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Adult Cams

The sacred knife rested in Eric’s pocket. He sat by the bar, his back to the balcony, and watched the young stripper on the pole. His tanned skin was shining under the crimson light of the nightclub. He moved like a gracious snake, ready to attack, but tempting you to come closer. Eric couldn’t help but feel a stirring. That kind of exotic beauty made him go a little mad.

He sipped his drink.

‘I need a private dance with him,” he thought.

The dancer seemed to be in his twenties. He was the best this gay club could offer, and, indeed, he attracted the bigger crowd. Eric would have to face some competition. He surveyed the many faces that were there, the majority old men with their mouths drooling. Eric could almost see the collective erection.

The little dancer definitely tightened the pants. Eric could prove it.

But the thing hidden behind the lean body and hazel eyes, behind the sweet lips and provoking smile, was older than everyone around.

Eric sipped his drink again, paying attention to his surroundings. He would have to wait until the demon was finished, and he had to know how to get exactly what he wanted. There would probably be a lot of money involved, since Eric wanted the most expensive meat in the menu.

Eric left the bar and walked around. The music was loud, and the weak light wavered like a nightmare, the perfect ambient for people who wanted to hide who they were and for those who wanted to satisfy their most dangerous desires without the shame and judgment.

A fat man sitting on a comfortable couch caught his attention, a cigar between his lips. He had what seemed to be two body guards that stood behind him, hands behind their backs and naked from the waist up. Metals pierced their nipples, lips and ears. A similar man knelt in front of the gigantic man and moved his head rhythmically on the crotch. As he looked at the man on his knees, he felt dizzy, and disgusted. He couldn’t explain why. Eric couldn’t really focus on him, his mind tried to keep away.

He approached them. Instantly, the pierced freaks glowered at Eric, and when he ignored them, they advanced to stop Eric from getting any closer. He raised his hands.

“I just wanna talk to the boss,” Eric said.

They didn’t respond, but their eyes threatened with intensity. Eric studied them, both had fit bodies, filled with tattoos and bite marks. Eric wondered if they had known, before taking the job as body guards for the fat man who looked like a toad, that the job would include them to become sex slaves. Some man knew exactly how to tame other men. The tamer of these two finally spoke out.

“Let me see this idiot,” said a croaking voice. The two guards let Eric through, and he faced the bulbous man, who was still getting head by that other one who honestly didn’t looked human at all. “What do you want? I do not know your face.” His lips were swollen, dark and purple like bad veins.

“I’m a new client” Eric said. He smiled as if he were in the presence of a prince. “In fact, that’s exactly why I’m here. I don’t know how the process works.”

“Go ask someone else.” The fat man narrowed his eyes. “You’re wasting my time.”

“I want a private… experience with the best you have to offer. That seems to be that young man with tanned skin. I wonder if you, sir, could make it happen.”

“Dal is not available” he said. Than he laughed, his whole body shaking, vibrating. “Of course you want him. You and everyone other fag around here. Just get out of my face.”

“I’m not sure the other fags around here would pay you like I will” Eric brought out all the money he had in his great coat. He made sure to not put the money in the same pocket he had guarded the knife. There was almost five grand there. The fat man wasn’t impressed. He only narrowed his eyes further.

“I do not enjoy pricks who think they can get anything for money,” he said.

Eric faltered. If the fat man wasn’t lying, then he completely misread the whole situation.

“Then… what?”

“Then what?” the big man mocked Eric. “Just throw this one away. Now. Not you, you keep sucking me, idiot.” He pushed the head of the man back to his cock, while his other two dogs grabbed me by my arms. Eric wasn’t sure what to do now. He thought he would just have to make things in the messy way, when a voice with a heavy french accent spoke behind him.

“Gord, just leave the man alone. He wants a private encounter, I will give him one. He is probably the most good looking customer we have.”

Eric freed himself from the twisted men’s pressure, and looked at the young man. He had curled hair and hazel eyes, and Eric looked at him with a thankful look. Dal. His name was Dal.

“You just wait for my call, sweetie.” Dal said, he had a robe around his body now. He walked away without saying anything else.

Eric noted that although he called him sweetie, he didn’t sound feminine. Then he turned again and faced the fat man and his still narrowed eyes.

“You make any trouble…” he said, and drew a finger around the layer of fat almanbahis yeni giriş that covered his neck. Eric got the message. He removed himself from the presence of Gord, and hoped to god to never see any man who resembled him again.

