares for me. Not like other boys, they just want to use me. I know he wont. Is that wrong?”

“How can we say it’s wrong after last night.” Lesley said.

Lyn smiled and said, “How much did Mike tell you.” She wanted to know if he had mentioned her and Lesley’s relationship.

“He told me everything. And no. What he said about you was not a surprise. You were not particularly quiet and my room is right next yours. Mike was on the other side of the landing so I’m not surprised he didn’t hear anything.”

Lesley gave an embarrassed giggle, “Oops. Sorry.”

“Ok, well I suppose you have a right to know.” Lyn said and proceeded to go into detail about what had happened and how. For the next two hours anyone passing Lee’s room would have heard lots of girly giggles and laughter. By the time it started to get dark the three felt closer than they had been before.

Mike on the other hand had been pacing about like an expectant father. He had been up the stairs a couple of bahis siteleri times, only coming down more confused than when he went up. Eventually Lynn came down and grabbed some food and a few bottles of wine. “She’s fine Mike. Don’t worry.”

While he was pleased with Lynn’s comment it only served to confuse him even more. In the end he followed her lead, grabbed some food and a bottle of wine and took it to his room.

Mikes parents had left a message on the answer phone that they had gone onto Morocco from Holland and that they would be away for about two weeks. This was not unusual as they did a lot of business abroad or just took time out whenever they wanted to.

Mike hardly saw any of his sisters the whole week, though he knew they were in the house as he could hear them giggling and laughing. It made him smile inside as he never thought that Lee would get on so well with her sisters. After all Lee was a true tom boy. She wore baggy jeans and baggy shirts. She had excelled in the defence classes that their parents had made them all attend, where he and the other girls had just learnt enough to get by. The tree house she built by herself, under instruction from Mike. There was just nothing ‘feminine’ about Lee, even her friends were all boys. She drank pints for god sake. Yet they had been closeted away together all week.

As he arrived home from work on Friday he saw Lyn in the kitchen waiting for him. Before he could say anything she said, “We’re all going out tonight, including you. Be ready for eight we have a cab coming. Smart but casual.” Without waiting for an answer she turned and left him gaping like an idiot. He hated the way she could do that so easily. That thought made him smile.

Dresses in slacks and shirt he waited in the hall for them to appear. Lynn and Lesley came first. The looked stunning. Both wore the same dress. Light blue, not too short, not too long. Low cut and cut to the waist, showing off there opposite but equally gorgeous figures. The moved either side of him and looked up the stairs. His gaze followed theirs. What he saw made him take a sharp breath. At the top of the stairs was just the most gorgeous woman, dressed as the other two and with a body that fit right between the two, not as full as Lee but not as petite as Lesley.

Mike never realised that Lee had long hair as it was always under a baseball cap, but as she flowed down the stairs her hair flowed with her, shoulder length it framed her beautiful face perfectly. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, and much against his will he felt a stirring in his loins. He was too stunned to say anything till she stood right in front of him.

“You look….stunning.” he said quietly, brushing her face lightly.

Seeing a tear well up in Lees eyes Lynn said, “I think that’s the car.”

Lee slipped her arm through Mikes, who took it without thinking. Lesley took his other arm and Lynn led the way to the car, which was in fact a hired limousine, but Mike didn’t even notice just got in the back and sat between Lee and Lesley. It seemed that the girls had decided on what was to happen and who would sit where, or more likely Lynn had, because they sat in the same order in the restaurant. Mike spent his time equally between all three of them as they chatted but he couldn’t keep his eyes off Lee, He had to keep checking to see that it truly was her. They went from the restaurant to a quiet night club where Mike danced the night away with the three most beautiful women there. Mostly of course with one special woman, as the other two kept pleading aching bones or some other excuse.

When it was time to finally go hole Lee was resting in Mikes arms and stayed there all the way home. It didn’t feel strange to either of them as they had done it many times before. Once in the house Lee stood up close to Mike and said, “Kiss me.” When he hesitated she added, “Please Mike, kiss me.”

He looked at his other sisters who just watched, smiling. Lynn nodded her head. He looked into Lees eyes and lowered his lips to hers, gently he kissed her warm lips, moved to her neck, her ears and then back to her lips. Part of him fought against what he was going to happen but right then, at that point in time he had never been so happy and never wanted a woman as much as he wanted his baby sister. Lynn walked up to them and brushed Mikes cheek before she kissd it, then she did the same to Lee. Lesley, as ever followed suit.

“Look after her Mike, be gentle. She is like an untouched diamond” Lynn said quietly, with a tear in her eye. With that they left him with Lee, resting her head in his arms once again. Lee led him upstairs to her room which was another shock as it had been well and truly feminised, all floaty chiffon and silk. The girls really had been busy.

