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He’s coming over? What the hell? One of John’s first conditions had been that he would not touch Sally; he did not want her to cheat on me, he just wanted control over our sex life for a time. I raised my eyebrows. When you have been married as long as Sally and I, sometimes that is all that is required.

Sally spoke, “I know. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. But he said we can stop anytime. Plus, he’s already seen my tits.”

Now that in and of itself was a change. For all the time I had known her, Sally had referred to her breasts. I had never heard the word “tits” from her before. And she had a point. We could stop at any time. Still.

She rose from her knees and went to get her panties and jeans, all that John allowed her to wear around the house. This kept both of us in a state of almost constant arousal.

I spoke again. “What if he wants to go further?”

She looked over her shoulder at me, Further?”

“What if he wanted to touch your tits?”

Sally paused for a moment. Clearly, she was considering how to phrase her response. Finally, she said, “I would probably be OK with if you were. I don’t want to do anything to cause problems between us. But before this weekend, I never realized how much I could enjoy sex. Frankly, I would do just about anything canlı bahis he wanted right now.”

“Anything?” I asked. “What if he wants to fuck you?”

“I think I would draw the line there,” she said. “But anything else you’re OK with I would do.”

The next question and answer was really the turning point for us in our sex lives. I asked, “Would you suck his cock?”

Sally looked at the floor and blushed. “If you told me to.”

I was surprised, but began to see where this might lead. I pushed, knowing what was in the bag in the corner. “What if one of us told you to put plugs in your ass so it would get stretched out to be fucked?”

Again, the language was new to us. But I wanted to push her; to see if she really would do what I told her, not just John. Again, her response surprised me.

“Not if John told me. But I would if you did.”

“So you really want to take orders from me?” I held my breath.

“Yes,” she almost shouted. “That’s what I’ve learned since Friday morning. I do want to take orders sexually, but not from John. From you.”

I made a decision. “Good. Then we don’t need to wait for John. I’ll tell him tonight. I do think he deserves a reward, though, don’t you?”

“Whatever you say, sir.” I got a tingle at the word “sir.”

“Go bahis siteleri take a shower and shave everything. I will be up shortly.”

To tell the truth, I needed some time. All this had happened very quickly, and I needed to consider my position. Did I really want Sally to do anything with John that she had not already done? How would we both feel about it? Really, though, those were secondary questions. The real issue was me. Could I give her what she so obviously needed? In the end, I had to try.

I heard the shower stop and made myself wait half an hour before heading up to the bedroom. When I got there, Sally was sitting on the edge of the bed, naked. She looked up at me happily.

“I wasn’t sure how you wanted me, sir.”

There was that word again. I began to feel myself stir again despite the recent blowjob. But now was not the time. We did not have all that much time; it was already late in the afternoon. I turned to my wife and brought out the bag.

She raised her eyebrows. “We’re going to owe John some money.”

I nodded and brought out the cuffs. I attached them to her wrists and ankles, then I brought out the collar. When I spoke, I tried to sound authoritative.

“When you wear this, you belong to me. In the future, I may direct you to get bahis şirketleri it or you may put it on yourself. Once it is on, however, it stays on until I remove it. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Sally lifted her hair so I could place the collar around her neck. I caught my breath. She was stunning, standing there in a collar and cuffs and nothing else. I took a moment to enjoy the view.

There was, of course, another reason as well. I was about to put the first plug in her ass. While she had simply refused to blow me in the past, her back door had been most definitely off limits. I had tried to play with it a couple of times, but on each occasion, she had become furious and the sex had stopped. This would be the ultimate test. I took a breath.

“I am now going to begin to prepare your ass to be fucked, slave. In order to make it as pleasant as possible for you, we will spend a few weeks stretching you out. You will wear the plug for at least an hour each day, on your own time, moving up once a week under my supervision. Am I clear?”

There was a pause. I expected some resistance, but she simply nodded and bent forward over the bed, reaching back to spread her cheeks. John was really onto something. I applied a generous amount of lube to the plug and smeared it over her virgin hole. Then, slowly and gently, I pushed the plug into place. There was a gasp at first, then Sally relaxed and let me complete the task.

Now she was really hot. I was ready to take the next step when the doorbell rang.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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