He had time to order another drink and flirt with the cute barman, a blondie who clearly was interested in Eric. The hunter had to say goodbye when a man in suit came to take Eric to wherever the little stripper had arranged for them.

Eric followed in a stride, and was led to a small room with crimson walls that fitted the theme of the entire club. A couch filled the whole left wall, and there was a king sized bed in the middle, surrounded by thin curtains. The only light came from a small red lamp on the roof. His guide left Eric alone and closed the door.

He checked the knife in his long coat’s pocket, and felt reassured by the heavenly metal. There was not a lot to do in the private chamber but to sit and wait.

He was staring at the door as it opened, and the dancer appeared. He wore the same robe over his beautiful and gracious body. Eric admired his hazel eyes again, and how intense they were. They looked more supernatural than ever. Demons could be intense, yes.

But Dal’s face was adorable, and handsome. He was born to seduce after all.

He walked towards Eric.

“What’s your name?” Dal asked.

“Eric Ellison.”

“Double E.” Dal said. Eric smiled. “Charming.”

“So are you.”

Now he stood in front of Eric, waiting for instruction, trying to fool Eric into thinking that he had all the power over him.

“Take off the robe,” Eric said.

“Would you do it for me?” Dal offered. Eric’s hands trembled a bit as he obeyed. He removed the robe and stared at the completely naked body in front of him. A half hard cock caught his eyes, and held them.

Eric swore under his breath. The demon’s cock was huge, and pretty at the same time. As pretty as a cock could be. And Eric was one to appreciate a good cock.

He shouldn’t be distracted. His mission was to kill the demon, not gape at his body.

Eric’s hands didn’t care, they pulled Dal to his lap, in a hungry embrace. He explored him, everywhere that he could reach, and Eric enveloped the hardening cock that rubbed his leg. Eric’s own cock formed a large bulge, desperate to get out.

“Goddamn.” Eric hugged him. “You smell good.” He inhaled with his nose pressed on his skin, and it scared him that he smelled so human. There was a sweet fragrance mixed with the maleness that caused a small moan out of Eric.

“I have waited for someone like you.” Dal said. Eric kissed him in the neck, and then licked the skin. Dal let out a strained sound, and slowly moved his hips on top of Eric’s legs. Eric knew he should be paying attention to what the demon was saying, but he really wanted to kiss, and fuck, and love.

Dal held Eric’s face with both hands and stole kiss. His tongue forced an opening, and Eric couldn’t refuse its entrance.

Eric halted the kiss. He recovered a bit of breath and a bit of rational thought.

“Wait a second… I n-need a bit of time, can you get away a bit? How about that dance first?” he said.

Dal smiled down at him.

“Do you want to sleep?”


“I’ll show you.” Dal raised his fist and knocked Eric down with a single blow.

When he came back to his senses, he found himself trapped.

He was on the bed. His hands were tied behind his back, and legs tied together. Eric tried to understand what the hell was going on.

“He’s awake.” The voice who spoke was full of eagerness. It was also a strange one. Eric turned his head and saw a big man with a pierced mouth, eyelids, ears and nose. Tattoos covered the left side of his face, twisted symbols from the underworld. Eric hated that place.

Something connected inside his head, and Eric recognized the man. He was the one sucking Gord. No wonder he seemed in a bad temper.

He was a demon too. Not a Lust demon, like Dal, but something else, something less.

“Be quiet, brother.” That voice he knew. Eric turned to Dal. He was robed again. He stood by the bed, and in his hand rested Eric’s sacred knife. The one he intended to use to kill him and send him back to hell. Suddenly, his world didn’t make sense. How could he hold the knife? It should be impossible.

Eric put on a brave face, but he prayed for his life silently.

He had only one question.

“How did you know?”

“How did I know you were a hunter?” Dal pierced him with his hazel eyes. He pointed the knife at him. “I’m different.” His french accent gave his voice a taste of melancholy.

“Yes. And we are going to feast on you” said his brother, a bit more hasty. Distaste showed clearly in this one, while Dal could hide his emotions better. He was the one in charge.

Eric swallowed the bitterness of his fate. A part of him felt bad that he didn’t even got to fuck the demon before he died.

“This knife…” Dal said. “It was given to you by an angel?”


“How almanbahis giriş can you be so careless? You knew I was a son of Lust, and still, allowed me to seduce you. This knife is worth so much.”

