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All characters in this story that engage in sexual activities are over 18 years old.


An orange flash. The pitter patter of the constant rain on the ground, and above all the silent hum of traffic flowing by Lon’s usual guilty pleasure spot. An Alleyway out of site from the street and hard to access allowed him calm respite from his current tumultuous job. Respite enough to enjoy his one true sin, the one that others aimlessly disapproved of; and how they would disapprove. With his lips wrapping around the sweet white rod, pulling it into his hot mouth on a cold dreary day.

“Goddesses on high I Love this.” He silently exclaimed to himself as he exhaled a long slow gasp of bright red smoke from his cigarette. Well, what did you think he was doing?

As he stood under the awning his sighed out the last bit of his cigarette and smooshed it with his foot before going back inside. Stopping briefly to glance up at the castle in the sky, its peaks reaching into the clouds and infinitely beyond.

Lon took this job specifically for this view for he knew someday he would serve the Crystal Empress and her Queens, someday. For now, he stepped back inside the back door of the restaurant his slender frame groaning as he pulled closed the rusty heavy door closed.

‘Lon!!” Bellowed the voice of the greasy surly restaurant owner.

“I thought I told you to clean up the-” he was cut off as Lon interjected.

“The pots from the lunch rush as well as the fancy plates for tonight’s ‘Special Guest’. Both done and done. Just finished a smoke and I’m starting on the dishes from the early dinner rush chef!” Lon said in his quippy fake but not too fake happy smile. For he did love helping people. Serving them on nights that were particularly busy and often bereft of any social decorum, and when things got especially, rough.

Though tonight something felt different. Things were going too well. The Burnt soup that usually took him to clean out of the pot came out with ease. The prep went by just as swiftly and the remaining dishes seemed to almost wash all on their own. His usual pattern of work kept him occupied most of the time so he chalked it up to that. It wasn’t until he heard the familiar ring of the attention bell that he snapped out of his routine.

‘Okay ladies and gents, tonights the night. Once a year we sell a ticket to a high profile customer, someone that canlı bahis gets the full course of our menu and blah blah blah” The Head chef’s words droned on in Lon’s head as he didn’t pay attention and simply kept working.

It wasn’t until he felt the wet hard slap of a kitchen rag smack him in the back of the head that he finally turned back into reality.

“Lon, you’re up! This customer has asked for our cutest male waitress, so that’s your cue! Make sure you treat this one like royalty, no like the Goddess’s themselves are watching you!” Bellowed the chef as he stepped back out into the dining room politely letting the diner’s know that they had so much time left to finish their meals. It was a hard thing to do for he usually lets people linger as long as they wish.

“Wh..what do you mean?” Long stammered as he followed the chef.

“I’m not your best looking waiter! I, I, I wasn’t even paying attention!” Lon continued on until he felt a hand on his shoulder shake some sense into him.

“Lon calm down, just serve them like you serve anyone else and all will be fine!” The hard reassuring slaps on his shoulders almost made him tumble over. He had never served the VIP before, nor did he even know who it was. Nonetheless, he soldiered on and rushed to the locker rooms, giving himself a quick showering and dressing in his finest waiter outfit. It’s fit telling him that it was recently re-tailored and cleaned. Which was odd because he never asked for someone to do that. That being neither here nor there he stepped out into the kitchen again to playful catcalls and whistles from the other cooks and waitresses in the kitchen. To them, he paid not too much heed as he stepped out into the empty dining room. Double checking the tables were cleaned and pristine and that the VIP table had all of the amenities.

It was as he was bent over flattening the fabric that he heard the voice of a woman come from behind him.

“Well well, I demand your cutest waiter boy and here he is presenting already, How delightful!” The only thing that helped him keep his embarrassment veiled was the fact that his flushed red cheeks were facing away from the woman. With a click of his heels and a spin to kneel on one knee, he lowered his head bowed it respectfully and spoke as he had practiced so many times.

