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I woke up slowly and looked around the room that had been my prison for the last 10 days. The bed was surprisingly comfortable but the chains that bound my arms and legs restricted my movements and it was difficult to find a restful position that did not cause an ache in one part of my body or another. Given the circumstances it would be easy to think that this was a punishment and not the height of success for men in our civilisation.

Ours is a society ruled by women, where the men are kept to work the land and to serve their women mistrisses. Yet once, every 3 years, came the ceremony known as ‘The Perpetuation’ and a chance for one man to be immortalised for ever. Few men had the chance to become the special one, and tomorrow it would be my turn to try.

The ceremony had started 10 days ago. The queen had ascended to her throne and all of the males between the ages of 18 and 25 had been brought before her. Stripped to our skin and with only a strip of cloth to hide us, we had stood in rows while her advisors moved between us. Their task was to pick 30 men to start the preparation. I stood strong and straight whilst many around me were sent away. Advisors occasionally stopped in front of me, some even reached inside my cloth, and each time they moved on to another and I was not dismissed.

It took a great deal of time before the Queen stood up and walked out. The 30 men, myself included, looked around and there was an unspoken understanding that we were special. We all knew that we had passed the first test, but that was only the beginning and more were to follow. We were rounded up and walked as a group to the lower floors of the Citadel where 30 rooms had been prepared.

I had been assigned to my room and saw the bed, with its chains, bahis siteleri awaiting me. One of the advisors told me to lie down and fastened the buckles so that my arms and legs were pinned, but not so tightly that it caused pain. The advisor removed the cloth, and smiled when she looked at my stiffening cock. She warned me that it was to be subjected to the most difficult tests, but that if my seed was strong then my future looked good.

I had then entered the 5 days known as ‘Preparation’. Every day, starting at 3 times a day but building to 6, a girl from the Citadel or one of the advisors would visit. The routine was always the same. I would be washed, slowly and carefully from head to toe. My manacles would be released, limbs oiled, before they were replaced. Then, once all had been cleaned, the girl would wash and clean my cock. Taking it in hand, she would then gently rub it, pulling back the foreskin and running a finger over the head until it was engorged and straining in her hands. The girls were expertly training and the teasing went on and on whilst the feelings of impending orgasm totally overran all my emotions. They knew when I was at that point beyond ready and then quickly grasped the shaft and in 3 strong pulls made me cum. They then washed me clean, fed me, and allowed me 5 minutes of personal time before I was chained up once more.

With the advisors it was different. They would visit once per day and their role was to test the quality of the seed. They would measure the throw of the first jet, taste the quality of the seed and oversee the visits of the other girls. Needless to say, a different girl visited on every milking and any man who failed to cum would be blackmarked.

Day 5 was the last of the milking preparation. canlı bahis siteleri I had cum every time, an advisor had sucked a load from me and declared it to be of acceptable quality, and at the end of that day I was drained completely.

Day 6 started the ‘Wait’. I was visited 3 times a day, washed, fed, let out of the manacles, but my cock was not touched. At first this was good as the endless preparation had made it sore and aching. However, after 3 days I could feel how the pressure had built up inside me. Days of constant draining had put my cum production into overdrive and it was building to the point of pain. That was the reason for the manacles, a man in the ‘wait’ must not cum. To do so was a blackmark and the risk of being eliminated from the ceremony. After all, 30 were being readied and only 24 would make the grade.

I was strong and I was powerful. I did not succomb and so I lay awake in the room waiting for the summoning for the ceremony finale.

Day 11, and they came for me early. Bathed and cleaned, rubbed with perfumed oil, they placed a strip of cloth around me and I joined a row of men walking to the throne room. 6 men were diverted and taken away, they were the failures and would be condemned to the worst of the work from then on.

The throne room had been prepared. The queen sat on her throne looking down on a curious machine. In front of her was a small bottle connected by tubes to 6 separate stations. On each of these stations was a pump handle and 4 tubes led out with a soft opening at the end. The men were taken 4 at a time and stood around each station. Their hands were tied behind them and an advisor took station by the handle. Girls flitted back and forward, arranging the men and ensuring all was ready. canlı bahis The queen said the ritual words and the girls removed the cloth from their bodies. Moving from man to man, they grasped their cock, pulled it 2 or 3 times until it started to grow and then thrust a tube around it. As the cock continued to grow, so the tube became a tight fit and held fast.

When the last man was installed the queen called for quiet and told her advisors to begin The Wank. The advisors started to pump on the handles, and there was an immediate sensation of suction on my cock. As the advisor built up speed so the feeling was of sucking and blowing, rubbing and teasing. I was so hard and I could see that the other guys were feeling the same.

With 5 days of accumulated cum, it did not take long for the first guys to blow. The tubes were transparent and with each load we could see it entering the local station and then moving up to the central collection tank. The advisors were instructed to keep pumping until all of their 4 men had cum, those that had cum first took on a look of pain as the post orgasm wanking continued and their empty cocks continued to be held tight and squeezed and pulled.

Once all 4 men at a station had cum, the advisor stopped and the men were removed back to their rooms in the lower citadel. The men were not permitted to see the end of the ritual, but we knew that the mixed sperm would be pushed into the queen until it filled her and ran out on the floor. It would give her a child, and the unknown father would be one of us, but nobody would ever know who.

However, all of us would now have special treatment, starting that night where the girls of the Citadel were allowed to use the men to try for a baby that had the royal touch. Whilst the Queen got the 5 day special cum, the ladies were happy to have the second cumming, or the third or fourth. Until midnight on that day, the 24 men were used endlessly before being sent away to continue with their normal lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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