“Well, thank you for the constructive criticism. If I survive, I’ll assure you, I won’t make the same mistake.”

But Eric wondered, as he tried to hide how much the demon still attracted him.

The worst part was that Eric had no partner. His previous one left him for a happy life with a wife and kids. He was all alone. There was no one to help him.

“Such a shame…” Dal said. His crazed brother nodded, full of hunger for Eric’s soul. Dal walked slowly around the bed, he stared at the knife with the eyes of Lust herself. Eric squinted his eyes at the strange adoration he saw in the demon’s eyes. “Brother… Are you ready?” Dal asked.

The tattoo-face demon nodded gladly, and took off all his clothes.

“I’m gonna suck all of him,” he said. And smiled. Dal came over behind him.

“I’m afraid not” Dal said.

And in the next instant, a knife stuck out of the tattooed demon’s chest. He bled dark red blood through the gush, just like a human would, but his eyes turned black and his mouth fell open. He shook for a moment, his body twisted, and acted as if some god mocked him by moving all the strings at once. Then he fell down, and only Dal remained, holding the knife.

“It worked,” he said, disbelief pouring from his words. “I cannot believe it.”

Eric could not believe it himself.

“Why?” Eric asked.

Dal looked at him.

“He was just a demon.”

Eric blinked.

“And… what are you?”

“I’m half.” He stared at the body on the floor, and grief stamped his face. “I lived in hell, and we ran away together when the gate opened a few hundred years back. Mother linked him to me, so I would never let my other half develop. But it developed.”

“Really?” Eric said, trying to sound cool. “So the trail of bodies I followed that linked this place to the murders were all his doing?” A flicker of hope flashed through his voice.

“I didn’t say that.” Dal smiled.

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I’m a bit more complex than that,” he said, pointing the knife at his dead brother. “And a bit harder to kill. But, hunter… If you do not believe me, let me show you.”

Dal came towards Eric, knife at the ready. Eric closed his eyes hard and waited for a pain that never came. When he opened them a few moments later, his feet were freed and the demon was cutting off the tie of his hands. Once freed, the demon threw the knife on the bed.

“I got no more use for it.”

Eric looked at the knife, longing. The demon just smiled.

“If you intend to use it on me, I assure you, it won’t work. As I said, I’m not just a demon.”

“What is your other half?”

“What else?” he said, laughing.

“You can’t be half demon, half angel. That’s just impossible.”

“Is it? Lust is powerful. Not even angels resist a full attack.” Dal shrugged. “Anyway, my knowledge doesn’t reach the full depth of the circumstances of my birthing. And that’s not important right now. We need to get out. Gord will be really mad when he figure out his favorite pet is dead.”

“And if you can’t die, why are you afraid of Gord?”

“I didn’t say I couldn’t die. I said I was harder to kill. Gord is a son of Gluttony, and he knows the right words that would send me right back to hell.”

“Dear God, how many demons are here?”

Eric widened his eyes at him.

“More than you could handle. But there is good news, the guard on the back is just a human.”




Eric was on the driver’s seat of a random Corolla. He had robbed the car while a semi demon waited impatiently next to him. His humor wasn’t exactly in a good place, but he was curious. Curious about why he was still alive, why there was a half angel, half demon walking around the world.

Right now he wanted to put a few miles between him and that cursed club. He thought he was dealing with a single lust demon, not a legion.

They left a body and an unconscious guard without clothes. Dal had stolen them for himself.

Eric looked at Dal when the road got boring. He caught the sight of a tear trolling down his cheek. He lost his train of thought, confused. His brain didn’t quite process that information. A demon showing remorse. And for what?

Eric cleared his throat.

“Huh. And why are you… crying?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because I just lost a brother.” His tone suggested he was considering the idea.

“The brother you just killed?”

“Well, I had to.” he said. “He wouldn’t understand. He will hate me forever now, but his place is in Hell. I had to do it.”

Eric felt bad for him. It startled him. He concentrated on the road, and the task to kill this half demon. That’s what he was going to do.

“I see it in your face. You still don’t trust me.”

Eric faltered on the wheel. He swore under his breath almanbahis güvenilirmi and recovered his direction. He felt uneasy, his hands were very sweaty, sliding on the wheel. The comment hung in the air, Eric couldn’t bring himself to answer it. Could he lie? He wasn’t sure it was possible.