Once the door was closed Lee slipped into his arms, shaking slightly. Mike lifted her chin and kissed her lightly, again moving to her neck and then her ear, his hand finding the zip to her dress slowly pulled it down. Lee moved and let the dress drop to the floor. Without making it obvious he glimpsed at the body, it really was perfect, bahis şirketleri flawless, and was exactly between Lynn and Lesley’s size wise. Covered in a light blue silky bra and matching panties she looked perfect. I lifted her chin so I could look into her eyes.

“Are you sure about this.”

She rested her head back on my chest, “More than I have been sure about anything all my life.”

He gently lifted her on to her bed and removed his shirt ands slacks, leaving his boxers on so as, hopefully, not to frighten her. Kissed her gently he slowly moved over her entire body, covering her with light kisses, slowly removing her bra and then her panties as he did. He didn’t want to do too much this first time so after a kiss on her pussy lips and brush with her clitoris he made his way back up to her lips. She was shaking, tears in her eyes. She put both arms round his neck and pulled him to her. “Now.” she whispered.

Mike realised that he had never felt so tender, so close, to anyone as he did right now. Taking his time, and as gently as he could without any thought of his own pleasure he made love to this beautiful tender woman As he took her maidenhead she whimpered, he paused for a moment till he felt a slight pull from Lee, then slowly he proceeded. They made slow gentle, passionate love until she cried out her first real orgasm, pulling him to her even closer, quiet tears running down her face. As she relaxed he slid to her side and with his arm around her pulled her to his chest, wrapping her in the security of his being. Neither said a word. Neither needed too. They mad love again a while later and Lee felt a sense of pride when she felt his sperm hit her womb just as she was coming down from her own orgasm. They curled up together and fell asleep.

And that was how Lyn and Lesley found them the following morning. The two girls quietly sat on the bed looking at them a sense of wonderment seemed to fill the room. Lyn nudged Mike awake and as he came to his senses she said, “Go and get a shower and then bring some breakfast up. And take your time.” She smiled at him as he got out of bed.

Mike went downstairs in a somewhat bemused state, still not believing what had happened over the last few weeks let alone the way he felt last night. It was all just so surreal. He mad coffee first and heeding Lyn’s request he sat on the patio drinking a cup of coffee before he went for a shower. Once cleaned up he put on some clean boxers and had another cup coffee. Then with a little trepidation he took a tray up to Lee’s bedroom. As he approached he could hear girly giggles and chatter from Lyn’s room so he headed in that direction. He stood at the door for a few moments just listening to them, three sisters, three gorgeous women chatting about their previous nights conquest. He smiled and entered the room.

As he entered Lyn said, “We need to change Lee’s bed later so we came in here.” Mike wasn’t stupid and didn’t want to embarrass Lee so he just nodded his head.

Mike looked at Lee and had to admit she looked radiant, “Are you ok?”

A little embarrassed she nodded her head and looked at Lyn before looking down at her hands. He lay the tray on the ottoman at the end of the bed and handed out coffee and toast to each girl. There seemed to be an uncomfortable silence. “Should I leave you three to it. I can go for a swim or something.”

“No!” Lee said sharply, dropping her head embarrassed at her obvious need for him to stay.

“I don’t think so.” Lyn said. “You have opened up the flood gates. She wants more and so do we don’t we Les?”

“You bet I do. Lyn’s a great fuck but she isn’t you and I need that cock so come up here.” She patted the bed between herself and Lee. “Anyway we have a lot more to show Lee don’t we?”

Mike smiled and moved between Lee and Lesley. He didn’t say anything, he had no doubt that the three girls had discussed what had happened the previous night, and told Lee what else they could do to enhance their sexual fun, and hopefully his as well.

The breakfast things were pushed away and Lee turned to Mike and kissed him, soft and gentle. Lesley kissed his nipple and Lyn started on his feet and moved up, as she reached his boxers she slowly pulled them down, releasing his already erect penis Lyn was between his legs and she took his cock into her mouth, the other two slid down his body, kissing him all over his body. He could hear Lyn saying something and then he felt another mouth on his cock. This had to be Lee, her lack of finesse in the art of cock sucking was obvious. Then another mouth and then Lee again. Without opening his eyes he guessed that both Lyn and Lesley were showing Lee how to suck cock and she was a quick and eager learner.

After a few more tries Lee was doing things on her own. She took as much of his cock as she could, then as it touched the back of her throat she gagged a little and the gagging sent vibrations through his body. Twice more she tried it and then finally he felt it slip past her throat, again she gagged but held it there as long as she could. As hard as he tried he couldn’t help but buck his hips up and his cock went even further into her throat. Quickly she withdrew his cock and gasped for air. Worried he had hurt her Mike opened his eyes and saw that even though she was gasping for air she was smiling.

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