“Welcome, to Satin and Silk, valued patron. It is my honor to serve you this evening.” with that bahis siteleri he rose and finally laid eyes on the woman who bought out the restaurant for the evening. Her figure was like that of a golden statue legs bronze and shimmering in the light that trailed up to a sparkling gold dress with a slit in the side so high he swears to himself to this day he saw a corner of her panties. His eyes closely stayed on track and moved up past her voluptuous chest, her chiseled neckline and then finally to her face. He soft white skin telling him that she was wearing stockings and at that revelation, his heart skipped a beat.

“Why thank you darling.” Said the silkily-voiced woman as she walked towards the chair which Lon immediately stood and moved behind the chair and pulled it out for her.

“Oh, my! Cute and a gentleman, my what a lovely boy you are.” She spoke with a sweet smile that made Lon Blush. The fact that he blushed seemed to please her as she sat down. Bowing respectfully and rushing off lon wheeled out the first course, he had no idea what it was, the menu dictated that he just knew that he must take his very best care not to stare at the golden beauty before him. for a while, the course went on bit by bit, bottle by expensive bottle of champagne. Until bringing out the second to last course Lon noticed something different, the woman was staring at him. He could see it out the corner of his eye.

“Why don’t you look at me?” The woman asked leaning her face on her hand with an elbow on the table. This made Lon freeze in his place but, a cold chill coming down his spine as he panicked within himself wondering what he should say when suddenly he felt a warm relaxing sensation roll over him and he smiled.

“For it is who I am Madame. I am a servant in all aspects. it is why I chose to work here so that I could actually serve people something that they enjoy.” he said as he turned his soft hazel eyes upwards to meet the woman’s pure sapphire orbs and as soon as he saw her face he froze before the woman, for she turned out to be Quique, the Crystal Empress herself. A soft smile on her face felt like warm rays of sunshine upon his face as he stood there frozen not sure what to say or do. When suddenly he felt a soft thing pressing against his thigh rubbing it in small circles.

“Subservient in all aspects you say? Does that mean you will do anything I ask of you?” The Empress said with bahis şirketleri a soft yet playful grin.

“Of course I would Empress, is it not against law to deny whatever you ask?” He held in a sharp groan as the foot softly kicked himself in the groin and pressed there firmly.

“You know that’s not what I meant darling.” her voice was stern and sharp now carrying a hint of crackling electricity across the air with her words. Looking across the table she raised an eyebrow and smiled as she pointed a ductile finger towards the bottle of champagne across the table and spoke in a strong yet gentle voice.

“Fetch me that bottle of Champagne dear, I am parched, and require a drink,” she said. But as Lon tried to move around the table to get it the foot pressed hard against his crotch his member slowly growing to an erection within his panties. The Empress leaned in and whispered into his ear softly.

“I want you to reach for it darling, reach for it, for me..” Her words were enticing, demanding, powerful. So much so they sent a chill down his spine as he leaned over the table his small slender frame being forced to stand on his toes as he reached for the bottle his fingers not quite reaching it. when suddenly he felt a finger press to his spine and he froze his fingers trembling

“I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long time darling, a very long time.” The sensation of her nail running up and down his back felt as if he wasn’t wearing a shirt or anything at all. A Moan building in his throat as he felt the foot rotate on his groin and the finger dance up and down his back. But he held out on instinct to not embarrass himself in front of the Empress.

“Let it out darling, I want to hear you moan…” Came a warm breathing whisper into his ear taking control of the synapsis in his mind, and he just let himself go his body pressed against the table and his crotch against her foot as a soft feminine moan that surprised even him rolled from his chest. All through this his hands gripping the tablecloth. His legs weakening and finally giving way as he fell for what felt like an eternity.

“You are just what I am looking for.” Spoke a voice ringing in his ears as he fell.

“Take this, and come to the castle, we will see what your worth truly is and see if you can find a place that you belong.” The final word ringing out Lon fell to the floor the world around him fading to black as he passed out.


Thus ends chapter 1 :D! Please let me know what you think in the comments and let me know if you want to know more about Lon’s beginning adventures with the Empress and the Queens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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