“It’s fine. I just need to do one more thing before I leave you.”

“And what’s that?” Eric said.

“To violate you.”

Again, he lost his control, and the car almost ran off the road and hit a tree. He was able to bring it back. He looked nervously at his side, trying to see if the demon was joking. Eric would not allow himself to be seduced again, however, he knew he would have little choice in the matter. This being was more powerful than just a demon, after all.

“You will not,” he said.

“So to speak,” Dal added. “I still have lust inside of me, and it needs to be satiated.”

“Satiated…” Eric swallowed hard. He tried to think about ways of getting out of that situation, and maybe it was better to keep the demon talking.

“Yes, I can achieve that by violating your body. Again, so to speak. Penetration will do fine, but everything else is accepted. You just need to feel pleasure, and I will feel it too.”

“That’s because you’re a lust demon.”

“Only half” he corrected me. His hazel eyes smiled at me. “Which means I can give you the good part of the deal. I assure you, no harm will come to you. It’s best if you accept it willingly instead of running away. Rape is still sufficient, but I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.”

Eric felt a chill down through his bones, even as his heart raced and blood rushed hot to his growing cock.

“I sense your hardness. You want to give yourself to me.”

“Stop talking,” Eric said. He tried to distract his mind. He raced with the car.

“You try to distract yourself by putting your life in danger. Interesting,” Dal said, pleasant surprise in his voice. “I’m growing fond of you.”

“Well, racing this car won’t forsaken my soul.”

“You assume it’s not already forsaken.”

Eric had to agree with him. He had done some things in his past that weren’t exactly coming from God.

Eric calmed himself, slowing down the car and controlling his breathing. The silence was peaceful, it made him see things clearly and helped him come to the realization that the half demon was right. He would be dead, if it wasn’t for Dal. He killed his own brother. He saved Eric’s life.

A few minutes after Eric’s decision was made, there came upon view a lonely building on the left side of the road, lights revealing the silhouettes of windows. As he came closer, the vacancy sign appeared. The Redfield Motel logo shone brightly. He slowly stopped the car on the small parking area. There were only two other cars there. Eric turned to Dal, and saw his eyes already in deep concentration, studying Eric.

“So…” Eric started. “I would like to be violated in the normal kind of way.”

Dal smiled.

“I like your humor, Hunter.”

“Thank you. But I’m serious. I might not be a saint, but I like my soul where it is.”

“To you, it will only be a normal intercourse. I will not harm you.”

“Okay,” Eric said. “Okay. Let’s get it over with.”

The woman behind the counter didn’t care that Eric asked for only one room for two men. They were in need of clients. The room was smaller than the private room in the night club, the bed took most of the space. The walls had brown stains of water, and there reigned the smell of old things.

“Jesus,” said Eric. “Do you want me to lie in that bed?” He pointed. Dal looked at it and shrugged.

“It looks clean.”

“And it’s about the only thing in here that looks that way.” Eric checked for cockroaches below the mattress. He hated those fuckers.

“You’re a peculiar hunter. A clean bed is the only thing we need.” Dal walked around the bed, eyeing Eric. He felt the weight of the demon’s look. He shivered slightly.

“Well, no. I gotta go to the bathroom first” Eric said. “Unless you want shit on your cock, I have to clean myself. Fortunately I haven’t had much to eat recently.” Eric partially wanted the demon to be disgusted.

“Do what you have to do. I’ll wait.”

Dal started to take off his shirt. His chest showed first, lean, muscular, tanned golden. Eric stared, as his abs appeared next. He had the body of an athlete, and the personality of a prick, two things that Eric hated to admit that he enjoyed. Damn it, he loved confident pricks. And who was more confident than a half-demon, half-angel beauty.

Dal waited for him without his shirt. Eric was calm enough to think clearly and came to the conclusion that he wanted this. He was pretty excited by the time he came out the shower with his cock fully erected. He had to wait for it to grow smaller, because he didn’t want to give Dal the satisfaction, before coming out of the bathroom.

Dal smiled, sitting up. He looked Eric up and down.

“I didn’t see the point of dressing up,” Eric said.

“Very practical,” Dal said. His eyes glistened with lust the same way as any man Eric had ever been with. Eric tried so hard to hold his cock down, but it insisted in getting up. In a matter of seconds, Eric’s cock was fully erect just because of that look. “Have you cleaned yourself up well?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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